With heavy hearts, we are saddened to announce  the sudden death of our Father/Husband/Friend Peter Oluremi Osinubi who passed away in his home on Monday May 11th, 2020. A life so beautifully lived, cherished and worthy to emulate. Peter was a family man who left a positive impact on every life he came across. He left behind his wife and two beautiful daughters. Peter has fought a good fight of faith as he worked and volunteered tirelessly to forge a better future for our generation. During his time with us, he was very vocal on equality and fairness in our communities and forever will be remembered for his selflessness. The funeral and burial will be on Friday May 22nd. 
Thank you for all your support. 
-The Family
We will remember him forever❤️

Celebration of Life:
Virtual Service of Songs:
Thursday May 21st, 2020 @ 7:00 PM EST

Live-Streamed via: 
- Youtube:

Funeral Service & Internment:
Friday May 22nd, 2020 @ 12:00 PM EST

Live-Streamed via:
- Facebook Live: Oluwaseyi Osinubi

All Saints Cemetery
6001 Kirkwood Highway Wilmington, DE 19808
**Guests May Remain In Their Cars ONLY**
Posted by Mathew Eniola on May 22, 2020
On behalf I and Taiwo Olusoga we can’t imagine what you must be feeling right now, but I want you to know that we are just a phone call away. My heartfelt condolences to the family of Dr Peter Oluremi Osinubi. May his soul rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Ngozika Anosike on May 22, 2020
Mama Seyi, Seyi and Funmbi, I am so sorry for your loss. I don't know what to say to you. Your Husband / Daddy touched a lot of lives. May his soul rest in peace and may God ( the only one who can comfort you) give you peace. Adieu, Brother Peter. You will definitely be missed. Rest in the bossom of your maker.
Posted by Ihuoma Chuks on May 22, 2020
My brother Peter( as I fondly called you), It is very difficult for me to bear your departure. Every time I pass by your work desk, I just can't hold the tears, I asked is this real?. However, the consolation I get is from the word of God. Only God knows why he called you to glory so early. Your gentleness, wisdom, encouraging words, resilience, perseverance, patience, etc you exhibit at work is unquantifiable. I feel your absence most because, there is no one at work to tell me " madam it's ok, just keep praying" My prayer is that God will give us the comfort that no other person can give. My brother rest in peace!!!
Posted by Adeola Salako on May 22, 2020
My words cannot fully express the sorrow I feel about the death of Brother Remi (Daddy Seyi). My children and Pastor Charles send their condolences to Mommy Seyi and children. May God uphold you and comfort you in Jesus name.
May his soul Rest In Perfect Peace.
Posted by Korede Adegbesan on May 22, 2020
Adieu Remi!
My twine as I used to call u. When Yomi told me it was like a big blow, I cried my eyes out. It was as if I ve not heard about someone's death before. Remi! Why now? despite the fact that we've not seen each other for the past 22 years, we still talk on phone as if we were few metres apart. Whenever I visited Mama we didn't have any discussion apart from talking about you. Everybody in the family will miss u ,even my children that are not in Nigeria will miss you because of the advice you used to give me when I have any issue with them. Oluwaremilekun omo aye! Sun re o!! Greatly miss u.!!!
Thank you for your time with us!
My love and prayer to the entire family.

