Rex (The swagger & Bravado) will continue to live in our memories.
  • 52 years old
  • Born on February 6, 1966 in Nelson Hospital, Wimbledon, London SW 19, United Kingdom.
  • Passed away on August 8, 2018 in Oshogbo, Osun, Nigeria.

Rex Johnson was born February 6,1966 at 12:55 a.m on a Sunday morning. I gave birth to two identical baby boys at the Nelson hospital, in SW London. What a joy it was feeling complete happiness that my family's tradition had been fulfilled.They were such beautiful boys in sight and so tiny that we had to hold them in cottonwool bales. That experience for caring for them is indelible in my mind. As they grew it was difficult to distinguish between the two, so at two weeks old we got bracelets to tell them apart. At nine months old, we moved to Freetown, Sierra Leone, because we needed help to care for them lovingly. As little young boys they had all kinds of animals as pets. They had immense love to share with anyone, or anything that came in contact with them, which shows they had respect for the dignity of life. Rex started his early education at Bertha Conto Preparatory School in Freetown, Sierra Leone. After which he took preparatory classes at the International School of Freetown. At age nine Rex came to the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (for two terms). Rex then attended a boarding facility, Bettes Hanger Prep school in Kent, England. He also attended the University of Ibadan International School for three years, and later transferred to Baptist High School in Jos, where he sat his WAEC examinations. Rex moved to Chicago, and attended Loop College (currently known as Harold Washington College) for two years. Thereafter he attended Devry Institute of Technology, Chicago where he studied Computer Engineering. Afterward he went to work at the Navy Pier department of Agriculture (Navy Pier Park). This is where he also learned event planning. In December 1989 Peter was born to Rex and Adrienne. In 1990 Rex moved to Kingston, Jamaica and took over the family business (an orchid farm). He had the full control of production, local distribution, and export of sales. He was loved by all in Jamaica. As a hobby he showed his driving prowess by driving the camera crew at Jamaica Car Racing events every year. Many years later he moved to Nigeria to set up an orchid farm. He was successful for a short while doing landscaping and the orchids. With interests not seeming profitable, he finally disregarded orchids to pursue organic farming, which he did until he died. During his time in the hospital we would speak through video chat, and he would always express the endless love he had for his family. He fought his illness like a warrior and took his last breath, with his brother Jiggs by his side. May his soul rest in peace.Alleluia.. Alleluia.. Alleluia. Nam Myoho Renge Kyo.

- Peju Wilson (Mother)

Memorial and Tributes evening for Rex Johnson

Date: Tuesday October 23, 2018

Time: 6:30pm
Venue: Covenant Christian Centre, (Opposite Oando Fuel Station) Ikate-Elegushi Estate, Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria

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Thank you to everyone again. God Bless.

Posted by Bisoye Da Rocha on 26th October 2018
Reading your mum’s biography of you brings so much sadness to my heart. I wish I had known you more while in ISI but you, Rex, Ade and I think Pinda were always together as the untouchables. Always full of fun and daring. Now from the tributes which have come pouring with love, I see the other side of you. My heart goes out to your son, Peter, who is a replica of you, your siblings especially your twin Jiggs who would surely feel lost without you and most of all your mum. Which parent wants to see their child go before them? No word can ever describe the nightmare they must all the experiencing. I pray the Good Lord will sustain them and provide them with the faith and strength they will need during this trying period and after. May they not depart from the Lord but instead get even closer and reassured that you will all see again. Sleep well Rex. You are now at peace in a His Arms
Posted by Funke Akinyanju on 26th October 2018
Our family always remember Rex as so full of fun and mischief We would spend Christmas in Ibadan and it was the highpoint of their holiday Time moved on and our children grew up and moved on Everybody scattered all over the world but from time to time ourchildren would ask me " do you still see the twins? " They would drop by from time to time and Rex would ask me Aunty Funke " how are you doing how are you really doing " We will all miss you our darling Rex
