Patty Weast 3
Patricia Yvonne Weast
  • 59 years old
  • Date of birth: Sep 23, 1954
  • Place of birth:
    Culver City, California, United States
  • Date of passing: Mar 25, 2014
  • Place of passing:
    Lake View Terrace, California, United States
The things that we love tell us what we are Thomas Aquinas

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Patricia Weast, 59, born on September 24, 1954 and passed away on March 25, 2014. We will remember her forever.

Patty is survived by her loving and devoted partner of 40 years, John Marshall, her brother and sister-in-law Mike and Michelle Weast, and Mike’s daughter Lisa and her two children. Her parents, Douglas and Clareen Weast, preceded her in death.

Memories, Thoughts and Conversations

     Culver City, California was Patty’s hometown. She attended El Rincon Elementary, Culver Junior and Senior High Schools. For a year she went to West Los Angeles Junior College but transferred to Pasadena City College and graduated with a degree in Art. She loved growing up in Culver City. In those days, it still had a small town feel. You knew your neighbors and went to school with from kindergarten to high school graduation.  Patty loved her home on Flaxton Ave and never failed to drive by it long after her family moved from Culver City. The last time I saw Patty we took a stroll around the old neighborhood and marveled at how it was the saw and how it was different.

     Patty had lifelong passion for art and was an artist herself.  She loved to paint, but she could always turn a yard sale find into a treasure. Her family and friends were the recipients of some of her work. I recall spending lazy summer afternoons listening to music (Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Joni Mitchell, the Flying Burrito Brothers etc.) in her bedroom while she painted.  I still have three painting she made in high school. One was of Jesus Christ, the other was John Mayall and the last was a scene from Middle Earth. Those subjects could not be more disparate but that was Patty, a woman of countless interests. I have Middle Earth in my office as I write this. Patty painted throughout her life.  There were periods when her paint brushes got a little dusty but she always returned to them.

     We enjoyed the work of street artists on Ocean Front Walk in Venice and made the occasional pilgrimage to the Los Angeles County Art Museum. The Natural History Museum was a favorite, too.  And the art galleries in Westwood and Hollywood were frequent haunts.

     When Patty and John lived in La Canada she painted full sized scenes from the Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album cover on the front of her house. What fun they were. Patty and John have since moved and the paintings are no longer. I wish they were.

     Patty appreciated nature’s art, too. I remember walking to school together while she admired the care and beauty people brought to their gardens.  She enjoyed spring and the promise it brought of a beautiful summer. There was always a cutting or two taking root in her kitchen window sill. And always she shared cuttings with others. That is the way of all gardeners.  Patty’s garden exploded with color. She had a hugh bougainvillea, over two stories high! She created a private little nook at her front door with her glorious potted plants, old white rattan chairs with comfortable cushions and little treasures in every niche. If I were lost and never had been to Patty’s home before, I could have found it because it was so enticing. She had who own charming style and it was clever, warm and inviting.

     In high school, Patty became a vegetarian. She never discussed it and I never thought to ask her why. In fact, I used to tease her about it. Finally, about 30 years ago, I saw the light. If you love animals, you don’t eat them. Patty was my inspiration.

     Knowing Patty made my high school years a lot more fun, adventurous, and expansive. In retrospect, I realize that Patty taught me a lot about life. She has an appreciation of the small, simple things like quiet conversation or the beauty of a full moon or happiness in feed your friends. I remember watching Rocky and Bullwinkle on TV, drinking tea and eating cookies. Patty made a comment about what fun we were having. I remember thinking, this is fun? Really? And I thought about it. Yes, it was. My definitions expanded on that day as well as others. She had the gift of enjoying the here and now. Patty directly changed my definition of what is fun but more importantly, she changed my definition of what was important and meaningful. Her appreciation of the small things never failed to impress me. Too many of us look so high and far that we forget to notice what is at our feet. Thank you, Patty!

