Let the memory of Pilar be with us forever.
This memorial website was created in memory of Pilar Javier. She was born on October 12, 1939 and died on October 10, 2019 at the age of seventy nine years old. She spent the last four months battling lung cancer and was undergoing chemotherapy. The cancer ended up winning the battle.

Please join us as we celebrate the life of Pilar Javier. 

Viewing and Prayer Services

Oct. 25, Friday from 1pm to 9pm
Skyview Memorial Chapel, 200 Rollingwood Dr, Vallejo, CA 94591

Funeral Mass Service

Oct 26, Saturday at 11AM
St. Catherine of Sienna Church, 3450 Tennessee Street Vallejo, Ca 94591

Pilar was of Philippine descent. She migrated from Sampaloc, Manila, Philippines to the US in 1989. She started out working as a Certified Nursing Assistant in New York and then moved to Vallejo, California circa 1993. She had a daughter named Caroline who came to the US two years later. Pilar took care of Caroline's children, her grandchildren, while working part time as a caregiver for elderly people. She was a kind-hearted and compassionate person. All of her clients as well as her peers adored her. 
Pilar is survived by her children (Charlie , Carlota and Carol) and their spouses (Alma, Emmanuel and Glenn), grandchildren (Eion, Chelsea, Chrys, Francesco, Eian, Isabella and Dominic) and sister Agripina. The family that she made, that made her a mother and then a grandmother, was the most important thing to her. They gave her the strength she needed and will be the legacy that she leaves behind. She will be remembered by everyone for the loving and nurturing person that she was. We'll continue on with the comfort of knowing that she's with God now.

Feel free to light a candle, lay a flower, leave a note, share stories or upload photos and videos about Pilar. She will live on through all of the pleasant memories we have of her. Although this is a time of mourning, it's also a time to be comforted by the memory of the lovely person that Pilar was.

A memorial service and celebration of Pilar's  life will be held soon  at Skyview Memorial at 200 Rollingwood Dr, Vallejo.  Date and time will be posted soon. 
Posted by Leilani Manalo on November 1, 2019
Tita Pilaring as i fondly called her was my auntie, the sister of my mom. She always treat me as her own especially during my childhood years.I always spent my weekends in their home because my mom told me that it's what Tita Pilaring and Tito Lito wanted and we will go to Mass every Sunday.I always remember her calling my mom when she's still alive and asking her how to cook a certain dish and when my mom passed away, I'm the one she's calling and asking me for a certain recipe that she and my mom cooked together. She always told me to take care of my health and to take care of Enzo (my son) always.Thank you Tita Pilaring for the love, care and the memories. We love you ❤
Posted by Acn Referral Agency on October 30, 2019
Pilar my best friend & sister you will forever be missed. You will stay forever in our hearts. Your name is a shining light for all: PILAR.. P stands for pillar of the family home .. your kids & grandkids; I stands for Icon of love compassion humility patience; L is love & care; A is amiable mom grandmom & friend; R is rejuvenating spirit that resonates all throughout. We will forever remember u my friend..Best friend & sister.. PRESCY
Posted by Pocholo Holgado on October 22, 2019
I will always have fondest memories of Mrs. Resurrection as a generous ,kind,loving neighbor and a mother to her kids specially when she invited me to tag along to Baguio with the rest of her family for brief respite as her husband was slowly fading from his health many years past, She embraced me as a family invitee and to become one with her generosity and made sure I was taken care of. Many of an occasions she invited folks from the neighborhood to partake at her gatherings too. Mrs. Resurrection may God hold you into his eternal light to being a stellar individual and continue to guide tour family through this difficult journey.
Posted by Alma Resurreccion on October 19, 2019
I'am sooo grateful to be part of your Family.Mama Pilar will always be my second Mom, a great mother who always think first her children.She sacrificed a lot just to give her children a better future , eventhough it's very hard for her leave them behind in the Philippines.I will miss her voice calling me at the office talking about her favorite NBA team the "The Golden State Warriors" . You are the true sense of a word WARRIOR because you never give up MAMA.you fought until the end.YOU'RE MY TRUE MVP!
Posted by Chrys Resurreccion on October 18, 2019
Lola Pilar was a very hardworking and loving grandmother. She always cared for us, despite living in different continents. I could always remember her always asking us if we already ate and such. She always puts her grandkids first in priority.

I am very grateful to have her as my grandmother. I hope you rest peacefully now, lola.
Posted by Dominic Macayan on October 13, 2019
Lola was very sweet to us and would try to provide us everything she could even if our parents say no. Memories I have with lola, whenever I go downstairs, she always knew I was getting food and she would ask me what I was making. Then while I eat, she would just be watching a filipino television series. Another memory is when i’m playing videos games and she would come up, and ask, “Dominic your still playing video games?” Thank you lola for providing us love! Thank you for taking care of me for all 15 years of my life. I’ll miss you and please have fun with grandpa Lito. I never got to meet him so tell him all about me and our Macayan Adventures! ❤️
Posted by Glenn Macayan on October 12, 2019
Mama, thank you so much for taking care of Carol, me, and my kids. You are such a selfless person. Up until the very end, you didn't want to be a burden and you didn't want us to see you suffering from your illness. You've always been an uncomplicated person yet so extraordinary. In your own way, you always manifested your love of God and your love for every person that crossed your path. I'm truly grateful to have you as my mother-in-law. Even in your last breath, you promised to look over us from heaven. We'll miss you.

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