A kind, God Fearing man

Shared by Emeka Iwukemjika on October 3, 2019
I met Professor Adewole a few times as he was the father to my close friend and business partner Dokun. He was kind, gentle and God fearing. He was a devout Christian and a very pleasant man. When we were grieving due to a death in my family, he visited me with mummy Adewole and prayed for me and my family. He took time out of his day while visiting the USA to visit my family and prayed with us. May God bless Mummy Adewole, Dokun and Adeoye and give them the fortitude to bear this loss. May his soul Rest in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Tribute to a loving and caring Father

Shared by Odunola Adewole Ige on September 23, 2019
  1. I don't have much say about you daddy, nothing more than you are a truely loving and caring father. Before our father died, you've taken up the responsibility of a father in my life and after his death you promised to continue to care for me as a father, you never failed in fulfilling your promises. Shortly before you were called home, you called me to ask about your grandchildren's favorite treat because you were in a mall shopping at Abuja and want to send something to them. We didn't know you were bidding them farewell. We will forever miss you daddy. Good night!

Rest in peace with your Lord

Shared by Lateef Salawu on September 23, 2019
May God Almighty continue to be with the family he left behind


Shared by Mayokun Oshin on September 22, 2019
Uncle Gboyega was an amazing peace-loving, gentle man. A God-fearing, , MENTOR...& FRIEND TO ALL; LATE PROF. TAIWO ADEGBOYEGA ADEWOLE.Oh! How sad your demise is to hundreds of people especially your dear family and those lives you’ve touched.
Uncle ‘Gboyega (as we fondly referred & still refer to you), to say the least, you’re a wonderful and God-fearing gentleman. It’s so amazing how you lighten up (hard to use the past tense here) peoples’ faces and bring joy with your infectious smile every time you enter a gathering.
You surprised me each time you called my husband & son by their first names; these’re people you rarely met... It shows how caring and thoughtful you were!!
Uncle ‘Gboyega, by your phenomenal lifestyle, you epitomized everything the Scripture says in Phil.4: 8,9 (“Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things. Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me, or seen in me—put it into practice. And the God of peace will be with you.”) This is one of the best legacies to which many of us, your indirect or direct mentees, friends, children (biological & non biological) will forever be grateful and emulate. May this legacy continue to live with us and the next generation, and be passed down even to the generations yet unborn...
Rest In Peace till we meet to part no more in Jesus’ name, Amen!!
‘Mayo & ‘Sina Oshin.

Igba Hun Bajo Onilu gbe Lu Lo....

Shared by Oluseyi Orija on September 21, 2019
I apologize because I ‘am short of words. I suppose to write epistle. God know the best….Keeping on, searching my heart every day, every hour, every minute, and every second, with tickle of an eye. Asking WHY? The misery and puzzle unresolved in my heart. I realized heaven know the greatest. Prof as a(Father) from own dictionary daddy takes care of for myself his(nuclear family), but father took care all extended. His dead is just like losing a 10 years old baby to me, too hard to comprehend. He is a builder, connector, motivator, counselor, provider, adviser, the mentor, encourager and FATHER. As Oluseyi & Taricia, Ayodeji, and Nifemi Orija my family here in Houston, we missed him so much.

His role being there for ALL, you’re God sent; but we enjoyed you, but death does not allow you to enjoy us. I and my wife always fight about whose daddy between me and, my American wife call him daddy. I remember him he always telling me I am proud of you, always there to help. To make Prof happy is when you are serving Lord and active in God-house, always be a good listener, he always stood by us, my wife cry and concerned Prof Dead, she said is the only person that my husband takes his advice and run to. He touched every soul here and there, He find time out of no time to pleased you and make you happy. His is tough and strict not to play on his intelligence, I remembered decade years ago 1990s when we are travelled to Ede with him, this a splash back “I wanted to eat and I ‘am hungry, but we are in hurry for occasion then with Lati then,

Seyi: Daddy sees the road-side roaster corn seller.

Prof: Oh –on don’t play on my intelligence if you are hungry tell me

Seyi: ok sir

Prof: Don’t show me the road-side roaster corn seller, all of us have eyes.

