This memorial website was created in memory of our Darling Wife, Mother, Grandmother and Sister - Caroline Olusola Dublin-Green. May she rest in perfect peace.

Posted by Ibitoru Ubosi on June 27, 2020
Thinking of you today.......... really really really miss you. Continue to rest in heaven.
Posted by Tomisin Lasekan on April 11, 2020
Another 11th day of the Month! Missed you so much Sister. Continue to rest with the Angels.
Posted by Eniol Alebiosu on March 25, 2020
You will forever be remembered ma.
Posted by Adewale SADIQ on March 25, 2020
Dr Caroline Olusola Dublin-Green was my Lecturer during my undergraduate studies at the Department of Geosciences, University of Lagos.

She was a mother and teacher, loved by all. She takes her time to teach and interested in adding value to people.

I was sad when I heard about her transition to the beyond, last year, and as I type this tribute after running into it, leaving my task-at-hand.

Continue to rest in peace, Dr Caroline Olusola Dublin-Green.

I love you, ma.
Posted by Tomisin Lasekan on March 3, 2020
Sister, it is truly becoming a reality to me that you are gone!! Woke up midnight days back with heavyheart still thinking about your sudden exit. Continue to rest with ur maker. I miss you so much sister.
Posted by Ibitoru Ubosi on March 1, 2020
Thinking about you so much this Sunday with tears in my eyes. I’ve found that writing on the page is a way of coping with your loss. It is well.
Posted by Taiwo Akwazi on January 11, 2020
Remembering you today on the first anniversary. Your memory is so fresh, it's just like yesterday.
Rest on Sis till we meet to part no more.
Posted by Tomisin Lasekan on September 29, 2019
Happy birthday my sister. Can't believe you are gone!!! We miss you. To die in Christ is to live. Rest in peace sister.