Posted by Lola Shoyinka on 25th October 2018
I always saw Rex as a gentle soul. Rex always had a sparkle about him and a ready smile leading to a hearty laugh. Those were our fun and memorable days in ISI, we had a lot of good times and laughs. Even as a popular ‘bad’ boy with his quick wit, festiveness and his wiley smile, he was always kind and reasonable because deep down he cared. The last time I saw Rex was in Miami years ago. Rex still had a big heart, adventurous spirit and a curious open mind. Rest in perfect blissful peace with a hint of rascality
Posted by Kemi Jolaoso on 24th October 2018
Rex when I think of you the first thing that comes to mind is your kind caring soul and the fun-loving mischievous twinkle in your eyes. It is hard to imagine you are no longer here with us. The last time I saw you was at Pinda's wedding in Chicago and then in Jamaica. I remember you and Jiggs working hard on building the farm there and also meeting your lovely son, Peter.You were charismatic and determined and aspired to live your very best life. You are truly going to be missed brother. Rest in perfect peace. Kemi
Posted by Patrick Taiwo on 23rd October 2018
Waoh, shocking to say the least. There were always three of you, even in Chicago there were three of you. Can't wrap my head around it, but God knows best. May the good Lord grant you eternal rest brother, may you take the smile and joy you always carried with you over there. God bless and comfort the family you leave behind, the friends and all those who loved you will miss you. Always a force of nature, you will remain in the hearts of those who had the privilege to know you. Fare thee well, God bless your journey brother Rex.
Posted by Segi Olawoyin on 23rd October 2018
Memories abound of Rex in in class, at parties, in school - he was ever so full of life! Following the set up of a Whatsapp group to reconnect with our old classmates sometime ago, I thought we would be welcoming and celebrating long lost friends not reminiscing about the life of one of our own. May the Lord grant him eternal peace and rest and comfort the entire family. Segi Olawoyin
Posted by John Akintola on 22nd October 2018
Brother,my family and I believe whole heartedly that you are in a better place
Posted by Amber Coker on 22nd October 2018
*My heart goes out to dearest Auntie Peju and the whole family* Rex, may your gentle spirit be granted rest and peace in God's eternal realm. Amber Coker
Posted by Olufunmilola Adenugba on 22nd October 2018
Thank God for your life.You were my senior and well known among us all.I pray that the Lord of Host will preserve and comfort all the family including your I.S.I family. May we all finish well in Jesus name.
Posted by Ruby Dabbour on 22nd October 2018
Gone too soon but will forever live in the hearts of those you came in contact with. Rest in peace
Posted by Elizabeth Morakinyo on 21st October 2018
RIP Rex, too young, too soon.
Posted by Layi Taylor on 20th October 2018
He was slow to speak, always calm and most definitely collected. Wise beyond his years and if you listened to his thought provoking words carefully, he always left you with something to remember......he will never be forgotten..........bless up... On behalf of the Taylor family ~Ibadan
Posted by Isidora Sonariwo on 20th October 2018
Our paths only crossed once but you made me laugh hard that evening, many years ago in Chicago. AJ loved you like kilode and talked so much about you that I actually started to feel that I did infact know you. Reading through the tributes, it is heart wrenching to see how greatly missed you will be. Rest in peace Rex.
Posted by Akinkunmi Sobande on 19th October 2018
....Those were fun days in Ibadan,living the life "to our fullest"...,I.S.I,with students/ friends from all over the world,.....Then some would stand out,Rex, Jiggs & pinda were that sort,..... "double(triple) jeopardy".....was an honour,knowing and having fun with y,all(IITA crew,usual suspects)and all other accomplices,.... ..Then many,many years later,we ran into each other at the palms mall, oniru lagos...was really great to "connect"/ see you again,looking good!!...God knows best bro,rest well, and Godspeed!!..
