Let the memory of Pastor Leighton be with us forever
  • 53 years old
  • Born on September 3, 1958 in Jamaica.
  • Passed away on January 11, 2012 in Long Island, New York, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Pastor Leighton Smith 53 years old , born on September 3, 1958 and passed away on January 11, 2012. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Keisha Weise on 11th January 2019
Seven years has come since you went home, but here on earth it is so different since you left, the emptiness I feel inside. I miss you so much!! Truly you were unique and you definitely left an imprint in my heart that I will cherrish forever❤
Posted by Dawn Smith on 11th January 2019
Today marks your seventh anniversary. You will always be in our hearts and we know that you are safe and secure in the arms of Jesus. It is not by coincidence but Divine appointment that mom’s homegoing service will be held today. She was ready to join you. My brother I miss you dearly and pledge to carry on your legacy. You have impacted my life in such a profound way. Glad to have been a part of your life. Rest In Peace my bro. Sister Dawn
Posted by EVELYN SMITH on 6th January 2019
My Brother how time has flown away,as we look forward to celebrate 7 years since you physically left us, and to realize that this year mom has joined you, it awesome. This is a divine appointment that mom's home going service will be held the same day you answered the call to be absent from your body and be in the presence of your Lord and Savior. Wow. I am just imagine the celebration you both are having now. I remain committed to finish strong like you both did. Forever missed and in our hearts. MOM'S LAST WORDS'' -IT IS WELL
Posted by on 5th January 2019
KARTER SUMOWUO . I missed you brother. I missed your voice on the radio. I met you several times and you made a lasting impact upon my life. You are with the Lord now and all is well. The LORD will comfort your family and lead them alone the way. You ran well and finished your race. Hopefully I can finish my race like you did. LOVE YOU ALWAYS!!!
Posted by EVELYN SMITH on 21st December 2018
Posted by Keisha Weise on 23rd September 2018
I don't have enough words to express, oh how I missed You!! Sleep Pastor Smith!!
Posted by Donnette Smith on 10th September 2018
Always in our thoughts - much love Brother......God knows Best...#legacy will cont'd in Jesus name!!
Posted by Marjorie Smith on 3rd September 2018
September 3rd is a very special day on the calendar that I cannot and will not forget. LS you are remembered in a special way today because it would have been a great celebration to mark your 60th birthday but God knows best..you was my friend, brother, husband and pastor.. You moved to your mansion and left us your vision to carry on ..and with the help of God we will continue to run with the vision ..Sleep on LS..You are greatly missed!!
Posted by Caren Waugh on 3rd September 2018
It’s hard to forget such a beautiful human being who has left an indelible mark on the lives of thounds across the world in his short life’s span. You certainly have impacted my life in numerous ways. May your beautiful soul continue to Rest In Peace.
Posted by Dawn Smith on 3rd September 2018
Message from Mom, Anita To My beloved Son: I miss you but know you are in a better place. I love you. Things are so different since you passed but I am holding on. Thank God for His mercies towards me and am keeping the faith. Today is a sad day my son. Love you more than words can say
Posted by Dawn Smith on 3rd September 2018
I am sending this message with mixed feelings but have to console myself that you are with your Creator.. Oh how time flies You would have been having a grand time at 60! starting the celebration from the first through the end of September. I miss you dearly but the memories left behind are permanently etched in my heart. Death may have taken you out of sight but not out of my heart. Dave, am doing my part to keep the legacy alive that you have worked so hard to build. Great news about Countdown Church in Jamaica! Richly blessed to have had a brother like you. Let me finish as it is very difficult to organize my thoughts. I keep singing one of your favorite songs" His Voice Makes A Difference: Dawn - Sister
Posted by EVELYN SMITH on 3rd September 2018
Posted by EVELYN SMITH on 31st July 2018
Its been a few month since i have paused to pay tribute to a very special and unforgettable man of God. It hasn't gotten better dealing with your absence- NOT A LOSS- HEAVEN'S GAIN. I so think of you when I sit back and reminisce on those Blood songs that you so LOVE . They are carrying me thru life's highs and lows. Truly God is amazing. I console my self with this thought that God knows best. REST MY BROTHER -STILL WORKING TO SEE YOU IN THAT GREAT GETTING UP MORNING.