Mrs Korede Adegbesan.
Posted by Kemi Shabi on May 22, 2020
Uncle Remi, Daddy Seyi .... I still find it hard to believe you’re gone. It became more real in the last 2 days with the daily announcement of the funeral services and my heart just got heavier each day. 
You were selfless in a special way and tried your best to reach out to the most difficult and strong headed to  work with in your own simple way - not enforcing your will or ideas on them but trusting they will understand your intentions and find their way.
You kept an eye on me from afar using Celina - my friend and sister who worked with you to give you updates- I knew and I appreciated the thoughtfulness.
I still believe strongly that the steps of the righteous are ordered of The Lord and He knows and sees far beyond our comprehension..... so we rejoice knowing it shall be well with Aunty, Seyi and Fumbi because you raised such wonderful and graceful young ladies. I pray for the peace of God upon them; the grace and ease to bear the loss; and strength to carry on.
Adieu uncle until we meet again at the feet of Jesus...sleep well!
Posted by Busola James on May 21, 2020
When I die don't cry for me
In my father's arms I'll be
The wounds this world left on my soul
Will all be healed and I'll be whole
Sun and moon will be replaced
With the light of Jesus face
And I will not be ashamed
For my saviour knows my name
It don't matter, where you bury me
I'll be home and I'll be free
It don't matter, where I lay
All my tears be washed away
Gold and silver blind the eye
Temporary riches lie
Come and eat from Heavens store
Come and drink, and thirst no more
So weep not for me my friend
When my time below does end
For my life belongs to Him
Who will raise the dead again
It don't matter, where you bury me
I'll be home and I'll be free
It don't matter, where I lay
All my tears be washed away
It don't matter, there washed away
It don't matter, there washed away
It don't matter, there washed away
Yeah, yeah, yeah
It don't matter where you bury me
Yeah, yeah, yeah
There washed away, there washed away

From The James Family
Posted by Busola James on May 21, 2020
Amen! Hallelujah!
A Man Of Valor! Fell Asleep
A Natural Born True Servant
An Honorable Husband And Father
A Co-Laborer In His Vineyard
A Slave Of Our Lord Jesus Christ
A Gentle And Tough Giant In The Land
A General In His Own Right
A Kind, Selfless, Quiet But Precise In His Few Words
A Lover And Supporter Of Goodness
A Helper Of Joy And A Blessing To Many Nations
A Great Giver Of Anything And Everything He Had
A Disciplined, Committed, Simple And Elegant Dresser
A Tolerant, Honorable, Dignified And Humble Warrior
A Groovy, Outgoing, Caring And Soft Spoken King
A Legend, A Good Friend In Need, A Brother From Another Mama
My Man, My Paddy, My Fan............................ A Rare Gem
Adieu Peter Oluremi Osinubi
Ecclesiastes 3 “Truly There Is Time For Everything;
And A Season For Every Activity Under Heaven“............
A Time To Be Born And A Time To Die........
Heaven Had Gain Another Angel....
On Behalf Of The Entire HONORABLE FATHERS Community
Yearly Cruise We Will Forever Miss You
Sleep On Bro Till We Meet Again To Part No More
God Speed
Your Girl Busby J

Posted by Chantal AmazinGrace on May 21, 2020
I was very shocked the day I got the message about brother Peter's demise. I still think it's a dream. Brother Peter was a very kind and humble human being. I will never forget how he took his time to help my son and I move from one house to another. My son Alex was very sad when I told him about brother Peter's demise.
Sheyi, Fumbi and mommy Sheyi, the Lord will continue to comfort, bless and provide for you always in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
This is sister Chantal.
Posted by AKINYELE AKINWUMI on May 21, 2020
My dearest friend..l will really miss you.
I remember those good old days while we were at the university of Lagos. You were a very frank, straight forward and caring person in your approach. You were also very loving and a good friend. 
May your gentle soul rest in peace, till we meet at the bosom of God's feet.
Posted by Ibironke Aboyade on May 21, 2020
Didun didun ni a nse iranti iku olododo. To say that your death caught me by surprise is an understatement. Never in my wildest dream could I imagine that God would call you home so soon. I'm still in denial and yet to get my head around it, but the more I think about it the more I console myself that God loves you more, and I am convinced that you are resting in Him. That is my consolation, and also a driving force for me to run the race to the end so that I can see you again when we sup with the Almighty God. I cried to God for mercy the day Dad told me about your passing because I know that I am not even half as nice a person as you were, and that it is only by God's mercies that I am still alive. You were goodness, kindness, and loving all wrapped in one. You had a very gentle and calm nature and I remember Aunty Tutu said to me she calls you 'Baba no problem' because whatever you were asked to do, your answer would always be 'no problem ma'. You were always willing to help without any hesitation. Most importantly, you were a man who loved the Lord. You were always glad to go to the house of the Lord, doing things for the Lord, and propagating the Gospel. I rest assured in knowing you ran a good race and the host of heaven have welcomed you with a crown knowing you were a faithful servant.

