Let the blessed memory of
Professor Oyeleye Oyediran
be with us forever.
  • 84 years old
  • Born on January 13, 1934 in Ogbomosho, Oyo State, Nigeria.
  • Passed away on December 11, 2018 in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved husband, dad, granddad, mentor and friend, Professor Oyeleye Oyediran 84 years old , born on January 13, 1934 and passed away on December 11, 2018. 

We are forever grateful to God for his life. 

We will remember him forever.

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Posted by Shegun Olaoshebikan on 13th January 2019
Today is Jan 13th your birthday on earth.my phone has an alarm saying it’s your uncles birthday you need to call. As I picked up the phone tears rolling up my eyes and my hands trembling as I remembered that if I called you are not going to pick up as you always do and call me “Olushegun “. I heard my name Olushegun but I did not see .you!!!! Day by day and with each passing moment,strength I find to meet my trials here,trusting in my in my fathers wise bestowment,I have no cause for worry or for fear. He whose heart is kind beyond all measures,gives unto each day what he deems best. Rest in perfect peace
Posted by Omoloye Oyediran-Awojobi on 13th January 2019
It would have been your 85th birthday today Dad - but your glorious home-calling came a month ago. We still celebrate you and will do, with every thought of you. Love you Dad - Miss you today ...
Posted by Dele Tunji on 13th January 2019
Daddy, Happy 85th Birthday Today! As I woke up this morning, the Spirit of God gave me a new song for you…. Ao tun pade ni ise Jesu ni ojo ajinde. We love you… but, Jesus loves you much more! Happy Birthday! Hip! Hip! Hip! Hurray!!! Sleep well Baba mi!
Posted by Oyediran Oluyomi on 2nd January 2019
Daddy we love you but God love you best, daddy you called me about a week ago before you fall sick and you didn't tell anything, you said later when you remember you will tell me. Daddy good night ooooo.
Posted by Senami Adepoju on 30th December 2018
I thought writing my father's tribute was difficult. Writing this one is even more difficult. This is a tribute to a great patriarch, my uncle, father and my children's big granddad, Prof Zaccheus Oyeleye Oyediran. One of the pillars God blessed me with in this world. A true father, confidant and advisor, who always had my back. He was my advocate, defender and friend. Many people feel he is strange, queer and different. Yes, he dared to be different and stand up for what he believed. He was the son of Emmanuel Solademi Oyediran, who stood for honesty and integrity. He dared to be himself, sacrificed fame, wealth and power for integrity. My earliest memory of him was when I was about three years old and he stood over me looking very worried. I was staying with him in Ife and I had fallen down the staircase while riding my bicycle on the porch. I had stitches on my forehead as I had a deep cut on it. I remember my secondary school days conversation were always centered on my grades and books. He was always proud of me even when his brother,my father felt I had not done my best. I remember my very first vacation to the USA was with him , Omoloye and Oyelola. My A level days in Ibadan Polytechnic, I spent in his house, where I learnt many life lessons including the love of family, integrity and honesty. I also learned how to confidently request and go after the things I wanted. He would watch me struggle with things I needed and say nothing. Initially I thought he was wicked since he was in a position to help, until I overheard a conversation between him and my dad. He told him that I was just been silly and I needed to learn a lesson now or I would struggle in life. I needed to learn to request and go for the things I need. That evening I summoned courage and stood before him and requested for five things, explaining why I needed them. He smiled and gave me all. Since then, I would ask for things , of course giving reasons and he would give me. He loved books. He would spend hours reading and later on writing. I admired this so much I developed a love for books. He house and office were always full of books and he encouraged me to read. He would casually point me to different books and say you should read this or that book. His house in Kongi Ibadan was my weekend getaway when I was at the University of Ife. He will come in and meet me at home. He would say lovingly ' iwo o le duro si ile iwe re' translated can't you stay at school. I knew he was glad to see me. By the time I had graduated, he had moved to Lagos, so I stayed with him during my service year. After marriage, my family spent a few years, with him at Unilag till we found a suitable accommodation. I remember he will come home and say Olubunmi ( he was the only one who called me by my full name) go and pack for the children, I am taking them to Ibadan with me. The children of course loved him and were delighted. I can go and on. He was always there for me. I miss him so much. 2018 has created a gigantic void in me. I feel so empty. ...... I have lost a father, the patriarch of the Oyediran dynasty has gone, Nigeria has lost a great man, the world is without a great academician . Adieu uncle till we meet again.
Posted by Rotimi Awojobi on 27th December 2018
I can’t explain how painful this loss is to me and how much my grandad meant to me. I am very thankful for the time I got to spend with him and all the KFC fully loaded he bought me as a child. I love you grandad and will always miss you.
Posted by Lubov Godis on 25th December 2018
Prophesor Oyediran highly respected in his profession, by his friends and family. The man of few words, but his words had great value and wisdom. Very kind and gentle towards the old and the young.Loving and caring husband and father. He had a sence of humour and loved funny joke! He assisted me when needed help, he didn't have to, but he did. I was surprised at his humility, it's a sign of greatness. He was a very great man loved by God and people around him. May he rest in a peace of heven with the ,Good Lord, as he use to say.
Posted by Olufunke Bisi Adebule on 21st December 2018
Professor Oyeleye Oyediran you are a father in a million that I will forever missed. You are my step father that stand as a father ever since l grew up to know you. Your fatherly advice over my business and your faith in all you always ask me to do is all I will missed because you believed I will do it the right way. I know that you are with Christ . Rest on Dad
