Perhaps love is like a resting place, A shelter from the Storm, It exists to give you comfort, It is there to keep you warm, And in those times of trouble, When you feel most alone, The memory of love will bring you home. - John Denver, ©Chrysalis One Mus
  • 70 years old
  • Born on September 28, 1943 in New Jersey, United States.
  • Passed away on June 25, 2014 in San Diego, California, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Ralph Baty, 70, who passed away on June 25, 2014 after a brief illness. We will remember him forever. You are invited to share in the telling of his story by sharing your stories on the tab above, or uploading photos.  You may also leave a brief message below by clicking on the icons. Thank you for visiting and sharing your love of this wonderful man.

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Posted by Khrystalle Baty on 3rd October 2018
Happy belated birthday Grandpa!! This year I took the kiddos to see/meet the Kratt brothers on your birthday. I'm unsure if you knew who they are but the things they've taught the kids about animals is amazing! I truly think you would have enjoyed the show, especially watching the excitement on the kids faces. I miss you so much, everyday. It makes me so sad to think I'm bringing another Baty into the world and you aren't here to meet him/her. I love that sissy has memories of you for us to reflect on, I make sure as much is shared with brother as possible, and will continue to do so with our newest addition. I love you, Grandpa. ♥️
Posted by Julianne Ricksecker on 25th June 2018
You are in my heart every day. Taking a moment today on the anniversary of your death to acknowledge how much I still miss you, and how dear I hold the memories of our time together. Still so grateful for all that we shared, and all the ways you positively impacted my life. There are so many things I wish we could talk about, and experiences I wish we could share. I love you.
Posted by Alice Raines on 25th June 2018
I will always remember what an intelligent and kind person Ralph was and how he made the world a better place with him in it.
Posted by Rich Ernst on 25th June 2018
Interesting, it's "only" been 4 years yet on reflection, it seems like you've been gone much longer. Still missed. Rich
Posted by Julianne Ricksecker on 29th September 2017
Happy birthday sweet Ralph! I have been thinking about you all day remembering how much you loved celebrating everyone else's special occasions. I wanted to write here but I could almost hear you saying "but you have to finish your prints for the show..." You always worried that I would not have time to get them all done. Well - you could be right. It's been known to happen. Oh, you are missed. I wish you could be here to celebrate your birthday! I think even some folks who joined games group after you were gone miss you! I do love that your spirit lives on in the games groups, at the bridge clubs, and of course, in the family. I am grateful every day for the relationship we shared and the gifts that it has given me. I love you.
Posted by Rich Ernst on 28th September 2017
Another year, and you are still missed. What a loss to all who knew you.
Posted by Rich Ernst on 26th June 2017
Wow, hard to believe it's been 3 years without you, Ralph. Always enjoyed your humor and banter as well as your intelligence at the game parties we attended together. You continue to be missed.
Posted by Julianne Ricksecker on 25th June 2017
My dearest Ralph, I still think of you and miss you every day. Most often it is with gratitude for the many ways that you enhanced my life in the too brief decade we had together. When I work in the studio, I remember your delight in seeing progress from day to day. When framing art, I remember how we had a system for putting the frames together and I miss your assistance! When I pack work to deliver to a show - I remember how you helped me with the physical work, but also with thoughtful additions to the tools and strategies we used - ways to protect the frames during transport, for example, and how to hang the work at an outdoor display. At election time, I missed the long conversations we had over all the ballot propositions each year. I miss you when I play bridge. I enjoyed being your partner so much! I do play with the Baty Bridge Bunch, which Mike has kept going. It is good to have the gang together although it’s only once a month now. I miss going to games nights with you. I still go some Saturdays, but not as regularly. It’s not the same without you, of course, and it’s easy to let other activities take precedence. Still I appreciate the friendships you introduced me to in those groups, and I like to stay in touch. I continue your tradition of season tickets at North Coast Rep, and have taken friends to the performances, as you did before I met you. Still eating bison from Glacier Grown - just received my second order. Still enjoying organic produce, but from Sprouts and my own garden, this year. Just could not keep up with the box! Still making art inspired by our travels, but also making more local scenes. You will appreciate that I added the people into a beach scene that I painted this week - and it sold within 24 hours. I know, you told me so! I miss your delight in your family, and your thoughtful and loving attention to your grandchildren and great-grandchildren. I loved your research into the gifts you would give, research that often started months before the birthday in question. Even though sometimes the package wouldn’t get into the post in time to arrive for the birthday, you always had the gifts in house well in advance! I miss the rowdy family gatherings you had every summer and at holidays. You were so generous with your time and attention, and affection. You affected my life in so many ways that carry on today, but what I miss most is the day to day - just being together. Laughing. Loving. You reading aloud while I knit - how many books did we get through? Alternating fiction and non-fiction. Watching a little Netflix. Playing Boggle. For all the sadness I feel over your being gone, I still feel joy in the memories of our time together, and gratitude for the love that you gave me. I will take a walk at Coast Walk today, and think of you and remember you with love.
