Let the memory of Patricia be with us forever.
  • 80 years old
  • Born on March 12, 1938 in Exeter, New Hampshire, United States.
  • Passed away on August 23, 2018 in Santa Clara, California, United States.

Patricia was born March 12, 1938 in Exeter, New Hampshire, the only child of Mildred and Thomas Rooney.  Pat met her future husband,  Richard,  while they were they both attending the University of New Hampshire, she an English major and he in the Electrical Engineering curriculum.  They became engaged while she was still a Senior and arranged to be married upon her graduation. They were married June 29, 1959 in Shelby, Montana, where he was working as a field engineer for a defense contractor.  They moved often during the early years, following Richards jobs.  Pat taught elementary school in New Hampshire before moving to California in the 60's.  Their son Thomas was born in 1961, while living in Missouri.  David followed in 1965, while living in Lompoc, Caifornia.  The family finally settled down and bought a house in Sunnyvale in 1970.  Patricia taught at several schools in the area, retiring as a 5th grade teacher from Empire Gardens in San Jose.  She received her Master's degree in Library Science from San Jose State in 1978. The Funke family got involved in the 4-H program while the boys were young.  Patricia founded the El Dorado 4-H club and was the community leader for many years.  She has served on the 4-H county council, but is best know for her role in the management of the stills exhibits at the Santa Clara County Fair.  Needle work and fiber arts were a passion of Patricia's.  She was very active in the following guilds; the American Needleworkers Guild, two local chapters of The Embroiderers Guild of America, and Glenna Harris Weaver's.  She represented  her local guild at the Conference of Northern California Handweavers (CNCH) and served the CNCH as it's Outreach Chair.  She is survived by her husband of 60 years, Richard, her son, David, daughter in-law Kathy and her grandchildren Nick and Beth.   

Posted by Alice Caperton on 16th September 2018
It was with great shock&sadness that we learned of your passing. I will miss the great conversations & enthusiasm you had for crafts although we knew it was needle works that were your passion. It has been a pleasure to know Pat&Rich and how they shared their time,experiences...they were a inspiration to a lot of us. They got the Calabash Gourd Group involved in the county fair,which has a benefit to all. To Rich and family, May loving memories help ease the pain in your ♥️
Posted by Jeannie Kei-Li on 15th September 2018
Dear Rich, I know in your time of sorrow, you may not want to read this, but it does help me to write it down.. It seems so strange, that only a few weeks ago, I was talking to Pat. Whether she’s happy or annoyed, I always enjoyed talking with and listening to Pat! She made everything sound interesting and fun! I treasure the day we were learning Tenerife and she saw me struggling to thread a needle. She showed me an easy method to pop the thread up through eye, I still do it this way! I know Calabash Gourd Club will miss Pat. The embroidery guilds will miss Pat. All the needlework and fiber arts shows she attended, will miss Pat. The Santa Clara County Fair will really miss Pat. But mostly I know, that I will miss Pat!
Posted by Judy Gehman on 14th September 2018
You will be missed very much. As a fellow librarian and a fellow stitcher I know how much you contributed to EGA and ANG over the years. Your efforts to get the Mt Madonna Needlepointers guild going were nothing short of heroic. Thank you. And also your support of fellow guild members showing off their needlework at the county fair each year. Thank you for all you did.
Posted by Mary Bartlett on 14th September 2018
RIP Pat. As a colleague and fellow librarian I know how much you did for so many children. As a fellow 4Her, you added so much over the years to the program and the youth members. At the fair you were indispensable. You are missed very much.
