Let the memory of Primula be with us forever
  • 86 years old
  • Born on February 26, 1932 in United Kingdom.
  • Passed away on June 15, 2018 in Australia.

This memorial website was created in memory of our beloved wife, Mum, Nan, Old Nan, Aunt and cherished friend, Brenda Mary Sims- known fondly by many as Primula. 

We are thankful for the privilege of knowing this thoughtful and quirky woman, truly one of a kind, who has touched and enriched each of our lives. 
We are also thankful that she knew and loved Jesus and that she honoured God by serving and blessing so many of us.  Whilst we miss her dearly, praise God that she is now with him. 

Please join with us in sharing your memories & photos of Primula as we take time to reflect on and honour her life xx
Posted by Maxine Carlill on 20th July 2018
I will always remember Primula's friendship and listening ear during a very difficult year. Now a tree is growing in a forest in Israel in memory of a delightful lady who loved the God of Israel, His land, and His people.
Posted by Judy McMahon on 10th July 2018
I loved Auntie Prim very much. She always knew when people needed her and would make herself available with a listening ear and sound wisdom. I personally benefited from this. She had a way of seeing beyond the surface and getting to the heart of the matter. Together with Roy, she was a rock. She was non-judgemental and positive. She was also very down-to-earth. She would wear her heart on her sleeve, and this occasionally rubbed up against what we Brits are conditioned to expect! Auntie Prim was very loveable. I am so pleased I had the opportunity to get to know her whilst in Australia. She will always be in my heart. LYDIA HUBBARD
Posted by Rosemary Peteranec on 8th July 2018
I believe that my dear mother-in-law Primula had a revelation of heaven that could not be expressed with mere words – so she expressed it with the work of her hands and her love for people. Her pretty garden and her bright colourful clothes were harbingers of the “new heavens and new Earth where righteousness dwells” – a place where everything will once again be bright and beautiful like it was in Eden before our original parents Adam and Eve fell. A place where even the bodies of believers will be redeemed and she will see her beloved Richie as a handsome young man perfect in form and stature. Primula’s faith in the One True God was attested to by her actions, not mere words. She saw the end of the story from afar and believed the Author of the Book. It will be accounted to her for righteousness! I long for the day when faith will be sight and we will meet again, meanwhile I will miss you very much Primula. Ivica
Posted by Anna Peteranec on 7th July 2018
Dearest Nan, How can I write a tribute that will do you justice...I probably can't, but I will have a go anyway. You are the quirkiest, most unique and most special lady I've ever known. What a privilege it was to have you as my Nan. You valued the gift of quality time and quality conversation, and in this day and age, that is something I can certainly learn from. Most of my memories with you are around quality conversations, sitting close, hand in hand, while you asked me question after question. Although a hard and almost unimaginable day before it happened, going to your funeral, the celebration of your life, made me feel proud and extremely honoured to have been in your blood line Nan. Not that I didn't know what you were like, but hearing so many testimonies about your character, your compassionate heart, your kindness and your strength was very special to me. You were truely honoured that day, and I think you would've enjoyed the service. It was a joy hearing the way you touched so many lives and the way you loved so many, including me, and Josh for the few times you saw him. Two of my favourite memories of you had to be in the final weeks of your, long and well lived life. The first memory was when I came to visit you in hospital, a couple of weeks before your passing. It was quite a shock seeing you there in that hospital bed, given I had only seen you a few weeks before on your visit to Brisbane. You were so small and frail, and in a deep sleep, with that tube in your nose. It was just not what I expected, from a women who presented herself as nothing short of immaculate every day. I couldn't help but cry. When you woke up, surprised to see us as you didn't know we were coming, you were as sweet as ever. Your smile looked even more beautiful and your spirit was so gentle. The next day I came to visit you again, it was the day you went to get your PICC line. All you wanted was an ice-block. Phil and I went to buy you one, a calippo was what we found. I have never seen someone enjoy an ice-block more. You sucked on that icey pole your whole trip down to your procedure, through those hospital corridors, you were fixated on every bite. You enjoyed every mouthful, it was so evident. I will never eat a calippo without thinking of you and that day again Nanny. It was one of the sweetest things I've ever seen, and a special memory for me. I cried again as I said goodbye that day and prayed with you, knowing that was probably the last time I would see you (and it was). You smiled and said 'Don't worry about me Annie, I'm going to be just fine.' You were so brave and so strong. My second favourite and most special memory was the day I called you to tell you I was engaged, it was the most special phone call I've ever made. I had promised you that you would be my first phone call, and you were. I was so excited to tell you the news. I could finally greet your call with the words 'Do you hear wedding bells Nan', the way you had greeted me so so so many times in the previous year or so leading up to the proposal. Your answer is one I can still hear now, in the softest and sweetest voice you replied 'Ohhhh, why yes I can darling...Can you?'