Posted by EVELYN SMITH on 5th April 2018
Just to reflect on the length of time since you have left us, it seems to be just like yesterday. Your Legacy still lives on, and will continue to until we join you . Thanks for making such a life time impact on me. You are still missed . Memories are cherished. Rest my Bro Rest. I can just imagine how happy you are, See you
Posted by Donnette Smith on 15th January 2018
My Brother - I can't believe its 6 yrs already - there's not a day that goes by that you're not in my thoughts...Gone but NEVER forgotten--your LEGACY will lives on-Blessings to the FEM Ministry & Countdown Min...
Posted by Dawn Smith on 13th January 2018
Sent on Behalf of Janice Ewen- Trinidad: The thing that comforts me is our last conversation together. Your comforting words gave me peace for the hurt from those who said to me" God bless you I love you". Thank you again Pastor for having such trust in me. You will always be alive in my heart. When I look around in my life and see where I am today, I thank you for pastoring me with such wisdom to hold onto the Word and use it- and can now pass it on to others to walk the walk and don't sit around and look like "Miss Beulah donkey". Your funny sayings, how can I forget you? I love you. Power in the Blood.
Posted by EVELYN SMITH on 11th January 2018
Once again I have to face the reality that indeed you have traded your old tattered garment for your robe of white. I can just imagine how free at last you are. They continue to say that time heals the wound, but it surely hasn't healed ours. We continue to honor your legacy as best as we possible can. You are truly missed. The many end times events that continue to unfold as you so accurately unveiled in the much sort out book," Stay No To the Mark". is amazing. My brother you have left a void in our lives that cannot be filled, but we take comfort in the fact that you "FINISHED STRONG" , AND WE LOOK FORWARD TO THAT HEAVENLY CELEBRATION. As we remember you today we are are encouraged that "MOM" is finally coming home after been away in the hospital and Rehab the same time period that you did. Thank God that history hasn't repeated itself thus far. We are so thankful. PRAISE GOD
Posted by Marjorie Smith on 11th January 2018
WOW!!! LS, Its hard to believe that today has been 6 years since you left us for your new home. It seems as it was just yesterday, time is really going by fast. There are so many memories about you that I will always cherish. A FEMITE and myself was laughing a few minutes ago about one of the way you would use to promote our End of year Ball... You would say something like this.." I have a special pointed toes shoes to wear to this Ball.. for you to see it , you MUST attend... so make sure you buy your ticket soon... laughing" There was only one Leighton .....Hon your legacy lives on and on and on....By the help of God we are carrying on the work God has used you to start. ,,LS you will be FOREVER MISSED!!!!!
Posted by Heron Smith on 11th January 2018
Can’t believe that is has been 6 years since you are gone.But it just shows that time is just drawing us closer to be together again for eternity looking forward for that day
Posted by Dawn Smith on 11th January 2018
"God gave life He takes it away; He is the Potter and I am the clay When I view the last sunset and cross over sea, I know sunrise will be waiting for me Oh what a sunrise it's going to be; Death will lose its sting, the grave its victory,Silence will be broken, and the storm clouds rolled away, I hear the saints of angels singing on our homecoming day" (sung by one of your favorite gospel groups -Grace Thrillers). This song has been on my mind since I woke up and thought it fitting to include in this tribute. It's hard to believe today marks your sixth anniversary- seems as though it were yesterday my dearly beloved brother. I am trying to maintain my composure although it is quite difficult. Your legacy lives on and moreso the positive difference you made in the World has left an indelible mark on countless others. In fact, there are individuals whom I have met who were not aware of your passing and who have recounted personal experiences how you contributed to their personal and spiritual growth. You would be pleased to know also that the Countdown Program which is aired each Friday nite continues to be a blessing -your legacy lives on by God's grace. I find solace in Psalm 116:15- "Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints". Oh, how sweet to rest in the arms of Jesus, Oh how sweet to know you are safe from all harm - are my parting words. Miss you, miss you terribly Rest in peace Dave!!! From Sister Dawn -(your look-alike)
Posted by Cyprian Whyte on 11th January 2018
When the good Lord calls us to rest, no man can awake us. So as mere mortals, we give thanks to Him that even though He calls many to rest, and even though this leaves us all in grief, we must rejoice and delight in knowing that by faith, that God's elects rest with Him in glory. By our continued work in faith, God's work continues...to God be the glory