Posted by Ibitoru Ubosi on September 29, 2019
Happy 70th birthday mummy......... rest on with the Angels..........miss u so so much....... Forever in our hearts
Posted by Amanda Okoh on July 24, 2019
It's sooo.... sad to hear about your departure from this sinful WORLD. You were a good mum to your children and also very friendly when your children's friends come visiting. Elegant and peaceful. I pray that your gentle soul continue to rest in peace. Amen ! Rest on.
Posted by Ibitoru Ubosi on June 23, 2019
There’s just an underlying sadness I just can’t shake offf.......... continue to Rest In Peace mummy........ miss u always
Posted by Ibitoru Ubosi on April 27, 2019
Miss u so much........ it is well
Posted by Taiwo Adedapo-Aisida on March 4, 2019
Our dear sister- Virt Sola Dublin Green was president until her demise.
I was linked with her by a common friend about 30 years ago, and shortly after, she joined this club for ladies related to Owo either by marriage or birth. Since then, it’s been friendship, bonding and love all the way.
Sola was love personified? She is kind, gentle and humble. All through our years together, she contributed to the welfare and growth of the club. Some years back, when we needed to raise some money to carry out humanitarian projects in our local government area, she raised over 60 percent of the fund needed, using herself and connections. Like John Wesley instructed, she was always ready to spend and be spent in the service of God and humanity. She was also very active in service at her local and home church. We are not unaware of her stretch of hands to widows and those who needed support around her. Sola was a quiet giver. Her calm and smile were infectious. She was a friend to all as she had ears and words of encouragement for all that needed it. All these, she did silently unannounced and without expectation of praise from anyone.
Apart from the students we sponsor as a club, she took up additional students who she was sponsoring. In all, Sola was an epitome of a virtuous woman.
Sola, the illness came suddenly and rapidly took you away despite our prayers and fasting. We believe that it was time, and God called you to rest. He is indeed an unquestionable God.
We pray that God gives your children, inlaws, family and loved ones, the fortitude to bear your loss. He will in His mercy uphold your children as your good works will not go in vain in Jesus name. Amen.
To Ibitorun, Ibifuro, Nengy, Soala, Warifa and spouses, Yorubas say, iya ku, iya ku. We pray that God will be forever near you and keep His divine watch over you in Jesus name. Amen
Fine girl, Sola, we love you, but God loves you best. Sleep on beloved until we meet at Jesus feet to part no more.
Your sisters and friends
Posted by Oluseye Lasekan on February 18, 2019
All glory to God for the well spent life of our aunty. You were indeed a giant in your generation .
We as cousins admired the trailblazing exploits you accomplished and your depth of love and personality .
God loves you and rest in God's bosoms . May God Himself grant the whole family the strength to bear the blow of your loss . Good night ma .
Posted by Rachel Akhuetie on February 12, 2019
She was always very calm, ever smiling and joyful, Dr (Mrs) Olusola Dublin-Green! What a shock to learn of your transition. You were a great Inspiration to me, always encouraging and grateful. You will be missed dearly here but our consolation is that you are in a better place. You are forever Loved!
Posted by Amoni Green Ofodu on February 5, 2019
You are gone but not forgotten. You are missed. Rest in perfect peace dear Sola.
Posted by OWOLABI AJAYI on February 5, 2019
Sola Dublin-Green (Née Lasekan) was our classmate in the Department of Geology, University of Ife (now Obafemi Awolowo University), Ile-Ife, in the graduating class of 1972, and my good friend. She was friendly towards her alma mater and the Department of Geology, before she was called to glory to join her late husband, Winston Fubara Dublin-Green, retired Director, Department of Petroleum Resources (DG, DPR), who died a few years ago. Between the two of them, both staff and students of Geology received immense assistance for their academic pursuits.
Sola, who retired from the Nigerian Institute of Oceanography and Marine Research (NIOMR), facilitated anuual field work to NIOMR by students and staff of the Departments of Geology and Civil Engineering in the ‘80s through the early 2000s to study Marine Geology, Coastal Erosion and ground subsidence problems on Victoria Island and Lagos State. Together with her colleagues at NIOMR, including Mrs. Regina Folorunso and Dr. Larry Awosika, accommodation, lectures and field work were superbly arranged for our benefit.
Sola and I graduated at the top of the class, with Sola clinching the Departmental Prize for the best graduating student (among the nine of us) in Geology in 1972, attesting to her brilliance, which matched her beauty and amiable disposition. Indeed, Sola was appointed our Mother Mary and Intercessor with our Lecturers who might wish to wield the big stick, especially on some of us, who were unrepentant members of the Palmwine Drinkerds Club!
Her last visit to Ile-Ife was to take time out of her very busy schedule to attend the Inaugural Lecture titled “Water from Rocks” which I gave on Tuesday 11th April 2017, accompanied by her Personal Assistant. They both attended the reception afterwards, till late in the evening, before returning to Lagos the next day. This was the last time I would see her. At that time she informed me of her desire to publish a book on Geology that she was working on to be launched on her 70th birthday, which was not to be. At her request, I found her a reviewer for the book, which was essentially completed, and I urge the family to ensure that the book is published posthumously, in deference to her wish.
May the Good Lord forgive her shortcomings and grant her eternal rest. Adieu, Sola, till we meet to part no more.
Prof. Joseph Owolabi Ajayi.
Department of Geology
Posted by Regina Folorunsho on February 4, 2019
Dr. (Mrs) DUBLIN-GREEN Caroline Olusola joined the Nigerian Institute for Oceanography and Marine Research (NIOMR) in 1979, as a Senior Research Officer in the Department of Marine Geology/Geophysics and rose to the position of a Director and Head of Department from 1992 to 2008 before she retired voluntarily from active service.