Posted by Abimbola Somolu on 19th October 2018
I remember with fond childhood memories when my siblings and I along with our parents rode in our green caravan to I.I.T.A every other weekend(courtesy of your vibrant mum) for picnics,to the club house to swim and have that smooth ice-cream but first to our ever warm Aunty Peju's house to visit the family. There was something that stood out about your family,you were real, close, with your individual identity and space. You had each other's back. Daring, vivacious and bold brothers with a beautiful and confident sister brought up under sheer love and acceptance. On behalf of the JEMIBEWONS, we commiserate with the entire family on the passing of Rex and pray that the good Lord continues to hold the family together as well as surround Peter, your son with greater love-amen!
Posted by Idowu Thompson on 19th October 2018
Rex, Rest in Peace. You will be fondly remembered and missed by all of us.
Posted by AJ JOHNSON on 19th October 2018
Family, Loved Ones And Old Friends Here Gather To Reminisce, So To The Ever Alive Soul Of Comrade Conrad Rex Taiwo Oyebode Johnson Of A Someborthy, I Pen My Whole Mouth Wide Heartfelt Open Tribute As I shared with you in the days before you transitioned, I shall ever celebrate the life that you lived, honored to have co-created countless experiences and Indelible memories with the juxtaposition of a peaceable you and your pugnacious twin allowing for the manifestation of dream or fabu-like fables Like remember when we...................awwwwe shoot, I can't write about that here Or when we.........................hiaaaaaaannnn, perhaps not.... yup, not about that either Hmmmmmmmmmm........ We have dodged early expiration for decades, from our days pushing the Consuls downhill, to motorcross rally style IITA back dirt-road lake-plunging racing with indomitable Amaechi in his paneled contraption, exploits with the Crazy Yellow IjomahRoadCelica Fellow to our cross continent escapades with maidens, to our athletic prowess and agreements, to that special night of police koboko and baton lashes in Lagos to escaping at least a thousand deaths during crayfish Lower Wacker hallucinogenic fuelled twin Katana motor biking and other born troway waka matters in Chicago to our record breaking high speed Houston run - and Lake Pontchartrain kassalla - to eighteen-wheeling off the bridge with a 50,000lb payload, Orchid and other DaddysFarm Planting(s) to landscape working in Nigeria and innumerable other good and more gooder instances that wise counsel would say bordered on insanity, it is now crystal clear that the hand and protective shield of the Spirit Light That Grants The Universe It's Being had been upon us the whole time - and has now ordained that your soul return from whence it came, irrespective of your means or mode of departure That Jiggs was able to communicate your impending journey to Our Maker, Ogbeni Commish MI5 helped hold the fort down as only he could, Fair Lady GeeFajee rend'ed pint and pinafore and I from only God-knows-where was able to reach out to a posse sight unseen from thirty five or more years ago - all except the ever obstreperous Liberty Road Rat, MarylandMarbleMan and recalcitrant Agodi, now Kenya-based Pulpitter - who were thrilled and managed to send you on time uplifting word, plus Baba 'Sijo who cleared his schedule to pay you a visit - that was our way of bombarding you with a sense of how much you were and always will be loved Sisters and brothers who touched his dying heart with your communication, thank you thank you thank you once again Added to undoubted loving support from family, it was apparently soo overwhelming that you shared with Jiggs how thankful you were to realize that you have lived a life filled with so much love, ready but perhaps not eager for your spirit to ascend and return at a later time Since your departure, many more have expressed their will to yet add feathers to your hat and double portions of praise go out to #RingRoadKolizzo and #AuntieJenifaTheOyinboDudu for being unimaginably gracious reliably solid foundations of love, compassion and generosity Up yonder, I am assured that you have been found by the growing legion of our other dearly departed, all your relatives, have been integrated in their petitioning on Peter, Jiggs, Seun also all our behalf and pray that you enjoy the beginnings of an eternity of restful peace in paradise until some more of us join you in about thirty, forty to forty five years......perhaps longer if I ever get to ride my Unicorn Until then, we shall ever be filled with nothing but good memories, the recollection of your smile, kindness, bubble gum breath'd charisma and non-sabi-dancing self, thankful that your handsome spawn is even more of an integrity-filled immaculate young lad than you could have wished for and knowing that your love and legacy shall continue through him Anointings