The memory of the righteous is blessed,
  • 56 years old
  • Born on October 19, 1961 .
  • Passed away on May 14, 2018 .

With gratitude to God for a life well spent in the service of The Lord, we announce the transition to glory of:
Rev. Dr. Adekunle Adebowale Salami
Which happened on Monday 14th of May, 2018 in Maryland, USA
Burial Arrangements Are As Follows:
Service of Songs: Saturday June 9, 2018 @ RCCG Higher Grounds Assembly, 2021 Lord Baltimore Dr., Baltimore Maryland, United States by 12:00 noon.
Service of Songs on Sat June 16 by 2:00pm hosted by the Chapel of His Glory, Manchester, @ New Covenant Church: 1, Mathew Lane, Manchester M12 4QW, United Kingdom
Service of Songs in Lagos scheduled for 26th June (Further Details Later)
Commendation Service: Wed. 27th June, by 5:30pm at Oodua Hall, Ekiti State University, Ado Ekiti
Worship Service hosted By PFN, Ekiti State on Thurs. 28th June by 5:00pm at RCCG Mega Parish, Bank Road, Ado Ekiti
Christian Wake Keep: Friday 29th June, 2018 by 5:30pm at Chapel of His Glory, Gloryland, Ori Apata, Adebayo, Ado Ekiti
Funeral Service: Saturday, 30th June, 2018 by 11:00am at Ekiti State Pavilion, New Iyin Road, Ado Ekiti
Interment Follows Immediately after

Rev. Dr. Kunle Salami, an alumnus of the famous Haggai institute is one of the peculiar instruments God is using in this end-time. He is the Senior Pastor of Chapel of His Glory, a word based, dynamic and fast growing church with headquarters in Ado Ekiti, Ekiti State, Nigeria with several other branches in his home country, Nigeria and in the UK. Dr Salami encountered Jesus Christ as his Savior, forty three years ago as a teenager in high school. Dr Salami is in high demand as a speaker in seminars, conferences, Church Conventions in The United States of America, United Kingdom, Canada, Ghana, Germany, Nigeria and Sweden. God has greatly used him to minister hope to men and women in these countries and great testimonies abound to God's glory.His itinerant ministry started in the higher school, culminating in Leadership position in the Obafemi Awolowo University, first as Evangelism Secretary and later as Bible Study Secretary in 1982. He holds an academic doctorate degree in Fish breeding even though all he does now resonates around raising disciples and end time harvesters for Christ.He is called and personally committed to evangelism, pastoral leadership and preaching the totality of the gospel of the prosperity of the Spirit, Soul and Body with simplicity and accuracy, he is one of the servants of God truly ordained for this end time harvest. Through His ministry, several leaders and spiritual giants have been raised and they are spread across the globe. He enjoys writing spiritual books so as to edify, encourage and teach. He has a passion in winning souls for Jesus through the print media and he is equally passionate seeing people develop and mature in Christ. Rev Salami is a prolific writer, a former academician and the host of a daily devotional program on air, Morning Dew which has aired for two decades and a television program, Feasting Time on Air. His ministry helps to form and shape the thoughts and lives of men and women. In addition to this, Dr. Kunle Salami serves the larger Christian body in several capacities. He was formerly the President, Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (an umbrella body for all Spirit filled churches in Nigeria) Ekiti State Chapter. A position he occupied for eight years. He equally serves his community in mobilizing for revival while equally serving the State in advisory capacity in the maintenance of religious harmony and peace. He is happily married to his amiable wife and best friend Rev. Mrs Modupe Salami with whom they parent children and grandchildren serving the Lord.

Posted by Aborisade Rotimi on 19th October 2018
Happy 57th posthumous birthday to a very humble servant of God Rev Dr. Kunle Salami.