Posted by Kush Stevenson on 5th September 2017
Wow!!! Daddy, I really miss you. This tribute is well overdue. I can't believe it's been 5 years since you've been gone, physically. Trust me, you are very much alive in out hearts and memories. For my birthday, I do what you used to do, alarm the people ahead of time of that special day, but I haven't been getting the gifts you used to get... :) I will keep working on it..... :) I've gleaned so much from you, being spiritually born in your hands, being baptized by you, being your 1st wedding and so much more. Thank you for all you've imparted into me. Thanks for the love, dedication, unselfishness, wisdom and knowledge, teaching me about the blood of Jesus, and most of all being a true man of God. "He was my Father, my Brother, my Pastor, my Friend, Daddy I miss you but you've taught me well. To your mansion in glory you have moved on, but you left with us your vision to carry on." Gone but not forgotten. Until I see you again. I love you. - your son
Posted by Marjorie Smith on 4th September 2017
FEM Wall Street NY Remembering Our Late Pastor Today would have been a very special day for our Late Pastor Leighton D. Smith. He always looks forward to the celebration of his birthday. It’s hard to believe 5 years has already passed since we say good bye to our Pastor, Father and Friend. He was one of the few who would not compromise the true Gospel. He was a passionate Christ follower who never afraid to step into uncharted waters. He taught us not to compromise our identity and how to use the Blood of Jesus. We will cherish the memory of his unselfish life and we will continue to teach and live those things we were taught. SLEEP IN PEACE GOD’S GENERAL!!
Posted by Marjorie Smith on 4th September 2017
WOW.....It's hard to believe that 5 years has passed since you left me to your new home. LS, you are not here physically but you will always be in my thought. When I feel down your words to me help to get up and keep going, yes! I will make it. We had memories of you in church yesterday, some of them was very funny, we laughed and cried. LS,YOU ARE GREATLY MISSED.
Posted by EVELYN SMITH on 4th September 2017
How hard it was to think that another year has passed for the anniversary of your birth. You still are greatly missed. As we still continue to celebrate your impact on our lives, we give God thanks that the vision is still alive, though beset my many challenges. But we take comfort that it's built on Jesus Christ the solid Rock, and the gates of hell cannot. shall not and will not prevail against it. Rest my brother. I am determined to see you again. Celebrate with Jesus
Posted by Donnette Smith on 3rd September 2017
My brother you're gone but never forgotten your legacy will cont'd in Jesus Name!! What a special day - I can imagine @ FEM & Countdown Ministry today!! Hope to see u again :-) love u Bro!
Posted by Heron Smith on 3rd September 2017
As i reminiscence about your contributions to the body of Christ on this day which would be your 59th Birthday I'm so grateful that you were obedient to the call of God onYour life because every day the things you taught are manifesting more and more and so we are encouraged to continue saying no to the mark.your race was well run now you can enjoy the rewards
Posted by Dawn Smith on 3rd September 2017
Today marks the 59th anniversary of my late brother's birth. (affectionately called Dave). I went to bed with you on my mind and woke up singing the song" The only real peace that I have dear Lord is in you" Am still trying to cope with the reality you are no longer here but in a better place. There is not a day that goes by that I do not think of you. I know you would not want me to be fretting (and you would be calling me by my nick-name too). The family is holding on and working to keep your legacy alive. In a few weeks will be Countdown's Fourteenth Anniversary. I visualize you sitting in your chair on the platform in St. Ann. Dave I am encouraged by the work you did while with us and much of what you taught is is now fulfilling before our very eyes. Borrowing the words of someone who penned this poem; "For this journey that we must take and each must go alone, It's all a part of the Master's plan, a step on the road to home". Sleep on my brother you are safe in the Master's arms.. Miss you terribly! Dawn Sister
Posted by Cyprian Whyte on 3rd September 2017
The work continues by those who have remained faithful, and you remain ALWAYS missed. May God bless your soul
Posted by EVELYN SMITH on 17th August 2017
Just a note to say how greatly missed you still are. Continue to rest my brother. You planted, we are watering, and watch God give the increase. We are truly living in the last day. but we will remember you encouraged us to SAY NO TO THE MARK.
Posted by Caren Waugh on 18th June 2017
Pastor Leighton D. Smith, you have finished your assignment on earth and your father has called you home to a greater work. But on this Father's day many of your spiritual children surely miss you around but we are doing our best to carry on the great legacy you have left behind. RIP Pastor LS.