     Lately, we would often wax poetic about Culver City. It was a good place to live’ Maybe it still is. There were lots of great things about Culver City back in the day. Who can forget the Helms Bakery, the Culver Hotel, the Meralta and Culver Theaters, Culver Center, Jacks Ranch Market, the Rollerdrome, the Studio Drive In, the new Library (and now, not so new), the movie studios and their various incarnations, Foster Freeze, the Big Donut,  Johnny’s Pastrami and warmest in our hearts, Tito’s Tacos. Patty appreciated the stability of her home, her kind and loving family and the goodness of her friends. At a young age she had a mature perspective.

    The other cool places we loved were the Renaissance Faire (we made our own dresses!), the Aardvark in Venice ,  2nd hand stores, Venice Beach, any beach, all beaches, Topanga Canyon,  any canyon, the Martinek Manor, the Troubadour, the first Getty Museum,  Pacific Cost Hwy, Brentwood, Fox Venice Theater, the MGM auction,  and what have I forgotten?

     Patty and I had fun cruising in my white, paneled 1967 Buick special station wagon and listening to 8 track tapes. About 1973 or so we decided to take a road trip to Canada.  Vancouver was out goal. Sometimes we slept in the wagon or sometimes in a tent. Included were campfires, the California coast, roads less travelled, hitch hikers and no time schedules. Our down fall was San Francisco and a hundred ways to spend our money. We saw the play, Godspell and checked out the beaches and walked all over town. It was on Market or Geary Street, I believe, we found a three story fabric store named Britex.  We both designed and sewed our own clothes so we knew we had discovered paradise. It was heaven on earth and a serious drain on our already thin wallets. But we loved the redwoods, Oregon, Washington and British Columbia. Vancouver was a beautiful city. Travels with Charlie accompanied us. It was a great trip but much too short.

      In high school Patty was never interested in sports, not a joiner of clubs and not much interested in spending time on campus other than what was required. For her the doors to learning and experience were always open. She was lifelong reader. She introduced me to C S Lewis, JRR Tolkien, e e cummings, Frank Herbert, J D Salinger, Kurt Vonnegut and Richard Brautigan to name a few. We shared Carlos Castaneda, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Isaac Asimov, Arthur C Clark, and George Orwell.

     About 2 years ago I moved back to Southern California after living in Sonoma County for many years. Patty and I decided to rediscover Los Angeles. One sojourn included Titos Tacos, a cruise thru Culver City and a walk down Venice beach. We talked about Pacific Ocean Park and Black Oak Arkansas who performed on the beach back when. And art and food and life and a hundred other things. On another trip we went to the Norton Simon Museum and hit a couple of 2nd hand stores nearby. We planned to tour Pasadena and see the Greene and Greene homes. In fact, we had a list of places we wanted to visit. Our next excursion would have been to China Town. But we never made it.

     Patty loved animals. All animals. She had them throughout her life and along with John, rescued and placed many cats and dogs. In recent years they accepted animals from people who had lost their homes and could no longer take care of their companion animals.  They dedicated many hours a week to animal care.John is faced with the entire responsibility of the animals himself. We have contacted several rescue organizations but they are stretched to their limits and could not help.

     If anyone is interested in adopting a cat or know someone who is, please contact us. If you know of a humane organization that can help adopt these cats, please contact us. 

     Patty burned out on using computers when she worked for Ma Bell. As a result, neither she nor John used computers. I have John’s phone number for anyone who is interested is helping.  He lives in Los Angeles County.

     I invite everyone with a memory, story or thought about Patty to add to this memorial. In the not too distant future, I will upgrade this memorial and can add more photos which I invite you to do, also.

Linda Cirk

September 23, 2014. Tomorrow would have been Patty’s 60th birthday.

Patty Cakes, I cannot believe you are gone. But you will be forever in my heart.


Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Carrie Brown-Gilman on 23rd September 2016

"Happy heavenly birthday Patty!"

This tribute was added by Linda Cirk on 23rd September 2015

"Happy Birthday, Patty.
You would have been 61 years old today. I sure do miss you. I just spoke to John and he misses you more than I can say. He is heart broken. We should be going to Tito's today. But I know you are with the angels so that give me solace. I love you."

