Peggy Slaight
  • 63 years old
  • Date of birth: Jan 20, 1954
  • Place of birth:
    Bronx, New York, United States
  • Date of passing: Aug 23, 2017
  • Place of passing:
    Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States
Let the memory of Peggy be with us forever

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Peggy Slaight, 63, born on January 20, 1954 and passed away on August 23, 2017 when God took her to be with other loved ones in heaven.  She will be forever in our hearts and we will remember her forever.

Peggy is survived by her beloved husband Allen Slaight; sisters, Janet Fuller, Judy Gauzza, Patricia D'Abruzzo and Carol Thompson; sister-in-law Debbie Sobelman; God children, Carmine Riga, Guglielmo D'Abruzzo and Alfred Briggs; and, many nieces, nephews - all of whom were so very dear to her heart.

Peggy will always be remebered as a beautiful, generous and caring individual who loved her family with all her heart. While Peggy never had children of her own she was like a second mother to so many.  She left behind her two precious kitties "Sage" and "Lexi" and, needless to say, Peggy will be forever in their hearts as well.

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by janet fuller on 2nd March 2018

"Hi Izzi.....This last few weeks have been so hard.....I know you have been right here with me giving me strength to get what I needed to do done. I miss our talks....I so wish I could hear your voice...your laugh...even have an argument and make up within an hour like we used too.....I know Heaven must be peaceful and beautiful...but I MISS YOU SO MUCH! some days I can hardly function...your always,always on my mind. I wish GOD could have waited longer to take you home...."

This tribute was added by Patricia Dabruzzo on 28th February 2018

"My Peggy. Just checking in with you even though I know you see me still having a very hard time . If you see me crying please don't let it upset you it releases some of my frustration.
I love love love you and miss you so so much just had to let you know you are on my mind every day. Oh how I wish I could just have one more day. I Love You and can't wait to see you again.❤️"

This tribute was added by Carol Thompson on 7th February 2018

"We miss you Peg ♡♡♡♡"

This tribute was added by Carol Thompson on 20th January 2018

"Happy Birthday Wishes Peggy from My Heart ♡ I think about you everyday and Miss you more than I could ever say. I'm sending up Kisses and Hugs to you. I look up to the sky everyday knowing you're there and wishing I could just see you. But know that I do when I close my eyes. Someday I will be able to be with you again. Until then, I will always love you and miss you xxoo ♡♡♡♡♡"

This tribute was added by barbara befanis on 20th January 2018

"Once again I'm sending you Happy Birthday Wshes, this time my dear cousin Peggy, my wishes travel to Heaven instead of Stormville or Swansboro. Please continue watching over, guiding and sending love to Allen, Carol, Patricia, Judy, Janet, and all of your loving cousins. Give everyone up there hugs and kisses and let them know how much we all miss you and them. With Love, Barbara"

This tribute was added by Carleen Milano on 20th January 2018

"Peggy you will forever be missed your family and friends are broken hearted.  Heaven gained an angel until we meet again my dear friend you will alway be in my heart"

This tribute was added by Judy Gauzza on 20th January 2018

"I missed you yesterday. I miss you today and I will miss you every day until we meet again. Nothing is the same since you left us. I find myself gazing into the blue sky and when I see a passage thru the clouds with the Sun shining thru, I feel like you are looking down and see that I am lost without you. I know that I will get a little stronger with each passing day but you have to know that I hold you in my heart wherever I am, wherever I go and no matter what I am doing."

This tribute was added by Carol Thompson on 25th December 2017

"Merry Christmas in Heaven Peggy ♥. No it has'nt gotten any easier. I love and miss you so much. I have no words for how much my heart hurts but I know you're always near. Christmas just isn't the same without you. I see your beautiful face all the time. I still can't believe this happen, but I know you're a Beautiful Angel now and you're with All Our Loved Ones.  Merry Christmas My Beautiful Angel Sister"

This tribute was added by P J on 14th November 2017

"As I read the many tributes it’s obvious that Peggy loved life and people. They loved her too.  Why would a loving God snatch someone away from those who needed her the most?  He wouldn’t and He doesn’t do that.   God’s promise is that he will restore earth to the paradise it was meant to be and he will bring back our loved ones at Revelations 21:4. We can once again laugh and love in perfect health on a paradise earth.  Until then may the God of all comfort embrace the family and friends during this difficult time of bereavement."

