Let the memory of Richard be with us forever
  • 83 years old
  • Born on August 7, 1930 in KANSAS CITY, Missouri, United States.
  • Passed away on January 26, 2014 in Kansas, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Richard Allen Moore 

Our Dad, Richard Moore passed away on January 26, 2014. We remember him in our hearts and minds and miss him dearly. 

Born August 7th, 1930 to Loren and Katherine Comley.  His brothers are John Comley, C. Donald and James J. Moore.  He was a life long resident of the Kansas City area.  He completed Blenheim school in 1943, attended Paseo high school and graduated Southeast high school in 1947.

He loved the founding values of this country.  He joined the United States Army 45th Infantry Division and experienced combat in Korea in 1951-54.  He continued in the reserves until 1965 in the 82nd Airborne.  He was awarded the Commendation Ribbon with Metal Pendant as Lieutenant in the Army Infantry in 1954 for meritorious service.  He also received the military's Bronze Star. 

He was proud of his service, usually wearing a hat embroidered with the words "Under God," and his Airborne wings displayed prominently.  After the service he married our Mom, Lori in 1962. They traveled extensively throughout the world.  Because he was quick to reach out to others with genuine curiosity and always a few well placed jokes and stories, he was easily liked.  He made lasting friends from all over by simply striking up a conversation.  Instead of seeing a total stranger, he always saw a potential friend.  

His love for his two sons was ever-present, joyful, forgiving, without limit and often undeserving.  We were fortunate to have a Dad who tried to navigate the tough area between father and trusted friend.  He offered reassurance and unbridled optimism. He gave us his time in abundance.  In our one life and his we experienced the love of a father and he, the love of his sons.

His perception was often insightful and creative. He successfully started several businesses including a data processing business, Ramstat and Ramco, a business form business, both in Kansas City. Jayhawk International sold aviator supplies.  He later worked in commercial real estate.  

He loved piloting his open cockpit Ryan Pt22.  He found and purchased a Mk IX Spitfire aircraft in New Delhi while on vacation.  Partnering with a friend they shipped it to Kansas City.  He also had an appreciation for classic cars, once owning several Thunderbird convertibles and 1966 Mustangs.

His hobbies were vast. At an early age he demonstrated his talents as an artist.  Later he turned to poetry to express himself.  And finally turning his attention to home improvement projects.  He was known for starting and working on numerous projects at once with his best buddy Mick.  He loved working with his hands, always creating something and pondering new ideas and inventions.

Preferring the country over city life, he and his wife found an old farm in Paola, Kansas to renovate.  There they enjoyed their horses and dogs, the quiet countryside, and spending time with loved ones.  He is survived by sons Rick and Jamie, his grandson Lincoln, and his brother John.

We miss your smile, your kind thoughts and gestures and your stories.  We find some peace and joy knowing you have gone home to God's Heavenly family and look forward to your big warm hugs again someday.  

He will be honored at a memorial service held at the Leavenworth National Cemetery on March 7th at 3:00 PM.


