Let the memory of Patrick be with us forever.
  • 31 years old
  • Born on March 13, 1987 in United States.
  • Passed away on January 14, 2019 in Redding, California, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Patrick Sullivan 31 years old , born on March 13, 1987 and passed away on January 14, 2019 in a single vehicle accident. We will remember him forever. He was an amazing Father, Son, Brother, Uncle and friend. 

Posted by Nan-Joe Torres on January 30, 2019
Patrick you will be missed by so many. I remember when you were little you were always such a sweet little boy, and had the cutest smile. You would say so many funny things I won’t write and embarrass you lol, and always had a hug and kiss for me. I wish we would have seen each other more as you grew up into a man, but I was blessed to at least chat with you on occasion to know how you were doing. You were a blessing to all that knew you, and we were all so proud of you when you beat your demons. Say hello to grandma and grandpa for me, In our hearts always Aunt Nan and Uncle Jose
Posted by Shannon White on January 25, 2019
Pat and i became friends while i was working at circle k and he was at westwood circle k and blvd body. He was such a funny loving caring man and will be missed very much. I wanted to post the banner that danny and myself had made for him that we will be hanging at the crash site unfortunatly it wont let me.. so until its finished you all will see it very soon. You will always be our kick back Pat! Thanks for always making me laugh Pat! Love u Friend!
Posted by Bethany Barnett on January 23, 2019
Patrick had the biggest heart. He was always busy helping someone out and doing things for others. He had the best personality and sense of humor, he could literally make anyone laugh no matter how bad of a day they were having. He had the wittiest jokes and a very creative imagination. Everyone got happy whenever patrick showed up because he always had a positive attitude. He helped me countless times fix my car when no body else could, he could always get it running. Patrick knew so much about fixing things and working on cars and took a lot of pride in mechanics. He never asked for anything in return just pay him what you could, he got more joy in helping others who needed it then anything. I really loved the fact that he would be adamant about making sure Charlene had hot fresh coffee when she got off work and spending so much time with Carlis. There's so many great memories we all have of him, it just shows that he had a huge heart and selflessness that no one will ever, ever forget! You will be greatly missed!
Posted by Kim Nichols on January 23, 2019
Where do I start?? I have so many memories. The best ones are of you and Mackenzie. I remember seeing you walk down Hilltop with her on your shoulders during Kool April Nights, or at the fair. Many times when seeing you pick her up at school and how she’d run so fast to you and jump in your arms. The love you had for her and she had for you. She was also so happy when she was with you. I will forever make sure she knows how much you loved her and how much she meant to you. ❤️
Posted by Paulette Stapler-bivin on January 23, 2019
Patrick I will never forget when you danced at Willie's and my wedding reception, you were so awesome I remember when everyone just backed away and it was just you there dancing your heart out you did so good. You were definitely one of the highlights of the reception that night. You were such a very kind person and always there for help I enjoyed all the times at Carlis and Charlene's house I knew there you were there son, you were family. Watching you grow with your brothers, boy how time flies thank you so much for all the love laughter and enjoyment you will be deeply missed rest in peace Patrick.
Posted by Jessica Gibson on January 21, 2019
Patrick I miss your smile and your laugh so much you were a great uncle to my kids and always thought of others. I remember you would stay up all night just to fix my cars when I had car problems and I had a lot of car problems lol but you never complained and never asked for anything in return you had such a big heart you will be forever missed rest in peace and watch over us with all my love your sister-in-law
Posted by Rhonda Feehan on January 21, 2019
I met you at circle k and you became a friend. You later became my neighbor for a short time I remember how excited you got over a motorcycle and brought it over to show me. You will always be remembered as a light hearted and warm person. I love you my friend R.I.P
Posted by Stephanie Hardcastle on January 21, 2019
Pat, you were just the best. You had your demons but you overcame them and persevered in spite of them! Every person you came into contact with, you impacted. I've known you for almost 20 years and can't begin to imagine this world without you in it! You added so much to the every day. Every time I saw you, you had something to add to whatever situation, usually making it lighter. Your hugs and smiles helped to brighten even dark days. We will always love you
Posted by Chelsey Sober on January 22, 2019
We miss u uncle Patrick u will always be missed we all love u ❤u were a amazing uncle i love u
Posted by Charlene Evans-Schmitz on January 21, 2019
Wow where do I start Patrick became part of our family very fast he fit right in. I called him Paddy most of the time. He would text me stuff like I was a old lady and if I talked back he would break my hip it always was in fun and brought a smile to my face. When he stayed the night or was here late I would get off work Paddy would have a pot of coffee made for me. He was a awesome brother to all my other kids yes Paddy was one of mine . when Carlis died Paddy would park on my lawn which he knew I didn't like because Carlis did and he didn't want me to forget him like I could. I am missing him so very much and keep waiting for him to walk through my door and say THIS IS BULLSHIT CHARLENE. I love you tell pop hi and keep your eye on us like you always do.
