Loving husband, devoted father, faithful servant of God
  • 61 years old
  • Born on October 14, 1950 in Ogallala, Nebraska, United States.
  • Passed away on February 21, 2012 in San Mateo, California, United States.

Thank you to all of the friends and family who have surround us with love, support, and prayer during this very difficult year.

Posted by Lillie Dees on 14th October 2018
Thanking God for Pastor Sid's life. Praying that his family is loving the Lord and one another.
Posted by Sheri Konowitz on 13th March 2018
I have been thinking about you a lot lately and today, after Googling you, discovered you had passed. I am sitting in my office "ugly crying" filled with sorrow and regret that it has been so long since I have spoken with you. I hope you knew what an impact you had on my life. I hope you knew how much regard I had for you (and your family) and how much I truly liked who you were. I hope you knew how much I utterly valued the place you and Christine had in my life, even if the path I took was different than hoped. I feel devastated by this news and am so very sad I found out so much after the fact. My sincerest condolences to Christine and all the kids. I am so terribly sorry. With love, Sheri (formerly Short) Konowitz
Posted by Lillie Dees on 26th February 2018
Remembering Pastor Sid and family.
Posted by Lillie Dees on 14th October 2017
Pastor Sid is forever remembered and missed by his ALCF family. Praying that the Harms family is well and walking with God. p.s. - good story about his birthday being shared with President Eisenhower.
Posted by Linda Kinney on 14th October 2017
Not everyone knows that SID shared a birthday with Dwight D Eisenhower! When SID was a kid he decided to send the president a birthday card and he got one back! I don't think the card survived our moves but it was fun at the time!
Posted by Lillie Dees on 21st February 2017
Remembering Pastor Sid and the Harms family and thanking God for bringing you into the ALCF Family. Love, Lillie
Posted by Frank Harper on 21st February 2017
Pastor Sid, my brother-in-Christ, my Pastor, a friend, a marriage counselor. I will see you again in glory.
Posted by Linda Kinney on 21st February 2017
Can't believe it is 5 years! Still miss my brother, his humor, his wonkiness. Miss having someone who was in S Dakota with me. Who loved to go to Grandpapa's farm every chance we got. I miss my parents, too, but I miss Sid more. Linda
Posted by Theresa Wilkerson on 15th October 2016
Having fond memories of you.
Posted by Denise Pierre on 14th October 2016
To the Harms Family, I have so many fond memories of not only Pastor Sid but all of you and the thoughts and memories just make me smile. So many examples set by you of a Christ centered family that are just too numerous to write. I alway tell the children in my family that when they have a memory of someone who is passed on and acknowledge it that it's like ringing a door bell and that person pauses up in heaven, peeks over their heavenly balcony and smiles in acknowledgment.....but only for a brief moment since they are having so much fun singing and dancing and praising God. Ding Dong Pastor Sid!
Posted by Lillie Dees on 21st February 2016
Dear Christine and Family, Our family continues to remember you in our prayers. May the love, grace, peace and comfort of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ rule in your hearts. Love, Tala and Lillie Sailele
Posted by Theresa Wilkerson on 28th February 2015
It's now been 3 yrs since you've been gone. We know you are with the Father, but we sure miss you here in earth. Your sense of humor, your wisdom. Thanks or a life well lived. - The Wilkerson's
Posted by Lillie Dees on 23rd February 2015
Remembering Pastor Sid, Sis. Christine, children, and all others impacted by the lives of Pastor Sid and Christine. We love you and remember you. Your family at ALCF.
Posted by Jessica Muzac-Hall on 22nd February 2015
Praying for the Harms family! Pastor Sid, your love lives on through them.
Posted by Michael Yasko on 14th October 2014
Love you Pastor Sid!!
Posted by Lillie Dees on 14th October 2014
Thinking of Pastor Sid and his warm, welcoming smile, Christine, and the Harms family this day. We miss you all! Praying that the Lord is a Lamp and a Light to the family and friends.
Posted by Diane Kim on 14th October 2014
Oh, Pastor Sid. We miss you so! Not a day goes by that I don't think of you (your memorial picture is pinned to my "Spiritual Hall of Fame Board" at my desk, right up there with Joni and Euji.) I still experience the impact of your legacy on our daily family life and ministry. And dear Christine, just last night we were watching the 49er vs. Rams game. I was wondering who you'd root for -- Ah, but I'm kind of afraid to know :-/ Love you both dearly and always!