Posted by Rick Moore on June 18, 2018
Oh the time you would have if you were here! Naomi is talking. Lincoln has your big smile! And we have another on the way. I’m enjoying being a father. Just like you.
Posted by Rick Moore on January 27, 2018
Our Dad always had a few jokes ready just to create the right local environment. Here’s one I know he would like and add to his collection. So. This pirate walks into a bar with his ships wheel lodged between his legs. He hobbles up to the bar and orders a shot of whisky. The bartender furnishes him another and asks” hey mate the ships wheel is between your legs!” The pirate says , “ Arrr. Yes. It’s driving me nuts”. I miss you Dad. You would have enjoyed the Naomi hugs. They’re just like yours. Strong, warm and enveloping.
Posted by James Moore on August 8, 2017
Hi Dad. Happy Birthday. To celebrate I am having a (several) craft beers and watching the In-Laws, in your honor. You introduced me to this underrated gem of a movie I would probably have never seen. I loved watching this movie with you and remember all your favorite parts. "There are flames on my car!" "Serpentine Shelly! Serpentine!" I might even draw a face on the side of my hand and have a conversation with it like General Garcia and Senior Pepe, "Would you like a drink of water Senior Pepe? Oh Si! -miss you Dad.
Posted by James Moore on January 27, 2017
Dad- I miss you so much. There are so many things I wish i could talk to you about. It's really tough not being able to hear your take on life and current events. I know you'd have strong opinions on important topics like President Trump. Oklahoma Joe's BBQ vs. Q39 BBQ. And a certain magazine's decision to abandon nude photography. You know, the important conversations that happen while taking the long route in the truck on the way to see the remake of The Magnificent Seven. Man, that would be nice.
Posted by LORI MOORE on January 26, 2017
Dear Richard, I miss our conversations. Still think of picking up the phone. Hope you are following all our activities, Jaime's funny, clever birthday book, beautiful Naomi, and Lincoln, active and smart. Its been an interesting year of politics - Listened to a recording I did of you at a restaurant. You didn;t know the recording was going. Loved hearing your voice. Miss you. Lori
Posted by Rick Moore on January 26, 2017
Dad I think of you often and have split second realizations that I can't call you about the latest political drama. I think of you especially when I sing songs to Naomi and Lincoln just as you did for us. Thank God for comforting memories. We all miss you dearly. I wish I could remember just a few of the jokes you would always have ready!
Posted by LORI MOORE on August 7, 2016
Miss talking to Richard. Wonder what he would have to say about this Presidential election year and the candidates, or the fiasco that is Kansas politics. And what would he say about my going to Vietnam, as his opinions on the war there were not the same as mine. Miss his conversations.
Posted by James Moore on August 8, 2015
Happy Birthday Dad! I miss you very much. They held the first Republican debate the day before your birthday, headlined by Donald Trump. Not sure what you'd think of him or the other candidates, but I know we would have had fun watching and talking about it. It's the little interactions like that i miss the most. Keep watching from above, whenever something good happens i like to think you've had something to do with it.
Posted by James Moore on August 7, 2014
Happy Birthday Dad. There isn't a day that goes by where i don't think of calling you. For advice, to share a positive, to vent or just out of boredom. I'd have given anything to have breakfast with you today out at the Paola airport with Mick and Pam and Uncle John and Rick. Giving you your standard Birthday present, the Lowe's gift card. Listening to one of your stories or hearing a joke for the umpteenth time. I'd even welcome you injecting politics into an otherwise normal conversation. That's how bad i miss you. I hope they have beer in Heaven, because i'm raising one to you right now. Happy Birthday, Dad. I miss you so much.
Posted by BruceandMary Soetaert Bau... on March 18, 2014
Richard was the best. Me and Richard had many discussions on mortgage industry, real estate and politics while him and Buck talked about what needed to be done around the place, fence, barn, horses, etc. Never a dull moment. We will miss him dearly.
Posted by Pam Patton on March 6, 2014
The world has lost a great man. He spent hours touching lives with a quick joke, phone call to see if you were okay, visiting old friends in retirement homes weekly and reading avidly. He could talk to you about any subject, tell you any story (maybe twice) and make you laugh and forget your troubles if only for the moment. He was most proud of his sons. He most missed his horse and dog. He traveled far, told many stories, touch many lives....he will be greatly missed.
Posted by LORI MOORE on March 5, 2014
Richard was a character to be remembered, interesting, conversational, a gentleman, a good Father, and a friend. Our travels in Europe with VW Bugs were fun and filled with stories, His memory was amazing,and he loved retelling odd stories of our travels around the world. The airplane era of his life and mine was most interesting. The PT-22 open cockpit was moved into the garage at home, much to the neighbor's surprise. It was later transferred to the State Line Airport on a trailer, which somehow slid into a ditch. The policeman was greeted by Richard with the statement, "Worse G.D. Landing I've ever Made" On a trip around the world, we stopped in New Delhi to buy a Spitfire from the Indian Government for $600. It was crated and shipped back to K.C.to be reassembled, and is out there somewhere as one of the finest Spitfires still flying. Many fun times were spent at the airport with fly-ins and hangar parties. Although our marital life ceased, we always remained close for our sons and continued our friendship. I'm happy to have shared his History and his family, and will miss him. He was the first and longest lasting of all my friends here in Kansas City.
Posted by Diane Rhodes on March 5, 2014
He was always smiling. One of my long ago memories was when he came to my parents house in Southfield and made us steak terriyaki in the back yard. A good guy and will be missed.
Posted by Charles Friel on February 25, 2014
Berna and I got to know Richard when Rick and our son, Chad, were in Medical School together. Over the years he was out to our place for dinner along with eating out, especially in the last year. Since I am in the flooring business Richard would call me when the need came along for his rental properties. One day I measured the rental house behind where he lived. After I finished he said that he had another house in Paola and would I mind also measuring it. Of course not I said, to which he replied that the house had "FLEAS", but the exterminator supposedly had rid it of the pests. We arrived at the home and as Richard opened the door my phone rang. I stayed on the front porch to finish the conversation and Richard went inside. About the time I was to enter through the front door he came out in quite a hurry and said it still had the fleas. His pant leg was crawling with these very small black spots, which were of course were fleas. I was laughing my back side off as Richard stood there on the porch spraying his pant legs with Off. Since I had driven I threatened him with not letting him back into my car. Life is the acquisition of memories, and in the end that's all there is. God Speed
Posted by Lyle Phillips on February 22, 2014
Richard, We have known each other for about 55 years. I guess you could say we were lifetime friends. I met you when I started buying business forms from RAMCO. Since then we had many a "cold ones", all enjoyable. I remember when you gave me my first ride in the open cockpit Ryan, wearing the leather helmet and goggles, and strapped in by a harness. When you turned that thing on it's side, and I saw nothing but terra firma under me, I thought I was going to learn to fly without an airplane. We had some great times, and created some great memories. Take care my friend, and see you again someday.
Posted by Louis SENICK on February 15, 2014
Aug 7, 1930------Jan 26, 2014 Life is not about the beginning and the ending it is about life between the dashes. How he lived it to the fullest, enjoying his many interests and how he filled his many hopes and dreams. Giving of himself in many ways with an outward display of happiness and caring for all who touched him - may he rest in peace and remain in our thoughts forever.
Posted by Todd Senick on February 11, 2014
Rick and Jaime, so sorry to hear about your dad. I have great memories of all of us getting together when we were much younger. God Bless.

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