Let the memory of Raphael be with us forever... all the smiles, laughter, and happiness that were a part of every room he shared.
  • 64 years old
  • Born on August 13, 1949 in Alcoa, Tennessee, United States.
  • Passed away on January 20, 2014 in Knoxville, Tennessee, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Raphael Travis Sr., 64, born on August 13, 1949. He made his transition on January 20, 2014. We will remember him forever. Services were held on Saturday at 12 PM at Foothills Funeral Home in Maryvlle, TN.

Thank you to Foothills Funeral Home for your exemplary service and attention to detail. Thank you to Pastor R.J. Miller and the Bethel Baptist Church community. Thank you to Sherwood Chapel and Memorial Gardens for your excellent service. Thank you to HARTMAN'S FLOWERS for assistance with the creative and beautiful flower arrangements.

Finally, thank you to the many dear friends and family that demonstrated their respect and support from both near and afar. We couldn't have done it without you.

Please continue to visit and revisit this site. Add your thoughts, memories, and pictures so that we can all share together in the wonder that was "Rap" - "Trav" - "Travis" or whatever else you knew him as. Thank you for your continued support and friendship.

Jr., Najee and rest of the Travis family

Posted by Lesa Lee on 21st January 2019
They say time heals all wounds. It may not hurt as intensely but you never forget. Nor do you ever stop missing him. Still missing that infectious laugh! Lesa
Posted by Raphael Travis on 21st January 2019
I waited so long today because today I wanted to just stay in the moment with the kids... part of me knowing that you would be so proud of them. I know how much they would make you smile, laugh, and joke. You would have really loved them this weekend - showing out on the courts and field (bball, volleyball, and soccer)! I miss you more than words can say. - Love, Jr.
Posted by Connie Beatty on 20th January 2019
Thinking of you. I miss you so much. Love Connie
Posted by Raphael Travis on 13th August 2018
Happy Birthday Dad! We know 13 is a lucky number!
Posted by Raphael Travis on 21st January 2018
Dad... No words. I love you. I will always remember. -Jr.
Posted by Connie Beatty on 20th January 2018
Big bro Wow 4 years. I still start to pick up the phone and call you. I miss you so much.
Posted by Lesa Lee on 20th January 2018
Still miss your smile and your infectious grin!
Posted by Raphael Travis on 16th January 2018
Four MLK birthdays ago... you are missed.
Posted by Connie Beatty on 13th August 2017
Happy birthday bro. Missing you so much. So many times I want to talk to you. Love you. I know you are proud of your children and grandkids.
Posted by JAMES THOMAS on 13th August 2017
Posted by Raphael Travis on 22nd January 2017
After three years, the acute moments of reflection are just as hard. What gives me some peace is the slow realization of the joy I miss between us being so similar to the joy I experience with Niko. I can only hope that it is half as special to him as the fun and laughs we shared. Getting better, but still oh so tough. RIP pops. - Junior
Posted by JAMES THOMAS on 20th January 2017
Rest in Peace Trav missing our conversations
Posted by Debbie Tillman on 20th January 2017
To my Twin (we have the same birthday)......Continue to RI.P.....Truly missed.... )
Posted by Raphael Travis on 16th August 2016
Not a day goes past when I don't want to pick up that phone and share something with you... about me, about Morgan, about Niko, or about the world. To say I miss you is an understatement. I celebrated your birthday all weekend. The 13th was extra special, spending time with Najee, and also Morgan making her volleyball team. You'd be so proud of her and Niko. -Jr.
Posted by Connie Beatty on 16th August 2016
Love you brother and miss you so much Happy Birthday
Posted by John Brown on 15th August 2016
Iam sorry that I am a little late leaving my tribute to my dear friend.Had trouble with my computer.My friend,Rapheal,i will miss until the end.We met in Tennesse at the va hospital an we went through the same things together.I was Blessed to use my own blood to do my transplant.Which made it to be a 100% match.Meaning I did not go through what my friend went through.I thank god I had the chance to meet Rapheal.He became a good friend to me.I am going to miss thiendat beautiful smile he had.Rest in peace my friend,until,J.B.
Posted by Cynthia Franklin on 13th August 2016
Rest in peace. Happy Birthday.
Posted by Raphael Travis on 21st January 2016