This tribute was added by Joanne DeLillo on 12th November 2017

"My Dearest Pegala,
  Words can't express the void in my heart. You were taken away from us way too soon. Pegala, you are my best friend and I miss you terribly. I will always remember your words of wisdom, which seemed far beyond your years, the laughs we had, the sorrows we shared, your funny stories(the bathrobe, the Italian wedge), and your sixth sense, which was a little spooky at times. There are so many wonderful things I can say about you. You were such a genuine person that people enjoyed being around. You were able to find and spend your life with your best friend and soul-mate, Allen, surrounded by loving family....what a blessing. The world is certainly a sadder place without you.
Find peace and comfort in the loving arms of Jesus my friend.
I will never forget you Pegala. You will always be a part of me.
Angels and butterflies until we meet again. Love you Joanne"

This tribute was added by Doreen Limato on 10th November 2017

"The World lost a "sister".  Peggy said to me many times "you know your like a sister to me". One time after a craft fair we went back to Peggy & Alan's for dinner. Peggy noticed my hair was showing some gray & said I am dyeing your hair right now, Peggy insisted & then dyed my hair. Another time when shopping Peggy & I both liked the same teacup, she said you take it I said no you take it.  The cup was kept at Judy's house & Peggy & I both shared it when we were there. Doing tag sales with Peggy she saw I liked a teapot that was her Mother's & a statue of the Blessed Mother Mary, Peggy, the way she is gave me these items & of course refused any money for them.  Only a sister does these things.  Peggy did many things for many People   When Peggy passed away the World lost a "sister".  I remember many times with Peggy, holidays at Judy & Andy's, the Party boat, the fireworks, the craft fairs, trying to sell those Boppy Pillows.   I miss my "sister".   Peggy is now with her Mom. & Dad & has Eternal life.   I fell she is still with us, watching over us as a sister would.  My heart & deepest sympathies go out to Peggy's family.  Judy, Janet, Patricia, Carol, their husbands & children & her husband Alan   Peggy is "Safely Home" now."

This tribute was added by Al Briggs on 8th November 2017

"The amount of time I spent w/ Aunt Peggy, the amount of love I have for Aunt Peggy... It's immeasurable, and the loss I feel when I think about never seeing her again will live with me until my life is exhausted.

From my youth, to my teenage years, to my adult years, she treated me like I was her son, and I never took that for granted. From buying a special flavor of Pop Tarts, to making my favorite meals when I popped over just to say hi, to saving baseball cards and giving them to me when I was an appropriate age to appreciate them, Aunt Peggy was an angel on Earth.

We laughed so much together.
We had inside jokes.
We had a bond.

I'm blessed to just think of a holiday and knowing I spent those days with her. Thanksgivings were the best... My mother always yelling at me not to eat all the cheese, and Aunt Peggy cutting up extra cheese because she knew how much I loved it. Making sure that the mashed potatoes were Hungry Jack, and nothing else... and that was a joke that will last forever.

My birthday: Always making me feel special and loved, even as a man in my 30's. A birthday card, every year. To give thought like that is something special, and made me feel special.

Christmas: Aunt Peggy always made sure that if I wasn't full from dinner at one house, I was full at her house... and even went out of her comfort zone to get gifts for me even if she wasn't sure if it was something accurate or not. She always did a great job, and I still have every gift she ever got me.

I could go on for pages and pages, but the main sentiment I want to express is gratitude and love for someone who was important to me. Aunt Peggy helped create the man I am today, along with my other amazing, beautiful aunts. I may not have had a father growing up, but I knew damn well that I was loved... and loved a lot.

I don't pretend to know what happens after we die, but it honestly doesn't matter. Because Aunt Peggy will be in my heart, in my mind, in my memories. She will not be forgotten. I will always bring her name up with a smile on my face and maybe a tear in my eye, because she deserves nothing less.

"you will be mourned and missed, that no one can replace
you, that you have loved and are beloved.

Move beyond form, flowing like water, feeding on sunlight
and moonlight, radiant as the stars in the night sky. Pass
the gates, enter the dark without fear, returning to the
womb of life to steep in the cauldron of rebirth.""