In the Institute, Mrs. Dublin- Green was exceptional and multi-tasking. She was involved in several Administrative activities, such as Chairperson, NIOMR Seminar Committee; Chairperson, NIOMR Capital/Recurrent Budget Committee; Member, NIOMR Research Management Committee; Member, NIOMR Publication Committee; Member, NIOMR Staff Quarters/Guest House Committee; Member, NIOMR Senior and Junior Staff Promotion/Appointment Committee as well as scouting for consultancies.
Her National/International Assignments include: National Expert on Integrated Coastal Area Management (ICAM); Module of the GEF-Gulf of Guinea Large Marine Ecosystem (GOG/LME) project; Member, IGCP Project No.381: South Atlantic Mesozoic Correlation Project; Member, National Committee on Disaster Management in Nigeria; Member, Editorial Board of the Nigerian Journal of Mining and Geosciences; Member, National Coastal Area Management Committee under the auspices of Federal Environmental Protection Agency; Member, Review Panel on the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of the proposed dredging of the River Niger – under the auspices of the Federal Ministry of Environment; Member, Inter-ministerial Committee on the lasting solution to shoreline Erosion along Nigerian coastline – under the auspices of the Federal Ministry of Works and Housing; Member, Review Panel on the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of the proposed offshore gas gathering system (OGGS) by Shell Petroleum Development Company under the auspices of the Federal Ministry of Environment.
She was also a member of professional organizations such as: Cushman Foundation for Foraminiferal Research USA; Nigerian Mining and Geosciences Society; The British Micropalaeontological Society; National Geographic Society of America and National Environmental Link.
As the Director and Head of Marine Geology/Geophysics, Dr. (Mrs) Dublin-Green supervised the formulation of Research projects and was actively involved in all the projects in the Department. These projects include: Research into estuarine geology and the near shore environment of the Nigerian Continental shelf; Research into Coastal dynamics and erosion along the Nigerian Coastal Zone; Research into Global Climate Change and Sea level variations; Integrated Coastal Area Management (ICAM) for the Nigerian Coastal Zone and preparation of a coastal Profile for Nigeria; Survey of semi-enclosed water bodies for aquaculture development; and Co-ordinated all the Department’s Consultancy Services. She brought many consultancy projects from Mobil, Chevron, OPTS, etc. into the Department and was also actively involved in their execution. She was involved in several field trips to the riverine areas like Ogheheye, Fropa, Ezetu, Kulama and several other towns contiguous to Benin River, Bayelsa and Rivers states. Her interest in the science of the coast and oceans are revealed in her many scientific journal publications in this area of specialization. She was the author of the famous Nigerian coastal profile a book published by GEF/UNIDO program for the Large Marine Ecosystem of the Gulf of Guinea.
“Madam” as we fondly call her was an epitome of respect and humility. All members of the Department had access to her advice, wisdom and assistance. She was amiable, selfless and full of love in helping other staff members in the Institute achieve their aim. A mother and mentor to us all. Always warm and full of smiles, inviting and never discriminate along ethnic or religious lines.
Madam your exit will leave a hollow in our hearts. Rest in perfect peace for the good work you did in our midst. We will always remember your good works in the Department.
We all love you Ma. Rest in Peace in the bosom of our Lord!!! Adieu!!!
Staff Members
Marine Geology/Geophysics Department
Nigerian Institute for Oceanography and Marine Research
Victoria Island
Lagos, Nigeria
Posted by Ovuada Omoh Okpen on February 3, 2019
The news of your departure was a great shock to us all.
You were a Rare Gem always open and welcoming ma....You were a Role model to many of us and a blessings to a lot of Generation. Thank you so much for loving us unconditionally and been a Mother to Mum and us all
As you journey on to your Creator, may your path be smooth upward to the Light. Amen
Posted by Toyin Ayetigbo Momoh on February 2, 2019
You were my second Mom, my mentor, my pride. I wanted to be like you. I studied Geology because you studied geology. Your sweetness and love to me gave me so much confidence in my self. I can go on and on. I feel terrible for not having an opportunity to see you before your demise, but I'm glad knowing that you were saved and you have just gone to be with the Lord. I miss you so much ma, you'll continue to have a space in my heart.
Posted by Oluwakemi Joy on February 1, 2019
I thought ceaselessly hopelessly
I wept raining tears of blood fervently
Just for one good undesirable philosophy
That has been in existence centuries
Before I was procreated
Just like the shell is to the crab
So is this phenomenon to every mankind
Oh what a pity for man
Oh what a dreadful cross to bear
That living aged or vernal
A man still has to die
Irrespective of its status
Which is the inevitable power of death
Oh death! Where is your sting
That I may die to live again
At the right hand side of my father
In His holy realm
(Ajamu Oluwakayode)
Posted by Juliet Akinsola on February 1, 2019
If hearts were leaves, we would make you a forest. If love were little droplets of water, we would make you a mighty ocean, nevertheless God loves you the most.
Our hearts have been left dancing in distress having heard about your passing. The news of your death struck us like a thunderbolt, wishing it was a dream but Alas! It was no dream, it was a reality. Death has played a hard one on us, stealing away our priceless jewel!
However, we are consoled by the fact you lived your life putting smiles on the faces of everyone around you; a wonderful person who we owe a lot of gratitude as you made immeasurable impacts on all our lives and those who were lucky to come within your sphere of influence.
As you journey back home to your creator, leave behind for us peace, love and absolute faith in God.
Adieu mummy, Adieu cherished one, rest in the blossom of our lord
                  THE AKINSOLA'S