Dad... So glad to share the day with Najee, reminiscing about the joy and fun you brought to our lives. Thank you. We will always remember. -Junior
Posted by Catherine Smith on 20th January 2016
A great guy that will be in my memorie forever. We enjoyed good times at Cousin Willie Mae's home. He loved family Good Bless the family. Catherine
Posted by Lesa Lee on 20th January 2016
Gone but never forgotten....
Posted by Raphael Travis on 17th November 2015
Hey Dad... Just thinking about you. Grandma passed this last week. I know that despite all the craziness over the years, you and she had a good relationship. Thinking fondly of you both. Two of my anchors in life. -Jr.
Posted by Raphael Travis on 13th August 2015
Today, I salute you dad for all you did and all you wanted to do foe me, for us, for the world. Listening to one of your favorites all morning... Wayman Tisdale. I know you're smiling down on you grandkids, as much as we are smiling up at you. Happy Birthday!
Posted by Connie Beatty on 13th August 2015
Happy Birthday Big Bro I have reached the point of remembering good memories and it gets a little easier. I still at times want to call you and tell you happenings but I smile because I know the comments I get from you. Love you and miss you so much.
Posted by JAMES THOMAS on 13th August 2015
Posted by Lee Wattel on 22nd January 2015
i never stoped missing you, and of course i will never stop loving you. until we meet again.
Posted by Connie Beatty on 20th January 2015
It's been a year since you left us. So many times I have started to call you and realized that I can't. I miss you so much big bro.
Posted by Raphael Travis on 20th January 2015
Dad... You are missed terribly, as much today as ever. I am drawing comfort though from remembering the many fun and hilarious times we shared, how much you loved Morgan and Niko, and how much you wanted this world to be a better place. Please know we are all working hard to honor your memory and keep our minds on the fun things in life, just as much as the serious things. Morgan and Niko are doing great in school and starting new seasons of basketball and volleyball. I know that makes you proud. -Love, Jr., Dnika, Morgan and Niko
Posted by Debbie Tillman on 13th August 2014
Posted by JAMES THOMAS on 13th August 2014
Posted by Lee Wattel on 13th August 2014
I Think About You Everyday Chapie, I Miss Your Smile And All Your Words Of Wisdom. And I Feel So Bad That I Put Off Calling You. I Love You, And I will See You In Heaven . XoXoXo
Posted by Raphael Travis on 13th August 2014
Dad. Although I think about you everyday, today is a little more special. Happy Birthday. Stay at Peace. And know you are loved beyond words. I'm even wearing my "Travis #13" NY jersey today! And, me and Dnika are going out to enjoy some carrot cake tonight, one of your favorites. Love from all of us... me, Dnika, Morgan, and Raphael III (Niko).
Posted by John Brown on 13th August 2014
Has not been to many days that has went by that I donot think of my friend.Even though we met in adverse situation down in Nashville Tenn VA.We became good friends in the short time we knew each other.We could laugh an talk about life.To me it seems he enjoyed te time he had here.I surely miss my friend.I could talk to him on the phone an get that laughter out of him.Now I hear it,but it is distant from a far.I know he is doing better now,all his trials an tribulations here on this planet called earth is over.Rest in peace my friend,until we meet again,to continue our talks an have those's laughs we use to share.I will never forget you my friend.I surely miss you.I thank our father for letting us meet each other.O an by the way it was also a pleasure to meet your beautiful sister an her precious smile also.My brother meet me at the door when I come knocking at the door,i will be looking for my friend called Rapheal Travis.May our father keep you close to him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Connie Beatty on 14th June 2014
Happy Father's Day to a great Father who loved his children so much. Love you brother
Posted by Raphael Travis on 17th April 2014
Just thinking about pops today a little stronger than normal. -Jr.
Posted by Connie Beatty on 7th February 2014
Big Brother During the past weeks, more than once I have picked up the phone to dial your number to share a laugh with you. It’s so hard to believe you are gone. I do thank God for allowing you to reconnect with the family here in Tennessee. It was such a blessing to have you in my life. I miss you so. Love you, your little sis. Connie
Posted by Linda Howe on 30th January 2014
I will always remember Travis' embracing smile. You felt it was just for you!! Rest in peace, my friend. You will be missed. To the family, my deepest condolences.
