Let the memory of Payton be with us forever
  • 17 years old
  • Born on February 8, 1999 .
  • Passed away on April 23, 2016 .

 Payton Carpenter, 17, born on February 8, 1999 and passed away on April 23, 2016 I miss ur smile, ur laughter,the sound of ur voice, getting to hug u and hold ur Hand and laughing at ur jokes and especially that British accent. Payton u truly was perfect in every single way. I know ur watching over ur brother,sisters,and me and I know that when our day comes and God calls us home it will be u standing at the gates with ur arms open wide and we will hold each other tighter than we ever had before and I won't let u go. I miss u and love u more than anyone could ever imagine..

Posted by Nikki Berryman on June 26, 2016
They say that it gets easier and that time heals ur pain but I know now that's just something people say hoping it might make u feel better! I miss u more today than I did yesterday and each day that goes by my heart breaks a little more! I love u and miss u always!
Posted by Megan Rosenburg on June 14, 2016
It's like the movies. Love, people say it's not because, they're not in love, there in denial, they haven't found that person that made there world light up, like a firework show. When your in love, your happy. It's not about the whether you get through a million fights, or how many times you run back to someone after they've done you wrong. It's about someone who makes you smile, someone who wouldn't dream of hurting you, someone who treats you like your the only person in the world, it's someone who makes you smile without even trying. Love is looking at someone and seeing a million different reasons you adore them in every single way, not just because of looks, love is being attracted to your other half's soul, not being able to find a flaw even if you'd tried too.. Love is letting someone go, and it may be years and years later, but they still come back. I love you because you made me smile. I love you because you made my heart sink to my stomach just by the way you looked at me. I knew I loved you when I thought about spending forever with you, and it didn't scare me, it made me feel safe, and happy. Love is suppose to make you happy, I thought I knew what love was, and then I met you. I know your not physically here with me anymore, yet somehow just the thought of your smile, or the sound of your laugh comes too mind and it makes me smile, but I still do and always will love you forever. Nobody will ever understand our story completely, but it's my favorite. And I thank God each and every day that I got the chance to call you mine again, too make you smile, and too love you. I promise I will never stop loving you. You are my perfect one, and I never imagined I'd be happy again till I met you, thank you for making my world so much better, just by being in it. I love you so much.

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