Posted by Oluwatomisin Adepoju on 20th December 2018
My Big Granddad, i can't believe you are gone. Growing up, i always looked forward to spending my holidays in Ibadan with you. You always made sure i was on top of my academics, "How are you doing at school" is the first question you ask when you see me. I wish you could have lived longer to see me achieve my dreams and goals but i know you are in a better place now. I miss you so much. Rest well.
Posted by Oyeyemi Afon Nee Oyediran on 20th December 2018
My favourite uncle ever, I still can’t believe my uncle is gone too, my dad’s older brother, I grew up seeing how close you and my dad was, my dad loved you so much, you were like best friends, I also grew up loving you so much, you were a dad to me, you loved me, encouraged me, advised me. When I was younger I always tell my parents my uncle was my favourite uncle ever, I remember whenever my dad reports me to my uncle, he always tells my dad to just leave me alone, I never did anything wrong in my uncles eyes. My uncle had such a big impact in my family and the whole OYEDIRAN family as a whole, I still can’t believe I will never see him again. I know you are in a better place Uncle, you have reunited with your mum, dad, brother and sisters. Rest in peace my uncle, till we meet to path no more, I love you so much and I will never forget you, thank you for your impact in my life, thank you for been my uncle. Oyeyemi Afon
Posted by Abayomi Oyediran on 20th December 2018
UNCLE....what can I say? Where do I start. You were my hero, You were what I always aspired to be, I always admired how you were always in control of your emotions, didn't say much but was always in control of what ever the situation was. Your integrity and principles where impeccable and you never had a problem voicing your opinion whatever the consequences. As much as you were quiet you were well respected and feared. When ever I was naughty as a kid which was most of the time, dad always threatened to send me to yours, the words "I am disappointed" coming from you was enough to make me cry. Mr father adored you my mother loved you and I never understood why till I grew up. You were always fair and would apportion anyone blame with no bias no matter who you were if you were at fault. I used to be so proud when you referred to me as Son. You will be missed uncle, all of a sudden I feel so alone. Nigeria has just lost a great man, I have just lost my hero.
Posted by Dele Tunji on 15th December 2018
Professor Oyeleye Oyediran, A man of few words and a huge heart. He was a father to many of us who had the opportunity to have known and lived with him. Many people crossed his path as a professor of Political Science through his academic achievements in the field of local government. He was the soul mate to his darling wife of over fifty years (My sweet, sweet aunty Lola) and to his children —Omoloye and Oyelola, he was the BEST dad ever! To those of us in his extended family, he was a father-figure, brother, uncle, cousin and friend! Uncle was very family-oriented, loving both his own and in-law’s families…. But, if you needed his input or contributions you must ask for it! I was simply fortunate to have lived with my uncle during my prime age as a teenager. Prof. was my mother’s younger brother. Upon his return from the UK in the 70’s, he taught at the University of Ife, and some Saturdays my father would load up the car with us children and off we were to see him in Ife. In fact, my eldest sister (Mrs Okanla) was in high school at that time and she lived with uncle and his family during some of her school vacations. Professor Oyediran, affected my life in many ways that I did not realize, and I will ever be grateful to God that made me his nephew. Today, I am living the dream he gave me with those few words of encouragements. I first lived with my uncle after the retirement of my parents from the university of Ibadan and I was to attend higher school in Ibadan. After my completion of HSC as we used to call it then. I only passed two papers out of three and all that my uncle said was that you must go back and retake the exams to pass all the three papers. I was disappointed, but now I understand what he was teaching me… to be a man whose focus is on excellence! When my uncle moved to University of Lagos, I moved again to live with him. Many of the people who lived around us thought I was his first son the way he treated me and helped with my maturation into the man I am today. When I got married in 1990, Professor Oyediran was the one that stood as my father. It was the first time I saw him dance with such joy as never before. Upon my leaving Nigeria for the USA in 1996, The rent of my house in Ibadan was about to run out and the landlord was not going to allow us to stay the three months before leaving, so I went to my uncle to tell him about the situation. All that my uncle said was, “you are not going to sleep on me, are you?” Just come in and take a room for you, wife and son. That was how he took us in for the next three months before we came to America. When I was going in for my PHD studies in the USA it was only my uncle I called and he gave me his blessings. Uncle was a man of few words but a big heart that is indescribable. May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace. Dele Tunji
Posted by Temi_Combos on 15th December 2018
I am Oyewumi Temiloluwa Awojobi and he was my Grandfather and love him.
Posted by Shegun Olaoshebikan on 14th December 2018
Prof oyeleye oyediran. God given gift to the Oyediran family, Nigeria and the world. My mentor,my uncle, my father. He changed the course of my life for ever and for this am very grateful. He was my mother’s immediate junior brother as far as I know they were very very close. I was in secondary school form three in 1971 when my Dad passed on. Prof Oyediran took over as my father, he taught me not depend on anyone but God, he taught me that if I really work hard and face my studies I should be successful. He gave courage when I needed it. He was my strength and he loved me very much. As I write this ,with tear drops in my eyes , I definitely know that you are with your parents ,your siblings and other nephews and nieces who had gone to rest before you and the Lord has said you WELL DONE,MY FAITHFUL SON. Till we meet again Rest in perfect peace.

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