Posted by FEYIDE AJAYI OLUPONA on 8th September 2018
Along wth bro felix and sister Esther Aderibigbe [ profs ] , bro Bayo oloyede [ Prof ] , bro Jide , Dr Idowu & Pastor O . Pious , I Knew Doctor Salami , while i was an under-graduate back at OSUA , in the late 80s and the early 90s . Maybe i am wrong , but i am of the opinion that his death was untimely ! I knew him as an open , friendly and simple christian ! Alot of people will certainly miss him ! I hope we meet in heaven . Let us all keep watching and praying , for we know not the day and the hour ..........
Posted by Emmanuella Aramide Adams on 19th July 2018
A TRIBUTE TO MY DADDY. My Darling Daddy (as I fondly called you), It has taken me 3 weeks to write a tribute after the news of your passing hit me like a tornado It took me this long Because my heart is yet to Comprehend and accept the fact I have cried uncontrollably I slept hoping to wake up from the nightmare But each passing day brings me closer to the reality that the daily dose of prayers, Words of advice and daddy daughter gists are gone As i look back over time I find myself wondering ….. Did I remember to thank you enough For all you have done for me? For all the times you were by my side Helping, shielding and supporting me….. When I was young and lost You always put me through Even when I didn’t believe in me, you did You celebrated every of my little successes you understood my youthful thinking and problems you sat with me through sicknesses and pain I remember being so scared of going back to school, When I had an accident in my first year You patiently allowed me heal You help me overcome the trauma, By reading God’s word to me And assuring me of His love You taught me Biblical principles You mentored me in the way of the Lord You listened You corrected me in love when I erred You taught me how to pray You taught me how to give You taught me how to be time conscious (you always said, a time waster is a life waster) You taught me how to read and understand Gods word You taught me by your example the agape love of God You taught me the value of hard work, good judgment, Courage and integrity? You taught me how to be good to everyone and expect nothing in return You instilled the fear of God in me and always quoted (1 Corinthians 10:23) You related with my friends and colleagues like your children You were concerned about them You remembered their names You called to ask about them You sent gifts to them You visited me in all my schools while growing up You knew my teachers/Lecturers You bought all our clothes and shoes up until tertiary institution For 9 months in pregnancy you called daily and prayed with me I remember when I was in the labor room You called and prayed for me You waited online for several minutes You kept calling until you heard baby’s voice I can remember the excitement in your voice I wonder if I ever thanked you For the sacrifices you made. so we could have the very best? And for the simple things Like laughter, smiles and times we shared as a family You had time for my little gists and incessant calls for fatherly advice Words definitely will definitely fail me if I decide to go on and on If I have forgotten to show my Gratitude enough for all the things you did, I say a big THANK YOU DADDY I spoke with u few days before your passing You assured me that you were coming back triumphantly I wish I understood your words It gladdens my heart that you have gone home to join the saints in glory But it saddens my heart that you left earlier than I could have ever wished for I cry not because I have no hope of seeing you again But because I miss you so much daddy You indeed made His distinction known In such vivid details And vessels that came in contact with you Testify that they have met with God in earthen vessel You were more than a Father My post for you on your last birthday reads “happy birthday my one in a million Diddie You are indeed a proof that God exists And He loves me. I celebrate you now and always” Even in death, ‘cos death has been swallowed up in Victory Although it is hard to comprehend You indeed have come back triumphantly And we are Victorious The feeling the news of your death brought was like the roof was removed off my head and left me defenceless. But I know God knows best. I miss you so dearly I LOVE YOU DADDY. Goodnight Darling Daddy Till we meet again at Jesus’ feet Your darling daughter Emmanuella.