Posted by Linda Randolphi on 8th September 2018
Farewell Pat Dear Dick and all your family, Pat was my friend for over forty years and in so many unique connections that I hardly know how to express my sadness in hearing of your loss, our loss. She was so talented and capable and dedicated to the people and interests she cared about that her passing leaves us unsure how to support those areas where her expertise was key to successful continuity. The Santa Clara County Fair comes immediately to mind. I want to remember the happy times we shared, like the Fair, especially when it was two weeks long. There was also the 4-H summer camp at La Honda where Pat taught crafts, Dick and Tom barbecued and Lonnie and I spent a day at a laundromat drying out forty wet sleeping bags! Thank you, Pat, for introducing me to the woman who raised Mary, the black sheep that my sister adopted. That started my sister and her whole family off on a 4-H adventure and my sister became an avid spinner. I was privileged to be part of the County Fair Stills Building team working with Margie, Anna and Dick and the other talented judges and generous volunteers that Pat recruited. I was always delighted to find Pat and I had signed up for the same class. Once at the EGA National Seminar in New Mexico, Pat was the only safe and sane scooter driver in the hotel where about three dozen women had rented scooters most had never used before. It quickly became a Wild West rodeo experience just getting to class. Pat was the only one I didn't worry about being run over or hit by. Attendees are supposed to recall their classes, projects and teachers. I remember a lot of exercise, some of it dodging scooters, except for Pat's. Thank you, old friend for your calm demeanor, your quiet guidance and your pragmatic approach to all the problems life sent you. I enjoyed your company immensely and I will remember you fondly, always. My sincere condolences to you, Dick, and all your family. Linda Randolphi
Posted by Susan Weaver on 7th September 2018
The 4-H community will miss Pat. Not only was she part of the foundation that made the stills area at fair run smoothly, she took time to acknowledge the youth and their efforts. Even last month, she asked me about my children and what they were doing now. She seemed to remember all of the kids and the new kids that had entered "outstanding" stills entries. It always warmed my heart, as I would enter the stills building and see Pat (with a big grin on her face) and the stills team. They seemed to have a blast, in spite of the tireless hours and random "odd" entry. Pat's absence will be felt in years to come. However, her attention to details will inspire others. My heartfelt condolences to the Funke family as you carry on with Pat always in your heart. <3
Posted by Tracy List on 6th September 2018
Pat was my back up mom when as a teenager I needed her most. She provided a solid and calm foundation for my life. I have so many very very happy memories of my life in 4H, at the county fair and in the library at Eisenhower Elementary School. All of these peaceful memories. I don't think we realize how much people impact us until we need the lessons they gave. In June my three year old daughter was diagnosed with kidney disease. In the middle of the night feeling very overwhelmed I remember that I already knew how to "do" this new life, because I had an awesome example. Pat and Richard were might examples of how to live life to the fullest. Thank you for loving me when I needed it and for loving all of us. Pat you are an important part of who I am. With love, Tracy
Posted by Christine Anderson on 4th September 2018
Pat's quiet composure could still reveal giddy enthusiasm for so many needlework outreach public efforts to be made in the 36 or more years since the regional EGA seminars at Mills College where we met, through this decade. Loved her determinations & encouragements. My sympathies & comfort to the family.
Posted by Martha Mille on 3rd September 2018
Dear Pat...through all the wonderful years of EGA and GPR you were indeed my mentor. You taught me so many things and always inspired me to try new things. I loved hearing all the interesting stories you told about your childhood in New Hampshire. You made me laugh so hard! You are one in a million my friend. I feel lucky to have known you. You will never be forgotten.
Posted by Georgann Lane on 2nd September 2018
I am so sorry to hear that Pat is no longer with us. For the last forty years that I have known her she is someone that you expect to always be there. She was certainly a fixture in the Embroider's Guild through her volunteer hours at the National level as Youth Coordinator to many, many jobs at the Region and chapter levels. She was also a great story teller. She kept us in stitches with laughter at many committee meetings with her tales of growing up in New Hampshire and the early stories of her travels with Richard.
Posted by Judy McCudden on 1st September 2018
We are sad to hear of Pat’s passing. She will be missed by her many friends in EGA. Her energy and enthusiasm for the stitching arts were beneficial to many. May memories of happy times bring a measure of comfort to her family and friends. From Pat’s friends in the Evergreen Chapter of EGA
Posted by Alicia Piva on 1st September 2018
I am simply heartbroken... She is one of the many people I admire, precisely, for her quiet, behind-the-scenes, tireless volunteering. She even asked me this past fair what happened to the [lack of] Pivas' stills that she was looking forward to seeing (NB: we had quite a rough year, and only one mandatory still was entered). I was overcome with emotion asking myself how she could remember my kids from so many others... Rest in peace, beloved Pat. You are and will be sorely missed...
