Patrick W Holland
  • 43 years old
  • Date of birth: Feb 23, 1972
  • Date of passing: Jan 27, 2016
Let the memory of Patrick be with us forever

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Patrick W. Holland.  Patrick's untimely passing on January 27, 2016 left friends and family stunned and heartbroken.  It is here that we recognize and remember the life he lived.  We hope this site will provide a central location in which friends and family can visit and share stories, fond memories and photographs, leave condolences and comfort each other, and ultimately pay tribute to Patrick.  

This memorial site will remain online indefinitely so please feel free to  add to it over time.  Our hope is that someday this site might also be a valuable resource for Landon and Ethan to be able to hear stories about their father from all the people who knew and loved him.  

We look forward to your contributions to this site.  It is through the people he shared his life with, all of you, that Patrick will forever be remembered.

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by James Melter on 12th August 2016

"Just found this site. I'll miss you, Patrick Holland, my old Wild Rose High School friend. I'm so sorry we didn't get a chance to catch up recently since reconnecting on Facebook but I'll never forget some of the great experiences we shared back in the day, in high school. Thank you for taking me under your wing back then and showing me how to be more confident and to look, well, cool. We enjoyed most of junior high and four years of band together that was unforgettable to me. The start you gave me in martial arts through Shotokan Karate that eventually led me to Tae Kwon Do and even Ving Tsun Kung Fu was crucial to me being, well, me. It has saved my life many times over and most importantly shown me how to be myself, the best self I could be. Thank you for that Pat! You were such a smart, talented and super fit man that I looked up to back then and despite all the ribbing to toughen me up, you really helped me. You are forever remembered here by me, friend and if your family ever needs anything, I want them to know they can always come to me. It looks like you had a wonderful life from your Facebook and this website. Thank you all for the wonderful photos. My condolences to your family."

This tribute was added by Donald Forrest on 23rd February 2016

"Happy Birthday Pat, you wonderful, wonderful guy.
To Landon and Ethan. This is Papa, and I want to tell you what a wonderful daddy Patrick was. Landon, your dad told me you were the best thing that ever happened in his life. He loved you so much and it showed in the way he always played with you, took you on outings to discover so  many interesting things. Ethan, Papa is sorry you were so little when your daddy passed into the Glory beyond this earth. Know he loved you too. As you wonderful boys read all the nice things people wrote about your dad, you will realize how wonderful he was too. Your dad was very smart and could play many musical instruments, especially the piano. He was funny and super helpful, kind and generous. He loved your mom and their love was real, together they have many happy memories. I hope both of you grow to be smart, wonderful, caring and helpful, just the way your dad was.  He was my good friend and I will always smile when I think of the good moments in life that we shared. I want you boys to study with a passion that will lead to your success. Be good citizens and contribute to those in need.  When you think of your dad, put a big smile on your face, that will make both of you happy. I love you both very much and want to help you have a happy life.
Your Papa"

This tribute was added by kiara johnson on 16th February 2016

"Wishing you comfort and peace at this time of sorrow. The Bible is clear that someday, the hour will come when all those in God's memory will live again (John 5:28, 29). May that thought bring you consulation during this difficult time."

This tribute was added by John Emlano on 12th February 2016

"Pat and I grew up together, and he was a good friend...  One of the best.  I am so sorry to hear of his passing."

This tribute was added by Gregg Perlman on 12th February 2016

"I want to start by lighting a candle for Patrick, as his light always shined brightly, and will continue to shine in his memory.

I met Patrick many years ago, back before he and Jessica made the journey out to Colorado to live. In 2004, I visited Colorado for a friend's wedding, and ended up spending a bunch of time with Pat and Jess. That time together was instrumental in my decision to move to Colorado. When I arrived Pat & Jess introduced me to a ton of people, and made my transition to life here much easier. For that I will always be grateful.  

Patrick always offered an ear to listen, wise words to offer, as well as a witty remark when appropriate.  Even when their journey brought them back to San Diego, even with marriage and a family, Patrick would make time to catch up, and that meant a lot to me.  It's still tough to grasp the fact that our buddy is gone.

Jess, my heart is with you and your family. I'm so happy we all got a chance to walk around the beach last time I was in town. If there is anything I can do to make your journey easier, please don't hesitate to reach out."

This tribute was added by Roxanne Sikraji on 8th February 2016

"Jess, you and your family are truly the best thing that every happened to my brother. I thank you so very much for bringing such love and happiness into his life.  To Landon and Ethan, your Dad was so complex and good at so many things.  He talked about books and writers and musicians that I had never heard of, he was brilliant.  I think he literally could do anything he put his mind to, and he was not afraid to try.  And even though he was good looking and talented, he spoke to people with caring and was not condescending, and had a great sense of humor.  He came from a small town of 500 people, and had a childhood of fields and dreams.  But of all the things he was proud of, and all the things he could do, there was nothing he was prouder of then his boys.  You are his best accomplishment.  Love you all, Rocky"

This tribute was added by Karen Amell on 8th February 2016

"My name is Karen. I am your aunt Rocky's best friend since we were in 7th grade. Pat was just a baby then. He grew to be this little handsome boy with blond hair and gift of playing the piano. He was brilliant at it from a very young age. I hope you will grow to love and play music like he did. My sympathy to both you and your beautiful mother."

