Peter's Life Story

Peter Scott Cameroon was born on 15 December 1968 to  Rev. Isaac Simbiri and Mrs Margaret Simbiri. He was preceed in home going by our father. He was the sixth born in a family of seven children.  He was brother to Ken, Florence, Azenath, Jayne, Samuel and David.  He was brother in law to Rosey, Walter, Glen and Sandra.  He was uncle to Rehema, Imani, Ongachi, Oyiela, Ondiso, Abigail, Caleb Joseph (CJ) and Isaac Joseph (IJ) Ochieng. Peter started his primary education at Mumbuni Primary School in Machakos. When his parents moved to Nairobi, Peter was transferred to Madaraka Primary School and then to St. Mary’s Primary School in Karen, where he sat for his CPE exams. He proceeded to Upper Hill High School for his secondary school education, then to Rift Valley Institute of Science and Technology (RIVST) in Nakuru, where he took a course in accountancy. Peter enjoyed school and was involved in various activities such as rugby, first aid club, and the choir. He sang very well. After graduation from RIVST he got a job at Post Bank, where he worked until his death.

 Peter was born just when our late father Rev Isaac Simbiri, was about to join Scott Theological College in Machakos to study theology. His parents decided to name him after the missionary Peter Scott Cameroon who founded the Africa Inland Mission/Church after whom the Theological College was named. As young children, Peter, and his brothers Sam and David, were always together, often up to no good, but thoroughly enjoying themselves. Peter and his brothers in search of adventure engaged in numerous, escapades; the only thing he feared most was being caned.  All the siblings always teased him about how he would plead with our mother not to cane him instead offering to forego his meals.

 To help in writing our bother’s eulogy we asked one of his nieces how she would describe uncle Peter and she said ‘fun, funny and my friend’. To say the least Peter was a gentle quiet and very polite person.

 Peter had a pithy humour, whereas everyone does not mince words telling his sister Jane who is rather chubby that she is fat, Peter nicknamed her ‘baby elephant’! The nieces always looked forward to being with him knowing that he would tease them to no end.

 Peter was peaceful in nature, with a very gentle spirit, and it was rare to hear him raise his voice at anyone. He especially never wanted to annoy his parents and would often listen respectfully to them whether he agreed with them or not. He once attended a course on communication at work and enthused to one of his sisters how it is very important to listen to what others are saying. Peter was truly a man of few words, preferring to listen rather than be listened to, but this did not prevent him from poking fun at his siblings and nieces.  In a family of rather noisy siblings and cousins, it was always important to note what he may “unleash”. One of his nieces once remarked to her mother, “’You know mum, you have to be very careful with what Uncle Peter knows about you, because as the rest of you are making noise he will “unleash!”  But all this was in good banter, never malicious. In his own quiet way he had all these wild jokes that would get all laughing. Often you had to really ask if the story was true or made up for comic relief.

 Peter was an excellent cook.  During his last year at Upper Hill School, he moved to live with his sister Florence who lived opposite the School.  She was assured that with Peter around there would be plenty of well-cooked meals including freshly baked cakes and cookies.  Indeed when some of her friends “discovered” this they would make direct requests to Peter for cakes and he would happily oblige.

 Peter took his friendships seriously. As most of the family moved from Ngong where they had stayed for a long time, he stayed on and kept the connections and friendships alive. He kept his friends and was loyal to them.

 In the larger family, it is known that Peter loved his work. His work was his pride and he always looked forward to being at work, it was normal for Peter to work even on weekends! Even when he was feeling unwell, Peter would struggle to go to work. He loved punctuality and neatness.

 Peter enjoyed spending time with his family at their rural home in Kajulu, where he spent most of his leave days. In fact the last Christmas holidays he was at Kajulu relaxing with his mama, brothers, sisters, nieces and cousins. He was joyful for most of the holidays and we thank God for the time we as a family had with him. It was wonderful. As is the tradition in our family Peter, one of the 4 family members (including mama) born in December, jointly celebrated their birthday by cutting a cake specially and lovingly baked and decorated by his sister Jayne and his nieces, with a little help from his nephew Ochieng’. Little did we know that as we urged him to cut the cake that it would be the last time, we would see him do this. To his in-laws, Peter was a real younger brother, and they will particularly miss his polite smile, firm handshake, ever readiness to assist and deep respect for them. His nieces will miss his jokes, renewing driving licences, watching news and Churchill live together, and school runs which he gladly did for them in spite of his busy schedule. His mama will miss her Scottie, his calming effect a trait that they both shared. To illustrate how Peter cared for family, a few years back, David was involved in a traffic accident and Peter who was in a matatu on his way to work, happened to see the accident vehicle on the road. He abandoned his journey, rushed to the scene, ensured the vehicle was safe, and then proceeded to inform all the family members. Furthermore, when his nieces Rehema and Imani were babies, he would drop everything to babysit them whenever this was required. He sure was a caring Son, Brother, Uncle, and Friend.

 Peter, travelled home for Christmas with his sister and nieces on 22nd December 2014 and came back from the holidays on 9th January 2015 and was to report to work on 13th January; he did not complain of any illness, but on Tuesday, it was noticed that he was not very well. When asked, he explained that he was probably reacting to dust as he had been driving around while at home.  He resumed work on Wednesday but came back home because he was not feeling any better. This made Walter and Florence very concerned that his condition was more serious than he had thought. Walter requested for some laboratory tests to be performed on him, which revealed very severe malaria with low blood cell count, necessitating immediate hospital admission at Coptic Hospital. Unfortunately he passed on early Friday morning while undergoing treatment. Knowing Peter it was very likely that he thought he would get better without too much effort.  As to why he did not complain; when all is considered, ‘that was Peter for you’, he probably thought he was not too sick and did not want to bother anyone. However, we are also cognisant of the fact that we die at God’s appointed time.  While we may be shocked surprised and grieved, we know that God is in control and His ways are best.

 Peter, for those who knew him personally, he was not very verbal about his beliefs. Although he loved his beer, we can honestly say that he truly displayed the following fruits of the spirit; love, joy, peace, gentleness, goodness, patience and kindness.  Mama, Atieno and David on the day he was admitted shared with him the gospel, our belief and hope is that Peter is in heaven dancing to gospel Lingala with baba, grandma and all the saints in Glory. In fact some of his colleagues received an email from him on Wednesday, a day before he passed on, which stated that it is better/good to rest in the Lord Jesus.

 Peter was fun, funny and a friend, brother, son and cousin we will miss him immensely.  We will miss his subtle but wicked sense of humour!  He was a jolly good fellow; He was truly a gentle soul.  Rest in Peace Scott, you will always be loved by us, till we meet again in Glory.


Peter My brother

Peter, I cannot write your story. You are my brother and you are my friend. As long as I live you will remain in my heart and I miss you so much. My heart hurts. This site is to keep your memory alive. I know that you are at home with the loving father and from what I know, it's the best place ever. I know if you were asked to come back you would say know because you are a better place.

Of course for us here on earth, we hurt and we still do not understand the beauty of where you are but from what the Lord tells us its a beautiful home where we will never grow old, sick or tire. Sometimes I envy you that you have gone earlier before us and oyu are having fun with dad  and the grandparents..and I know one day we will reunite.

my brother and my friend, I miss you forever till we meet... I miss your quite gentle were the best. I miss you Pita...I miss your laughter ..which was much more like dad's....

Every day, I think about why you went home and I am often reminded that God has all the answers and I want to scream to get the answer and to have you back....