. That moment brought me to tears and although it sounds something so small, it was a dream come true for me to make that call. You will be missed more than you know, on the day we get married Nan, gosh I will be lost without your input on the wedding planning no doubt Nan, but I will do my best. Thankfully I will have your two special boys looking on for you. Thank you for loving me always, for your opinions and helpful critiquing. You are a woman that could never be forgotten, and you are a woman that I strive to be like, in so many ways. I miss you already, and I can not wait to be reunited with you one day. Love your youngest grandchild, Annie Rose
Posted by Jeremy Green on 7th July 2018
Dear Auntie Prim, For as long as I can remember you have been there. As I child you were a warm and fun loving auntie who would arrive at the farm bringing excitement to us all - The Sims's are coming! In my teens I remember long chats with you exploring my thoughts on career aspirations, hopes , dreams...and girlfriends! Mostly enjoyable, but occasionally embarrassing! As an adult, I began to realise that you were also a very insightful person, with deep interest in, and caring for people. Whilst I saw you only rarely, there was always a closeness and familiarity. It was never long before you sat me down for a good chat. You would look me in the eye and ask those searching questions and I new then that resistance was futile! I am so pleased that I had the chance to visit you in Australia in 2015 with Helen, Tilly and Fergus. We all have such wonderful memories of that trip and the highlight for all of us was meeting up with you and the family - your made us feel welcome and loved. We will miss you Auntie Prim. Jem xx
Posted by Irene Roberts on 7th July 2018
Dear Primula, I have so many wonderful memories of you and remember so well our first meeting a little over 40 years ago. I was visiting Telopea Baptist Church, having only been in Australia some 5 weeks, when you and Roy spoke to me after the service and invited me to have lunch at your home the following Sunday. That one Sunday lunch turned into every Sunday for many, many years, as well as Christmases and other special occasions. I quickly became part of your family; something for which I will forever be grateful - I continue to cherish those precious times. I remember too our Cruise in 1996 in the Caribbean [I will endeavour to post a photo]; the time you looked after me following hospitalisation; the time I lived with you for a season - so, so many kindnesses. As the years went on we regrettably didn’t see a lot of each other, but when we did it was as if it was ‘only yesterday’ since we last got together. Your love was so special: when I came to dinner you invariably cooked a roast because not only did you know how much I loved them, but as I lived alone I never made one! I always chuckle to myself when I remember after dinner Roy would always say “Ben, Irene wants some dessert”: despite protesting my innocence we would both get a lecture on how we didn’t need dessert [you were always telling us how we needed to watch our weight!!!] But you always relented and came up with something delicious. Thank you Primula for your unfailing and unconditional love and for giving me so many special memories - I will miss you. “I”
Posted by Judy McMahon on 6th July 2018
Auntie Prim was marked by compassion ,kindness, and her caring heart
Posted by Ronda Hodgins on 6th July 2018
My forever friend Primmy, As I gather my memories in a tribute, I realise our long friendship began around the time when my young children had fun with Richy in her swimming pool (and how we adults would sit watching them, and drink tea from her fine bone china Royal Albert collection!) ...and it has strengthened over the years since then ...... Primmy has always been my loyal, supportive, caring confidante. She was there for the ‘ups and downs’ and we shared many special times together. However, on the lighter side, what fun we had: We would go to DJs in the city and request the ‘piano man’ play a favourite for us! Once in Queen Victoria building we even braved a posh jewellery store, and asked an assistant to show us an expensive ring from the window display......we duly admired it, tried it on, and handed it back, never with one thought of buying! How we laughed at that! We have shopped together, bought the same shoes, long pants, and wandered happily arm in arm for hours. We had little adventures as far afield as Bowral (by train), and the Blue Mountains. Always sitting down for a coffee (serviette please!) and always paid for by Roy as she said it was ‘his treat’! One day we decided to explore Balmain, where Primmy was delighted to find a sign for her garden; ‘ If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands!’ Isn’t that just like her? She so loved her shabby chic collection. Her ever colourful garden was one of her special ways to give praise to God our creator. She loved colour, I always associate yellow with Primmy. Yellow, the sunshine colour, spoke of her. She used the brilliant colours expertly, her home, garden, and clothes were vibrant with colours. (I so often hear her tell me still, ‘wear something bright Rond!’ After one of her brief visits to my house I found myself painting living room walls yellow, for she had ‘suggested’ that’s just what the room needed to brighten it! She was right too! You know that Primmy had a funny saying between friends about house guests? Brief visits are best! For don’t you know ‘ visitors are like fish and can go off in three days’!! Primmy gathered beautiful things for her home and garden. Just look at the Dancing Girls artwork from Israel,.....and yet, was ever practical with her supply of knitted slippers. Recently she made me feel special with a particular cup and saucer which she said she chose for my exclusive use!.....so like her to do these things. I remember her skill as she drove competently in her yellow Jazz, never fazed that she had sight in only one eye, visits to nurseries to add plants to her garden, walking around the village with her always arm in arm, enjoying a wholesome dinner she lovingly prepared, and swapping recipes. As the afternoons lengthened we would sit with Roy on the patio and make the most of the sunshine, while enjoying chats, deep talks, sunsets, and each other’s company. For so often all these simple pleasures are the very essence of a precious long friendship. I am so thankful to have had my life enriched by her for almost 40 years. I miss her. I’m sure she is now basking in the brilliant colours of her heavenly home and garden. So, in your own words dear Primmy ‘ see you in Glory’! Ronda
Posted by Judy McMahon on 5th July 2018
I am so glad that i went to your Mums funeral Judy, i was amazed at what she achieved in her Life. She was an inspiration to so many people, she has definitely left a legacy that i will aspire to. Much Love to you all xx JULIE CAMILLERI
Posted by Judy McMahon on 5th July 2018
I felt very honoured to have known your mum Judy. Of course I met her (and the family) at Telopea when I first became a Christian. I found her particularly strange - always telling me how I should have my hair or asking me so many questions about myself, etc. But as I got to really know her I realised what an amazing lady she was. How thoughtful and kind she was and that she was truly interested in me, that she made me feel so special whenever I visited. I remember visiting once and feeling tired and she 'made me' go and rest in one of the bedrooms. It was so wonderful of her. She was a remarkable lady and will be greatly missed. VANESSA BURGESS
Posted by Judy McMahon on 5th July 2018
This is beautiful Judy, I enjoyed reading through all of the details ~ such an incredible legacy. Thinking especially of you as you sift through your memories, and adjust to life without the vibrant sunshine of your mum’s presence here with you. So sad I couldn’t be at the funeral - I’m sure it was a fitting celebration of a truly WONDERFUL woman xxx much love JUDY FISHER
Posted by Judy McMahon on 5th July 2018
I can't believe my dear Mum has actually gone from this earth. At 86 she was still so full of life and I think the key to it was her love and concern for other people. Even when she was very sick she would say, " Lets not talk about me, I'm boring. Now tell me about what's happening in your life" . She was never comfortable in large groups, but would seek out one or two people for meaningful conversations. She would often ask a LOT of questions, which was disconcerting to some people. For Mum, this was how she showed interest in people and got to know what was important to them. She could never understand people who didn't ask each other questions. She loved interactions with people. Sometimes she would purposely wear odd earrings to the shops, hoping that people would notice and engage in conversation with her. She was a " detail" person , she would always notice if friends had a new hair cut, new glasses, anything different (and she would often comment about these ) . Details were important to Mum, but not nearly as important as the friend that she was trying to help by her comments! Mum was brave to the end. Always extending herself to those who visited or phoned her, even though she was so unwell. She tried to protect us all from worrying about her, and never once complained. She would just say " How did it come to this!" And now as I try to come to terms with life here on earth without my dear Mum I'm thankful for so many beautiful and funny memories of her.
