The last photogragh..

Shared by Martin Adu on June 13, 2016

... is mostly one to cherish. I was on my customary 2 year visit with my wife catherine and 2 daughters Jane and Fiona, to Nigeria, and we as usual dedicated a day to spend with dad and my children - grandad. It was nice and we had laughter and fun. I added a different dimension. We took him out as well as my sister SDhola to eat. It wasn't fancy; just one of the fast food eateries. (In Nigeria, is that extended to include even rice, and other delicacies) We made sure he chose what he liked to eat and drink and we sat at table and chated. First time ever away from the house at Agege. Then back at the house, spent some more time, took photos one by one with him and some group ones  and prayed together. This was in July 2014. How was I/were we to know that it would be the last time that we would ever be together with him in a photograph while he was still alive.

My wife visited in October 2015 with here brother in tow, but they did not take any photographs. I was privileged to visit him in January 2016, after attending the funeral of my bestman/ friend of 30 years Pastor Eghes Eyieyien. We laughed together, prayed, ate but did either not think about or get around to taking any photos! Opportunities in Life and what we do with them.

In any case. Today 13 JUNE 2016, dad you would have turned 77 years on earth. We celebrate posthumously while you are over there free from worldly cares. Rest in peace. You can never be forgotten and you are part of who I am today.   

My Papa

Shared by Helen Omoseni on April 12, 2016

Daddy! Daddy! What can I say?? Your last card as we joked, Baby, Ifanu... It was your heart's desire and prayer to go to your "rest" cos you believed your journey was over.. How blessed are u to have your prayers answered the best way possible? Walking out of the hospital discharged and then wanting to rest and 6minutes later with the Lord. You were strict, firm, principled and very generous to the masses. It taught me as your child to be more resourceful and goal oriented. Today, I am who I am by HIS grace, my mom's wonderful tutelage and guidance and needless to say your subtle jabs and words of wisdom which I opposed but later came round to heed some.... We bonded much later in recent years and kudos to my hubby who made me realize it was for me to be able to say I loved my dad and did all I could when he could enjoy it, for Love is an action word. My kids witnessed this when you came to Canada 3yrs ago and really a lesson no classroom can teach.  I have no regrets but thanks to God for granting your prayer to be with mom at last. I miss u already. My best line with you was "making you exercise your massetter muscles " ha! Ha, we did argue a lot Dad... It was a honor and a privilege to have had you around 16yrs after Mom and blessed you stuck around for us. Say hi to my most loving Mom.

The 4 children of daddy

Shared by Martin Adu on March 29, 2016

To think that this event above was the 11 years after the last time all 4 were in the same place! And by God's grace, we will be together again to celebrate daddy's home going 16 years later!

Shared by Nuga Busola on March 24, 2016

Daddy with baby of the house (Helen) and her husband (Dr. Segun)

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