Seyi: Beni Sir…


Well Daddy our last conversation was long on 28 August 2019, Only God know the best, there are lot of of uncountable role he played in my personal life as standby. He carried everyone burden on his shoulder. You are irreplaceable, nonpareil, matchless, exceptional, and inimitable, but GOD need you most. I believed the benefits of your good deeds his quantifiable to all. Heaven journey real for those you serve the Lord. That is my joyous… You die a meaningful death than to live a meaningless life.

Revelation 14:13And I heard a voice from heaven saying, ‘Write this: Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from now on.’  ‘Blessed indeed,’ says the Spirit, ‘that they may rest from their labours, for their deeds follow them!’”

Goodbye… Baba Oninure.. Masun la..ya Jesu. Titi Aajinde…

Special Tribute to our “GREAT INLAW” Prof.Taiwo Adewole

Shared by Otunba Peter Akinmolayan on September 21, 2019
In loving memory of our dearest Professor Taiwo Adewole
Fulfilled with life, at peace in death
Too soon for us and too painful for the family
Where do we find love and kindness like yours in this world?
How can I explain the kindness in your heart, the contagious of your joy when you see people you mentor doing well?
Hiw can I ever be able to sum up his beautiful life that is full of motivation and development of others in few short words? Then I realized that I couldn’t but is my duty to tell how much he meant to the Adewoles Fifo and ONDO kingdom at large 
Prof you always give ,give,and give, you also share your knowledge and refuse to take You inspired People around you to do well in all their chosen career What can I say about this great man ?How are the mighty fallen” 
The say memories are golden’ may be that is true
we keep you in our hearts for the love of the past, for it was planted forever to last
You are always in our thoughts
we jointly say “ Put your arms around him Lord
kiss his smiling face
for he was very special to us and can never be replaced
Prof though your smile and heart of gold is gone forever BUT we shall never lose the sweet memories of you 
you will always be remembered and never forgotten 
precious in the sight of the lord is the death of his saints
psalm 116:15
adieu Prof Taiwo (oko Keji, Baba Dokun & Adeoye)
Otunba Peter Akinmolayan 


Shared by Tayelolu Aderibigbe on September 21, 2019
Our time together was brief, about half of a decade, yet it was long enough to assess the nature of a person you were. I realize you were an amiable person to work with, a resilient, hardworking and committed officer taking responsibilities at a time as if there would be no other. No one, not even you, knew your time was fast running out.
It was a privilege working with you as Chairman of the Bowen Hospital Management Committee, despite the brevity of time, for I found in you the spirit of team playing even with the heavy workload involved. Our consolation is the fact that you committed your life to the service of your Creator whom you served with devotion. It was not really how long, but how well.
We are sore troubled about your early exit, But we realize that our Author and Finisher, who has the ultimate command of our individual life journey, knows better why He chose to call you home now to rest. We therefore commit you to Him in whose bosom you already found your blissful rest. Adieu, dear friend, till that resurrection morning when we shall meet to part no more.
Dr.Tayelolu ADERIBIGBE and family.


Shared by Olaniyi Adekemi on September 19, 2019

Time, they say heals wounds, fades scars and takes pain away but to us you will remain unforgettable our beloved Prof. Taiwo Adegboyega Adewole.

We are still in awe by your sudden passing. lt was a big blow but we choose to reflect on your legacies of paragon, integrity, productivity, humility, philanthropy, entrepreneurship, peace, unity, love and strong faith in God Almighty whom you have translated to meet.

Daddy, your exemplary life speaks volume to the world at large even after your passing. You made positive impact in the lives of everyone you encountered. You were specially made by God and we are so glad that our paths crossed on this planet. For all the core values you instilled, Daddy we thank you.


To die in Christ is gain and to live in the hearts of those who love you is to live forever. We love you but God loves you best and has taken you to a glorious place.

Rest on Sir till the resurrection morning when we shall meet to part no more.
May the good Lord comfort our dearest mummy Keji and grant her grace to bear the irreparable loss.



Dear Prof...

Shared by Chidi Ifeanyi Barbara on September 19, 2019
Your warm smiles, your gracious presence, your caring questions: How are you? I haven't seen you around, how is Isioma? The way you cared, your bubbling personality, the way you loved your wife, the way you loved God, the way you would dance while leading the church or giving a testimony, the joy you expressed at all times. You will be missed, but we do not mourn as those who have no hope...

Vaya Con Dios. Go With God. 