Posted by Rosemary Peteranec on 4th July 2018
Well Mum, Whoever would've imagined it would come to this! Writing down the things we shared for all the world to see! I've so many things I could say that I could fill a whole book - but for now I'll just add one or two things (perhaps I can add other things as time goes by). I think one of the things I want to share is a piece of advice you gave me many years ago - I thought it so wise and have passed it on many times - Oskars and I were going to have a nice day in the garden and our boys were very young. He had breakfast and went out to make a start, but I couldn't go because I had to clean up the boys, the kitchen and the house before I could go out. Oh boy - I was so mad with him!!! I locked him out of the house and wouldn't let him back in!! I telephoned you and told you about it, I'm certain I was crying. And you told me what to do, "Well Rosie, you can come home if you want to - you can always come home - but if you are wise you will go and make him a nice cup of tea and take it to him and tell him you are sorry!" That was the very last thing I wanted to do - but I did it. I have since learnt that your advice came straight from the book of Proverbs, "A wise woman builds her house and a foolish woman tears it down".. "A soft answer turns away wrath" .. "Don't let the sun go down on your anger". I did it Mum - and you were right. The problem dissolved and amends were quickly made - not only then but on many subsequent occasions over the years I have remembered your words to me. Thank you. I could tell you secrets, news, joys and heartaches. I'll miss you more than words can ever say and treasure every memory of my lifetime with you in it. You truly have been not just my Mum, but my closest friend. Farewell my precious Mum and thank you for everything. Until we meet again xxxxxxx
Posted by Sarah McMahon on 1st July 2018
Nan, words cannot do justice to how much I love you. I always will. Writing about this feels a little trite, particularly when the reality of your death has yet to sink in. However I so desperately want to uphold and honour you and your life. I do not want it to become a distant memory. You have been instrumental to me. I have so many special memories with you, particularly the day that Caleb was induced- my last day of being "free" before becoming a mother myself. We caught the ferry to Manly and spent so long trying to find a restaurant for lunch we ran out of time to catch the ferry home! I remember thinking you were mean when I was little when you'd offer to buy me a Milky Way. I said "no"- I wanted a Mars Bar. But you weren't offering me a Mars Bar, "and you get what you are given". So I had to miss out! You wouldn't accept any post purchase negotiations. I only had one chance. But actually you taught me a very important lesson. And then there was the day you told me I was melancholic- like you...and I cried...I didn't want to be melancholic! Maybe these dont sound like happy memories- but they really were. These moments- and so many more- will always remind me of you. In particular, how much you helped me when I had anorexia. You provided me with a refuge at that very difficult time. As I became older there is so much more I learned and appreciated about you. You had such a good sense of fun. You were impossibly quirky. You always spoke your mind. You had great interpersonal insight and wisdom. And even until the day you died you presented yourself immaculately. It was such a privilege to be with you as you took your last breaths. Although it was so sad it was such a relief to know you were out of pain and suffering- and were not scared. And I was so glad that Mum, Rach, Deb and I were all together with you for that moment. I know you would have liked that. One thing you have always talked about was "Gods Peace". I had been praying, in particular of the past two years since your cancer diagnosis, that you had that. I know you do now. You fought the good fight. You finished the race. You kept the faith. Being reunited with you in heaven inspires me to continue to do the same. I love you Nan, and I miss you like crazy already. Lots of love, Sar XX
Posted by Rachel Flick on 1st July 2018
Dearest Nan, You were such an amazing person and there is so much about you that I love, admire & will miss. I feel like our relationship was more than just a normal grandparent / granddaughter relationship. You were always someone I could talk to openly and honestly about anything and everything - from my friends, family & latest shopping purchases to much more meaningful things like our beliefs. We had so many happy times together. Holidays at Port Stephens. Shopping trips & high teas. All the lovely times you called me to ask me “if I was receiving” and then popped over. I will miss you dearly & feel honoured that you are such a big part of who I am. With love, your eldest grandaughter, Rachel xx

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