Posted by EVELYN SMITH on 18th June 2017
Just to let you know that mom and I listened to your last Father's Day message today. " What you want to hear Fathers day message. Who is running this show. God or the devil? ..... ". Wow!! what a prayer. Your voice is so alive. You certainly are still alive in our hearts. You have rehearsed well and is awaiting the great ceremony in the sky. Cant wait to see you in your glorified body. No grave cannot hold your body down. Its my desire to meet you and my other loves ones there. I am encouraged by the life you lived. Well done., Mission accomplished
Posted by Dawn Smith on 18th June 2017
It is Father's Day and I cannot help but think of you my dearly beloved brother. Yes you have fathered countless children and your love, devotion and encouragement with great leadership inspire us to be the best we can and be knowledgeable in the Word. Thank you for the time you were with us and the impact you made. I am still listening to some of your favorite hymns - the ones we sang together on my visit with you "His Voice Makes The Difference" "Thank You Lord for One More Day"...your quote: "If you think education is expensive try ignorance". Your legacy is alive today (Countdown radio program is indeed a blessing and we thank God for those whom you have groomed while on earth. You would be proud of your daughter KW who recently graduated despite the challenges. MISSING YOU TERRIBLY but I know you are in the arms of Jesus!Sister Dawn
Posted by EVELYN SMITH on 31st May 2017
Just to let you know that you are thought of. There is still a void that hasn't been filled., Your memories lives on. I will continue to do my best to keep your vision alive, particularly in Higgin Town. Signs of the time are here like you accurately predicted. You are missed and loved Rest by Brother . Cant wait to see you again. Love Always
Posted by Dawn Smith on 8th February 2017
Brother I can't get you out of my mind! Yes it's early in the morning and I just had to write this little tribute. Your prophecies as they relate to end-time events are being fulfilled before our very eyes. Doing my part in blessing others with your book which is still receiving rave reviews and is relevant today. Always will remember you Dave. Memories of you are permanently etched in my mind. RIP Bro. Dawn-Sister
Posted by Donnette Smith on 12th January 2017
My beloved brother........not a day pass that you're not in my thoughts..R.I.P..Gone but not forgotten......love you FOREVER!
Posted by Elena Kornas on 12th January 2017
Every Friday night when I tune in to Countdown, I miss Pastor Smith still. Countdown just isn't the same without him. Always an ache in my heart
Posted by Janice McEwen on 11th January 2017
Hi Pastor, As far as l am concern you are still with me l can't get you out of my head or spirit, l am happy about that cause l don't ever want to forget you, l enjoy your visits, even though you don't talk much but I am happy to see you and looking forward to the next crusade you love to get me involve with. How could anyone forget you, you have left us with so much wisdom, I still share what you have taught me to all that l am in contact with. Thank you Pastor
Posted by Marjorie Smith on 11th January 2017
Pastor Smith you would be proud of The FEM family we are still standing strongh despite the challenges. One thing I can say, we are still receiving favor from the people you have connected us to, and for this we are so grateful. You were not an ordinary pastor..you have impacted many many lives. We thank the Lord for sharing you with us for all those years. Your memories lives on in our hearts.. YOU ARE ALWAYS MISSED
Posted by Marjorie Smith on 11th January 2017
Wow ..yes its really five years since you left us to your new home but I just can't get use to you not around. There are so many memories that kept me looking back and just wish you were here..I have to remind myself that you are not here and life goes on. LS you taught me well so I just have to make the adjustment, trust the Lord to guide and strengthen me to cope and do whatever its take to assist in this great work you left behind.. Its not easy but God's grace is sufficient for me...Rest in peace my beloved. YOU ARE MISSED
Posted by Cyprian Whyte on 11th January 2017
5 YEARS 5 years Silent tears Our best wishes are yours You left us saddened You've left us blessed ...and so it's no wonder you're forever missed 5 years Since we said our last goodbyes Eyes dimmed with tears then But by faith we know that was not the end Death may have taken hold But I know the victory is won For in the arms of our Saviour so blessed You've found sweet rest 5 years Our faith is still strong For we know of a certain One sweet day we will meet again
Posted by EVELYN SMITH on 11th January 2017