This tribute was added by Patricia Dabruzzo on 7th November 2017

"My dear sister Peggy. There are no words to describe how broken hearted I am. I wake up every morning since GOD took you to heaven and have to remind myself that your daily morning phone call is not coming. I know you hear me as I still talk to you as I try to start my day. I only wish I could hear your voice one more time. I LOVE YOU Peg and miss tremendously. It doesn't seem real and it's going to take forever to sink in. I know you want to see me smile and to be happy but I'm sorry sis can't do it. I need time ...........Love love love you"

This tribute was added by janet fuller on 7th November 2017

"For as long as I can remember my sister Peggy was always, always there for me....as a child, a teenager, and as an adult. I feel so lost since she went to be with GOD. Although, I know she is no longer in pain nor suffering.... restored to wholeness within the gates of Heaven at peace amongst  our other loved ones who have gone before her...Now.... my sis, my" Izzi" (her nickname from me) is now an Angel smiling down over us......But, I so  miss her voice, her smile, our daily conversations about work, family, friends. The silly inside jokes we shared and laughed until we cried over them...her unconditional love and support was always there for me no matter what...and I have become a stronger, braver and smarter woman through trials I faced in my own life because of Peggy...  She taught me so much, and she never gave up on me...even when I wanted to give up on myself. I am forever grateful that she stood next to me through it all......a piece of me is missing without Peggy being here....and I have no words to describe the feeling...My heart is so broken. I love and miss you so very,very much my beautiful, amazing, loving sister! Please stay near to me from Heaven."

This tribute was added by barbara befanis on 6th November 2017

"I am so grateful that Peggy and I had a chance to talk through email this past spring. She also shared some photos with me, one taken specifically for her beloved Allen, surprising him by holding a large lizard. It breaks my heart to think of her suffering, but I find peace now knowing she's no longer in pain, and watching over all of us. Grandpa has another one of his "bums" with him. He loved us all so much, as we did him. We all started out as part of a wonderful, loving and caring family. We were so blessed. Sadly the years have taken so many, but our wonderful memories will forever be etched in our hearts. One day we will all be reunited. We love you, Peggy."

This tribute was added by Judy Gauzza on 6th November 2017

"FROM Andy . . .     I first met Peggy when Judy and I started dating. As time went on Peggy became an important part of my life.The four of us spent a tremendous amount of quality time together. i will always remember Peggy as a warm,caring person who ALWAYS thought of everyone else FIRST.I can never forget that on the night before she was admitted to the hospital, she insisted on going out to dinner on my birthday. She was obviously in great pain but her priority was celebrating that event. She was taken much too soon and we all are heartbroken by the loss. We will never understand why the Lord decided on bringing her to his side but I know that she looks over us. Andy Gauzza"

This tribute was added by Will D'Abruzzo on 5th November 2017

"When I think of my Auntie, I think of 1 of my bestfriends. A friend that I knew, a friend that knew me, a friend that was there for me. I can't explain in words exactly how much she meant to me.
I know up in heaven, you want us to know, that everything is just fine. That your happy. I know that's what you would want all of us to know...

I love you Aunt Peggy...I love you alot!
Can't wait to see you again ♡"

This tribute was added by Elaine Arrison on 4th November 2017

"Peggy Slaight -- an amazing friend who lived with the values of FAITH in God, devotion for her also amazing husband, Allen, and her beautiful sisters, Judy, Patricia, Janet, and Carol, and the most special friend anyone could ever have in their life.  So Faith, Family and Friends are these values.  She lived  these each and every day of her life.  She and I were like extended family and shared a lot of everything.  I feel that I was blessed by an angel with Peggy.  I shall forever miss her smile, kindness and her love and warm touch, embrace, tears and hugs.  I share her with God.  Our friendship was a gift that I will always cherish.  I pray for her family and ask God to bring comfort and peace."

This tribute was added by Janet Bierfeldt on 3rd November 2017

"I remember meeting Peggy through the years on several occasions at Judy and Andy's home; and at the Christmas Craft Fair, in Hopewell Junction, where she often was at Judy's side helping in any way needed.  What always impressed me whenever I met Peggy was how at ease I felt speaking with her, as if I had known her for years.  She radiated a genuine kindness.  Although she has gone far too soon to be with the Lord, I truly believe that she  will be standing at heavens gate, with arms open wide to welcome her loving family home one day.  With deepest condolences - Janet"

This tribute was added by Diane Williams on 3rd November 2017

"No matter how many words I use to try to express what I feel inside about Peggy, I can never even touch what I feel in my heart about my cousin. Peggy was more than a cousin to me; she was also a sister in my heart. As a child I spent numerous hours at Aunt Rosie and Uncle Billys house; too numerous to count. At one point in my life I even lived with them up in Peekskill. Peggy was always fun-loving and kindhearted. I always felt the love from her and was so blessed to have her in my life. The childhood memories are numerous, and I wish sometimes we could go back if only for a little while to relive those days. Happy times, and sad times shared. I cannot comprehend that she is gone from this earth now, but I know she is in heaven with so many loved ones gone before her. Peggy, you will always be loved and missed and cherished in so many hearts. You made such an impact in our lives. Thank you for your love which will live on forever in my heart."