Posted by Oluwakemi Joy on February 1, 2019
Big mummy, you have left a remarkable legacy and you will never be forgotten.
You are always loved by everyone in the family. I was so privileged to have you as my very special big mummy that meant so much to me, you were such an important part of our family. If only we could have had you here longer, your time was so short while you were here with us.
I am so grateful that you are resting in the bossom of God. We shall see you again and get to spend eternity with you mum.
Oluwakemi Lasekan.
Posted by Taiwo Akin-Lasekan on January 31, 2019
We have lost a great mum. Dr Olushola Dublin green was an icon of patience, humility, kindness and simplicity. She was a peerless Apostle of Faith. Even in the midst of storm, she held tightly to the shield of faith in pure conscience
Keep resting in the bosom of our Lord, our magnificent mum
...Taiwo Oluwafunke Akin-Lasekan
Posted by Akin Lasekan on January 31, 2019
Dear ma,
I will forever cherish your soothing ideology which greatly impacted on me during my thorny days in 2011, when I lost a loved one.
Your comforting backing empowered me to triumph over fear.
From the late seventies when you returned from the U.K, to your majestic last hour, I knew and respected you as a great woman of capacity and integrity.
A gilt-edge visionary, and a selfless patriot of unfailing courage.
A staunch Apostle of Faith, a Profound Pathfinder and a True Trailblazer.
God knows we have lost an asset.
You will be dearly remembered not only for your very high intellect, but also for your impartial, selfless and significant contribution to the uplift of your family members, immediate and extended, friends and Nigerian academic terrain.
May the peace and calm that comes from learning to accept what cannot be changed be our beacon.
I therefore, take the occasion of this time of grief and discomfort, to salute a profound pathfinder...Dr Caroline Olusola Dublin-Green (Nee Akinola Lasekan)
...Akinyele Lasekan
Posted by Tessy Labc on January 31, 2019
Mummy Dublin -Green: The legacies you left behind speak volumes of the gem you were. And the testimonies are sure great. We wished you had spent more time on this side of the divide, to make our world better still, but the unquestionable one has chosen this time for his daughter to come home. We can only pray him to grant Nengi Olumolu( née Dublin green), Ibitoru Ubosi( Née Dublin Green ) and their siblings the fortitude to bear this vacuum created. Be consoled for she is in a better place and we will meet at the resurrection morning!- Tessy Olumolu-Tonio
Posted by Elizabeth Olagbemiro on January 31, 2019
Our Dear Mommy Dr (Mrs) Caroline Olusola Dublin-Green was a wonderful Mother to us and so many other people. We miss her dearly already.
Mummy was a beautiful woman, inside and out.
A wonderful, affectionate, amiable, compassionate, benevolent, cordial, gentle, kindhearted and an awe-inspiring woman.
She always offered valuable and truthful advice in all circumstances.
Mummy was a wonderful mother to her children/grandchildren and many other children and she laid a strong foundation for them. Our sister Nengi Olumolu is one of them.
Her beautiful and magnetic smile will be missed by all of us who knew her and especially our children Samantha and
We were glad to have seen her at Warifa’s introduction, little did we know that we would not see her again.
May her gentle soul in perfect peace with the Lord. Till we meet again to part no more.
Akin & Lizzie Olagbemiro
Posted by John Lasekan on January 31, 2019
Auntie Sola, you will be dearly missed by a multitude of family and friends! I will miss you sister-in-law, I admired your strength, knowledge, compassion and kindness. I saw your gentleness and fondness for children numerous times. I personally experienced your hospitality and humility. Your passing has left an emptiness for us that will not be filled. May all those who love you, find comfort and gratitude in the many, many ways you touched our lives. Rest in peace.   - Wendy Lasekan
Posted by Omonor : The Super Actor on January 31, 2019
She did great things.
She achieved great things.
She raised great people.
What a legacy!
Posted by Luke Lasekan on January 31, 2019
With a heavy heart, I am forced to say goodbye to such beloved and caring Auntie. I remember when you would visit my family and show us your unmeasured kindness. I will always cherish the beautiful name you bestowed upon me. I and many will miss you dearly as you rest peacefully among the angels.
-Lucas Feyisola Lasekan
Posted by Olu Ademuyiwa on January 31, 2019
I still remember vividly the first time I met you, my father said to me “this is my sister.” As a little child, I was thrilled by your exquisite beauty and the way you carried yourself.
When I gained admission into the University of Lagos, I stayed with your family whenever I was on holiday, and you treated me like your daughter. I would never forget the kindness you extended to me as an undergraduate.
In the recent past, you will check on me each time you visit the United Kingdom. I cherish the moments we shared together, the talks and the laughters.
During your last trip, my children were excited by the money you gave them, so much so that they asked me later “when could we pay grandma a visit in Nigeria so as to get this same amount of money?”
Dear Aunt, I want to thank you for your kindness to me and my family, and also for the good memory I have of you. I will cherish this.
“And God shall wipe away all tears, and there shall be no more death, neither shall there be any more pain.” Rev 21:4
Dupe Ademuyiwa (Nee Lasekan)
Posted by Isioma Ubosi on January 31, 2019
Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints. Ps: 116: 15.
Ibi's Mum ... that's how I referred to you. The news of your passing was sad, and as much as we are supposed to know better, there is never a good time in our human understanding for the passing of loved ones.
We met occasionally at family commitments and from the very first time your calmness, meekness, gentle mien, soft spokenness, genuine humility and innate intelligence left an unforgettable impression. Notwithstanding, it was clear you wavered not in instilling Godly discipline in the children you so lovingly raised. Today they are all adults to be proud of.
The good Lord has called you back home to rest eternally. Rest on in Perfect Peace.