This tribute was added by Jared Jakubowski on 7th February 2016

"I grew up with Pat in Wild Rose WI. When we were little, we had sleepovers at eachothers house. He had a red Honda 50 mini bike that we would ride around in the fields near his parents house. In school he was a smart, well mannered kid with a slim build, in his teenage years he started lifting weights building himself into a muscular boy. He was a fast sprinter that had a way of running that made him look like he was floating on air. I have great memories of Pat. From the photos I've seen, his children look just like him. Miss you my friend. JJ, WRHS Class of 1990."

This tribute was added by Kristyn Sargent on 6th February 2016

"This is a story for Ethan to read years from now about how his dad loves him.

It was the first time I was coming over to meet you and you were only a week old (we were some of the first, if not first outside of family to meet you!). My husband Matt was with me, as well as our friend Ashley. Ashley and I knew your mom through work and had, of course, become good friends with her and your dad. We were so excited to meet the new baby (you!). Your mom and brother greeted us at the door. They walked us through the house to where you were. Landon was super excited to have friends over and Matt and him started playing. You and your dad were napping together on the couch. He had a hat low over his eyes and you were asleep on his chest with a blanket over the two of you. Your mom asked your dad for the baby. He grunted and said "no! My baby!" She asked again and same response. "My baby!" It was a very sweet response. She asked one more time with a "please?" and your dad rose up and handed you to your mom. He was so proud to have you there and his gaze down at you was pure love. Never doubt his love for you. He would be (and I'm sure is!) very proud of you and who you will become."

This tribute was added by Ryan Wilson on 5th February 2016

"I have been thinking of what I should say about our Friend Patrick. I just have so many thoughts & reasons to miss our friend I just can’t get it all down in a matter of a few paragraphs.  

I first met Patrick back in the year 2000.  We became friends right away. I always thought he reminded me of myself.  We had quite a few of the same interests & mutual friends.  I lost track of him for a little while when he moved to Denver, Colorado.  

We reconnected again when I moved to Denver in approximately 2007.  A lot of things had changed in his life.  The most important change was falling in love with Jessica.  He really knew even then how lucky he was finding her.  They both helped me acclimate to the new town.  They even helped me out when I needed a place to stay for a few weeks or just needed help through hard times.  He was always there for me in Denver- a true friend I could always count on.  I don’t think he really knew how much that had meant to me.  I think on it now & realize it meant more than I even could have known.  I wish I could have the chance to tell him just how much our friendship has meant to me.

I was very sad when Patrick & Jessica had decided to move back to San Diego.  Lucky for me I followed them back the following year.  Our family lives had taken over during the last few years.  I really wish I had taken more time to spend with him.   I like what Lowie said because it rang true for me too. “He's just one of those people that I always expected to see again soon, maybe at a concert, maybe at a backyard barbecue.”  He really was one of those friends you just expected to always be around.  It is very hard to accept.  I will miss our friend very much.

Jessica, I want you to know how deeply we feel for you!  Our hearts are with you and the boys!  If you ever need help with anything from now until the end of time, please keep me in mind.  It would mean a lot to me to be able to help Patrick’s family in any way.  He was always there for me it’s the least I can do for such a great friend.  

We love you Jessica & are thinking of you often,

Ryan, Whitney & Charley"

This tribute was added by Dave Lowenstein on 4th February 2016

"Patrick was always good for a quick witted sarcastic comment at the right time. His sense of humor really reminded me of my own.

He was just one of those people who even if I hadn't seen him for a while we'd have something funny to talk about right away.

He helped me get my business off the ground as my first employee and made many a long and boring event more fun. I still to this day use some of his suggestions for improving things.

He's just one of those people that I always expected to see again soon, maybe at a concert, maybe at a backyard barbecue. This is a reminder that every moment together, with anyone, might be the last one.

That's something that's too easy to forget in our day to day lives. We expect everybody to be here forever.

This isn't a goodbye. We'll see you later down the road.

To Jessica and the boys, you know we love you guys and are here for you when you need us.

-Lowie and Julissa and JB and Devon"

This tribute was added by Keith Tenzer on 4th February 2016

"Patrick taught me one very important thing in life and that was there is no price on a grand smile and hearty laugh. Patrick always had a positive outlook even when things didnt go well, he found way to spread his happiness through laughter. He could ham it up w/the best and we had some damn, funny hilarious folks in our crew.

The funniest thing was making fun of ourselves, I am gonna miss that. I havent lived in SD in 8 years but whenever I was back I looked forwarded to a good laugh w/my friend patrick.

Wherever you are I hope your are at peace, looking over your family and friends with proud smile on your face. Your spirit lives in those you loved. May we all meet again, until then R.I.P Patrick.


This tribute was added by Jonathan Forrest on 2nd February 2016

"I'll start by laying a flower to ease the suffering of those affected by the loss of our Patrick.  

Patrick, I hope your passing forever rids you of any turmoil you experienced in life and you are at peace and watching over us wherever you may be.

To Jess and the boys and to Patrick's parents and siblings and extended family and friends everywhere: I hope the grief you are experiencing is eased and comes to pass with time.  I hope you feel the love and support being poured out to you in this time of grieving.

Finally, I hope Patrick's passing serves as a reminder to us all that life can be taken from any of us at any time and that we may all live better, more thankful and generous lives as a result of this tragedy.  


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