Let the memory of Kamar be with us forever
  • 51 years old
  • Born on October 1, 1959 .
  • Passed away on September 8, 2011 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Kamar Opeifa 51 years old, born on October 1, 1959 and passed away on September 8, 2011. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Salem Opeifa on 9th September 2017
Bugee - You are always on my mind. I miss everything about you. You are irreplaceable. Miss you so much. I pray that Heavenly Father continues to shower you with peace and tranquility.
Posted by Michael O Afolayan on 8th September 2017
Six years already! Really? Wow, seems like just six hours ago. . . Time, like an ever rolling stream, Bears all its sons away; They fly, forgotten, as a dream Dies at the opening day. O God, our help in ages past, Our hope for years to come, Be Thou our guard while troubles last, And our eternal home. Good night, brother. You fought a good fight indeed and you are forever loved!
Posted by Kayode Ayo on 8th September 2016
Keep on resting in perfect peace.
Posted by Adeola Opeifa on 14th September 2015
you will always be remembered by ur siblings. I guess by now you must have welcomed baboye. E sun re o
Posted by OLATUNJI ADEYINKA on 10th September 2015
I miss you so much. But God knows best and always have a better plan for us. I know your spirit is at peace. enjoy your REST
Posted by Michael O Afolayan on 9th September 2015
Four years? So soon? Wow, you will be forever missed in our hearts, Brother Kamar!
Posted by Kayode Ayo on 8th September 2015
Keep on resting in perfect peace Pastor KAMAR OPEIFA
Posted by Joseph Olatunji Ojo on 3rd October 2014
Posted by Mtal Innovations on 9th September 2014
Denrele my friend - Continue to rest in perfect peace
Posted by Mtal Innovations on 9th September 2014
Denrele my friend - Continue to rest in perfect peace
Posted by Vickson Okolo on 9th September 2014
Egbon, another year has gone bye but your sweet memory still lingers forever. Rest in perfection Amen. .
Posted by Kayode Ayo on 8th September 2014
Rest in perfect peace dear Pastor Kamar Opeifa, we really missed you.
Posted by Gregory Ogun on 8th September 2014
Pastor, you are forever in our hearts. Your passion and affection for the God and mankind was remarkable. True a God chosen servant. Rest peacefully with the Lord almighty.
Posted by Yemi Opeifa on 28th November 2013
Uncle Kamar,We have missed you so. We wish that we still had you but I think we are all thankful that you are in a better place now. Happy Thanksgiving Uncle. Adeyemi
Posted by Mtal Innovations on 1st October 2013
Yet another year has passed since you departed this physical world. The memories of your lively, ever cheerful student days we shared together at Victory high school endures for ever. Continue to rest in perfect peace Denrele my good friend. Dan aka oversylabus
Posted by Kafayat Opeifa-seriki on 1st October 2013
Happy posthumous birthday sweet brother, continue to rest in the Lord, you will forever be missed for the gap can never be filled. Down memory lane
Posted by Olaolu Ojo on 1st October 2013
Never knew or met you, but heard stories about you that inspires me. And your daughters smile sure comes from a man full of pease and love. Happy Birth day Sir ..............
Posted by Vickson Okolo on 9th September 2013
Egbon,as angels sing on harp and minstrel banjo ; join the joyful chorus and keep protecting us all as an angel of GOD.Amen
Posted by Donna Imgucci on 4th July 2013
Dad I went to visit Nigeria I know your so proud of me for doing that I seen grandma she was very happy and grandpa
Posted by Damola Adesuyi on 21st October 2012
Well by now I guess you are gone for real, however your impartations and memories are still strongly seated in the minds of your true disciples. Despite our emotional outburst for missing you, you could care less up there because I know you are having so much fun up there in that gold-paved Heavenly kingdom that is devoid of pain, sorrow, disease, headache, pestilence etc. Adieux!! Teacher
Posted by Vickson Okolo on 9th September 2012
Its been a year so long a time but appears to seem like yesterday ! Arios Egbon may you continue in perfect peace. Amen
Posted by Kayode Ayo on 8th September 2012
One year ago since you left this sinful world, it looks like yesterday when death snatched you from us. May your soul keep on resting in perfect peace. We love you our dear pastor. Once again keep on rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Yemi Opeifa on 1st September 2012
''Im in shock that uncle kamar is gone may he rest in peace.''
Posted by Donna Imgucci on 24th June 2012
Fathers day came and left and think about my dad taken me to church all week everyday wanna be like him i left alot of flowers on your grave just to see someone full of life and to fade away right b efore you and you cant help them it hurts well dad i know your in a better place
Posted by Damola Adesuyi on 18th June 2012
My main man. A divinely selected one-man army that dares anyone but The Jehovah. Time-conscious, Straight-forward, almost unstoppable and very unpolitical when it comes to Gods work. Sometimes I ponder, if you were really made for this dirty mundane world in the first instance. And when I drift in this thought pattern, I get relieved that maybe your kind need to be with the real saints.
Posted by Damola Adesuyi on 18th June 2012
I am still in denial, but the reality that you are really gone is finally trickling in (but slowly), however your divine ministrations kept ringing in my ears through my transformational (Salvational) moments, thereby creating a disillusion of your presence. I know you are there having a conversation with my Jehovah El-Shaddai, and probably laughing at me and saying that "Damola De Niyen".