Rest on my irreplaceable beloved Uncle Remi, oju a tun ra ri lese Jesu, Amin.
Posted by Ms Macauley on May 20, 2020
1 Co. 15:55-57.Oh death , where is thy sting? Oh grave where is thy victory? Vs. 57 But thanks Be To God! He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ 
It had taken me this long to pen a tribute because I had to work my way through to really accept that indeed the phone call I received on that fateful Monday 05/11/2020 was a reality not a dream.
So many wonderful things have been said about Bro Peter and all of them are so and really from the human standpoint this is indeed an irreparable loss not only to his family but to Glorious Light Christian Ministries , Nigerian Diaspora and so many of us too numerous to number.This brother demonstrated the practicality of being a Christian because he was always available and willing to help individuals and groups anyone. Personally I cannot recount how many times Bro Peter will follow me home after a night long vigil or in between Sunday services just so he will install or fix something for me . if I wanted to buy something technology my counselor would be Bro Peter and either he would order it to his house and then bring it to church for me or we will go to Walmart together so he can guide me . Amazing I can go on and on and it is the same with so many others the man was such a selfless, helpful and dedicated individual. We did not lose Bro Peter but rather he has just changed location , He is now in our future and in the presence of his Lord and master whom he served so dedicatedly and I am sure he is getting his reward. Definitely we will miss him so much but we take courage in the fact that we will see him again on that great resurrection morning when all the saints shall gather.
If you have not given your life to Jesus you can honor Bro Peter and also have the assurance of reuniting with him again by giving your life to Jesus. Romans 10:8-10.Whosoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved.My sincere condolences to the family. Thanks for sharing Bro Peter with us . God is faithful and He will take of you mama Seyi and the girls so be encouraged and take heart ♥️.
Adios Bro Peter till we meet again .Thank you for all your kindness and help .
Pastor Millicent

Posted by Jonathan Tan on May 20, 2020
Peter Oluremi Osinubi came into my life in 2007 when he joined the Mobile Crisis department at what was then Dr. Warren E. Smith Health Centers in Philadelphia. We were both mobile assessment clinicians. Peter didn't stay too long at WES but enough for me to get to know his unwavering faith and his sense of honor and justice. I still remember the tasty but tough beef dish he made for a potluck; those "beef rocks" left a notable impression on me and my teeth.

I would occasionally hear from Peter over the next few years. He continued to work in Philadelphia at a different agency. He actually lived in Delaware and for several years commuted almost 2.5 to 3 hours each way into Philly. I've lived and worked and commuted in Los Angeles County and Orange County in California; my commutes were nowhere near what Peter undertook every day.

He eventually went back to work at James T. Vaughn Correctional Center in Smyrna, Delaware where he worked prior to WES. When I was laid off from WES at the end of November 2012, Peter helped get me a referral to the mental health agency that served the prisons in Delaware. He spoke on my behalf to the psychologist who interviewed me and then offered me a position. I have worked at the prisons in the Delaware Department of Correction ever since.

While we worked at different correctional facilities, Peter and I would bump into each other from time to time at Vaughn and he would always send me Christmas and New Year's greetings. Peter was at Vaughn when the hostage situation took place on February 1, 2017. Most of us were in the Infirmary; Peter covered the SHU that whole day and night by himself. While I was an utter wreck and completely useless when we left at 0730 the next morning, Peter went home, rested a little bit, and then came right back in to work at 1000.

That's the kind of dedication Peter had. He never was a man of many words but he made a quiet yet significant impact wherever he was. Without his help, I may have never worked in Delaware and would have never developed the close friendships and family I now have there.

I am forever thankful for Peter and I join his many colleagues, friends and family in grieving his sudden passing. If Peter were here, he would probably say exactly as he did on February 2, 2017: "You are always welcome, Dr. Tan. Talk to you later."

