life is a helluva thing to happen to a person
  • 75 years old
  • Born on October 22, 1937 in Providence, Rhode Island, United States.
  • Passed away on July 16, 2013 in Sonoma, California, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Reva Metzger 75 years old , born on October 22, 1937 and passed away on July 16, 2013. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Jeanette Bair on 22nd October 2016
She was the aunt of my life, she is always with me, hanging portraits, and stuffed animals, she never leaves me. Jet
Posted by Geoffry Luce on 17th August 2016
I knew Reva through Sam. Their love is overwhelming. Thank God for their love.......Forever.
Posted by Jeanette Bair on 27th October 2015
Reva, was the love of my life. The Aunty that would do any thing for nephews, nieces , cousins and sisters, related or not. I miss her so, she was the selfless person I new. My love to aunty! your Jet
Posted by Katy Byrne on 23rd October 2015
I am glad you are sending this reminder of such a profoundly important woman as Reva. I am really speechless. Her absence on this plain leaves a hole. I know we all die someday. And yes - I know we will all eventually become a part of the divine love that is the source of all. But, I miss Reva - and a few others that I held so dear in my village and life.
Posted by Jeanette Bair on 16th July 2014
Reva was and still is the aunt of my life. She celebrated life in ways no one else could, constantly!! The funniest thing I ever saw her do, was to save aunts that came in her house: She was convinced she could miss direct them, by scotch tape no doubt, and direct there trail to go out side. O.K. I was patient, but unfortunately I had to go to the 'raid', a little white lie, but a lot of saved bug headaches. I loved my Aunt more than any one could know. I miss her every day. I truly mean that, since I am in her home every week with her spirit!
Posted by Peggy Bair on 16th July 2014
Oh, dear sister-in-law and friend....I miss you in large moments and small...and then I turn around and you are right here. The tree--that magnificent oak -- we dedicated to you is a direct view from our living room where we spent so many happy hours, events and life itself. I talk to the birds, the deer and our great circle of friends and you are still here in your specialness. I love you....
Posted by Shea Kohr on 17th August 2013
I met Reva through my Mom,Bette Fredericks. Ma and Reva were dearest friends for over 45 years. They worked together 30+ years at SDC. I will always remember Reva surprising Ma on her 80th bd party and Reva's comfort and wisdom when Ma passed was such a blessing. I still think it's amazing Reva passed away on what would have been Ma's 88th bd. Farewell dear Reva, you will be missed!
Posted by Georgia Anderson on 17th August 2013
What an education we received. Just hearing 10-A makes me smile. Osborne project, sensory room, tea parties, acceptance, joy, singing, snacks, pritikin, Barbra streisand.... Reva added so much depth to the lives she touched. We shared this philosophy "Sing your own kind of music, Make your own special sound... Even if nobody else sings just sing, sing your song." Sing on Reva.
Posted by Sarah O'Hala on 9th August 2013
Reva and I greatly enjoyed each other's company. We shared magical, imaginative worlds through our Art with Journey Books in Barbara Jacobsen's class over the years. Compassion and kindness are words that immediately come to mind when I think of our encounters. Sometimes we were silly, like children, and other times quite serious. We loved each other.
Posted by Barbara Jacobsen on 9th August 2013
I've enjoyed knowing Reva since the old encounter group days on Sonoma Mtn. in the late '60's (!!) and more recently in our collage and Journey Book sessions at Studio 5, where she inspired me with her haikus, doodles, amazing creations and existential which I hope she's now finding wonderful answers! She felt like a sister (1937 Libra) and I love and miss her very much!!
Posted by Carol Porter on 8th August 2013
An honor indeed for myself and so many of us who were fortunate to have know and worked with Reva for so many years. Even though like Reva so many of us retired but have never forgotten her. Amongst friends her name and her good work come back into our discussions often. She left her mark on the staff and clients at Sonoma Developmental Center. Bless you Reva
Posted by Carol Porter on 8th August 2013
Thank you Reva for your friendship, love and support of all of us who were lucky enough to know you. Especially those wonderful clients that you so cared about. We will miss you.
Posted by Aleana Carreon on 8th August 2013
Reva had such a big heart. She cared a great deal for the people who lived at Sonoma Developmental Center and improved services that were provided to them through her innovative thinking. She taught me so much and I am grateful that I was able to work for her.
Posted by Peggy Carroll on 7th August 2013
It was 1975 and Sonoma Developmental Center was ending one phase and moving into another. Reva interviewed me for a Psych Tech job and hired me on the spot. (One could do that in those days.) She immeiately became my mentor and friend. Reva was unrelentless in assuring that our clients were provided dignity. Her work ethic was impeccable and she defined the work "integrity" sad
Posted by Kay Metzger on 7th August 2013
It has always been such a pleasure and joy to visit with Reva from the first time I met her at our apt. in Lincoln, NE to the time we stayed at their mountain home, to the fun sharing in her retirement house. I loved fixing food with her and sharing family stories. She has such a gracious spirit and loving countenance. from her sister-in-law & friend
Posted by Linda Fredericks on 7th August 2013
I am married to Reva's best friend's son. Cliff Fredericks. I had heard much about Reva from Bette but did not meet her until we had a Memorial Service in Wenatchee, WA a few years ago. I knew I would like her from all that had been said about her through the years and we hit it off right away. I'm so glad I finally met her. Now she and Bette can move on together in Heaven. Love you, Rev!
Posted by Lori Burger on 6th August 2013
It was an honor to know and work with Reva over the years. Reva had a lovely, passionate spirit and worked hard to the benefit of her community. She will be missed and remembered by many. My condolences to the community, her family and friends.
Posted by Zuli Baron on 6th August 2013
Reva was my favorite co-worker in the Roundtable of Sonoma. When I received an award and I needed to choose a guest Reva came with me. I'm alone working in USA and Reva represented my family in this important moment of my life. Te Quiero Mucho, Reva!!! I love you so much, Reva!!! Zuli
Posted by Will DeGrush on 6th August 2013
Reva was an incredibly hopeful, energetic, inspirational, thoughtful and caring person of whom I shall always remember as being so! She was most certainly a role model for me in community organizing and development, she shall be missed! Will DeGrush
Posted by Katy Byrne on 6th August 2013
Reva was one of the most extraordinary people I have ever known. She expressed humor, wisdom, heart and intelligence. She facilitated community connection.Reva meant alot to me - just knowing she was here. I was so sorry to hear she passed.

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