Posted by Adekemisola Asahiah on 9th July 2018
At times like this, the best expression is in praise ... I praise the God of heaven, the unquestionable father, who created, loaded and nurtured Revd. I bless the eyes that kept watch over him all the years, the ears that heard his prayers even the unsaid ones and the hands that was not too short to deliver him over and over. His was a life well spent, he was a gallant soldier, a General of the armies of God, Commander of battalions ... I remember the smiles, his towering height, his first statement once he gets the mic 'praise the name of the Lord' , the vision of the church, so sucintly couched far back then when people were not privy to the recent fad about vision ..."To make known His distinction, grandeur and splendor in such vivid detail that there will be no ambiguity that vessels who come in contact with us will have met God in earthen vessel..." indeed, you were a pace setter, you fought the good fight of faith, you have come, seen and conquered. Adieu Revd Kunle Salami, earth's loss, heaven's gain
Posted by Akin Adeola on 2nd July 2018
Dad Kunle Salami, the news of your transition came the day I lost my mentor and dad Ogunmola Adeleke. We take solace that you are resting in God's bosom. You taught me how to read the Bible within a year, fasting, paying of tithe, etc. Dad sleep on in the Lord till we meet to part no more. Mom Dupe Salami, the ministry will blossom in your reign.
Posted by Feyi Atinuke-Tayo on 1st July 2018
Brother Kunle is gone and I am beside myself with grieve, because I am so going to miss him. I know he has gone to be with The Lord, but I know he will tell me it's ok to be sad but to look unto God We met in 1982 at the University. He was my fellowship's Bible Study secretary, but he was more than that, he was my father, my brother and my friend. There is no one else who come close to that in my life. A father is a male who exercise a paternal care over a person: a paternal protector, that's our relationship. He called me Phoebe, and prophesied into my life. He was a good shepherd who had a knack of knowing when there is a problem. I remember after the summer of 1983, going back to Uni. I have had a difficult time at home which concluded with writing a Triplicate letters ' ... That I will not attend fellowship when I get back to campus..' 1 for myself, and the other 2 for my mum and dad. I remembered feeling I had betrayed Jesus, that I was a Judas ( such impressionable age!) Brother Kunle got alongside me and found out where I was hurting, he Laughed and said as a SU from a Muslim background he had gone through worse and that God will not hold my ' triplicate letters' against me. For a baby SU that was a relief!! He had the right words to enable to get up and get on with God. As testimony to God's faithfulness both my parents became Christian ! I remember also being small and slim, ok thin to be exact. I used to get upset and felt inadequate. Yet again, my big Brother walked alongside me and gave me a word ' I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Marvellous are Your works, And that my soul knows very well' Ps 139:14 That God does not make mistake, that each of us is set apart for God. My family especially my children knows this scripture so well, so well to encourage them. It became my mantra. These are life issues that adolescent go through, that is most likely affecting our adolescents now, that God is interested in, that God used brother Kunle in my life and in the lives of many others to address. I pray we will all be that sinning light wherever God has placed us. No one can fill his shoes, no one is expected to fill his shoes, but that each of us will run our race looking to leading and guidance from God. 1982/83, 83/84 in particular was the start of my Christian walk in ECU fellowship Ile-Ife. The greetings from our 'Big Brothers and Sisters used to be ....'what did you study in your quiet time this morning,' God help you if you didn't have a scripture to share, you will get a real roasting. Brother Kunle will use those time to teach , you will go away with a word you can share with others, a word that stays with you for ever, because it's the word in season. As the Yoruba will say ' Ile eni ta ba feran kin jina sile eyan' for an easy translation, if your love a person , you will find a way to see them. Brother Kunle was not just a friend when we were in University, but also as we became adults. He will visit my family in UK and I will visit him in Ado-Ekiti. He stood by us at easy and difficult periods of our lives. He encouraged He supported He reassured He just stand by you, a listening ears, a sounding board, a true friend . When I told my family that Brother Kunle had passed onto Glory, my son said ' Do you mean that Giant Uncle who does not make you feel small' that's my Brother Kunle...... He helped you without making you feel small He encouraged you without making you feel inadequate He shared his love of the scriptures with you and makes you want to learn more and more He always found a way to make you feel special. He was one person that will see the link between Shalom( my daughter) and Salami ; he said they are name sake, meaning PEACE wow I had missed that Even when you try to do anything to support him, he would made you feel ten thousand meters tall I am grateful to God for how God helped us to walked alongside one another, to keep in touch, to do life together, to create a memory. I would have loved to continue to be his UK dentist and my daughter his UK lawyer, but alas that was for a little while. Adieu my father Adieu my brother Adieu my friend
Posted by Abolade Durokifa on 20th June 2018
Good bye a true Man of God! You may not know me in person during my 2 years stay at Chapel of His Glory, Ado Ekiti. You fed me with the word of God and trained me to be a Giant in the Kingdom. You have left your foot prints on the sands of time. Continue to rest with the Lord. Till we meet to part to no more. Adieu Rev. Kunle Salami
Posted by Buchi Oguntuase on 20th June 2018
The greatest gain in life is to conquer death! Daddy, you have done so gallantly. I salute you and even in death, I celebrate you more. You lived a life worthy of emulation, always giving and always loving. I thank God I came across Chapel of His Glory during my school days in Ekiti and I am more so grateful that I knew you. You will be FOREVER in my heart Rev. (Dr) Adekunle Adebowale Salami!