Farewell my brother.
Posted by Doyin Alatise on May 20, 2020
I had to call your phone to accept that you were truly gone. You always pick my matter where you are...and it hit me when I did not hear your voice that morning. Bro Remi you are truly a great person. The universe will miss you for your good deeds and selfless act. I will miss you dearly!
Posted by Olukemi Keshinro on May 19, 2020
It is so hard to capture in words the relationship I enjoyed with you in so short a time. It started back then on Saturday 23rd February, 2013. You drove all the way down with your family, to pick me at the airport, in Philadelphia. It was my first time in the United States. Even though the conference and vacation time was less than two weeks, it was as though you had known my family for longer. The time spent with you and the family made the trip an exciting one, and erased the unpleasant New Orleans conference experience. My return trip in 2018 was another degree of wonderful.
You were a family man, very accommodating and loving. Bukky, your wife, is my childhood friend. Whatever the issue, she would say ‘’Just tell Baba Seyi.” She relied so much on your wisdom, versatility and efficiency to accomplish any task and you were never found wanting. My family and I will greatly miss you. Your dedication to God and man was legendary. You were a man of few words, you had listening ears and you were always ready to assist. Your selflessness, second to none. You never forgot ‘’a thing’’ that you gave your words for. Despite the pain of this reality, I rest in the assurance that you lived for God and He is a rewarder. Rest in Him brother.

Dr (Mrs) Kemi Keshinro

Posted by Bukky Nubi on May 19, 2020
Remi,rest in perfect peace. On behalf of my family, we says good night. Holy spirit will comfort your wife, children, family ,community and church of God. It is a lose for us but a gain to Almighty God. Remi, you are wonderful. Peace. Thank you Jesus.
Posted by Kunle Bakare on May 19, 2020
God knows best as we give Him glory in all things .We will forever miss you. Rest in Peace Uncle Remi.
Posted by ERUKE AKIRI on May 18, 2020
My family and I will miss you dearly. Peter you were always there for anyone no matter the circumstances Peter will find his way to help anybody.
Peter your memories and legacy will be with us as long as we live.
Thank you my brother Rest In Peace.
Posted by Oluwatoyin Joda on May 18, 2020
Dearest Uncle, word failed me all I know is you nurtured me for 35years, put me on your back Like a woman, braid my hair, wash my cloth, cook our food, take us to school, you fondly call me atitoto and your favorite food was Eba and egusi ijebu, you were more of my father than an uncle. I appreciate And cherish every moment we have spent together as a family, your word of encouragement is out of this world. We love you but God loves you more, you were a lover of God in your days I know for sure you are in a better place, keep resting well and don’t forget to watch over your beautiful girls!
Posted by Olukayode Orefuwa on May 18, 2020
We are still shocked with the demise of our beloved Remi. Remi was an easygoing gentleman known to me about 38 years ago. He was caring, approachable, simple, respectful and God fearing man. Remi, you left us too soon. All those you help in one way or the other are still shock of your sudden death. Our consolation is that you served God and we believe that you are in a better place because of your past service to your maker. Rest in the bosom of your maker Remi.
I am using this medium to express my sincere condolences to the entire Osinubi family for this sudden loss.
May Remi’s spirit rest in perfect peace (Amen).
Posted by Osinubi Omoyemi on May 18, 2020
Dear Uncle Remi, the news of your death came as shock to all. It’s quite painful, but God knows best.

Rest on Prince Oluremi Peter Osinubi.