Posted by Taiwo Adedapo Aisida on January 31, 2019
What can I say.
Your good works will follow you Sola. If I knew that we will not see again, I would have listened to you more on that day. I love you Sola. We all do. You were so gentle and kind in spirit with everyone that you made everyone felt special. You were beautiful inside out. Always smiling and ever so calm. Sleep well at the bosom of your God. You have done well, and God
called you to rest. Good night.
Taiwo Adedapo Aisida
Posted by John Lasekan on January 31, 2019
My heart is heavy with grief by the loss of my lovely sister. It looks like a nightmare dream to me, and I am still trying to wake up. What a loss!!! Your departure has left a big gap in me, your family, our extended families. How can we ever replace what you meant to us? You were a very loving, caring, generous, kind and inspiring sister, mother and grandmother. You were also a brilliant academic giant and a pioneer woman in the field of geology in Nigeria, Africa and the world. Your publications are numerous and well recognized throughout the world. Notwithstanding, you always find time to be a wonderful sister, wife, mother and grandmother. Simply put, you are a great credit to the human race.
Personally, your departure is devastating to me. I can still remember many things you taught me when we were growing up together as if it was yesterday, they happened. You rescued me many times when I get into trouble at home in Ipele. You mentored me on many things especially getting good grades in school. You initiated my interest in geography, which later became a shared interest for both of us. Your academic performances were a great example and a motivational factor for my academic success in life. But most importantly, the way you cared for me when I was at the hospital in the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife in 1971 stood out most in my mind. Due to a car accident caused by my Dad’s car driver, I was hospitalized for a few days with stiches on my head. My sister was at my bedside day and night caring for me while missing her classes on campus. What a caring and loving sister!!!
It is tough to understand why you left us prematurely. However, it looks like the Good Lord wants you. I am forever grateful to God Almighty for your life and for being my sister. May your soul rest in perfect eternal peace and harmony.
John Bayode Lasekan
(With evergreen love and appreciation)
Posted by Olukmo Michael on January 31, 2019
Mummy your passing came as a rude shock to me and it is taking a lot of adjusting coming to terms with it, I don’t think I will fully adjust but I will just learn to live with the loss.
You were a beacon of light and togetherness for the family, My friends all had one question when you passed “Kay how are you coping “ They all knew the love I had for you as a mother was real…
I always looked forward to seeing you and paying you surprise visits - our talks, discussions, your words of wisdom and advice always helped, you always had a way of knowing how it would pan out….
Not seeing you, not talking to you on the phone frequently will be extremely hard to do but that’s what God has said it would be …
Mummy was such a wonderful and open-hearted person, she was a straight talker and always made herself clear on her position, she will always be remembered and missed terribly.
Mummy was an accomplished person in every sense of the word so I will look at this as a celebration of life and keep happy memories of her .
May mummy continue to rest in peace always.
Posted by Flora Imobhio on January 31, 2019
What a shock! May your gentle soul rest in peace. May The Good Lord continue to strengthen your children.
Posted by Dr Rosaline Olade on January 30, 2019
It still feels like it is a dream that you have quietly passed away to meet your creator. Even though I was with you in your last 24 hours of life, I was still wishing for a miracle! As you passed away to sleep with the almighty God, I do not only remember the last few weeks we spent together, but I kept having flashes of the way we were together growing up, and through our time in elementary school together. You were such a kind, quiet but brilliant lady with strong determination!!
This strong determination was also evident in the way you handled yourself towards the end of life. Iam so grateful that you did not suffer before leaving. May God continue to comfort your children and your siblings as they endure your loss. Your loss has created a great vacuum that no one can fill !!
May your gentle soul continue to rest in perfect peace!! Adieu!!
Posted by Taiwo Akwazi on January 30, 2019
It was so shocking and painful to hear of your death. I was looking forward to your coming back to us in good health but alas an angel came and took you to your place in heaven.
Sister you were beautiful inside out, selfless and a rare gem who was committed to the family. So devastating that you had to leave at this time.
I was in your house a day before you travelled but met your absence but despite your condition still called that night to show your appreciation, that was you, you took no one for granted and appreciated both small and old.
I thank God for your life because you knew and walked with him all throughout your lifetime.
You gave your best and I pray that God grants you eternal rest. So go in peace until that resurrection morning.
Your love in our hearts, we shall eternally keep.
Posted by Omochelsea Imobhio on January 30, 2019
The Twins!!!! You would say, with that smile. Thank you for being a mum to us too. Thank you for setting the examples you did. The Host of Heaven welcomes a one of kind Woman, we were so blessed to know you. May Perpetual light shine upon you Mam, Always.
Omoye Imobhio
Love Never Dies♥
Posted by Tomisin Lasekan on January 30, 2019
Your sudden exit from this sinful world has left an indelible vacuum on my life but I'm consoled that you made impact on this generation.
Like the wise saying,"It is not how long but how well" you surely touched the lives of everyone that had contact with you positively.
My beloved sister, you touched my life as your younger brother. You saw me through my educational pursuits through the university and also encouraged me to go for my post graduate studies. Can't recount so many unmerited favour extended to me without asking you. Where do I start from? It is well.