of capacity shall be granted upon all who are crestfallen by this bereavement - as they draw strength from heart-warming memories and uncountable edge-of-your-seat stories elevating your souls schwagg even higher It is well in Heaven, yes indeed So shall it ever be with us who remain on earth Gathering a tsunami of more soul lifting good tidings from #SoleFlowers loun loun Hawaii to Houston, Oak Park to Osogbo and all points in between - and on behalf of all who are yet to (bicos hand dey pain them) and shall hereafter send their love - Namaste and Goodnight My Dear #AnotherMrJohnson Ovva Brother Until Our Spirits Are One Day Re-United In An Afterlife Of Eternal Paradise I Haff Said Mi'Yown Shalom My Soul Sibling, And Again I Hail.....Shalom
Posted by Michele Glispy on 19th October 2018
My big brother I will certainly miss you. I have many fond memories of you in Jamaica, you were such a fun-loving and caring person. There was never a dull moment with you, always excited, energetic and passionate about life. Your high spirits have now taken you to a higher resting place. Love and miss you dearly. From Michie Poo
Posted by Pinda Johnson on 19th October 2018
King Rex It is difficult for me to think about you and have the thought that I will never see you again in physical form in this life time. I am scared as I don't know where you are. Your presence however, is here with me and has been since the day I was born and will always be with me. I am present to your leadership and your love. You are without question My King. I am clear that what you want for me and everyone else is to have love present in our lives and to love doing whatever we are doing. Just like you did working on your farms and gardens till your last days this time around. In your passing I am left with all there is is are Love and have left us in the presence of the great times we've had and are having even in these times of seemingly unwanted circumstances. Your passing has me even more connected with the inquiry of what happens after death. Thank you for leading the conversation. Clearly you have been my trailblazer, my guiding light and continue to shine the light for me. You continue to be the leader you are and the King you are. I acknowledge your greatness. You continue to challenge me to grow in Body Mind & Spirit. In your passing my connection to the spiritual world has expanded. i am left inspired to be true to who I am and what I am doing as I think of you and i'm present to the pure love you are. My love for people and our planet has expanded in your presence and in thinking of you. Thank you for being that kind of person who wants better for others and our planet. Thank you for being on this life's journey with me. Thank you for being my inspiration. Your LittleBig Brother
Posted by Tabrina Davis on 18th October 2018
I have such fond memories of the time Frank and I spent with Rex while visiting Jamaica. He had such a kindred spirit and beautiful soul. I felt like I'd known him for years. He took such great care to serve as our official tour guide ensuring that we enjoyed all that Jamaica had to offer. He had such a great sense of humor sharing funny stories about his life and the lessons he'd learned during his journey. I could not have asked for a better brother in law. Some people come into our lives, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never the same. Rex is one of them. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
Posted by Iyah Gift on 13th October 2018
My Brother is the greatest Big Brother anyone could ask for. He saved my tail on many occasions and never withheld knowledge. As life progresses I see the positive influence he was on me. He stood upright as warrior, always full of Love and Respect. My memory of him is the superfit workaholic striving for a better world. He set a great example that I strive towards daily. One Love Bro You already know.
Posted by BOLAJI OYE on 12th October 2018
EXT: MORNING - ASSEMBLY All the students are sitting on the stairs opposite the music room to listen to the morning inspirational address before we go for classes (or not). The speaker is done and then Oga collects the microphone.. (Cannon) CANNON ILUYOMADE: Will the following people see me in my office after assembly... Rex Johnson , ... , ... , ... (Won't name the usual suspects THEY know themselves)... That was how it was... we were a band of brothers. Rex... very cool.. very calm... very nice. Not seen him since leaving I.S.I but the bond remained... God grant us the wisdom to continue in friendship and love, even when life throws us a curve ball. TO THOSE THAT KNOW... LA LA LA LA WEN TEW... THESE THINGS SHALL BE....
Posted by Oluwatosin Araba on 12th October 2018
Cousin Rex, always looking at life from the positive side, never a dull moment when you are there. Will miss your fun loving , generous and envigoring nature. Rest in peace cuz.
