• 84 years old
  • Born on January 3, 1932 .
  • Passed away on April 7, 2016 .

This is a permanent site, created in memory of our dad, often called Father, and affectionately known as "Captain" stemming from his love of sailing and the many vacations we all spent as 'crew'.  We hope you enjoy going through the stories and pictures, and very much encourage you to add your own and share with others we did not know to invite.  Every story adds another facet to his life that will be cherished.  

So, welcome! Pour yourself some wine, water, milk, or beer, and get comfortable.  Click on the "His Life" tab or go to the "Gallery" (see tabs above) and enjoy.  

Love and hugs to all. -C&B-

Posted by Sandra Riccardi on 6th January 2019
I will always remember Nancy and Phil. Best of friends. Mis s you,
Posted by Cat Lyddon on 7th April 2018
Time passes still, sun rises and sets. Barb and I are without both of you and we feel the difference. In my imagination you are sailing on a brilliant sea, fresh wind and a cold beer. Mom is on the deck playing bridge with her buddies. A perfect day. Travel on.
Posted by Barbara Adelberg on 4th January 2018
Happy Birthday, Dad. Just wanted to share that we made sure to have a nice bottle of Port and some good Stilton on your behalf. Love you, always, Barb
Posted by Doug Smith on 4th January 2018
Uncle Phil gave me my first guitar 50 years ago. I have collected and played guitar most of my life. I don't often make resolutions.. but I start guitar lessons again tomorrow after 50 years. My best friend sat on his old Harmony guitar some time after it was given to me.. don't think I ever told uncle Phil about that. Thank you Uncle Phil Doug
Posted by Cat Lyddon on 7th April 2017
Forever left here our thoughts for you. Do you hear them where you have gone. Do you look at different stars, sailing on a peaceful sea. Do you feel only joy. Curiously these words will be here when I am gone. When I know the answers,but for now I think of you -father and friend, protector and safe harbor. I hope they reach you and make you smile.
Posted by Barbara Adelberg on 7th April 2017
Hey Dad, missing you still but know that you are happy and in a good place. Of course, you and I talk all the time, so you know this. Say "hi" to Mom. Love -B-
Posted by Barbara Adelberg on 3rd January 2017
Hey Dad - happy 85th birthday! Thanks for all the love and laughter. -B-
Posted by Cat Lyddon on 3rd January 2017
Birthdays go on without us. But the memories stay. Happy 85th dad.
Posted by Marjorie Ellicott on 20th May 2016
Phil was just the best! He was such a good person and so much fun. I will always miss my brother in law.
Posted by Sharon Mattern on 20th May 2016
Uncle Phil was such a solid presence. Physically and emotionally. Even his voice and laugh demonstrated how sure he was. A rock solid man, strong for everyone, and a good influence.
Posted by Rob Walker on 4th May 2016
Thank you Cat and Barb for creating such a wonderful collection of photos to celebrate your dad's remarkable life. He and Nancy were so fortunate to have had all those years together, and to have clearly remained so much in love. Although my direct contacts with Phil were few, and go back to the 80's, I feel as though I stayed in close touch over the years via Cat's stories and updates. And certainly nothing in those later years would alter my initial perception of him as a strong and loving provider for his beloved family, who at the same time enjoyed his life immensely. Not an easy balance to find, and an admirable accomplishment. May your memories remain strong and help you to find your own balance in a life without him. Sending hugs and love to you both.
Posted by Cliff And Beth Lyddon on 2nd May 2016
My brother Phil and I lived closely together only from his birth to age three. Seven years older, I did not devote a lot of attention to this baby. After the death of our father, life became very complicated, withboarding schools,college and eventuallyemployment half the the world apart. The upshot was we scarcely knew one another, until both families ended up in New York. There, we really got to know and love him and his family. I fondly remember happy times andJackstraw, and we had many enjoyable family gatherings, during this short period. Later they visited us in Tunis, where Nancy insisted in buying a special bird cage made in Sidi Bousaid, and not a small once.I imagaine Phil carried it on his lap most of the way home. At any rate, I finally found a loving brother. w s s
Posted by Barbara Adelberg on 2nd May 2016
My sister Nancy and I both attended the University of Arizona. She met Phil during her freshman year. Phil was a member of ROTC, and graduated, becoming a Lieutenant in the Army. They were engaged to be married in June, but then Phil was called to active duty in Korea. They decided to marry before he left. The wedding was in the chapel at Ft. Knox Kentucky in March 1953. I was their maid of honor and was also there when Phil returned on the U.S.S. General Gordon about one year later, safe and home! Phil was just the greatest, is all I can say. May God bless them both. - Submitted for Marjorie Ellicott
Posted by Paul And Diane Adelberg on 25th April 2016
Here's to an adopted father - and yes, clearly by size, I was the runt of the litter. Without whom we would not have some of the best, most cherished memories and people in our life, nor would I have the career I do. If there is such a place as heaven, I know he and Nancy are raising a glass of '77 Dow with smiles.
Posted by Sandie Ricardi on 21st April 2016
First Nancy, then Phil. That figures, although so very hard to believe. You never thought of them separately, but as a loving couple. I met Phil when he was in law school at UCLA. My husband, Rick, always called him "P.Schuyler Lyddon". Darling, wonderful Phil. Always chuckling about something. Now he and his "Nance" are together again always and forever.
Posted by Harold And Pat Friedberg on 18th April 2016
We have many happy memories of Nancy and Phil. We shared golf, bridge, dinners and great conversations with them. Wewelcomed a number of New years with them. Most of all we enjoyed being with them no matter what the program. We miss them. Thank you for the great tribute you gave Nancy and Phil with this memorial. Pat and Harold Friedberg
Posted by Leslie Smith on 18th April 2016
What a life Phil and your mother created. They literally didn't know life without each other. Aunt Nancy and Uncle Phil. It was just one with the other. How beautiful. My mom said Phil was a 'rock'. My memory is of his kind demeanor and calmness. His posture and his devotion to Nancy. Cousins, you had a great dad. I feel fortunate to have had your parents as an amazing model of commitment and marriage. Just remarkable. Much light and love to them both and to you too.
Posted by Barbara Adelberg on 17th April 2016
To Dad, our Captain, who always listened, was often silly, and expected only that we grow to be kind and capable adults.
Posted by Carol Head on 17th April 2016
At last Phil is with his beloved Nancy. They are either playing golf or bridge together ad enjoying a cocktail!!!
Posted by Jean Bell on 17th April 2016
I remember happy Sunday bridge followed by dinner out. Such fun times. I will remember them, always with Phil and Nancy. And there was our little duplicate bridge group. Such happy memories. This tribute is from Jean Bell
Posted by Cat Lyddon on 16th April 2016
Dads and daughters: This is the hero who rescued his 20-something daughter from a broken down car and got her to the Renaissance Fair (2 hours and another state away) so she could do her temp job as a weekend wench- because she had a crush on a boy.... Who spent his weekend building giant crossbeams in the driveway when his then 37 year old kid had promised to do the lighting (for a 5th avenue client's wedding) with absolutely no experience doing lighting.... Who taught her to appreciate sailing and scuba and Sherlock Holmes..... Who comforted tears from 5 year olds to 50 year olds- even when he had no idea what she was babbling on about. The man who went to work every day: rain, snow, sleet and sometimes gloom of night so that his family could have a good life. Who with mom showed us the lights of Paris at night. And who occasionally indulged in a limerick. Would that I could have him back to do it all again....

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