The exit of the Lord's General

Shared by Anne Chidi on September 19, 2019
The exit of Deacon (Prof) Taiwo Adewole  was quite a surprise. It took us unawares but we are sure that He is smiling as he joins the cloud of witnesses to cheer us on down here. He is not in the past but has simply changed address.
We remember his exemplary leadership, humility and his  readiness to proffer solutions. Prof. is a great teacher with unassuming wisdom. 
He loves God and lives this out. His Bible Study presentations are unique and his counselling approach is heart melting. He is very purposeful and intentional in his relationships. He is selfless and non discriminatory. 
My family will miss Him a great deal. He was there for us through our turbulent times. The Church is encouraged with the truth that we shall be meet again on  the resurrection morning and we have confidence  that the Holy Spirit will comfort  his wife,  children, relatives,  friends and the church  family because the memory of the just is blessed. 
Sleep on, our beloved Mentor.

- Pastor Anne Chidi (for the Chidi family)

Dn.(Prof.) Taiwo Adewole: Always on duty, always willing to help!

Shared by Goke Olasoko on September 19, 2019
It is quite unbelievable that Dn (Prof.) Taiwo Adewole has passed on to glory. A perfect gentleman and a great leader indeed! A caring, kind, compassionate and loving leader has departed this sinful world.  He came, he served His master and humanity meritoriously and has returned home gloriously to where we meet to part no more. While some others consider some times as off duty times, for God and humanity, Dn. (Prof.) Taiwo Adewole was always on duty, always willing to help!

It was 3rd of February, 1998, three of us were working for the Master to develop the New Members handbook for the young, yet-to-be organised New Heritage Baptist Church, Shomolu. Suddenly a call came through on the land phone, a tragedy had befallen the young church; one of our leaders had just passed on to glory. Immediately, Dr. Adewole (not yet a deacon then) and I zoomed off to LUTH in separate cars trusting God that we would be able to wake up our dead leader. Some brethren joined us there and we prayed our hearts out trusting God for a miracle. After some time, Dr. Adewole consoled and advised us as a medical practitioner that our leader had gone on a journey of no return. In providing spiritual and medical counsel, Dn. (Prof.) Adewole was always on duty, always willing to help!

It was 2008, the New Heritage Baptist Church had been without a substantive Pastor for about 5 years then. There was a need to get a Baptist trained Pastor to shepherd the church. Various efforts had been made in the past to get a suitable Pastor for the fast growing church but they proved abortive. A new direction to the Pastor search came in 2008, a  Pastor based in Port Harcourt had been suggested, the Diaconate needed to swing into action. The baton fell on Dn. (Prof.) Adewole as the then Diaconate Chairman and myself as the Diaconate Secretary. The King's business required haste. Off to Port Harcourt we went to visit the church of the Pastor suggested. Our mission was a discreet one and must be carried out with all sense of responsibility. After the church service, with maturity and godly wisdom, Dn. Adewole led the team to meet and discuss with the man of God who would later become the dynamic Pastor of the New Heritage Baptist Church from 2008 till date. Our mission to Port Harcourt was successful, we came back with a positive report. The rest is now history. When it comes to serving the Master and humanity, Dn. (Prof.) was always on duty, always willing to help! 

Time would fail me to talk about the countless times Dn. (Prof.) Adewole and other dynamic members of the then Diaconate had visited various homes and hospitals within Lagos to pray for sick members of the church on admission or on emergency. Through these prayers, our dependable God had intervened several times to avert deaths or other serious consequences. Apart from joining other Diaconate members to pray, Prof. would also provide medical advice and counsel, which oftentimes had guided the Diaconate team to pray aright concerning each case. When it comes to showing compassion and empathy, Dn. (Prof.) Adewole was always on duty, always willing to help!

What more can I say about the benefits my family personally derived from our relationship with this humble and great leader of men? Should I talk about the countless times we had called on him for medical advice and guidance when we were confused or anxious about the diagnoses or prescriptions received from our family hospital(s)? He was always willing to give us a second opinion or to explain to us more clearly the medical jargons. We usually had peace of mind after listening to his medical explanation and guidance. In 2014, our house maid needed a surgery. The moment we mentioned it to Prof., he asked us to send her to him at Osogbo. He took care of the surgery and the medical bills. Back in his days at NIMR, my mum came to Lagos and we wanted to do a general medical examination for her in our family hospital. The moment Prof. heard about it, he asked us to bring her to NIMR for the medical examination, advising that it would be more thoroughly done over there. Not only did we get express service through his intervention, he also took care of the bills for the medical examination. In 2009, he was the chairman at my mum's 70th birthday celebration. Although he couldn't make her 80th birthday celebration this year, he made sure he spoke with her while we were at the reception. When it comes to caring for the needs of others, Dn. (Prof.) Adewole was always on duty, always willing to help!