Posted by Monica Guida on 31st August 2018
I count myself lucky to have known and spent time with Pat. I met her by attending the Greater Pacific Region of the Embroiderers' Guild of American region meetings. She convinced me to volunteer with Outreach, her position for a very long time at the region level. We had SO much fun at Maker's Faire; last time we attended I convinced her to purchase some furry ears - but our picture was lost to computer failure. She always had a smile, a hug, and a kind word for me. Always encouraging me in my stitching, and trying to convince me to take her place as Outreach for region. Now, I am going to figure out how I can fulfill her request as a way to honor and thank her for all she did for EGA. I will miss you dearly Pat, have fun racing around up there. ;)
Posted by Sara Zander on 31st August 2018
For the 18 years I have been a member of GPR and EGA, Pat was an inspiration and mentor. She always had a smile while gently nudging me onward to further service, listening to new ideas (no matter how wild) and rekindling my energy in whatever roll I was then playing on the Region Board or for my local chapter, Marin Golden Threads. It's a rare gift to be able to corral another person's best features, quell their poorest, and always to do it with respect and love. Pat, you taught all of us so much; mostly that mentoring another person makes both of you stronger. In memory of you, we will pass it forward. You hoo, angels 'up there': get cracking on your handcrafts; someone very special is there to guide you. Don't miss a minute with her; we all hold close the precious time she spent with each of us 'down here'.
Posted by Linda Reinmiller on 31st August 2018
There is not enough room to share all the support Pat gave to The Embroiderers’ Guild of America and our local Greater Pacific Region. Pat was always there, helping and guiding us, sharing her smile and words of encouragement. I didn’t know, until I read the description of Pat’s life that she and Dick shared their anniversary date with my husband Bill and me, just ten years apart. That makes the affection I have for Pat even more special. The empty place her passing leaves in our lives can never be filled by anyone else, because Pat was an amazing, unique person. I miss you already, Pat. See you on the other side.
Posted by Melinda Rolfe on 31st August 2018
Pat will always hold a special place in my heart. I enjoyed years of friendship with her through EGA - seminar committees, classes, workshops, and the region board. I will remember her laugh, her passion for teaching, and her making fun of some fabric I dyed that didn't turn out very well. I will think of her and smile every time I see the embroidery on my "liver spots" fabric. And I can't help but wonder how many guilds she has already joined in heaven, or is she busy starting new ones?
Posted by Carl Silva on 30th August 2018
As a young boy filled with way too much energy, Pat channeled that energy. Her continual support, patience, and sense of humor made my awkward adolescent years all the more survivable. The El Dorado 4-H Club was a second family. And while we learned how to raise sheep, lead conferences, speak in public, create projects, be silly, discover our own strengths and weaknesses, and really anything else that she brought our way, she corralled our teenage craziness guiding us into adulthood. Little did we know what she taught us would be so applicable to the world. And while we spent many late nights getting ready for the next Asilomar conference or completing the 4-H yearly record report or the mad dash figuring out how to remove a stain from a white shirt or pair of pants before presenting at the fair (all white uniforms for teenagers…really?), she would guide us through each crisis with levity and occasionally a well-deserved talking. The man I am today can be clearly traced back to the impact Pat had on my life. El Dorado might be a mythical golden empire, but what she gave us was very real, very valuable, and very loving.
Posted by Ilse Armstrong on 30th August 2018
I appreciate all she did for the stills exhibit. The fair will not be the same .Pat will be truly missed.