Posted by Chinedum Babalola on 16th June 2018
Bro Kunle Salami, the news of your death, which I received from my husband Bro Collins Babalola hit my like a thunderbolt on that faithful Wednesday 16th May. I was in shock and lived in denial for a while. You and Brother (Bishop) Ayo Odunayo were our spiritual fathers at ECU in the 80s and you nurtured us extraordinarily well. We were the first set of young converts school attendees. Thereafter we both served at old Ondo state (Akure), where you were our NYSC Christian Corpers coordinator. You exhibited so great a zeal for evangelism such that we toured the towns and villages in current Ekiti and Ondo states by road, boats, foot, sleeping on bare floors and classrooms, preaching Christ joyfully and winning souls. You nearly lost your life through ruptured typhoid that time, but God delivered you miraculously. You towered physically and spiritually for Christ. You never lost that zeal. You exhibited great warmth, love, care, friendship, cheerfulness all through like none other. You kept in touch with your spiritual children. You will never fail to ask about everyone, my husband, my friends and even my sibling (whom you probably met once). I remember how we spoke for long hours on the phone last year May when we were both in Maryland US at the same time though we could not see. You gave me useful tips. You called me few months ago when you learnt of my new assignment at Abeokuta and promised to introduce me to Brother Daniel's church. Alas! that was the last time we spoke. Your life of impact is unforgettable. Your memory is so fresh. Yes you have fought the fight of faith and you have received the crown of glory. You live on Bro Kunle. Yes you live on in our hearts. I'm glad I know you live, you live, you live, you live, you live!!! Sister Chinedum
Posted by Olayinka Oderinde on 15th June 2018
Brother Kunle Salami. It was Yeside that broke the news to me, she wasn't available to answer my many questions... Days that followed opened the records of my sojourn in Ife, in ECU (1981-1985), you featured greatly at every stage. You and Dr. Peter Olonade were my first mentors, my did a good job. K.S, warm, sound, committed to God's work, and to God's people. You made living for Christ on that campus joyful and pleasant. You led us to visit brethren even outside Ile Ife. You challenged us to do what “jambites” thought they could not do- evangelism, Bible studies, hospital visits... I remember a sister in the subgroup was asked to withdraw, K.S, you took four of us to visit Kehinde in Ibadan to encourage her and appeal to the parents- you asked me to pray in Yoruba- I could not. You scolded me and instructed that from then on, "Sister Yinka Owolabi” would be leading prayers in Yoruba. You made Bible Study subgroup desirable when I thought it was for the “jimjim” brethren. I enjoyed my experience there. You took me and your other children along on campus ministrations within and outside ECU. You would ask us to talk about our quiet time experiences, took us to the sports center severally, to fire up our spirits and prepare us for life after ECU, “working for the Master.” K.S, you stood tall for excellence. You always insisted on doing things right as Believers. You connected me to brethren and gave me updates on virtually everyone that I knew way back in ECU. You encouraged me on several issues and requested for regular updates. You wrote the foreword to my last book but you didn't wait to see the published copy. I keep wondering what will happen to the many lives you had touched and helped put together…. those situations you were handling... I may as well continue in the wonderland but for you - K.S, Rev. Dr. Adekunle Adebowale Salami, THE NIGHT IS OVER and it’s the dawn of the expected season. Congratulations, K.S! The strife is o’er, the battle done; The victory of life is won; Now be the song of praise begun: Alleluia! Dr. Olayinka Oderinde (Nee Owolabi)
Posted by Abby Obatuase on 8th June 2018
Daddy Salami, you lived an exemplary christian life. When you stayed that one week with us last year 2017, i saw Christ through you in a practical way. We thank God for you were a soldier to the end. May your humble and exemplary soul continue to rest in peace. Goodnight God's general.
