Baseball Coach

Shared by Shaire Yarbrough on April 11, 2019

The year dad was a baseball coach I was probably 9 or 10 had to be the early 80s it was one of my most memorable summers because, I Hated baseball Im pretty sure the only reason dad coached that year was to motivate my brother to get better grades in school and somehow I was made to play. my stepmom Terri might be able to fill in some of the details but this is what I remember. I was afraid of the ballĀ  couldnt carch it couldnt throw it Dad stuck me in right feild so all I did was run my ass off and cuss under my breathe the whole time out in that field wondering if either of my parents noticed how miserable i was and that i had absolutly no natural ability to play this sport. I endured only because it was the only time I got to spend with my dad and was willng to do something i hated just to be close to him. We did have some fun that summer pool party with the team was pretty awsome.

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