Your ministry was that of giving. You helped others even to your own inconvenience.
How can I forget your awesome support and encouragement when the storm of life dealt me a terrible blow! You encouraged me never to give up. You introduced me to effective relationship with God through prayers.
I miss you so dearly sister. We are consoled with the fact that you were passionate for God. You preached and taught the Word of God.
If truly there is rebirth in life, I will humbly beg God to still make you my sister.
Your kindness and selfless service to humanity were beyond description. No wonder the Almighty God also wanted a beautiful Angel like you to be by His side till eternity.
May your gentle soul continue to rest in peace in the bossom of our God.
It is well. Goodnight sister.
From Tomisin Lasekan.
Posted by Adeleke Olusola on January 30, 2019
Thought, we never met but your good work speak for you.
As you journey back home, I wishing you joyful activities and God guidance to swing in purity.
Posted by Ayodele Lasekan on January 29, 2019
I loved and will miss my beloved and immediate junior Sister, Olu. We were like the Biblical David and Jonathan. We grew up together and were very close. She was very humble, industrious, reliable, dependable and a God fearing Christian.
I fainted on hearing of the terrible news of her demise, by phone. It was devastating. I’m distressed for my Sister. It is finished. Only those who knew her could feel our pains and loss. She was caring to people who came her way.
We miss her but we cannot question God.
Rest in the bosom of the Lord Almighty.
Pharm. Dele Lasekan.
Posted by Oyindamola Lasekan on January 29, 2019
Tribute to my Guardian Angel (Mrs Olusola Dublin-Green)
You were a mum, an aunt and a mentor to me. Hearing the news of your death crushed me and still crushes me, I prayed for it to be a nightmare but it wasn't. Tears just kept on flowing down my eyes remembering the few moments I had with you, though not many but it was cherished. You were my helper, my God sent person, you were more of a mother to me than an aunt. I remember days I'd come to your office and we'll gist about school. The glow in your eyes, your beautiful smile and silky black hair, the way you'd remove your glasses after you've had a good laugh. When it was almost time for you to enjoy the fruit of your labour from me, death cut you short. I remember the last time I called you, you missed my call and called me back, we talked about my on-going service year and you advised me like you always did. You told me you were sick and would be going to the hospital. I sent you a get well message, Big Mummy you told me you were getting better, don't know why death took you away. You had a heart made of gold, you lived an exemplary lifestyle, I look up to you always and forever. You were a good woman, you made an impact in my life especially in my education, you touched lives, you helped people around you, you were a giver (no wonder you kept on receiving from God) You fulfilled destiny mummy. Your footprint remains now and forever, you made and left a legacy in which I'd follow.
   One thing that gives me joy, is the salvation of your soul; a lover of God, I know you are with Him and in a better place looking down at me and smiling, I'd make you proud mummy. You are forever missed, loved, remembered and cherished. Sleep well till we meet to part no more. Oyindamola loves you always and forever.
Oyindamola Tosin-Lasekan
Posted by Funke Lasekan on January 28, 2019
Tribute to Dr Mrs Olusola Dublin-Green (Nee Lasekan).
  You carried special qualities that easily endeared you to those who were fortunate enough to come in contact with you. You were an emerald, priceless as diamond,you were the very best,losing you hurt a lot .
  We will forever cherish your memory,you are gone but not forgotten.I thank you for your impact on my family, especially in terms of our education,we shall continue to cherish you.
  Continue to rest in the bossom of your Creator until we meet to part no more.Rest in peace Big mummy.
   From Gbemisola Tosin-Lasekan
Posted by Funke Lasekan on January 27, 2019
Tribute to Dr Mrs Olusola Dublin-Green (Nee Lasekan).
  It has been a painful period since you joined the saints triumphant,but we are grateful and consoled by your exemplary life of humility service to humanity and deference to God.
  Your uncommon kindness, timeless wisdom, unfading exhortation and enduring precepts are our constant guidance and legacies.
  Continue to rest very well in the bossom of our good Lord. I miss you beyond measure. You will forever remain evergreen in my heart.Your life was a blessing to us,all your memory,a treasure to us.
  Continue to rest in perfect peace.
Fondly remembered by Mrs Funke Tosin-Lasekan.
Posted by Princess Diata Ugen on January 27, 2019
OUR LOVE IS STRONGER THAN WORDS: A Tribute To My Auntie Dr. (Mrs) Olusola Caroline Dublin - Green
A Rare Gem Has Just Taken A Bow –
We didn’t see death coming as we parted on a fairly good note on December 2, 2018, while you got ready for a very important engagement that day – Marriage introduction ceremony of your beloved son, to kick start the ceremonies that were to follow in the first quarter of 2019. And you reaffirmed that the ceremony would go on as planned instead of a possible postponement.
Back to the Tributes: I had thought of a possible story telling session at your 70th birthday ceremony on September 29, 2019 of how you have transformed this village Princess into a self- sufficient woman. Unfortunately, instead of your birthday, it is now a tribute to you on your funeral, where you watch from above.
As the hours became days and days became weeks, I had thought I was getting stronger and better from the shock of the worse devastating news I least expected in the New Year - your passage. As difficult & unbelievable as it may, we are trying to gradually accept this bitter verdict from On High, without questioning, so I have to tell who and what you symbolized.
But I sat with my laptop to review the good times I spent knowing the real YOU – Auntie Sola the dutiful wife, a mother per excellence, a total woman, the intellectual researcher and the auntie Sola the generous giver- the humanity in you!!