Posted by Lee Wattel on 30th January 2014
I was sorry to hear that a good man has gone. a man who stood tall with his convictions a co-worker who valued the human ideal of fairness and equality for all. he valued his family and friends. men like him come around once in a lifetime. resr t in piece good buddy. until we meet again. Tom OConnor
Posted by Lesa Lee on 28th January 2014
He had an infectious smile and a laugh that would fill the room with joy. I will miss him.
Posted by Dnika Travis on 27th January 2014
Rest in peace and know you are loved and treasured.
Posted by Catherine Melling on 27th January 2014
A man of dignity and grace. A true friend who will be missed
Posted by JAMES THOMAS on 25th January 2014
First I would like to thank God for blessing me to have been a part of Travis life. My condolences go out to the Travis family. For those of you who knew Travis knew he love to read and research black history and history in general . He would e-mail me tons of information on history, and some jokes. I know he's reading in peace. I've known Travis for over 50 years. We played softball, hung out went to football games etc. There's nothing he wouldn't do for you or his family. You will be miss by many. Rest In Peace my Brother. S.Y.O.T.O.S See you on the other side
Posted by Ronald Townsend on 25th January 2014
To my life-long friend, Rudy-Poo, I am going to miss you… Willie Ransom
Posted by Ronald Townsend on 25th January 2014
We are going to miss you… Dennis Burgess and J.T. Ebron
Posted by Catherine Smith on 24th January 2014
Words cannot express our feelings for the lost of such a wonderful guy. Raphael was always such a special person to me and Bess. We will always cherish his memory and the times we all spent together at Cousin Willie's home . May you always know the joy of how he touch so many people. God Be With You at this time and know that we will always keep him in our memory. LOVE YOU, Cousin Catherine and Bess
Posted by Melvin Braxton on 24th January 2014
Travis, though we never met in person,I feel that I got to know you due to the many conversations we had about our multiple myeloma. You were so uplifting to me when the pain was severe, and extremely inspirational to me when I was in my low points. My brother, I will miss you - we will meet and have a big laugh together. May you rest in peace. My condolences and prayers go out to your family.
Posted by Ronald Townsend on 24th January 2014
Well Travis, it seems that a lot of folks knew you well and maybe not as well, but you left a lasting impression on the people that you did meet (with a winning smile). On Friday morning, Jan. 24, I dedicated an outdoor- workout to you in the cold Texas weather – like we 'user-do' in the military. We served in Vietnam at different times but our service there was the same. I was located in the Central Highlands, attached to 84th Construction Engineers. The 101st Airborne Division always provided cover for us, as well as 73rd Airborne and 1st Calvary Divisions, so that we could build roads and bridges where there were very few. I chose to be an electrical lineman, stringing wire and tall poles when we could. Thank you Travis and 101st Airborne for your support in ’68-'69. In closing, I admire that you worked with OTB as a dedicated carpenter for 30 plus years which later led to a supervisory role. May God bless and keep you... Ronnie Townsend
Posted by Debbie Tillman on 23rd January 2014
Posted by Al Turner on 23rd January 2014
Brother Travis, You have completed your journey to a new heavenly and joyful existence. No more pain, no more suffering. Yes, I will miss your wholesome laugh and the ever-present smile when we greeted. But now you are in the arms of Almighty God; now you really see that there is no better place to be. All blessings to your wonderful son and your entire family. I will see you in heaven.
Posted by Lee Wattel on 23rd January 2014
I met rap about 33 yrs.ago. and i new i had a friend for life. since he retired from o.t.b. we kept in touch threw phone and texting.he was a kind and just a beautifull person. i called him chapie, that was our joke.i will miss him soooo much! see you in heaven chapie. i love you.
Posted by Kristi Clark on 23rd January 2014
Connie and family, I am so, so sorry to hear of Raphael's passing. What a beautiful tribute to an awesome brother, friend and father. Raphael will truly be missed by all that had the pleasure of meeting him. You are in my thoughts and prayers during this very sad time.

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