Posted by Ilse Armstrong on 30th August 2018
I appreciate all she did for the stills exhibit. The fair will not be the same . Pat will be truly missed
Posted by Erica Chi on 30th August 2018
We really looked forward to seeing you every year at the Fair (for the last 6 years!). You were still teasing us about our boxes and boxes of items just a couple weeks ago. We know we made it hard on you with all our items, but you got them right every single time... We also enjoyed seeing all the items that you made as well. We really appreciate all your efforts in making sure that everyone had a great time exhibiting. You will be missed. Ethan, Ryan, and Nathan Chi
Posted by Diane Arnett on 30th August 2018
I spoke with Pat at this year's fair and later saw the basketweaving that she shared with the county in the volunteers section of stills. I wanted to tell her how much I enjoyed her work. She's one of those people that you think will always be around. I thank you Pat, for having a hand in raising my son as you did with all your 4-H kids. I will miss you.
Posted by Sharon Barrea on 30th August 2018
I’m sorry to of Pat’s passing. I have fond memories of Pat when I was GPR Director. Sharon Barrea
Posted by JAN CAREY on 30th August 2018
Wow, it seems like yesterday Pat and her husband was in Stills building at the Santa Clara County Fair, with Pat saying, "this entry doesn't go in this category; it goes over here." When people are invaluable and make a difference, the world seems to stop spinning with them gone. Their leaving seems to knock the world off its axis. Life stops when you hear that they are missing in our lives and have left this earth. Pat, I thanked you then for all you kindness by your gift to the fair and for your love for kids. I publicly thank you now being the light that made youth be able to show their stills achievements to the community.
Posted by Jen Flanders Dadek on 30th August 2018
I am so sorry to hear of Pat's passing! I met her my first night at SCVC EGA and she showed me how to make a quilters knot! I will miss her laugh as I remember hearing it often!
Posted by Liesbeth Matthieu on 30th August 2018
Dear Pat - we will miss your drive, perseverance and persistence. I had the pleasure of working with you on Embroidery Bling project, the Makers Fair in San Mateo and saw you several times at the Gavilan EGA chapter meetings. You were an inspiration and shared your love and passion for embroidery with many. My heart goes out to your husband and family for their loss. I will remember the good times we shared. Thank you for being part of my life! Liesbeth
Posted by Sandy Kupper on 29th August 2018
Oh, Pat how I will miss your smiling face in spite of anything else that was happening to you. You made coming to The Fair seem like a breeze, If you could do it so could I. I will carry that cheerfulness with me always.
Posted by Kim Graham on 29th August 2018
I am saddened to hear of the passing of my friend Pat Funke. I got to know her in several needlework groups, South Bay American Needlepoint Guild, Gavilan Hills EGA, Mt. Madonna Needlepointers, and the Santa Clara Valley Embroiders Guild. We did programs together for the South Bay ANG Chapter for 2 years. She did the stitching demos and I worked with the teachers. She told me I needed to do that since she grew up an only child in the woods of New Hampshire and didn't have good people skills, mainly being around animals! She worked tirelessly for the needlework groups in various capacities, President, Programs, Outreach for chapters and the National EGA, Region Rep, it goes on and on. And she was very involved in getting the needlework category in the Santa Clara County Fair. She was also a devote weaver and quilter. Although we haven't seen much of her in the past couple of years due to being ill, she was there in spirit and we would know how she would react to certain ideas or situations. Pat and I talked about some health issues we had in common and it was comforting to know she understood what I was going through too. She started to teach me how to needlepoint but I didn't get too far, but she was very patient! All of the needleworkers who knew her owe much to the Pat and the life she brought to all the chapters. Kim Graham Co President Gavilan Hills EGA Chapter
Posted by Kathy Funke on 29th August 2018
Sally & I loved to spend time with Pat, she will be missed. I know how hard it is for all of you as you are faced with creating a new life without her. I wish you all the best as you heal from this . Roger
Posted by Kathy Funke on 28th August 2018
I appreciate everything you did for me when I first joined 4-H. You were the one who inspired me to enter my record book for county competition.
Posted by Richard Funke on 27th August 2018
I miss you terribly Pat

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