This tribute was added by Linda Cirk on 22nd September 2015

"Tomorrow would have been your 61st birthday. I wish you were here so we could celebrate it together. Just spoke tto John. He misses you so much and is still hearthbroken over your passing. I think he always will be. Afterall, there are not many people as innately kind as you.
I miss you."

This tribute was added by Linda Cirk on 27th November 2014

"It's Thanksgiving, Patty.
I wish you were here to celebrate with me. We both agreed that we had a lot to be thankful for- our families, friends mostly. And a lot of other things we loved-animals, art, music, gardens to name a few. It's just not the same without you."

This tribute was added by Mary Ehrstrom on 10th October 2014

"Patty,I can't remember how we met but we lived very close to each other during our youth. I was in the apartments on Kinston aka Hazelton aka fear street and you were in the single family home at the end of the street. I loved hanging out in your room drinking tea and playing guitar together pretending to be Joni Mitchell. My best memory though is when we went to visit your relatives in Kansas and Texas. My dad worked for American Airlines and your dad passed away too young. I don't think you were looking foward to the trip and I said I would go with you . I had never been to the mid west. It was like being in the great movie Giant. The  ranch was huge the 3 meals a day were huge we rode horses and even smoked a little weed. On Sunday we had to go to church TWO times! I don't think you liked it as much as I did. I had never seen a cube of butter so big in my life! I gained 15 pounds on that trip. In Kansas we slept on a screened in porch of a house that reminds me of the house in Meet Me In St. Louis. I learned to play dominos and we made homemade ice cream. It was heavenly. I always had a little crush on your brother Mike but I don't think anyone knew. OMG I just remembered we all went to a demolition derby! It was soooo loud but super fun and crazy. I'm sorry we did'nt keep in better touch than just Xmas cards. I'd like to tell you how much that trip and your friendship meant to me.  Maybe this will get through to you. I love you girl and your whole family."

This tribute was added by Carrie Brown-Gilman on 9th October 2014

"Patty, you will be missed.  We were never friends, but I do remember you.  Read your tributes though, we could have been good friends, we are a like in many ways.  May your family, friends & loved ones find peace."

This tribute was added by Karen Lawson on 8th October 2014

"Patty, I'm sorry to hear that you've left us, but I know you're resting easy as Jesus cares for you in heaven. I remember a lot of silly things we did as teenagers, and a few adventures we shared in the L.A. area you loved so much.

In particular, I recall many hours spent in your room on Flaxton listening to rock and folk music. We had significant crushes on a folk duo called Chad and Jeremy and probably drove your parents nuts playing their records over and over again. Your parents, whom I called Mr. and Mrs. Weast (as was the custom of that time), were always gracious yet firm. I know that their guidance kept you close to your Christian roots and helped to shape your spirituality. I have shady recollections of your brother Mike, and imagine that's because like all big brothers, he wanted little to do with his silly little sister and her even sillier friends.

I recall that your friends, myself included, would spend hours in your room or at your bedroom window. It really was a center of social happenings in our circle of friends in Culver City.

I have fond memories of Culver City, but many of the places we used to visit are long gone in favor of gentrification and stratospheric real estate prices. Sad to say, not many of us could afford to live there now even if we wanted to. But yes, When I do return there I always visit Venice Beach and Tito's. Next time I'm in town, I'll have a taco for you and buy a book of poetry at the Small World Bookstore on the Venice Boardwalk.

I'm sorry I never had the pleasure of meeting your beloved John, but I will pray for him as he cares for your beloved cats and finds his way in the aftermath of your ascension to God's House. Rest easy, Patty. You won't be forgotten, and your memory will always be cherished."

This tribute was added by Lisa Asato on 7th October 2014

"Patty painted a giant pteradactyl on an 8x4 piece of plywood, and it hung for many years in my living room for all to admire. It was quite a conversation piece. I'm sorry that I don't recall whatever happened to it, but I will remember Patty and her pteradactyl (sp?) forever. What a lovely soul she was..."

This tribute was added by Linda Cirk on 23rd September 2014

"I miss you!"

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