Posted by Linda Kinney on 14th October 2014
Always will remember my dear brother. I miss talking with him because no one else shared Bridgewater memories. Linda Kinney
Posted by Sherra Garabedian on 26th February 2014
We miss you, Sid! We miss Chris, too! Thinking of you & your family. Prayers for strength and comfort. Miss those wonderful Couples Night Outs! :)
Posted by Frank Harper on 23rd February 2014
Pastor Sid when you came to ALCF you showed us how marriage should be when God is in it. The love you showed for Christine was example for all married men to follow. I always remember your story of Rindercella and sisty uglers (Cinderella and her ugly sisters). Looking forward to the day we will meet again in heaven.
Posted by Linda Kinney on 21st February 2014
I miss my brother, but cherish his memory and his life. What a wonderful person he was, who lives on in his terrific children and grandchildren!
Posted by Lillie Dees on 21st February 2014
We continue to lift up prayers for the Harms family. May you all be growing in love with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ more and more each day.
Posted by Lillie Dees on 14th October 2013
Remembering Pastor Sid, Christine, and all the Harms' family & friends in my prayers. Thank-you LORD for sharing him with us.
Posted by Juliene Larsen on 14th October 2013
I sure hope Pastor Sid is at the gate when I get to glory - I would like to ask St Peter to reserve him for me - he will have already met with everyone in heaven and I know he will be a comforter as he was to so many of us - He not only touched marrieds - he touched everyone who God brought into contact with him - He was there for me when I needed to see Jesus!!
Posted by Theresa Wilkerson on 14th October 2013
Happy (earthly 63rd) Birthday Pastor Sid. I know you are making Gos smile in Heaven.
Posted by Lois Harms Stump on 12th August 2013
Sorry, I didn't know he had passed. 2nd cousins. Hadn't seen him since we were in high school. Arthur Harms was my dad he was cousins with Herb. Pray that you and your family are doing better. Lois
Posted by Raechel Groom on 21st February 2013
We miss you so much Pastor Sid... It will never be the same without you. Your words of wisdom frequently ring in my ears...You left such a faithful legacy for us to follow...
Posted by Ree Dufresne on 21st February 2013
WE miss you each and every day, as your wisdom, guidance, caring, compassion and smile, reminds us that God is truly in charge, as the Holy Spirit working in you and Christine, keeps us on Christ's path. There has never been anyone who could show such strength & joy each day in spite of the challenges God sent to you and your family. You were and are a Blessing unequaled by anyone else.
Posted by Diane Kim on 21st February 2013
Not a day goes by that Eddie and I don't think of and miss you dearly. We've known many pastors, but few impact our daily parenting, marriage and ministry as you. You didn't just teach about faith, endurance, marriage & family - you faithfully walked and lived it out. Your life and love was your greatest legacy and we miss you so much. Thank you Harms family for sharing him with us!
Posted by Ramon And Diane Chanco on 21st February 2013
It has been a difficult year, mourning the loss of Pastor Sid. Much worse for Christine and family, of course, but hardly a few weeks go by when we don't remember SOMETHING beautiful about him, as our mentor & trusted friend. We think of him & about our friendship with both Pastor Sid and Christine often, and miss our fellowship very much. He will always lovingly remain in our hearts.
Posted by Sherra Garabedian on 21st February 2013
Aram & I miss you, brother, very much. You mean a lot to us in the way you modeled following Jesus through very hard circumstances and still joking around and caring about your family and us and others! That still impresses Aram! Also we enjoyed many Couples Night Outs with you and we still do! A wonderful night of music for Valentine's Day was last Sat . Night!!! Hugs!
Posted by Rebecca Monroe on 18th October 2012
Dear Sid - We so missed our annual birthday celebration with you this year. We have had many nice dinners with Christine since you left but we never know where to sit in the restaurant without you there to guide us ;o). Your brithday celebration this year must have been the best ever, celebrating in the presence of the King. We love you and miss you dear friend. ~ Dan and Rebecca
Posted by Yvette James on 14th October 2012
Yvette and I attended the couples night out at ALCF last night. The marriage ministry is vibrant and going strong. As for me personally, Sydney James your legacy lives on in my heart and also in my home. Thank you for being in our lives and our marriage. Leslie and Yvette
Posted by Sherra Garabedian on 14th October 2012
Chris, praying with & for you. appreciate your updates in email! love, sherra & aram
Posted by Debbie Rankin on 14th October 2012
Thinking of Sid brings smiles and a feeling of gratitude. What a funny, bright & insightful man! Remembering his Marriage Apps, and the wonderful way he would look at you Christine - he was truly smitten! God's blessings to you and your whole family. Love from Wiley & me.