Posted by Marty Freer on 25th June 2017
It's been three long years. I still reflect on your wisdom & what an amazing peacemaker you were. We miss you old friend. Until that "Forever Someday"....
Posted by Khrystalle Baty on 6th June 2017
Grandpa, I miss you so much. I still pick up my phone everyday wanting to hear your voice, to tell you about everything I've been doing, new things the kids are learning. I've taken such big steps forward this passed year and I finally feel like I'm leading a life you'd truly be proud of. That's what I've always wanted, to make you proud. You taught me so much, you were always there for me, and always wanted me to live to my full potential instead of standing still. I love you. I love you for pushing me, for loving me unconditionally when I was a complete brat, for always being there for me when I needed you, for providing consistency and being the most stable part of my life. Thank you for telling me I could live to be more, for pushing me when I didn't believe in myself, for always being honest, even when that honesty was too much to hear. ❤
Posted by Marty Freer on 26th June 2016
Ralph, you inspire us still. My wife Kate & I often reflect on how you conducted your life, the things you said & did. Sometimes when I consider a choice of options & it doesn't quite work out the way I planned, we can hear you say "that was a most unfortunate decision". Until we meet again, old friend.
Posted by Julianne Ricksecker on 25th June 2016
Sweet Ralph, I can hardly believe it's been two years. I still miss you and it is a great comfort to remember all the good times we had together - games, and bridge, plays and travel, and all the books you read aloud to me. I'll be at the Fair today - doing a demo, another thing you helped me with - and I'll think of you at the wood show, and at the gadgets tent! Two exhibits you loved! And many people are remembering you when they see the art I have in the Fair this year - both pieces are from our last trip together, and the hikes we took in Bishop. One is a portrait of you on the trail, your face highlighted by the setting sun. "Last Light". Much love.
Posted by Cynthia Salonista on 25th June 2016
Ralph was such an inspiration. I worked with him in finding the right style for framing some art work, and he became a friend and mentor. A brilliant light in the lives of all that knew home and he always introduced you to others and shared his baking, a kindred spirit. He will always be in our hearts!
Posted by Khrystalle Baty on 19th March 2016
I miss you so much, everyday. I love you grandpa.
Posted by ~Kris (aka Ariel) on 29th September 2015
Happy Birthday Buddy! I miss your physical presence at BB Games every month. Maybe you can look over my shoulder when I am playing your favorite card games, and whisper in my ear the best cards to play. This way you still get to enjoy the game from the other side, and everyone will wonder why I keep winning. LOL.
Posted by Rich Ernst on 28th September 2015
Just thinking about Ralph on what would have been his 72nd birthday. I only knew him from games groups, but think about him regularly when I play.
Posted by Julianne Ricksecker on 28th September 2015
Thinking of Ralph on his birthday, traveling and doing "urban hiking" as our friends Doug and Kelly called it. I wish he could have shared this adventure with me. He was a great travel companion!
Posted by Alice Raines on 28th September 2015
Ralph was such an interesting, intelligent and good person. The happy memories of game nights and bridge with Ralph will always be missed. Ralph was admired by everyone who knew him.My heart goes out to his great love Juli, and his family.
Posted by Rich Ernst on 25th June 2015
Just a note to say you're still missed and thought of regularly by me and many others.