This tribute was added by frances cummins on 3rd November 2017

"Peggy was the first person to watch my 3 week old daughter, Melissa, when I had an emergency doctor's appointment  Melissa will be 39 years old next week.  We were also together one year ago next week when Peggy helped me relearn how to make pierogis. At that time it felt as if we had known each other forever."

This tribute was added by linda schwartz on 3rd November 2017

"When I think of Peggy, I remember the good times we all had when we were children.  Peggy had a great sense of humor and always had a smile..  The last time I saw her was many years ago, but I always remembered her fondly.  I had an opportunity to talk to her on the phone about 10 years ago.  She sounded just like I remembered.  I know she had her ups and downs in life, but she seemed like a person who lived her life with grace and beauty.  Too all her sisters.  I can not feel your pain but please know you are all in my thoughts and prayers.  Peggy will surely be missed and always loved.
My love to you all- your cousin Linda"

This tribute was added by Kathy Vecchio on 2nd November 2017

"Words can't express the sense of loss I feel... happy times spent together, laughter shared, the bad times and tears shared.  Peggy will be always be missed... and at this time, with family spread all over, this loss is harder still because we always came together to support each other."

This tribute was added by nancy colletti on 2nd November 2017

"Peggy was always so sweet to me- I only wish I was able to spend more time with her, as I feel with the rest of the family- going to Aunt Rosie's on Laconia Ave on Sundays- I can see how precious it was for me to see her one more time at Judy and Al's- had I only known- but she is at peace now. Thank you, Judy, for this- I love you Peggy"

This tribute was added by Christina Befanis on 1st November 2017

"My Dear Cousin Peggy,
Your wisdom, wit and beautiful inner light will be dearly missed and cherished always. My prayers and love  extend  to your loving Husband and special Sisters who have a connection like no other. Your memory will always be held close to my heart.
My love and condolences,

This tribute was added by Steve Thompson on 1st November 2017

"I wish we have had more time to get to know each other. The time we have had together showed me how close your family is and how much you all loved each other. I am so glad to be a part of your family. You will be missed tremendously. God bless."

This tribute was added by Jeannie Gurny on 1st November 2017

"When I heard of Peggy’s illness & then her passing, many memories flashed through me.  They were the times we spent together as sisters-in-laws & our private conversations we had as friends.  Many silent years then passed & lives changed.  Peggy is now another angel in heaven surrounded by love & also here on earth.  The times we shared will be always etched in my mind & in my heart."

This tribute was added by Carleen Milano on 1st November 2017

"Always in my heart,thoughts and prayers forever loved"

This tribute was added by Christine Thompson on 1st November 2017

"I wish I had spent more time with my Aunt Peggy. I'm sad that she was taken away too soon. Rest in paradise Aunt Peggy ❤."

This tribute was added by Carol Thompson on 31st October 2017

"As I write this tribute to My sister Peggy,  my heart hurts. I still can't believe she's an Angel now.  I can still hear her voice as we spoke and have our messages. Peggy was a sweetheart and my heart was broken into pieces the day God took her. Although I know she's not suffering anymore,  I would do anything just to give her a hug. I tell her everyday that I love her and miss her. All our plans were shattered but i know life goes on, one day at a time. Someday we'll be together again, i know that. For now may my very loved sister Rest In Peace. I love you Peggy"

This tribute was added by Julia Takahashi on 30th October 2017

"I didn’t know Peggy or your family but wanted to share some words of encouragement.  Although death just seems to be a part of life it doesn’t make it easier to lose our loved ones.  We can take comfort in knowing that it was never God’s purpose for us to die and His purpose never change.  We can look forward to a time when John 5:28, 29 when there will be a resurrection so we can hope to be reunited with our loved ones.  Until that time deep sympathy— Julia"

This tribute was added by Judy Gauzza on 30th October 2017

"As I created this memorial website, all I could think was that Peggy would be furious with me.  As so many of you know, she did not like attention and certainly would not want to be the center of attention but I am sure that as she watches down upon us, she has to know how hard it is for so many of us to go on about our merry way without her here anymore.  Peggy was my sister and more than that, she was my best friend.  We laughed together, cried together, fought on occasion but our bond was never broken.  We felt each other's happiness, sadness and of course each other's pain.  My heart is truly broken and I know that it will never heal because there were just too many plans that will never come to be because we were supposed to do them together.  But as I go forward, one day at a time, I will think about the happy times, the funny and embarrassing times (that only we know about) and I will think of Peggy in Heaven with our parents, our brother and many other loved ones.  I know that all pain is gone, and if there really is a Heaven (and I believe there is) there is no better place for my sister, my best friend."

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