Posted by Adebimpe Adelaja on 6th June 2018
Beloved Brother ,goodnight.Your life was a donation to humankind,you were God's battle axe.Our fellowship together atUnife(E.C.U) cannot be forgotten in a rush.May the Lord keep the family left behind forging ahead till we all meet at the Lord's feet on the last day.Sleep on beloved !
Posted by Dolapo Akinsanya on 6th June 2018
Your legacy lives on my beloved father, you taught me how to pray, to fast and above all be a real Christian. How I wish this is a surprise birthday party being organised for you but NO! Your creator wants you home! We cannot question God but have to accept His will. You will be forever missed for standing by us to ensure we fulfil destiny in Life. You carried us on your shoulders while you have your own burden within you. You have pet names for over 10,000 children you have. The only father who is not satisfied with little achievements, Daddy KS will drive you till you get to the peak of your career in life. I never saw you frown, sad, angry, Moody but always happy with beautiful smile for over 25years of knowing you. Rest on my beloved Father.sunre ABIYAMO TOOTO
Posted by Osadebe Patience on 4th June 2018
Bro Kunle as we fondly call him from our student days at ECU, Ife was an epitome of passionate service to the Lord and Christendom. He served God with humility and love for people. He enthusiastically reconnected with me and in one instance stopped over and passed the night in our residence at Nsukka campus of the University of Nigeria . He was a trustworthy counsellor to me and others. When I lost my husband in 2015, He called and comforted. We will definitely miss our dear brother. We take solace in our popular song: "When we get heaven, at the marriage super, all the saints shall gather, at the last assembly,no more sad partings, no more heart breakings, farewell to sorrow for victory has come" Bro Kunle was one of the saints that made Christianity real. His soul will find rest in the paradise of God Oh! Maranatha! By Prof (Mrs) Patience Ogoamaka Osadebe Dean,School of Postgraduate studies, University of Nigeria, Nsukka (One of his spiritual children )
Posted by Oyebanji Seyi Agunbiade on 1st June 2018
It was a heart stopping moment for me running into this news on Vanguard this morning. All I could mutter under my breath was Jeohash's lamentation at the death bed of Elisha- "My father! My father! The chariots and the horsemen of Israel!..." Though I can only boast of a few weeks one-on-one relationship with daddy in Maryland (and maybe a few services at Chapel of His Glory during my UNAD days), I can say that a few weeks with daddy is worth a lifetime of impact. That's how influential and impactful he was. My family is a direct beneficiary of his impactful, generous and kind life. Why you have to go away from us now, I can't fathom. Just maybe Heaven likes good people more than we do. Whatever the answer is, do continue to enjoy the company of the Lord your God, His angels and saints long gone.
