Peter's Eulogy

Shared by Andrew Dickow on September 9, 2011

Written By: Andrew Dickow and Eli Halabu

Read By: Eli Halabu

Uncle Eddie asked Peter one day, "Do you have any friends in school?", and Peter immediately replied with, "Dad.... everyone at school is my friend." After the vigil I went to last night, I know he wasn't lying. For the most part it takes what we all consider a lifetime to impact so many people. Over the course of the last 2 days, it has become very clear from the hundreds of people he touched, that Peter did this in just 17 short years. Yesterday as I was surrounded
by hundreds of Peter's classmates, one statement touched our family more than the rest. One of his friends said, and I quote "When I have a son one day, I hope he is just like Peter." For someone to say that as such a young age is a testament to how much Peter impacted anyone he came in contact with.

Over the course of the last two days people have been saying so many nice things about Peter. The ones that always came up were that he was a great listener, how he was always there for his friends, that he would do anything for anyone, and most of all..... his signature smile. It always brightened people's day if they knew him just in passing or if they were one of his best
friends. Peter had a way of bringing the best out of people. He would make them laugh, pick them up when they were down or if they really needed to be picked up when they were out.

To our family, Peter was someone we could always count on. Anytime any of our aunts asked him to do anything he would say, "Yes Auntie, sure Auntie, ok Auntie." Never once did he complain or say no. Peter always put family first. He would call or text me and his other cousins who lived out of state when we came home just so he could see and hang out with us. He made a point to go to Mia's every weekend and took it upon himself to act as a role model, friend, and big brother to all of our younger cousins. Peter instilled in them what all of us older
cousins have always valued, ensuring that the next generation of our family will be as close as we are.

Auntie Nancy and Uncle Eddie: You must feel so proud knowing that Peter touched so many lives, and as one of the students said yesterday, it is because he came from good stock. That statement alone is a reflection of how much love you have shown your kids. The values which you have instilled in them, has helped to benefit so many people, and as Auntie Nancy said last
night, "It will only continue on to more and more people if they pay it forward." Auntie, saying that yesterday will keep Peter's spirit alive forever.

Courtney: Know you have another guardian angel always watching over you, and never forget that your aunts, uncles, and cousins will always be there for you!

To the rest of my family, especially my brother and cousins..... I love you more than I will ever be able to express or tell you. Our unity is our strength, and we will have to rely on that now during this difficult time in our lives.

Peter, thank you for being such a great cousin and friend. I am so proud to have you as part of my family. The way you carried yourself, and your genuine attitude towards others is something everyone should try to emulate.... just as you always wanted to emulate what I and your other guy cousins were wearing.... like Morgan's Reefs and board shorts, Andrew's Rock &
Republic jeans, Randy's shirts, and my Puma Ducati jacket.

Peter, Auntie Nancy and Uncle Eddie have been telling all of us older cousins that you have always looked up to us. Now we are looking up to you, in more ways than one. On behalf of all of your cousins, we love you, we miss you, we will never forget you, you will always be with us,
and we will see you again one day. God Bless You Peter.

Shared by Eddie Catcho on August 12, 2011

I only have a picture now

A frozen piece of time,

To remind me of how it was,

When you were here, and mine.


I see your smiling eyes,

Each morning when I wake,

I talk to you, and place a kiss,

Upon your lovely face.


How much I miss you being here,

I really can not say,

The ache is deep inside my heart,

And never goes away.


I hear it mentioned often,

That time will heal the pain,

But if I'm being honest,

I hope it will remain.


I need to feel you constantly,

To get me through the day,

I loved you so very much,

Why did you go away?


The angels came and took you,

That really wasn't fair,

They took my one and only Son,

My future life. My heir.


If only they had asked me,

If I would take your place,

I would have done so willingly,

Leaving you this world to grace.


You should have had so many years,

To watch your life unfold,

And in the mist of this,

Watch me, your Mom grow old! 

I hope your watching from above

At the daily tasks I do,

And let there be no doubt at all

I really do love you

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