Let the memory of Raymond be with us forever
  • 75 years old
  • Born on July 26, 1937 in Sargo, Kentucky, United States.
  • Passed away on March 17, 2013 in Ft.Wayne, Indiana, United States.

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Raymond Barnett, 75, born on July 26, 1937 and passed away on March 17, 2013. We will remember him forever.

Posted by Aimee Osborne on 17th March 2018
Grandpa would be so proud now. He always was but wasn't slow to tell me what I should probably do different. He would love my husband. He would love my car lol. He would love my job. Glad to know that I am living up to what he expected of me.
Posted by Terry Barnett on 19th August 2016
Daddy, I want to thank that you and Cheri are spending alot of time praising our and telling him to bring us all home to heaven as this world is just getting worse by the day and I know a few of us are ready to go but we will wait for GOD'S time And keep trusting him to use us as he did you both ,remember That I am sharing Jesus with who ever will listen -O Come Holy Spirit I Need you .
Posted by Terry Barnett on 26th July 2016
Missing you today and everyday Happy Birthday Dad, hope you are fishing while you wait for all of us to be with you again in Heaven praising the Lord and no more sin or darkness I know we all miss you but are happy you are not suffering, Mom is ok but misses you all the time as you were one in this life.
Posted by Terry Barnett on 5th April 2016
Visited with your g g babies and mom had a great time seeing them and I talked to them and tickled the youngest as I know that was what you used to do, love you Dad and miss you , Terry
Posted by Terry Barnett on 19th March 2016
Just wanted to post that girls are coming to visit their ggma in Florida & we areexcited to share some quality time together and remember the times we shared & just love each other as we knowthat is what you did & we what to keep that part of you going as we miss you very much but know you are with the Lord and not suffering.We love you dad
Posted by Terry Barnett on 17th March 2016
Well another year has passed and mom is still getting along with the help of others but she has been through a lot of battles and still doing the best that she can! Well Dad we all are going to do the best we can in life because you always wanted us to try and make a difference in our lives and we think you are smiling as you are with the Lord. Still trying to do what is best but mistakes happen to the one's that try so just wanted to let everyone one know that we miss the time we shared together and still trying to remember to think about the day we all were together . love you Dad from Mom and family.
Posted by Terry Barnett on 26th July 2015
Mom asked me to put a rock out front of the house with the stone that someone gave her at the funeral and it says dreams on it with flowers, she misses you so much and is always telling others about Kayla the dog and story of how you loved dogs and also she wants to go be with you in heaven, she is not getting around to good but I always encourage her to keep trying to push on and she does. Well Happy Birthday Dad ,I'll do my best to take care of mom and help her with any need she has. Love you Dad and miss you
Posted by Mark Barnett on 26th July 2015
Happy birthday Dad! Going to celebrate it today with root beer floats! Sure glad we got to share them together! Made alot of changes in my life and know you are still looking out for me. Thank you!
Posted by Terry Barnett on 17th March 2015
Just wanted to say that I am trying everyday to take care of mom and give her the best help l can but sometimes I don't think I am doing very well at it but I will do the best l can and if it is wrong how l do it may God convict my heart so I can do better.I just want you to be proud of me for stepping up to do my part .help with this every single minute of the day to do the best I can.Love you dad and missing you more and more everyday.
Posted by Mark Barnett on 17th March 2015
Been missing you alot lately dad, Life is good, just wish I could share it with you. Hope the changes in my life have made you proud.
Posted by Terry Barnett on 29th September 2014
you never know when you will hear someones voice for the last time so take time to listen,Dad I'm missing you a lot today and just wanted to try to look at life as if this could be my last day here on earth. But praise God I have my Faith and know God's will for my life is to share salvation with all who will listen and not harden their heart.
Posted by Terry Barnett on 26th July 2014
Happy birthday, we miss dad more than ever but will never forget the time we shared together. Doing the best we can to take care of mom and help her with her everyday life. That we both are doing the best we can, glad to to do it.
Posted by Audrey Barnett on 20th June 2014
I miss you so much and I'm happy because I know ur at peace its very hard for me right now haiden misses u so much he ask all the time if we can go see you I have to remind him that your in heaven with god looking down on us he gets said but he is strong like you were we love you and we will see you again some day muah