Omo Orimolusi
Omo Adoroke
Omo Tako
Omo Olufowore Se teje
Omo Oloja Igbo
Omo Oke Agbo Beje, Beje Pale e o Pata
Omo o gbawo ma gba osi
Omo Aiye ju nu kan se.
Sun re ! Sun re !! Sun re o!!!
Posted by Yomi Owolabi on May 18, 2020
Bro Pee, we know death is inevitable but we never expected it so soon. We love you but Almighty God loves you more. Rest on baba seyi.
Posted by Kola Onamusi on May 17, 2020
Posted by Adeniyi Francis on May 17, 2020
Remi your death came when we least expect,but we take solace in Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior and unshaken in our faith that we shall meet to part no more. Adieu my beloved brother. We love you but God loves most. Your memory remain indelible in our minds ever.Rest in peace.
Toyin ADENIYI,Ilorin Kwara State, Nigeria.
Posted by Olaonipekun Bakare on May 17, 2020
Uncle rems as I always call u, I keep telling everybody that my uncles raised us .All my siblings and I ,he is one uncle that will cook for us ,wash our clothes, bath us and drop us off in school and pick us up when we are done at school, he is my mummy’s cane for when we misbehave(when ur uncle comes back he will deal with u for me.
I still can not forget your days in Maroko secondary school in ikoyi where I wrote my WAEC and you ensured that I passed all my science subjects . I remember all the hustle and bustle you endured before you left for greener pasture in America .You made me understand and appreciate the role of an uncle ,and I pray I can be perform such roles to my nephews ,Nieces and cousins .
Bob Rem always willing to help everyone , even from America you were still calling all your contacts to get my wife a job here in Nigeria ,with phone calls ,follow up and text messages. Words can not express my feelings but I am certain you will be greatly missed my favorite uncle and my look alike.
Rest in the bosom of the Lord Bob Rem.
Posted by Remi Ologunro-Bakare on May 17, 2020
Uncle Remi ,my namesake ,ever so caring and kind to everyone.I remember you coming all the way to Houston to visit me and my premature twins ,I remember your comforting and assuring words ,You still came all the way to Nigeria and visited us .We know you are in a better place and I pray that God Almighty fills the vacuum you have left behind.
Rest In Peace Uncle Remi
Posted by Ester Vincent on May 17, 2020
Dear Daddy Seyi,
I can't believe I'm even writing this right now. I will miss you so much, and there aren't enough words in the dictionary to express it. You were so good to me and my family, and I often wondered what we did to deserve having such a selfless and loving man as our family member. I'm calling you a family member because to say that you were just a family friend is demeaning. Thank you for all of the times that you drove from Delaware to New Jersey and then back to Delaware on holidays to pick me up, so that I could celebrate with you and the rest of the Delaware crew. Thank you for all of the times that you checked on me to make sure that I was doing well. Thank for you all of the times that you encouraged me to do well in school. Thank you for all of the times that you were by our side to celebrate things like my graduation. Thank you for choosing Mommy Seyi, because without the two of you...there would be no Seyi and Funmbi, and I would never know what it feels like to have sisters. Thank you for being such an AMAZING father to the both of them because your mark on their lives and personas are evident. Thank you for being such a great friend to my dad...I'm 100% positive that he will never have a better friend than you, and I'm sure of that because you're irreplaceable and the absolute best. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for loving my family like your own. I'm going to miss our get togethers after church on Sundays, I'm going to miss receiving pictures from you after events, I'm going to miss seeing you when I wake up during sleepovers with Seyi and Sade, I'm going to miss hearing your reactions to our gossip. I'm going to miss seeing you work so hard for the Lord at church, your love and dedication to the things of God and His people is something that I truly admire and strive to do in my own life. I'm going to miss everything about you Daddy Seyi and promise to make you proud and stand by Seyi and Funmbi forever. I know that you're with the Lord and resting peacefully, but if I could tell you just one more would be thank you. I love and miss you dearly!
Posted by Dedun S on May 17, 2020
Thank God for a life well lived and an eternity assured in the promises of our Lord Jesus Christ. The loss of your presence will be felt by all but our shining hope is that you're with the Savior. Travel well till we meet to part no more at the bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Posted by Asiwaju Abegunde on May 17, 2020
Honestly, words seem inadequate to express the sadness I feel. Although no words can really help to ease the loss but we pray to the Almighty to give his family fortitude to bear this great loss. Mr. Peter was good a friend, loyal, honest, direct, and trustworthy. It was a great loss for our community. May your soul rest in PEACE.