Posted by Michael O Afolayan on 21st April 2012
My friend, brother, and fellow laborer in our Father's Vineyard: Words cannot express the void you left in our lives and ministries on this side of the Great Divide. But to God be the glory because you are now resting in Abraham's Bosom - having taken your own place of honor in the banquet of paradise. Indeed, you fought a good fight. Keep resting, brother, now that you are free!
Posted by Yemi Opeifa on 16th April 2012
''My Uncle Kamar was an amazing part of me.He inspired me greatly.May he live in peace with the Lord.''
Posted by Ade Adesanya on 3rd April 2012
The remembrance of the righteous is for a blessing & you are truly missed by those you left behind. Continue to rest peacefully in the bosom of our Lord.
Posted by Franny Val on 31st January 2012
Life is a Rose of seasons ( Ecclesiastics 3:11). My pastor Karma merely followed that natural order of events. A time to be born and a time to transit. The infirmity that harassed and tookyou its rude shock. you were a good mentor for me and my husband. we eulogies your good and exemplary life, and relish as we cherish and treasure your sweet memories. Franca & Val, GA.
Posted by Yemi Opeifa on 1st January 2012
''The first time I met my uncle I was so proud to have such an awesome sibling may he watch over us in peace he will be greatly missed.''.
Posted by Oladipo Wasiu Opeifa Adey... on 18th November 2011
i miss u so much 4 ur advise and prayer on the phone when i need you you are allways there 4 me i still cant get over it. its just like a dream , we all miss you egbon mi to sure sun re o
Posted by Adeola Opeifa on 19th October 2011
Boggie, you are one person that understands the behaviour of all your sibblings and you dealt with us based on individual attitude and that is why your entired 21 brothers and sisters will always miss you.
Posted by Mtal Innovations on 14th October 2011
Again words cannot fully express my shock. I had always hoped of reconnecting again with Denrele (as we use to call him at VHS)after over 35 years of separation from Secondary school. It was so easy to like Denrele ever jovial, accommodating and easy going. We all miss you.
Posted by Joseph Olatunji Ojo on 7th October 2011
7 oct 2011.God be with you.We thank GOd for your life that you are born again.We love you but God loves more than us.Pastor Kamor Opeifa rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Abiodun Opeifa on 5th October 2011
He has finally been released from the prison that his body had become. Let's take comfort that he is now with our Lord. Sun re o.
Posted by Abiodun Opeifa on 5th October 2011
flashing back. Tear flows...I called him brother Kamar just because of the bond we shared together. He was a loving, caring, generous family man, a loving pastor. Bro. Kamar was much more to me than just a brother in law; he was my mentor. CONT.
Posted by Abiodun Opeifa on 5th October 2011
I pen this with a very heavy heart. I hope you all feel how I am feeling. I have a lot to say...but I really don't know where I should start from... we spent a lot of time through phone and coming over to Chicago; just to come and see the children..memories of him just keep CONT.
Posted by Kayode Ayo on 1st October 2011
I can't believe it that Pastor is not with us again. You really touch my family and entire Milwaukee city. Death did not allow you to celebrate your 52nd birthday with us, we love you but God loves you more than us. Rest until we meet on ressurection day.God bless your soul.
Posted by Joe Okoro on 30th September 2011
Posted by Catherine Osademe on 30th September 2011
Pastor ! You touched so many lifes . My family and i were blessed to be one of them . We all loved you but God loved you most . Rest in peace .Your good work and examplary life is a testimony of your footsteps on Earth . We miss you ! ! !
Posted by Donna Imgucci on 30th September 2011
sometimes i get depress knowing that i cant pick up the phone and call my dad or hear his voice anymore but i have his phone and thats about the same i really loved my dad and miss him alot there is nothing in this world that can replace the hole i have in my heart
Posted by Donna Imgucci on 30th September 2011
it's so sad dat day that my dad passed away i cried that first nite but i am very very happy for my dad and very proud of him aslo my dad lived his life serveing the lord he did his work god called him to do and i wanna be like my dad establish a close relationship to god
Posted by Arthur Okoro on 30th September 2011
"My Pastor",as I always called you.You are terribly missed! Only God knows why gone so soon ? You were my brother,my spiritual adviser, my confidant,one I can trust,one I can also argue,disagree, agree and make-up.And above all, your strong faith in God,and how you touched others
Posted by Anthony Adams on 29th September 2011
Pastor, when all others thought that I was not good enough to teach and preach; you give me the opportunity to preach on the pulpit that the Lord graciously entrusted into your hands. You are and still a great friend and brother indeed! Please keep reminding and aiding me out like you did in Texas!
Posted by Gregory Ogun on 29th September 2011
You will really be missed my dear pastor. I miss that vibrant voice calling "Mr. Yinka", that wonderful smile, and candid conversation. You were really a man of God. Thanks for your support for my mother before she died, and standing by me after her death. Rest in peace.
Posted by Donna Imgucci on 28th September 2011
this is my dad and i will always miss him and love him for everything dat he has done for me and my brother and sister i am very happy dat he left to be wit the lord now dad aka PASTOR KAMAR OPEIFA we miss u and love u please watch over us
Posted by Vickson Okolo on 21st September 2011
The first time i met egbon kamar ,i enjoyed his sence of humor and sincerity . He was a good listener and responds to issues with the way he feels.He will be greatly missed by us all!

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