Posted by Stone Kleeber on January 21, 2019
Well Pat I didn't know you for too long but the times we hang out working on my Subaru was a blast. I remember you always talking about how the rapper YG was the best and teaching me some of the ropes to body work. I knew you as an amazing father, great friend, and a man who would do anything to make his friends and families lives easier. I learned a lot from you Pat and I'm glad I got to meet you. Watch down on the family from heaven. Rest in Peace Pat.
Posted by Mellisa Radford on January 21, 2019
Pat, I can't express how much this breaks my hear. So many have passed and it's never someone you think you'll be able to say goodbye too. All the crazy things we used to do just to come up, I only knew the amazing clean side of you for a short time, but I wish more than anything I could just talk to you and laugh, you made everyone laugh and tried to help make things better,for everyone.. REST EASY FLY HIGH & KNOW THAT YOU WILL NOT EVER BE FORGOTTEN!!
Posted by Crystal McCormick on January 21, 2019
I will never forget soooooo many memories, Like when I lived by Tiffany Bender and her and I were outside and Patrick and Charlie came outside making us laugh so hard we were crying because Patrick was wearing my lingerie and Charlie was wearing my wedding dress. Or at Charlies Boy/Girl sleep over birthday party and he was trying to help me keep everyone quiet and the boys were being loud so Patrick had the idea of putting the Christina Aguilera Dirrty video on which made all the boys sit down and watch cause she was like half naked. At Willie and Diana's wedding patrick had a dance battle and he did break dancing in the dirt. Patrick and I had a cat together which he named Mr. Bo Jangles (He would tell you that it was his cat) but patrick would go outside and whistle like he was calling a dog and the cat would come running from wherever it was to Patrick. He said he was my other cats Peepaa and renamed that cat whose name is Alvin after Alvin and the chipmunks, so now Alvin will forever be Alvinanto Fernando Diaz. My youngest daughter will always be Patricks Jacalonzo Alfonso Garbanzo Beans, Jessica will be his sssnnnaakeee slithering through the garden, and I was sister with the blood blisters (which i never understood because I don't have blood blisters but he said its what rhymed with sister) or he called me Sister of course like everyone else and Crystallion. When we were listening to a song on the radio and the lyric was "I went through the desert on a horse with no name" and he genuinely thought it said "I went through the desert on a horse WITH NO LEGS" it was soooo hilarious. There are so many more that I could sit and write a novel. I love him so much he was not only my best friend but my brother and there will forever be a hole in my heart that no one could fill because that piece of my heart went to heaven with him the day he left.
Posted by Tiffany Bender on January 21, 2019
Wow little Patrick, I remember all the times you would run downstairs to my apartment especially with cheese and back and forth. Sister and I would do our singing nights and either you joined in or always tried making us laugh and make us start over.
I remember when you would call me and I would check in on you when you were talking about joining the military.
You will and are soooo missed Rest In Peace Babe.
Posted by Crystal McCormick on January 21, 2019
................... Pat-Man.....................
For our friend, for our brother,
For our partner in crime
For a man like no other
Taken down in his prime
For the one who once asked me
"What am I worth?"
And for the sweetest soul
Who has graced this green earth
To answer your question
I must tally the facts
From your selfless good deeds
To your strange love of cats
Though you carried the chromosomes
Of the X and the Y
You were king of the girl talk
Never flinched when we cried
And the savior mechanic
On dark stormy nights
You'd be there in the rain
Till you fixed things just right
Be it painting a room
Or dog-sitting a pup
We could count on our comrade
When the going got tough
True, once in a while
You stumbled and fell
But you kept getting up
And giving it hell
So down in the hall
Of those who've earned fame
With the brightest and kindest
We will chisel your name
Superheroes like Thor,
Hellboy, and Batman
There on their wall
Will read boldly 'Pat-Man'
Written by Ashley Haugen

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