Posted by Gbenga Daramola on 29th May 2018
My dear bro Kunle Salami, was a gentle giant who knew how to put people at ease. A well manered and accomplished gentleman. A man of a great God who loved and served the Lord which such enviable passion and humility. A rear gem in his generation that loved the Lord and sought His honour in all he does. A great pioneer and mentor according to the grace of God upon him, to establish many in their christian faith and challenging peers to walk in humility and righteousness. You will be missed, but your works amongst us lives on. We take comfort in the knowledge of the fact that you have gone to join the cloud of witnesses beckoning us to run a good race and fight the good fight of faith. We also know that precious in the sight of our great God is the transition of His saints. Rest from your labours precious bro Kunle. Even the best good byes are oh-so-difficult. But for those who trust in the Lord, the memory is much more sweet than bitter, for it is never forever. How good it is when we can honour those who have served others - so it is with you the beloved of God -Kunle Salami. May the Lord continue to uphold with His everlasting arms your darling and our beloved sis Modupe, your Mum, bro Toks, the entire family, and the numerous lives you have touched in meaningful ways for eternity. Adieu, brother and good night. See you on ressurrection morning.
Posted by Olumide Kumolalo on 29th May 2018
He Walked the Talk. For about 25 years, he taught me how to live as a Christian, and for his last 25 days showed me how to die like one. A loving father who exuded and extended uncommon grace, a consummate leader who led with integrity, a genuine mentor who followed Jesus wholeheartedly and a humble giant who always hid behind the cross. So sweet in life and beautiful as he slipped the surly bonds of earth that Monday afternoon, to touch the face of God and reunite with He who lent him to us for 56 years. My Revvy is gone and I am orphaned and feel so vulnerable but through my pain and tears, I still know that God is good and He does Good
Posted by ADEKUNLE ADESINA on 29th May 2018
I am deeply saddened and sorry for the loss of my very dear friend and fellow labourer in God's vineyard. All we can thank God for is the legacy of a life of impact and the heritage of great leadership influence. We do not sorrow like those that have no hope being confident in this very thing, that our general is resting in the bosom of the one he served all his life. Reverend Kunle Salami came, he saw and he conquered. He left his footprint on the sand of time and can never be celebrated cheaply out of the game of life. My condolence to his wife, members of chapel of his glory, CAN ,and PFN Ekiti and the entire body of Christ. We all shall miss him dearly. Rest on my dear friend, till we meet to part no more. Reverend (Dr.) Kunle Adesina.
Posted by ADEKUNLE ADESINA on 29th May 2018
I am deeply saddened and sorry for the loss of my very dear friend and fellow labourer in God's vineyard. All we can thank God for is the legacy of a life of impact and the heritage of great leadership influence. We do not sorrow like those that have no hope being confident in this very thing, that our general is resting in the bosom of the one he served all his life. Reverend Kunle Salami came, he saw and he conquered. He left his footprint on the sand of time and can never be celebrated cheaply out of the game of life. My condolence to his wife, members of chapel of his glory, CAN ,and PFN Ekiti and the entire body of Christ. We all shall miss him dearly. Rest on my dear friend, till we meet to part no more. Reverend (Dr.) Kunle Adesina.
Posted by Aborisade Rotimi on 27th May 2018
Met Rev Kunle Salami while I was an undergraduate in the 90s. He modelled everything a Christian should represent for us as a Senior friend. A very selfless minister. Sleep on till we meet on the resurrection day. May Jehovah comfort your family and the body of Christ in Jesus name Amen.