May the God of all comforts calm, console and comfort the hearts of Dns. Keji Adewole (popularly called Mama Mission), Dokun & Deoye, the family members, the NHBC church family, his professional colleagues and Ede community in Jesus name. May He flood our hearts with His peace that passes all human understanding. May He grant us all the fortitude to bear this great loss and to forge ahead in faith. May He bring to pass all Dn. (Prof.) Adewole's heart's desires concerning his family and loved ones in Jesus name. Adieu Prof! Rest on in the bossom of your Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

God's General Goes Home

Shared by Mubo Olasoko on September 18, 2019
Dn Prof (Dr) Taiwo Adewole, a devout Christian, kind hearted, down to earth, hardworking and ever ready to do the work of the Master.
When the news of his passing to glory filtered in that Wednesday morning, it was unblievable, we hoped against hope that the news would be a mere rumour but alas! It turned out to be true at the end of the day.
How can one begin to describe this God's General? He was always an inspiration with an open mind and a listening ear.  A sincere counsellor, a confidant whom my family always went to, to decode medical jargons for us.  He was never tired of explaining and making it so simple to understand what would have otherwise been a source of apprehension.  He was a dear friend to our family despite the age difference.
He left behind an outstanding legacy of love, humility, hard work and selflessness to say the least.  I am blessed to have known and interacted with him and I am convinced that he is resting in glory with the Lord.

Prof Goes Home in Style.

Shared by Funmilayo Famutimi on September 13, 2019
      It was undeniable that a man of inestimable value had been lost.  "An  in-law father and friend, a disciplinarian with a human face, who will be greatly missed by many people". He is incredibly humorous, worked very hard, was very talented, one of mankind's finest that paid so much attention to thing of the family.
    "He was loving, caring, God fearing, generous and kind. He lived a good life fought a good fight and we can say he had finished his course".
      He lived an examplary life, that testify to his kindness, humility, human behaviour and dedicated service to God. 
      All of us, your in-laws (Chief G A Fifo descendant ) naturally feel the irreparable loss of our dear Professor Taiwo Adewole, As we say, we as ordinary mortals cannot question God,  so we ask God to console us, because he belong to all of us. May God grant us the fortitude to bear the loss.

A great Man

Shared by Akin Oke on September 12, 2019

I have been short of words since the Senior Pastor first broke the news of your passing unto glory through chat message sent to the group.
I have always known you to be a very pleasant person, courteous and very friendly. 
I remembered a particular Sunday after service where I was with Sis Bimbo and Sis Nike taking pictures and you just said "can I also please join you since am also wearing a blue attire because he noticed we were all wearing blue and to me I felt wow, a professor coming down to our level.
My very important moment with you was when you were to have your Inaugural Lecture and you chose me to handle the printing of the booklet, I was so overjoyed.  I remembered you requesting to come over to my office to have the work done together and we were there for about 6hrs or so and I would say that was the longest time I ever had with a client and even at some point I requested that I needed to pick my children from school and you even encouraged me on how to be a good father to my children. 

I know you have gone to rest and heaven is rejoicing over you now and I pray that God will console everyone of us at NHBC and most especially our very own Dns Mama Mission and the children.

Continue to rest till we meet again.
Akin Okes.

Tribute To An Amazing, peace-Loving, God-Fearing, Supporter, & Mentor.

Shared by Mayokun Oshin on September 11, 2019
Oh! How sad your demise is to hundreds of people especially your dear family and those lives you’ve touched.
Uncle ‘Gboyega (as we fondly referred & still refer to you), to say the least, you’re a wonderful and God-fearing gentleman. It’s so amazing how you lighten up (hard to use the past tense here) peoples’ faces and bring joy with your infectious smile every time you enter a gathering.
You surprised me each time you called my husband & son by their first names; these’re people you rarely met... It shows how caring and thoughtful you were!!
Uncle ‘Gboyega, by your phenomenal lifestyle, you epitomized everything the Scripture says in Phil.4: 8,9 (“Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things. Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me, or seen in me—put it into practice. And the God of peace will be with you.”) This is one of the best legacies to which many of us, your indirect or direct mentees, friends, children (biological & non biological) will forever be grateful and emulate. May this legacy continue to live with us and the next generation, and be passed down even to the generations yet unborn...Thank you uncle Gboyega and may you continue to rest eternally in the bossom of our Lord till we meet to part no more in Jesus’ name, Amen!!!
‘Mayo & ‘Sina Oshin.