Posted by Terry Barnett on 15th June 2014
It's Father's day 2014 and I miss my dad's calls and and his know how do fix things and his love for my wife because he would always treat her like his own daughter and give her his undivided attention and give her his blessings plus would joke with her. The one thing I think my dad regretted was that he didn't talk about God with me a lot although he changed that at the end of his time here with us all but his wish is that we all get saved and serve the lord now .
Posted by Terry Barnett on 31st May 2014
I just want to say that I'm doing the best to take care of mom and I know that is what you would have wanted and she still misses you everyday but with the help of her faith in GOD it has been easier and she has Been attending church with us every chance she can and praying more and trying to do the best she can with everything that is in her path and she is dealing with some tuff issues with her decision making but we are trusting GOD and allowing him to guide us.
Posted by Terry Barnett on 17th March 2014
One year has passed and it seems like it was yesterday but we are going to remember to think about the time we had together and be thankful for the time we had together. We love you and miss you so much Dad. Trying to take care of mom for you and she misses you so much and talks about you just about every day. To be blessed and know that God is with us all the time!
Posted by Connie Hartman on 3rd February 2014
I miss you a whole lot and I agree with those phone calls! He was a pistol about that! I know that he is with me everywhere I go. I am glad that he is with Cheri now. I know that they are having a lot of fun! Just the two of them.
Posted by Terry Barnett on 23rd December 2013
talking with mom and remembering good times and thanking Jesus for the times we were able to spend together
Posted by Terry Barnett on 2nd November 2013
missing my Dad and the phone calls,praying for my mom
Posted by Terry Barnett on 2nd October 2013
just wanted to say you may be gone from this earth but not forgotten,love you dad
Posted by Terry Barnett on 12th August 2013
missing you dad,alot
Posted by Terry Barnett on 26th July 2013
talked with mom and she put out flowers around the rose in front of the house and she was missing dad love and prating for everyone who reads this terry
Posted by Terry Barnett on 26th July 2013
happy birthday dad , missing the call we always make to here your voice and make your day by calling, will see you one day in heaven, you are still loved and missed, terry and sandy
Posted by Terry Barnett on 12th July 2013
birthday in a few weeks ,glad you made the decision to serve the Lord before you passed away,it gives me peace that one day I will be able to praise GOD with you in heaven.Love and miss you
Posted by Mike Barnett on 2nd July 2013
Grandpa, I love you and will miss you so very much! your were a great guy that no one can or would ever even be compaired to. you have tought me so much in this life time. I love you always and Forever, Love Jenny & Michael
Posted by Terry Barnett on 30th June 2013
just a note that I missed my dad on father's day but just called my mom and talked with her and we all miss you dad love terry and sandy
Posted by Terry Barnett on 31st May 2013
hello all, just wanted to let everyone know still praying and seeking God's direction in what to do about everyday life so pray, rip dad
Posted by Mark Barnett on 22nd May 2013
Think of my Father all the time. I have vivid dreams with him and not all are great, but it's dad. I miss him more than I thought I would and also miss his calls. And his name is Raymond "Louis" Barnett!!! I know this cause my grandson was named after him and it is misspelled too!!But he knows it was all due respect!!love you pops!!
Posted by Aimee Geschwind on 21st May 2013
Grandpa is really missed. You don't know how much I relied upon him on a daily basis. I miss his pointless phone calls more than ever. The girls still call his house papaw's. Aniyah asked me today if she could go down to papaw's house knowing that he wouldn't be there she still called it his house. She says if you close your eyes you can see him because he is in our hearts :)
Posted by Terry Barnett on 21st May 2013
wanted to write about the times we talked on the phone and wanted to do so the other day but realized can't do it anymore and just wanted to say miss you dad rip,sandy and terry
Posted by Terry Barnett on 2nd April 2013
I miss your calls and questions about my fishing and garden,You were an awesome father forever loving your son terry
Posted by Terry Barnett on 25th March 2013
to a good, strong ,and wise man my dad Raymond barnett
Posted by Terry Barnett on 25th March 2013
I love you dad you were a wonderful father you taught me alot and I will miss you but I know we will be together some day in heaven your greatful son Terry

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