Posted by Niyi Egbe on 23rd May 2018
Rev Kunle Salami (1961 - May 14, 2018): Adieu, we shall meet in the Golden City, the New Jerusalem! It was the wee hours. Most men on our side of the globe were deep in sleep. I came across a FB posting with some of your pictures and a caption suggesting the loss of a soul mate. I needed the details, so I could at least sympathize with you. Even then, that early, when the posting hit FB, there were already over twenty reactions. In my drowsiness, I managed to read about six or so laments which ended up being another of those tales of the unexpected ... you have breasted the tape! Why it has to be the turn of Rev Kunle Salami, Senior Pastor, of the Ado Ekiti based Chapel of His Glory, the church base of His Grace and Glory Ministry International Incorporated, our dear "Brother K.S" at such a young age, this early, I can’t understand. Pray, would I ever? Naturally, owing to your large life, it’s been torrents of tributes. I should shy from crowding it up with my version of my understanding of your person and interactions with you, however, I can't but say a thing about a worthy friend. More so, despite the distance between us, you always kept calling, asking about my welfare! You were indeed a friend my dear Brother K.S! I recall our first contacts as toddlers at Great Ife in 1980/81. I had a fleeting commitment to the "follow up" of young Christians who were just being admitted into the then University of Ife. As I write, I remember our meetings around Fajuyi Hall and along with Engineer Dele Shittu, we kept sharing the faith, encouraging those precious young fellow students to keep the faith, have a firm grip on the Master and avoid the iniquities and temptations that abounded in the University environment. Later, I moved on to exploiting my passion for Christian literature and Drama, but you continued with follow -up. The zeal with which you carried on was legendary. You went on as with the strength of a horse. I still recall those dusty shoes and sweats as you kept doing it for the Master. What was the motivation? Couldn't you have been overcome by the need to have a "sense of belonging" or to exploit the “pleasures” in sin? Happily, not so for Brother K. S! Your mission was compelling - rescuing as many as you possibly could for the kingdom. By the testimonials I have heard from phone calls and emails of fellow brethren of the Evangelical Christian Union, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ife, shocked about your rather early exit, I am positive that your reward is now within reach. You were practical and visionary. I recall our discussion on why you had to cap your academic attainments with a PhD. You felt you needed to attain a PhD when you still had the strength. You then went on to bag a Doctorate in Fish Breeding. You were very sincere and gave realistic suggestions. Many testimonials to this litter the social media. I recollect how in your passion for and commitment to the work of the Kingdom back then at Great Ife, you co-founded the famed "Word Men". At the time, you were all virtually boys, but were indeed men of the Word – His Word. Your co-travelling Word Men should be glad about your eventual contribution to extending the frontiers of the Kingdom - Dr John Idowu, Brother Lanre Adeboye, Engr. Femi Adesanya, Pastor Tunji Akintayo, Rev Daniel Adeniyi and Prof Rev. Femi Olojede now Femi Oluwafemi". In closing, I celebrate you, who not merely converted to Christianity from the Muslim faith but left landmarks on this terrestrial ball for Christ. After your demise, I listened to one of your messages where you were enthusing the spread of the Chapel of Glory which you founded at Ado Ekiti to 44 and possibly more now, worldwide. Adieu Brother K. S, take heart my beloved brother, Rev. Tokunboh Salami (your younger brother), your dear wife and best friend Rev. Mrs Modupe Salami, your lovely children and grandchildren, the Evangelical Christian Union family (we are ever proud of you) and indeed members of the Chapel of His Glory worldwide. We are consoled that indeed, you have fought the good fight, you have finished your course, and have kept the faith. We are persuaded that by His Grace, you merit that priceless crown of glory. Says Apostle Paul the sage: "Henceforth there is laid up for me (you) a crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous judge, shall give me (you) at that day: and not to me (you) only, but unto all them also that love his appearing." – 2 Timothy 4: 8. Adieu, Adieu, Adieu brother and friend!
Posted by Mike Tomomewo on 23rd May 2018
It is with a heavy heart that I am writing this tribute on the transition of a friend,brother,cofidant,counsellor and colleague in the ministry Rev. (Dr.) Adekunle Adebowale Salami.. The news of your passing away was a great shock, that left one with various questions in the heart. Is it real? Is it true? It is unbelievable? But at the end, it is real and true.  At this junction, we have no option but to follow the word of a wise man that says " WHATEVER YOU CANNOT ACCEPT, CHANGE IT AND WHATEVER YOU CANNOT CHANGE, ACCEPT IT.  We just have to accept the fact  that a friend, brother, confidant, defender of the faith, has gone to be with the Lord. But we take solace in the word of this wise man that says " A MAN IS NOT DEAD UNTIL HE IS FORGOTTEN " though physically, u are longer with us, but the time, memories, events, that we shared speaks on, it can't be forgotten. And more ultimately, your works is speaking all over the world.  We are consoled by your legacies and the outpouring of testimonies that followed your exit and equally in the word of the the Lord in Rev.14v13. "And I heard a voice from heaven saying unto me, Write, Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth: Yea, saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labours; and their works do follow them."  - Bible KJV To the Wife, aged mother, family and All members of Chapel of His Glory, may God, through the power of the Holy Spirit pour the oil comfort on your heart and give you grace needed for this time and hour. Mike Tomomewo People Of Power Christan Center Lagos Nigeria.