Asiwaju Kayode Abegunde
Candidate for Delaware State Insurance Commissioner
Posted by Biodun Alabi on May 17, 2020
When I heard the transition to Glory of Remi (Docky as we use to call him back in our University of Lagos Nigeria days),it was a rude shock to me...I couldn't comprehend why death is so cruel and callous to the extent he left the wicked uncaring ones to take the righteous...but I realized that Remi Osinubi is resting in the Bossom of the Lord.Docky is a perfect gentleman,a humanitarian to a fault,very loving and caring father and brother...oh we shall miss you.
I pray God Almighty to console the Osinubi clan here and diaspora,his loving and supportive wife Bulky,the children Seyi and Fumbi,Mama Osinubi Sisters Brothers and other well wishers as we commit our own to peaceful and eternal rest.Adieu Remi and Good nite.It is well in the name of Jesus.
Posted by Adebayo Osinubi on May 17, 2020
With an heavy heart for the loss of a rare gem, Uncle Remi you left so soon I missed you whole heartedly. But God loves you more, a great man of substance ,I will forever missed you.It's really been ages but I still remember the quotes you do post and send to me to read about, it's indeed a great loss for us all. Keep resting on sir .
Posted by Temi Oludiya on May 17, 2020
It's well. Even though your life was cut short unexpectedly, but we have assurance of seeing you again at the feet of our Lord Jesus Christ. It's not how long, but how well. You left indelible print in the sand of time while you're on this mother earth. Please enjoy your expected rest. Adieu to a Soldier in His vineyard.
Posted by Bashirudeen Olaniun on May 17, 2020
A golden heart stopped breathing
  Hardworking hand at rest
It broke our hearts to see you go
  We love you but God loves you more
God only takes the best
  May your soul rest in perfect peace
Posted by Olaide Hassan on May 17, 2020
From the Almighty God we came and unto him we shall return. May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace. You will be remembered forever. Sun re o, Oluremi omo Orimolusi.
Posted by Ayomidele Awolusi on May 17, 2020
Baba Seyi as I fondly called my brother Peter Oluremi Osinubi, just a week today and to be precise, exactly 10:18 am on Sunday last week you texted me " Good morning Daddy, turn your Ipad sideways to cover both of you [Mummy & Daddy]" on the screen while we were all on youtube virtual church service.
A week after, I am now writing a tribute for you. It is deeply painful to do this. A brother that worked for the Lord wholeheartedly. He always rises to the needs of all brothers and sisters, anytime, anyday, and anywhere. And this good man just departed like that? Nobody can question God, but why? This is too sorrowful for us Lord! The measure of life is not the length or duration of time but the achievement of anyone. Peter Oluremi Osinubi ran a good race and we all can testify to that.  It is our prayer that our brother will Rest in Perfect Peace in Jesus's name. God Almighty will keep and preserve the Wife, Children, Families, Friends, and Church of God he left behind. May God Almighty grant him eternal rest. [Amen]

Ayomidele & Abioye Awolusi and Family

Posted by Aderonke Osinubi on May 17, 2020
Dear Uncle Remi,

It's been so long I saw you since you left Nigeria but thanks to technology we've been able to chat few times and it was good to see you again when you came for your father in-law's burial in Nigeria. I never knew that will be the last time we will see.

I will always remember your birthday wishes on Facebook and the last birthday was on LinkedIn.

We love you but God loves you most, continue to rest in peace.
Posted by Bakare Seun on May 17, 2020
Dear Uncle Remi as you are fondly called; your love towards us was in measurable and so pure. Your last visit to Nigeria you made sure that you see everyone before you travelled back to the US.

Most recently, I lost my husband and you took it upon yourself to put a call to me every other day, I will laugh and say "Uncle Remi use WhatsApp to call/chat me , you will laugh and say its ok but then you will still use the normal phone line". I appreciate those phone calls because it was always a conversation full of words of encouragement.

We love you,but Jesus loves you more. May your soul rest in peace.
Posted by OLUSOLA ALABI on May 17, 2020
Hmmm, Egbon mi ADIEU!. I never knew that April 4 (when we spoke via video call) would be the last time I would see you, sad.
You were such a man with a heart of gold, prompt to rise to needs of people and always love to put smiles on people's face. An easy-going, calm, soft-spoken .....I can go on - on. You lived a life worthy of emulation.
PAINFUL though, but who are we to question God?. "Ps. 115v3 , ' for our God is in the heavens and does whatsoever He pleased'.God even told us as Christians not to be 'sorrowful like unbelievers'. Egbon mi, I am convinced that you are there at the bossom of your creator where we will meet and part no more.
My prayers is that God console, comfort my dear sister/wife/friend Bukky & the Children , Mum Kunle, Brother Gbite, Nike and all of us.
'A fe o , sugbon Jesu Kristi Fe o ju'.
Egbon mi, " you have really fought a good fight of faith .....2Tim 4 v7-8.
A CALL: Brethren, Brother Remi came,saw, fought and conquered. Henceforth there is laid for him "a crown of righteousness".
What can we say about you?.'NOW' , is the time to come back to Jesus , forsake those little little sins. He loves you!.