Posted by Segun Ijose on 11th October 2018
Rex you were a good friend and a brother. From the 1st day we met those long years ago we bonded and even the long years we did not get to see, we made up for the lost time when we hooked up again. You will surely be missed by all. Rest in peace till we meet again my dear friend and brother.
Posted by Gbenga Sokefun on 10th October 2018
Cousin Rex, . Your loving jovial persona is unforgettable. May God comfort us all. Wish we had more time. Sleep well Cuz.
Posted by Carl Davis on 2nd October 2018
No no not you we all said being shocked and surprised that your journey ended in your prime. Sleep well Rex you worked hard. Rest till your next time around. Walk good.
Posted by Femi Olowookorun on 29th September 2018
Gone too soon, but will never be forgotten. You will continue to live in hearts and minds of us that had the opportunity to have known you. May your gentle soul continue to RIP.
Posted by Chal S on 28th September 2018
Rex... dearest Rex. I don’t even know where to begin. The news broke my heart. I shall always remember you very fondly. The happy go lucky chap that you always were. I pray God gives The entire family the much needed strength to bear this painful loss. God rest your soul bro. Forever in our hearts. ❤️
Posted by Joe Dede on 26th September 2018
I still remember the first werk in ISI that I met Rex. Confounded with the difficulty of recognising him and Jiggs, he simply said ...'I'm stronger and better looking'! I also remember him rolling up up his sleeves, as the uniform looked better!! Anecdotes aside, he was always in good spirits, a man of few words, had his friends back and one whose actions spoke volumes. Rex , its hard to believe you have departed to a place of rest, but I'm sure your spirit will live on in your son Peter.
Posted by Osagie Ediale on 26th September 2018
It's always hard to express one's self at times like this....especially when you have such fond memories of a person. Rex was a friend from childhood. We got up to so much growing up in Ibadan in those days. I will always cherish those memories my brother. Rest in peace till we meet again.
Posted by Wale Akinyemi on 26th September 2018
So painful and sad to hear of your departure. You lived boldly and you will be truly missed. You created many wonderful memories for so many people and you will continue to live on in our hearts through those memories. Sleep on soldier.
Posted by Kola Olutimehin on 26th September 2018
The last time I spoke to Rex was on his birthday as I had called to wish him well. I could never forget how much of a reasonable fella you were - even sometimes fought my corner back in the day! In spite of the ever so crazy daring side of you (I still don't know of anyone who topped the driving stunts you performed with Jiggs), there was also the calmness in you that I will always remember. A sportsman, your speed in 100m and 200m helped Benue House in ISI get a looking in (you definitely shook Nazi). We pray for the continuing comfort of Jehovah upon Peter (your fabulous son), the ever so kind Trixie, Jiggs who was with you till the last moment, Pinda and your dear parents. Rest in perfect peace my good bro!
Posted by Gail Fajembola on 26th September 2018
Our dear Rex, it’s hard reading those words about you.. “ gone to be with the Lord”... but God knows best. I am glad I saw you a month or so before you passed away. You came armed with love fresh organic veggies from your farm.. that was typical because you were thoughtful and kind. You were proud of the work you had started doing... alas you had to go! May your dear,dear soul Rest in the bossom of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Posted by Molly Surowitz on 25th September 2018
I love the photos Peter. Your father loved you very much. Rex was always very kind to me, and would help me as only a brother in law could, helping me pack, taking care of his nephews, making sure I had what I needed. He will be greatly missed.
Posted by Trixie Johnson on 25th September 2018
Rex I can't believe you are gone, the hardest thing is to wake up and know that I can't call you. You will be greatly missed by your parents and siblings. It's very tough and words can't express how I feel. I Love you but God know's best. May your soul RIP, I know God has you in his palm and you are creating beautiful spaces in heaven like you did on earth. xx
Posted by Babatunde Ajibade on 25th September 2018
Rex was a good man! I am assured that he's in a good place. He's run his race. It's down to us that are left to continue running ours. We have the opportunity to make amends, if necessary. May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace and may God almighty grant him eternal rest. Amen!

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