Posted by Tony Akinyemi on 21st May 2018
Rev. KS. You called me to let me know that you were on your way to the USA early in 2018. You didn’t tell me that you would go home from there! I called you from Nigeria and spoke with you on phone a few times while you were in the USA, and you did not tell me that you were ready to go home! We chatted on WhatsApp a couple of times while you were in the USA but you did not give any hint that it was time to go home! The last time my wife and I came to visit you and your dear wife at Hotel Ibis in Lagos and you gave me copies of your newest books free of charge, you did not show any sign that you were getting ready to go home! I was getting ready to call you on that Monday night when the message came to me that you had left for home! It still feels like it is a dream! I can never forget my earliest encounters with you at the Sports Centre at the then University of Ife in 1982. You were such an embodiment of spirituality, humility, dedication, passion, and love for the Lord, His Word, and His people. Your carriage and level of maturity, wisdom, and understanding were far beyond your age; and over the years, you have consistently maintained these sterling qualities and have even grown bigger and further in them. You were an amazing gentle giant, full of love and very caring. You imparted and impacted many lives along your life’s journey. Your exit from this scene at this time pains us all. We however rejoice and take consolation in the fact that this is temporary. One of these days, we shall all meet at our Master’s feet to part no more. Our hearts go out to your dear wife and many children all over the world as well as the church in Ado-Ekiti in particular. May the God of all comfort pour the comfort of the Spirit into all grieving hearts in Jesus’ name. Amen & amen.
Posted by Rotimi Akinbamijo on 20th May 2018
An Elegy for the departed Fisherman-Shepherd In Memoriam: Adekunle Adebowale Salami 1961-2018 The Sun, moons, and stars refused to lend a light The terrestrial ball broke its routine Time had come to lose its last fight The Shepherd broke his temporal limit Like a sporadic show of lightning, Time for the fisherman-shepherd became irrelevant Our Fisherman-Shepherd must now revert Even the robes will sit no more on his crown, His favourite microphone and the preacher’s Bible and his garments are now retired Oh! the aura of KS the Man, Mentor, and Minister Our fisher-shepherd Must now rest His angling line, his fishing rod and net Yea, the shepherd’s rod, staff and husbandry skills Must now be laid to rest How true it is that the candle consumes itself to give us light Monday morning became Monday mourning It was unclear that the wick of our candle was ebbing out in Maryland USA on Monday the 14th! His call was fulfilled. He must now depart A fish breeder in the world of science A fisherman by the ministry that was laid on him and fulfilled to the letter Yet a shepherd with the most tender heart Your time has come to a freezing point You must now go with your sheaves, your heavy nets, and your flock Your net is full to the breaking point, with a diversity of fishes to show The sheepfold is mature in diversity but rich in fullness You have traded well, your stock, uncountable You have become our Master’s delight, returning His talents many fold! Steadfastly holding on to the end As a true soldier, you have expired at your post! As we have suddenly and sadly come to the bottom of the pot, May your journey now be sweet, May His Glory now surround and consume you in your homeward journey May the celestial elements be your guiding hands There is a crown to be won The journey has been long Rest is now in sight Joy unending is now beckoning Glory calls, the celestial elements rejoice Our fisherman-shepherd is returning with his sheaves Go well okunrin ogun, Sleep well our beloved KS Now we can truly say: May the soul of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, Rest in Peace. Amen Fondly remembered by Yemi Akinbamijo, PhD

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