Posted by Oluwatobi Osinubi on May 17, 2020
My dear Uncle Remi, you left us too soon. We still chatted on Facebook on the 9th of may being my birthday, sending your wishes and promising me a birthday gift and few days later the sad news of your passage got to me. It's a very sad thing to lose dear ones within two years, if you can see this uncle say hi to my dad for me. God knows best and He will keep and preserve us that are left in this life and the life to come, Amen. Rest in the bosom of The Lord dear uncle.
Posted by Omowunmi Osinubi on May 17, 2020
Dearest Uncle.. words fail me. To think that we still spoke on the phone a few weeks ago, it’s still so shocking .. the last time I saw you was ages ago before you left Nigeria, we were taking a ride in your peugoet car..
He was so caring and thoughtful.. May God grant him eternal rest. He will never be forgotten..
Posted by Edna Adejuwon on May 17, 2020
He was known to many of us as Daddy Seyi, but to me he was known as “Bro P”. Bro P will always be remembered for his humble spirit, for always giving a helping hand to someone in need, and for always doing the work of God. Bro P was a man of very few words, but his spirit would always radiate anytime he stepped in a room. I have no doubts that you’re with our Heavenly Father now, and for that I am thankful through it all. We will miss you dearly! We can truly say there will never be another Daddy Seyi. We love you, we miss you, and we are thankful for the time you were able to spend here on earth! Love you forever.
Posted by Adenike Osinubilambo on May 17, 2020
My own blood and flesh brother,l didn’t know l will right this very soon.l remember how l used to stayed awake @ ljebu ode, Igbeba in order to open gate for u when u came back from business trip all d night with joy in my heart that one day we will be together as one big family with great wealth.
Also when we stay together @ lkorodu before you travelled to U.S.A.
I remembered how l was following about in 2017 when you came to Nigeria for your father’s in-laws burial and it seems to me that l should just follow u back to the state and you promised to come back for me, not knowing that will be the last time l am having with u.We spoke last May 1st when l was with MAMAMI and u prayed for me.l know it is very painful but God gave me assurance on15th May2020 that you are alive, not dead but with the Lord Jesus Christ Rev 14:13.”Blessed are the dead in the Lord that they may rest from their labours, and their works do follow them” .Dr best, Egbon mi OluremiPeters Osinubi Bye bye R.l.P.
Big mum brother Femi, Aunty Bukky,Seyi,Funbi,the families and all friends take heart the Holy Spirit will comfort us all in Jesus name.Amen.
Posted by Sade Mustafa on May 17, 2020
Daddy Seyi to his friends but to the youth he was the one and only Bro P. Our best friend, our confidant, our guy, our dad. Never would I have thought I would be writing this so soon. Thank you for everything you have done over the last 18 years of my life, maybe in about 6 more years I would have found the husband I asked you to predict for me and you would have joined my dad to walk me down the aisle on my wedding day as i’ve been talking about. You would never let me forget that you were in the waiting room when I was born with Seyi. I could barely get through composing this message without shedding a tear, because I still don’t believe this, when events happen like this it is hard for one to keep their faith but I know that the God that I serve has a reason for this, so may we not question. Bro P I will forever be thankful for keeping my gist and sharing banter with my friends and I. Truly I don’t know what will happen when it’s time to go to events of mutual friends and/or family and you’re not there recording, I don’t know what i’m going to do when its too hot in the church and I can’t find you to help turn off the heat. I don’t know what i’m going to do when I go to camp and and I don’t see you in a reflective vest and it’s time to sing you happy birthday. I don’t know what i’m going to do when I need a ride home after evening service of church and you’re not there to threaten me to walk. I don’t know what i’m going to do when we decide to relax at the Vincent’s residents and you’re not there so we can beg for a sip of alcohol that you would never give us. I truly don’t know what i’ll do, there is a void now that cannot be filled by anything or anyone else. you were truly a dad to me and you will never be forgotten, till this day we still remember the times you made us laugh uncontrollably, and those times will never be forgotten. Bro P may rest in peace in the bosom of our heavenly father, and to my dear best friend Seyi and my little sister Funmbi, and to one of my mothers’ Mommy Seyi, may God continue to comfort you three for the rest of your days.
With peace and Love
Posted by Abayomi Adebowale on May 16, 2020
Remi, you abruptly left this world after 47 years (since 1973) of our friendship and companionship. I believe the Lord loves you more than I do. The Lord had declared we cannot prevent those who are asleep in Him (l Thessalonians 4:15). So I believe you are asleep in the Lord because He recognized your works for Him on this face of the world. Rest on in peace friend, and Goodnight.... It is well.
Posted by Ayo Saba Sr. on May 16, 2020
Brother Peter was a very good and a decent gentleman. May his sole Rest In Peace.
Posted by Williams Abbah on May 16, 2020
Bro Peter,
Egbon mi Hmm I hate that am writing such note about you at this time, like it’s too early.
But no one can question God and his plans and way, I can’t describe how I feel since you left me but I’ll forever be grateful to God for bring you my way. You already know how I feel about you and I will always LOVE YOU SIR. I learn so much from you and your memories will remain with me forever. May God Rest your Soul..... SIP
Posted by Shola Adepoju on May 16, 2020
Dear Brother Peter - you will be sorely missed. Your unquestionable allegiance to the brothers and sisters of faith, your integrity and love for the things of God made you a stand out among men. We will thus choose the following verse in your honor: 1 Thes 4:13-14 - "Brothers, we do not want you to be uninformed about those who sleep in death , so that you will not grieve like the rest, who are without hope. 14 For since we believe that Jesus died and rose again, we also believe that God will bring with Jesus those who have fallen asleep in Him.…"