Auntie Sola your exit has thrown aboard our plans for the year 2019, with the two major events – the wedding and the September Solemn special birthday with a Book Launch marking your 70th Birthday. And now this unbelievable reality of life happened. I was in denial that it couldn’t be true, but at last it was with a blow that was too hot and sudden to hold. I must confess, it got me below the belt! Further, as I try to write this, am overwhelmed with a deep sense of grief so intense that no words can adequately describe. The reality that I will never see your welcoming smile or admire your great sense of style or hear your words of wisdom coming from those our conversation, reminds me of how helpless we are as humans.
It is indeed impossible to capture what and who my golden auntie Sola meant to me, no word would be appropriate to describe the real you. You were a Rare Gem who was ever ready to listen to all and gave solutions as appropriate. You were a selfless giver/donor, a solution provider for many facing challenges of life, whether at the personal, family or corporate levels. Your giving spirit was your second nature after Geological Research. You were always at alert and ready to be in service to humanity. The many testimonies coming in now are just confirmation of who you were. And these have become the balm we needed to carry on at this moment.
Auntie Sola you were love personified. You transformed from being a superior and madam in the office to my special friend, and a Golden Auntie. Our relationship blossomed from that office friendship to becoming a Sister, Confidant, Mentor, Life Coach, Counsellor and my SUPERMOM! You picked me from amongst the lots, dusted me and you not only gave me fish but taught me how to fish. I will be eternally grateful for your Trust, Care & Love!
You saved me from disgrace of inadequacy and a life of lack to a new world of sufficiency and fabulous life. You taught me many good things about life, including saving for the rainy days, venturing in investment and being of service to family and friends, as well as knowing that we must not forget to give oneself a treat and on that you showed and educated me on the how. To that we did many trips, spending quality bonding time together. For this, am grateful!
You were a very meticulous, articulate and highly cerebral person, I have ever come across. You were a true leader who was always ready and willing to impact on anyone and everyone who came across you. You were a great example of a true professional and a team leader, who exude energy and passion in all team members. A hater of injustice, and fight her wars with so much conviction. You proved yourself amongst your friends & family and provided the needed bridge as required to all who came asking for it. All will surely miss you!!
You were a woman of integrity and values who upheld uprightness and cherished transparent relationships. True and committed to family life. You were an epitome of what a good wife and mother should be. Your values have long become glowing in my spirit, and part of my person. To that am grateful and would continue to uphold these and many other shared values. 
My golden Auntie Sola, you were always ready to listen to me and the Girls. Your home was our second home we visited at will whenever, we needed to spend quality time with you. Our Sunday stop overs, were a regular bonding time. You shared in our pains and celebrated us in our little success stories. You transformed this village Princess into an accomplished woman of today’s world. To that am forever grateful and would celebrate you now till the end of time!
It is very difficult to accept the verdict of your passage, however, it is true that you have walked through that door without a word for your Diata and had taken that final flight of no return upward to the Luminous Height!! To this we are grateful to the Almighty Father for a fulfilled life and life of service to humanity, while you were here on earth. Auntie, the knowledge that the world was a better place having you around and the numerous testimonies of your goodness, give us so much joy and this makes the separation less painful.
My Golden Auntie Sola and my SUPER HEROINE, while we struggle with emotions, we must bid you goodbye with loving thoughts to make your homeward journey smooth.                                                  May you receive Help and be awakened to Joyful Activities in the Garden of your Creator!!! Amen. 
UGEN, DIATA’ & the Princesses.
Posted by Austin Okhiria on January 26, 2019
I count myself lucky to have known you. You were not just my client but also a mother. You were an angel in human form. Your demise is a huge loss to all who were privileged to know you. The vacum your demise has created in our hearts cannot be filled quickly. My prayer is that you rest in the bossom of the Lord
Posted by Joyce Halliday on January 25, 2019
My Auntie!! Our beautiful and gentle Auntie. Jide, Tobi and I are heart broken. We remember all of our conversations with you here in our home in the United States. We will surely miss your council, your funny jokes, and for me, all of our gists and get-aways to New York City.
Ah!! Auntie, this is too much for me. Rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Funsho Toluhi on January 25, 2019
All I ever heard about you from my cousin, was, "how wonderful a mother, you were to him". Then I had the opportunity to meet you a couple of times, and they were all memorable. I marvelled at your humility, your welcoming nature, your strength and the camaraderie you shared with your family. May God forever Bless your soul in Heaven and give your loved ones the fortitude to bear this HUGE LOSS and the strength to carry on.
Posted by Emmanuella Omoluabi on January 25, 2019
I am blessed to have had the opportunity to meet you, I enjoyed the moments spent chatting, you had such a lovely personality...
It is a sad time for all you left behind but our prayer is that you continue to rest in peace with our Lord Jesus.
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Posted by Ibitoru Ubosi on June 27, 2020
Thinking of you today.......... really really really miss you. Continue to rest in heaven.
Posted by Tomisin Lasekan on April 11, 2020
Another 11th day of the Month! Missed you so much Sister. Continue to rest with the Angels.
Posted by Eniol Alebiosu on March 25, 2020
You will forever be remembered ma.
her Life

