my mother

to some she may have been a stranger you passed on the street, but to my sister and i she was our mother, and our best friend. cancer took her from us much too early in her life and ours. although she may be gone we are left with great memories of her, and what time we got too spend with her. she was there with in the delivery room holding my hand when i gave her first grandchild. she couldn't have been happier. she was there right there when my sister gave her. her first grandson, and the time he spent in the nicu. she was there when i would be out all night on the weekends partying, and having a good time. she helped me threw the darkest days of my life. she was there when the world felt like they were against me. the one person i knew would be there MY MOTHER. now she is gone

                             i know every chid says there mother
                              is a saint too me mine was.