Tribute to A Legend

Shared by Engr Emmanuel Akinwole on September 11, 2019
For a couple of days now  I have been dazed to hear that our distinguished Prof Taiwo Adewole is no longer with us. What can I say? 

The tremor of the news has been devastating to me and several other people. Prof Adewole is to more of us than a compassionate counsellor, a sincere adviser to behold , an immaculate gentleman, committed christian church leader per excellence, an indefatigable defender of faith, a hardcore Baptist of Baptists and quintessential husband and father. 

Our thoughts cannot but go to our mother and auntie, an indomitable Jewel of all seasons, Dns Keji Adewole (fondly called M.D, Mission Deaconess, by some of us) whose words would fail me to describe her inimitable  closeness and romeonic affection for our departed father . Not the least are the precious children, family, friends, relations as well as the great New Heritage Baptist Church (NHBC) Somolu Lagos membership where Grandpa served meritoriously as the pioneer Chairman of the Board of Deacons for an uninterrupted eight years! He traversed many departments,committees and boards where he left his mark of selflessness, perseverance, hard work, generosity, unwavering commitment and diligence. He would surely be missed by many and for various valid reasons.... 

 My Prof, you have suddenly  decided to take your well- deserved rest until we meet  to part no more at the feet of Jesus Christ where there would no longer be tears and sorrows but eternal joy ,peace and rejoicing. Adieu!, Adieu!!, Adieu!!! Engr Emmanuel Akinwole, NHBC ,LAGOS .

Amazing dad!

Shared by Adenike Opejin on September 11, 2019
Sitting on my bed this morning to write something about you daddy was not an easy task but at the same time I could write pages upon pages about the good times I had with you. 
You found it too easy to accept me as a daughter, always protecting and encouraging me. I remember the night you met me reading Francine Rivers book at 3:30am and you asked if it was my school book. I said no and you walked up to where I sat at the dinning table in your residence at NIMR. You then told me,  'if you can use this seal in your academic work, I can guarantee you will be a professor one day'. Those words ring in my head every time I am faced with a difficult task in school. Little wonder I am in the 3rd year of my PhD today at Arizona State University. You were always proud of me and that's why whenever I call you, I will tell you all the good and exciting things I have been up to. The last time we spoke, I told you I will be teaching a class all by myself and you said " that means you will have to work on your accent". I told you, I don't care because everyone has an accent and that I have fought it out with my professors so everyone listens carefully when I speak because that's what I do when they speak. You started laughing out loud and said " that's my bold daughter". 
In my spiritual work, you encouraged me and will listen to all my family challenges. And all you will say is "Bunmi, I know that God is taking you somewhere, just trust him". My service in God's house was a product of a secret encouragement. I see the smiles and joy on your face whenever I mount the altar to sing at New Heritage Baptist Church. You will even give me money to express how much you were pleased that Dn Adewole's daughter is singing in church. Unknown to Pastor Salem that was the motivation for wanting to lead praises on Sundays I know daddy will be in church.

In my marriage, you were a wonderful father and counselor. I remember the stern warning you gave me to cut off a friend that almost ruined my marriage. Even though you had reservations about my unannounced wedding ceremony request, you supported me anyways because you wanted me to be happy.
I can continue to write pages upon pages, but I choose to stop here. I just want to let you know that I will miss those long calls and gists and the high tone in your voice " Bunmi, I am proud of you". The good memories shared with you are sweeter than the sadness of your death. I love you and miss you. Rest on daddy, till we meet again at the feet of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Shared by CHIDI ISIOMA on September 11, 2019
Prof Adewole was my father. It's strange to use "was" for him because he is and will always be amazing. 

My parternal father died almost 20 years ago and Prof practically adopted me. He was genuinely interested in what was going on and will always say "I am praying for you". I felt your prayers sir. 

He never lost a chance to remind us that our father will be really proud of who we are and all we have achieved. 
We will miss him but we know God has him now.

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