Posted by Khrystalle Baty on 25th June 2015
I miss you so much, Grandpa.
Posted by Libby Hewes on 25th June 2015
Barbara's annual 4th of July party is coming up soon. We'll save a spot for you at the table. Miss you, Ralph.
Posted by ~Kris (aka Ariel) on 25th June 2015
When I see the beautiful light in your girlfriend's eyes, it is always a reminder of the light of goodness that was in you. You will always be remembered fondly...but did you have to take your cookie recipe with you? LOL!
Posted by Marty Freer on 25th June 2015
Ralph remains in our hearts & thoughts, even today. Sometimes, when I'm struggling with a decision, Ralph pops into my head with a suggestion as to how he might deal with it. That helps ! Even when something doesn't quite turn out the way it was intended, a famous quote from Ralph comes to mind............"That was a most unfortunate decision". We miss you dear friend. Until we meet again.
Posted by Julianne Ricksecker on 25th June 2015
For all the sadness of Ralph’s absence in body, I still feel the impact of his love and the relationship that we shared. I feel so lucky to have had the time with him that I did. The feelings of sorrow are always followed by gratitude for what we had. And a flood of happy memories. He was a remarkable man. He is my rock.
Posted by Julianne Ricksecker on 29th September 2014
I miss you every day. Ellen and I celebrated your birthday by going to dinner and a concert. You would have enjoyed the dinner - the concert, not so much! A little loud for your taste! Enjoyed lots of happy memories of our time together. Wish you were here to hang the exhibit in Vista this week - an ambitious 53 pieces in a solo show. Congratulations on your great grandson born the 24th - what joy you would take in him! Love, Juli
Posted by Steph Rake on 29th September 2014
I didn't know Ralph well, but liked his sense of humor and his love of family and friends. He left us far too soon.
Posted by Ginger Steketee on 28th September 2014
Time to remember Ralph on his own special day. Kisses to Juli, his vigilant and strong best friend,
Posted by John Neville on 28th September 2014
Happy Birthday to Ralph
Posted by Rich Ernst on 28th September 2014
Thinking of the tremendous loss we all felt with Ralph's unexpected and tragic passing. I think of him regularly when playing games. Rest in peace, Ralph.
Posted by ~Kris (aka Ariel) on 28th September 2014
Happy Birthday Ralph, We miss you! ~Kris (aka Ariel)
Posted by Pete Bridgeman on 21st July 2014
I've always only known Ralph as "Juli's Ralph" - as that, I always knew him as a most devoted and loyal partner to her. We would see Ralph about once a year, with the occasional skipped year, depending on whether they could make it to our annual family gathering in Debordieu, SC. This past weekend I felt like I got to know the whole Ralph, having spent the weekend on his "turf", including his home, where I stayed, and got to spend significant time with, and get to know, his brother. From meeting so many who knew him, and seeing how he touched so many people, many in a profound way, I now have an even better sense of how much he meant to my beautiful sister, and how deeply missed he will be. I'm glad I got to see this, glad I got to know Ralph, as more than just "Juli's Ralph" - although, even as that, he was really something. Rarely have I seen such devotion and loyalty as he always showed to her. One of my lasting memories of Ralph will always be of him reading to Juli, while she knitted, in the little sitting room outside of where they stayed when we shared a large beach home several summers ago. Such devotion. Remarkable man. My sincere sympathies and sorrow to all of his family - may grace and comfort be yours, and my sisters, as you all carry on, with the warm memories of a most remarkable man, who touched your lives, so.
Posted by Ginger Steketee on 17th July 2014
When I entered a room with beautiful Juli in it, I knew not far away was her Ralph, somewhere, quietly watching with amusement on his face, at the ready to be there for his gal - Johnny on the Spot - deeply in love with the wise, kind Juli - his special gal. Oh, my - our loss, heaven's gain.
Posted by John Neville on 7th July 2014
Ralph was a genuine gem. It seems that he invented the concept of proactive empathy: he constantly envisioned the needs of others, and then made sure those needs were met. Both his wit and knowledge of the nuances of the English language are legendary among the Tuesday night bridge group he hosted and alliteratively dubbed “Baty’s Bridge Bunch.” Although I hate phone conversations, I enjoyed long phone chats with Ralph. His sense of humor and brilliant mind made it a pleasure to solve with him double-dummy bridge problems and explore innovative bidding concepts. As much as I’ll miss all the tournament and home bridge I played both with and against him, I’ll miss Ralph the man so much more.