Posted by Sherra Garabedian on 14th October 2012
Happy Birthday, Sid! Your life is a constant inspiration to Aram & I, ever since we met at MBBS in Fresno! You & Chris have modeled Jesus' joy and love with each other, your kids, and grandkidlets, too! (as Lorraine Loewen would say. :) ) We enjoyed the Couples Night Out last night @ ALCF and a man at our table (Jon & Beth) mentioned missing you & Chris. We agreed! Munroes = great!
Posted by Margaret Phillips on 14th October 2012
As your family remembers the day of your birth and the years they got to spend it with you, Sid, you're having a spectacular celebration in heaven AND you know the answer to one of my life-long questions: "Do they have cake in heaven?" With love and prayers!
Posted by Ree Dufresne on 14th October 2012
I thank God every day for bringing Pastor Sid and Christine into our lives. His smile, his wise words, his love of God and his family, were an inspiration to me. His concern for others when he himself was struggling, was such an inspiration to me. Christine, your constant smile and tenderness for everyone around you, would light up any heart. God's Grace always visible in both of you. Love
Posted by Jessica Muzac-Hall on 14th October 2012
Thinking of Pastor Sid brings smiles. He always had a joke to make us laugh. Miss him. Praying for Christine & family. May they have smiles as they remember him as well.
Posted by Denise Pierre on 14th October 2012
The very thought of Pastor Sid and Christine brings a big smile to my face! And what a perfect day to reflect on his life. Thank you to the entire family for sharing him with us!
Posted by Michael Yasko on 14th October 2012
I can still see your ever smiling face in church. I miss you, Sid.
Posted by Zelpha Hampton on 14th October 2012
Pastor Sid was such a gentle person and easy to get to know, confortable to be around. I loved the way he eased right into our hearts with no effort. God allowed our paths to cross on this journey and I'm grateful.
Posted by Ramon And Diane Chanco on 14th October 2012
Today was Couple's Night Out at church; I was all choked up, remembering how perfectly, and beautifully Pastor Sid and Christine used to create the most wonderful evenings for us, with the most inspirational and heart-felt messages related to Marriage. We deeply and dearly miss this incredible couple, and very sweet friends. May God continue to hold Christine gently in His powerful arms
Posted by Diana Weir on 25th March 2012
Pastor Sid's was an amazing guy. I thank God that I had the opportunity to hear him speak over the past few years. I know that his words will be an inspiration to me for years to come. He was brave, strong, joyful and kind in the midst of all that he was going through. I see Pastor Sid's life in this verse; 2 Cor 3:18. Blessings
Posted by Sherra Garabedian on 8th March 2012
In the Fireproof Bible Study we were just saying before your "graduation" that your marriage to Chris was the model for Aram & I to respect and admire and learn from. We love you both and appreciate all the Couple's Night Outs & Retreats. We especially liked the Mark Gungor video. It helped our son & daughter-in-law too. Hi to Stan H!
Posted by Sandra Lewis-Williams on 7th March 2012
At your funeral on Saturday, I couldn’t help but realize that a life well-lived under God not only brought down my tears, but it inspired in me such a great hope. Rest well, Pastor Sid. I’ll see you when I get home.
Posted by Jen & Hanson Jiang on 6th March 2012
What a privilege it's been to be part of the ALCF family with you, Pastor Sid and Christine! We wish we could have had many more years with Pastor Sid here in person. Your love and faithfulness to the Lord will live on through the many families you've blessed and built up! We're praying for you, Christine and the rest of the family. You have a family in Christ here with you.
Posted by Joel And Larra Olson on 6th March 2012
'The God of Israel spoke, the Rock of Israel said to me: 'When one rules over men in righteousness, when he rules in the fear of God, he is like the light of morning at sunrise on a cloudless morning, like the brightness after rain that brings the grass from the earth...' 2 Sam. 23:3-4 This is how I saw Pastor Sid... With love, Larra Olson
Posted by Ramon And Diane Chanco on 5th March 2012
No words... no words... we are so deeply grieved and saddened. For now I will just post what I wrote to friends in e-mail when I was asking for Prayer Requests for Christine and the Harms family. I told them that Pastor Sid was a life well-lived; a godly example well-presented. I said that Pastor Sid "fought the good fight", as God answered one his prayer requests and allowed him to "fi
Posted by Stan Harder on 4th March 2012
I remember growing up with Sid at Grandmama’s house and later attending several seminary classes together. Sid has had a tremendous, godly impact on the lives of many people. Praise God! Sue and I wish blessings on the family. Our prayers are with you. 2 Corinthians 1:3-4

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