Yes it is for real 5 years since you have left this side of the vineyard No matter what anyone says about grief, and about healing all wounds, the truth is therefore certain sorrows never fades away until the heart stops beating, and the last breath is taken. We little knew that morning that God was going to call your name. In life we love you dearly, in death we do the same. It broke our hearts to loose you. You didn't go alone, part of us your siblings went with you. You left us peacefully. Memories you love is still our guide and though we cannot see, you are always at our sides. Our family chain is broken and nothing seems the same, but as God calls us one by one the chain will link mend again. They say that there is a reason,and that time will heal the pain. but neither time or reason will change the way i feel. The heartache that lies behind our smile,are real. No one knows the many times we have broken down and cried. We want to tell you brother , so there be no doubt, you are so wonderful to think of , but so hard to live without. So for now we will think of you as resting from the sorrows and pain, in a place of comfort. Continue to live in the hearts of those whose lives you have touched. NOTHING LOVED IS EVER LOST BECAUSE YOU WERE LOVED SO MUCH. REST REST
Posted by Dawn Smith on 11th January 2017
Today marks five years since you left us. Admittedly, I found it easier this time to pen this tribute without getting emotional. Today, not by coincidence I believe, the devotionals I read highlighted the topic "Sorrow's Aftermath" and I am able to put my pain in perspective. I cannot tell you how much you are missed but while my flesh and heart fail, God has given me the strength to go on. Brother, you have fought a good fight, finished your course and gone Home to be with your Lord and Savior. I also took a stroll down memory lane to reflect on the words of an anonymous author: "I have been through the valley of weeping; The valley of sorrow and pain; But the God of all comfort was with me; At hand to uphold and sustain. RIP Dave. I WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER YOU. And we are doing our part to keep the legacy alive. Your Sister- Dawn
Posted by Dawn Smith on 11th December 2016
It's Christmas time and here I am just engrossed in my thoughts. A void is yet to be filled at this special time of year. I remember the last Christmas we spent together and among the songs you requested was His Voice Makes The Difference. You are missed more and more each day but you are sheltered in the arms of God. What can I say at this time other than to pray for Divine healing? God is in control. FEM's anniversary was indeed a blessing you would be proud of the brethren how they have persevered despite many challenges. I for one am doing my best to hold the fort. The work you so ably started is continuing. Positive thoughts of you my "twin". Gone but certainly not forgotten!
Posted by Johnny Watts on 29th October 2016
Does anyone have a CD copy of Countdown when Leighton did a live call-in show with Grant Jeffrey as his guest? I would like to buy a copy of that program if possible. Thanks! Johnny Watts/ Staten Island email: johnnyrwatts@aol.com
Posted by Johnny Watts on 29th October 2016
I knew Leighton and his wonderful wife many years ago before 9-11 when I would visit their office and ministry at #5 Beekman Street. Does anyone know if audio CDs of Leighton's radio show, Countdown, were ever archived and saved for possible Youtube broadcast or shortwave radio broadcasts? I would love to buy some CDs from 1999, 2000 and 2001, if possible. Johnny Watts, Staten Island, email: johnnyrwatts@aol.com....God bless Leighton...
Posted by Dawn Smith on 15th October 2016
Thinking of you my dearly beloved brother/pastor Dave. Our church anniversary in Jamaica has come and gone and you would have been proud of the work the remnant is doing. I look at your prominently displayed picture in the sanctuary and can't help but cry (oh yes I still do). So many people from the community are still recounting stories of your willingness to go the extra mile. You are truly missed but God had a better plan. We are holding the fort! Miss you my "twin") Dawn
Posted by Donnette Smith on 7th September 2016
Forever in our HEARTS Bro...........missed you but GOD gives us the grace to deal with it daily...........You're in a better place my brother one where we all are trying to get to one day..........much love!!
Posted by Dawn Smith on 6th September 2016
Dave - Your loving mom is here still thinking about you. You will always be in my thoughts. Anyway, you are better off than being in this sin-cursed world. Gone but not forgotten. Mom - Anita
Posted by EVELYN SMITH on 5th September 2016
It's comforting to know that you are resting in the arms of your loving savior. Your legacy truly speaks of the awesome impact you have had on your listening audience of the Countdown program, ministry in Higgin Town and of course the "remnant at FEM." The relevance of your prophetic revelation is so true of the events of these past four years . You were "right on time". Rest my brother, I am determined to be reunited with you one day, wen you will celebrate an unending birthday. You are missed. Listening to the recording in honor of your birthday is so "ALIVE" - I know you are proud of yours sons Bro Cush and Minister Miguel as they hold the fort and continue to "RIDE THE HORSE" each Friday night. ITS A FUN TO SEE SATAN LOOSE"

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