Posted by LEILA BLOOMBERG on 7th July 2014
Marty & I were shocked & saddened by Ralph’s sudden passing & still can’t believe he is gone. We will always remember him as will the many people whose lives he touched in such a positive way. We met him in the 1990’s in our early days playing duplicate bridge & enjoyed playing many bridge team games with him over the years. We also participated in the Tuesday night bridge games at his house that he so generously hosted & coordinated weekly for many years always making sure there were the right number of players & never canceling even when he had out-of-town company staying with him. He also went out of his way to help people learn & improve their bridge game by offering bridge lessons at his home. Moreover he was an active member of the San Diego Bridge Unit Board for 8 years during which time he served as Tournament Chairman & coordinated all the Sectional tournaments as well as holiday parties. Ralph will be sorely missed & long remembered for his caring spirit & all he did to help others & enrich their lives.
Posted by Nira Levy on 7th July 2014
I met Ralph many years ago at the Cove Bridge club in La jolla, I was a beginner Bridge player at that time, He invited me to his home to play, and I consider this a kind gesture. I feel compelled to share with others the unbelievable character of this man. Like I mentioned earlier, I first met Ralph with an invitation to play bridge. Automatically I felt the hospitality and warmth that came from him. This made it so easy to become instant friends, making anyone who came into his house feel very special. I know many will miss this humble and intelligent person, all that were lucky enough to know him must feel a little emptiness now that he is gone. I am lucky to have spent the many years enjoying his company.
Posted by Stephanie Hurst on 3rd July 2014
I know Ralph as the very special partner of my good friend Julie. He was always so sweet to her. He was always there for her. He just loved her: purely, unconditionally and wholeheartedly. We should all be so lucky. Ralph, you are gone too soon and will be greatly missed.
Posted by Matt Bradaric on 2nd July 2014
In the short time I have known Ralph, I quickly came to accept his generous & forgiving nature. I was looking foreword to playing cards with again at future meet ups. Like so many others I will miss him.
Posted by Nancy Yuen on 1st July 2014
I remember meeting Ralph, at his home, in 2009 or 2010. I was impressed at his skill at playing games that required great memory. His often surpassed mine, even though he was almost twice my age! I enjoyed spending time both playing with him and chatting with him about different games, including Bridge, though I never had the opportunity to play Bridge with him. He will be missed by myself, my daughter, Kat, and his numerous friends with whom he had shared his life.
Posted by Cynthia Salonista on 30th June 2014
Ralph was a shining light a gift to the world .a great soul a brilliant artappreciator and most of all a dear friend to all he will be missed
Posted by Libby Hewes on 30th June 2014
Ralph was the best "Oh Hell" scorekeeper in the world! Always very gentle and patient with would-be gamers. Always a generous host with a wonderfully dry and subtle sense of humor. I met Ralph briefly at a MENSA event in the early '90's...years before I started to attend Games. He was a brilliant man with humility and grace who kept his brilliance under wraps so people would still play with him. LOL! I'm happy to have known him.
Posted by Alice Raines on 30th June 2014
Ralph was a wonderful bridge teacher and host. His great humor and intelligence will be missed.
Posted by Nancymae Gallagher on 30th June 2014
Immediately after meeting Juli I knew she was and is an awesome woman of wisdom, courage and talent. So I was delighted to meet her Ralph one day in Spanish Village, one of my favorite places to just hang out. He was a hug me teddy bear kind of guy. His great laughter and "break apart" glasses have kept me from getting frustrated many a time while learning new card games. And of course I always have to squirrel away a few of his scrumptious cookies for myself when game night is at my house !! Every April I run the La Jolla Half and then do the Art Walk. This year I stopped to hug Juli and there was Ralph, as always, her wonderful sentry siting in his chair, notebook and pencil in hand. We hugged and chatted a bit. Then I picked up an artwork of Juli's, Morning Mist, a beautiful scene of trees and mountains. Ralph mentioned that I hold that particular print each time I come. He told me this story about it: Juli worked on this one and Ralph said "that looks great just like that". But Juli added some more depth to the artwork and Ralph said "that looks even better." Juli added further touches and Ralph told her "you knew just what to do to make this perfect." Well, I knew it was truly such a great combination of Ralph and Juli that I bought it right then and there. I am So Happy that I have this wonderful memento of dear Ralph to grace my home. Many Many Blessings to his Beloved Juli and to his family ...
