Let the memory of Paul be with us forever
  • 46 years old
  • Born on April 17, 1957 .
  • Passed away on December 22, 2003 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Paul Benson 46 years old , born on April 17, 1957 and passed away on December 22, 2003. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Tamika Benson on December 23, 2018
Hey daddy 15 years later wow time waits for no one I love u daddy missing u is an understatement!! I know u proud of me I’m a daycare owner now love
Posted by Jada Benson on April 17, 2018
Happy birthday daddy!!❤️ 4/17 is my favorite day throughout the whole year because it’s YOUR day! I love thinking about you, my day gets soo much better once I know that your right there besides me through whatever!
Posted by Tamika Benson on December 20, 2017
Daddy it's almost the 22nd and your favorite time of year ...14 years some day's are better than others ! Lord knows u are my
Posted by Nicole Aqui on April 17, 2017
Happy birthday dad you the big 60 today rest well love you and miss you with all my heart you have 13 grand kids now
Posted by Nicole Aqui on April 18, 2016
Happy late birthday continue to rest well dad your kids and grand kids lives on in you everyday love you and miss you
Posted by Nicole Aqui on December 22, 2015
hey dad we miss you and love you everyday i have some wonderful family memories to share with you even though i know your watching over us everyday Tamika had her first daughter Miss Charlie  Jada graduated high school and started college bri turned the big 21 and gave birth to your first great grand daughter Miss Nylah. Paul junior still holding down the big brother /dad role rest well dad
Posted by Tamika Benson on December 22, 2015
Wow dad it's been a very long 12 years ,I miss you so much I have a beautiful baby girl now she's something else and bring has a baby girl now too,dad wish you were here life would be different I sure bet dad
Posted by Tamika Benson on December 22, 2015
Jada is having a hard time dad,with missing you I know it was your time to go ,just wish we all had more time again thank you for showing us that family is everything and unconditional love !!! Aikimeyon is doing amazing dad,it's weird how when u left he had memories of your store and you and he was only one!!But that was because of how much you were involved in his life I love you daddy for all life's lessons you've taught me missing you like crazy!!!!
Posted by Nicole Aqui on April 17, 2015
Happy birthday dad we miss you and LOVE you have 10 beautiful grand kids and one on the way we keep you in our hearts and in our kids life with pictures and stories REST WELL
Posted by Tamika Benson on December 22, 2014
Today 11 year's ago i lost my forever friend!! My father was awesome. To know him was to love him....Dad i know becauseof you my angel that life gets rough but you pull me through . I am a strong woman and mother and big sister ,aunt and cousinand DAUGHTER. Because of the unconditional love that you always given ME! I need one last dance with my FATHER.......missing you is an understatement! Thank you dad for everything tears i can't stop crying
Posted by Nicole Aqui on December 22, 2014
Can't believe its 11 years already we miss you every DAY and know your looking down on us love you rest well dad
Posted by Jada Benson on June 23, 2014
Hey daddy I know fathers day is over but I still want to tell you happy father's day and I love you & miss you so much! #LongLivePAUL
Posted by Nicole Aqui on June 15, 2014
Happy father's day love you
Posted by Nicole Aqui on April 19, 2014
Rest well dad love you its hurts so bad that you will never see all your grandkids but we keep you in our life and spirit with pictures and memories
Posted by Jada Benson on July 17, 2013
, hey daddy its summer time now & I just finished 10th grade with all A' and B's daddy I know you were proud of me and im going to continue to make you proud! I just want one wish is for you to be here right now with me because I really need you I think you are the only person I would be able to go to talk to and understand me because I dont have nobody right now and I need you daddy RIP
Posted by Elouise Ray on December 22, 2012
You know it has gotten so much better...the missing you part...and I thank you because I know that is the way you would have wanted it..when I think of you, I think of Mom and Dad, Reggie, Joe, Jr. I know what a wonderful and peaceful place it must be....always love..
Posted by Tamika Benson on December 25, 2011
wow its christmas and its a crazy one for me dad this has been a tryin some year it geats greater later i sure do hope so.......life without you,i miss u more than words can explain.......
Posted by Tamika Benson on December 22, 2011
As tears fill my eyes on this day,preparing for christmas is the worst but for my children the lord keeps me strong its just more than hard goin through this life without u.....i cant be at peace or happiness cause im searching for another u,relationships are hard,daddy u showed me the best,i miss u my forever friend, R.I.P
Posted by Briana Coleman on December 22, 2011
I miss you so much :(
Posted by Arlita Coleman on December 22, 2011
To my best friend,and best dad n the world,no ! n the planet.love leat                                                                                            you r forever n my heart
Posted by Paul Benson on December 21, 2011
i no every individual has to leave room in their life for change either for the better or worst.the only fucked up part is that u have to accept it or u will go crazy.december 22 was not the worst day of my life because it happend so fast and out of nowhere.now 26 years old and 8 years later im unhappy because i need u and i have to accept that ur not here.but i thank u and love u always.
Posted by Tamika Benson on December 18, 2011
Hey dad just droppin in to show some love,its so hard around this time of year with out you..........
Posted by Nicole Aqui on December 17, 2011
Posted by Melissa McDuffie on December 16, 2011
Paul, I missed the fun times we use to have. You are truly missed.
Posted by Tamika Benson on December 12, 2011
dad i went to jada's first basket ball game today and tears filled my eyes lookin at her in uniform knowing that if u was here how much you woulda ate this day up,daddy as it gets closer to christmas and the day u left us my heart gets weaker i miss u more than words can explain....
Posted by Elouise Ray on December 9, 2011
Paul, we grew up as one halve of a whole. I will always feel like a part of me is missing. It is hard to read these words as I write them, it takes me back to when we were small and all that really mattered was that you were there. I love you and miss you....
Posted by Tamika Benson on December 8, 2011
Daddy, its been too long and missing you gets worse everyday, not just for me but all of us.How i wish i could see u , hold you dad just have you here to talk to and laugh....have family fun
Posted by Paul Benson on December 8, 2011
dont even nowhere to start. its been almost 8 years and it still seems like yesterday and im talkin about the pain not his death because to me hes in a better place, just left to early.but even though i still feel the pain everyday i could not had wished for a better Father,Friend,Protector, or Provider the list goes on and on.
Posted by Jada Benson on December 8, 2011
, daddy i misss youuu soo much ! omg you just dont understand but i really wish you were here right now in my life & everybody else ' you left me too early .. i love you so much dad you were great from all the time you was here with me ! i just wish for you to come
back one day . REST IN PARADISE : )

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