Rest til then!!

Shola&Folake Adepoju and Family
Posted by Abiola Saba JP on May 16, 2020
Beloved brother Peter words fail me. Comforted by the fact that you lived and died in Christ. Continue to Rest In Peace brother.

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Posted by Mathew Eniola on May 22, 2020
On behalf I and Taiwo Olusoga we can’t imagine what you must be feeling right now, but I want you to know that we are just a phone call away. My heartfelt condolences to the family of Dr Peter Oluremi Osinubi. May his soul rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Ngozika Anosike on May 22, 2020
Mama Seyi, Seyi and Funmbi, I am so sorry for your loss. I don't know what to say to you. Your Husband / Daddy touched a lot of lives. May his soul rest in peace and may God ( the only one who can comfort you) give you peace. Adieu, Brother Peter. You will definitely be missed. Rest in the bossom of your maker.
Posted by Ihuoma Chuks on May 22, 2020
My brother Peter( as I fondly called you), It is very difficult for me to bear your departure. Every time I pass by your work desk, I just can't hold the tears, I asked is this real?. However, the consolation I get is from the word of God. Only God knows why he called you to glory so early. Your gentleness, wisdom, encouraging words, resilience, perseverance, patience, etc you exhibit at work is unquantifiable. I feel your absence most because, there is no one at work to tell me " madam it's ok, just keep praying" My prayer is that God will give us the comfort that no other person can give. My brother rest in peace!!!
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Forever missed

Shared by Olufunmilola Awolusi on May 21, 2020
Daddy Seyi! My Loving big brother, 
I can't even begin to believe that I'm going to get married and you won't be there. I can't believe that I will be doing my kids' s dedications and you won't be present. I remember every time you would always tell me that you would be among those who would interview that lucky guy. I know you are now with Your heavenly Father. I will miss you dearly but your fond memories will remain in my heart for ever... Until we meet again with our heavenly Father... Love you loads but God loves you more......
Shared by Olaonipekun Bakare on May 17, 2020
Best uncle anyone can ever asked of. I will miss you forever