Posted by Marty Freer on 30th June 2014
Ralph has been my friend for more than twenty years. Ralph was one of the most kind, helpful & gentle souls I have ever known. If someone or some group needed help, Ralph was the "go to guy" to offer his special brand of compassionate wisdom. We feel a great loss for someone we all cared about so much & who genuinely cared about us. Our heart & prayers go out to Julie, his loving partner, his children, grand children, great grand children & his many, many friends. Ralph has left us with an amazing legacy of love & caring. Ralph will remain in our hearts. Until our spirits reunite......... We will miss you Ralph.
Posted by Annie Corrao on 29th June 2014
I remember first meeting Ralph who, with his card playing saavy, was quite intimidating. After I decided with reticence to join in on the game I realized what a delightful guy he was and I was hooked on the 'glimpse over his glasses' smile and amusing comments. From then on he was awesome to play with and I never once felt sheepishly shameful about my poor "Oh Hell" strategies. He left a charming impression on me. My most sincere sympathies go out to his family, dear friend Julie and other admirers.
Posted by Rich Ernst on 29th June 2014
I don't know how long ago I met Ralph, probably 4, most likely at one of Barbara's Bunch game parties. He introduced me to Bugarum, which I found fascinating as it's a variation of a game I've played since a child with my family. Always enjoyed playing with him and admiring his skill. My thoughts go out to Juli, his family, and many, many friends. He'll be sorely missed.
Posted by Douglas Dennis Sr on 29th June 2014
Although I have never met Ralph, I have been involved with gaming meet up groups here in San Diego since February, 2012. There has been numerous times to go to various meet up groups in which Ralph was there, all though I did not know it at that time. It saddens me to now know that I have missed the opportunity to meet one who has been so influential as Ralph has been here in the San Diego area.
Posted by Carol Haney on 29th June 2014
I've known Ralph as a integral part of several San Diego gaming groups for years and years and.....well - a long time. He was always in demand to play whatever was going on - the Settling of Catan, building worldwide railroad networks, or raising hell with one of his favorite card games - "Oh, Hell!". Win or lose, it was always an honor being at the same table with him (and his cookies). Until later...Game On, Ralph!!
Posted by ~Kris (aka Ariel) on 29th June 2014
I'm shocked. Ralph was so vibrant and young. He was one of my favorite Phoenix players. I always wanted to be at his table. He was always willing to teach, showed great patience for people learning, and accepted everyone,not to mention always kept score for us. And we will never forget his cookies, he made the best cookies in San Diego...I'm sure it was because of the love he put into them. Everyone loved Ralph. He just had a really great heart. I believe it was just last month that he had game night at his home and stayed up and playing with us until 1:00 am. While I take comfort in knowing that his Soul and Spirit will never die, and will always be with us, I will greatly miss him in the physical body. God be with you Ralph! This one is for you Ralph: My thoughts, prayers, and condolences go out out to Julie and his family. ~Kris (aka Ariel)
Posted by Jean Molnar on 29th June 2014
I will really miss Ralph's smiling face at the bridge table. I also worked with him closely when he was Tournament Manager for the San Diego Sectionals. He was the best! And, of course, the tournaments will never be the same without Ralph's famous cookies.
Posted by Gladys Jimenez on 29th June 2014
I first met Ralph in 2007 when I was invited to a games group gathering. I instantly liked him as soon as I tasted his cookies. I think I over dose on them the very first time. Then I got to know him a little better with time and realized what a good man he was. I had hope to do a painting of him, which I will still do down the road, but sharing a few photos of him for now. Where ever he is, I am sure he is happy and at peace. May those who loved him and miss him find comfort and peace during this sad time.

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