Family Life

Dr. (Mrs.) Caroline Olusola Dublin-Green (nee Lasekan) was born on 29th September 1949 in Lagos to the late Mr. Akinola Lasekan (a pioneer of modern Nigerian art) of Ipele-Owo, and the late Mrs. Comfort Jaiyeola Lasekan (nee Adegbesan-Imolehin of Ido-Ani), both in present day Ondo state.

She married the love of her life, the Late Amaopusenibo Winston Fubara Dublin-Green, on 30th June 1973. Together, they gave birth to five children namely, Ibitoru, Ibifuro, Nengi, Soala and Idawarifagha.

She was a committed family person and was very active in the lives of her nuclear and extended families, both by blood and marriage. She took her roots very seriously, both by birth and by marriage, and was considered a true daughter and sister by her late husband’s people both on the Bonny and the Itshekiri sides. She was also a very active member of Owo Virteous Sisters and was the Vice President of the Bonny Improvement Association till the time of her death.

Her Faith

Dr. (Mrs.) Caroline Olusola Dublin-Green took her faith as a Christian very seriously.

She earned a Post-Graduate Diploma in Bible and Leadership Studies/Theology from the Redeemed Christian Church (RCCG) International Bible Institute, and was honored with a Divine Merit Award as Commander in the Christian Faith (CCF) by St. Stephen’s Anglican Church Ipele, in December 2009, where she was also the Iya ewe, ‘mother of the young ones’.

She was an active member of the Mother’s Union and Bible Study Group at Our Saviour’s Church, TBS Lagos.

At the time of her passing, she had just concluded a book titled “Darwinian Theory of Evolution, and Christian Faith (Perspective of a Scientist)”, which was the culmination of her life’s work and experiences as a scientist and a religious scholar. The book is scheduled to be published in 2019.

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Yet God is faithful.

Shared by Taiwo Fadairo on January 23, 2019

Many a times one wonders why good and great people are taken away to be with the Lord even when we sure would rather they are here to continue the good and great works. Many a times we want to raise questions of fairness in applications of death. Yet God is still faithful.

It is okay to grieve because some pains are unsoothable as they are eternal but God's grace is undeniable and ever present. In all of these God is still faithful.

On behalf of my family and I, i condone the passing of a good and great woman I was privileged to come across once. May she find peace and eternal rest in the bossom of the almighty. To the family I will like to once again encourage to be strong and remind that in all of these yet God is faithful.