The mountains are calling and I must go.

-John Muir
  • 88 years old
  • Born on December 9, 1922 .
  • Passed away on July 4, 2011 .

This memorial website was created in the memory of our husband, father, friend, fellow mountaineer, Richard "Dick" Fredrick Reuter, who was born on December 9, 1922 and passed away on July 4, 2011. We will remember him forever. A Celebration Of His Life will be held on August 6th, 2011, at 2pm at Kirkwood Mountain Resort. If you plan to attend, please RSVP to or on our Facebook event page. Please also add a tribute below or on the Stories tab for our Guest Book with your special stories, memories or thoughts of him, or messages to his dear wife, Jeanne, and family.

Posted by Sheila Reuter on December 9, 2019
Under the moonlight, I will visit the ski run you cut to Martin Point and thin yet another tree from "your Christmas Tree Lot", to grace the Kirkwood house prow... (helping the fire danger too, don't you think?) How long ago it was that you cut them all, to be so tall now;seems like yesterday. Your dear wife is wheeling around the house with a broken foot, charging through the snowdrifts like an LMC, unremitting tenacity in the face of leaving your home of 46 yrs.... Please give her strength to heal, in all ways. If you could put a plug in the winter snow spigot that already dumped ten feet of snow... we'd appreciate that too! Love always and Happy 97th B-Day!
Posted by Jeanne Reuter on July 4, 2019
July 4th is a difficult day for me, Dear Dick. I lost you, and as the haze of shock gradually wore off, I felt the loss more and more. You were my rock; you steadied me when I fluttered; you were always there for me. Thank you for many years of adventures, experiences, partnership. Loving my memories that remind me for what I am grateful.
Posted by Carolyn Reuter on December 26, 2018
Hey Dad - I think of you daily and many other times it never really stops . I love you so very much. Happy Belated birthday and Merry Christmas...Happy New Year... don’t even know if that matters to you now. You are in another place and I hope it is beautiful and peaceful!
Posted by Carolyn Reuter on December 16, 2018
Dad I remember you every year on your Birthday, Anniversary, and all of the holidays in between that so resonate with your gift to our world - Veterans Day, D-Day, Memorial Day, July 4th....and more, but also every day in my life. I also leave a tribute today to your incredible service and dedication to the ski industry through your contributions to Squaw Valley USA, Alpine, Kirkwood - and beyond as your experiences, training, stories, and influence gave future mountain professionals so much knowledge and insight. A true gift to the future and part of your amazing legacy! I love you so very much and miss your presence.
Posted by Sheila Reuter on December 10, 2018
On the anniversary of your 96th birthday yesterday, I held you in my heart as always with appreciation and great memories of our life together. Jeanne
Posted by Sheila Reuter on December 9, 2018
The bucks still run scared, and the turkeys still come to ski...
Posted by Jeanne Reuter on July 4, 2018
Dear strong and kind husband, how much you are missed. You were my rock, faithful and generous and hard-working and totally trustworthy. Thank you so much for the many years of partnership making a home and raising great kids. I keep trying to carry on your values and appreciating your reputation. With lasting love and memories,
Posted by Sheila Reuter on December 9, 2017
As I lightly glided solo over the moaning, crackling ice tonight, skating in mirrored moonlight on Red Lake under the starry skies above, I listened to the unspoken messages of Mother Nature all around me...and, of course, I thought of you Dad;Forever The Keeper of The Mountains. Of the many Dec. 8th accidents, and the many more Dec. 9th birthdays that followed-your 9 Lives made me bold. Ah-those carefree days skimming across the mirror finish of Caples Lake with you, lifted me above the risk and reality of lone ventures like this and taught something about Life- Gotta Live it and Love it, and if lucky, SURVIVE and Remember it! Thanks again for the lessons Dad;they keep my compass on target, time and time again, whatever the challenge.
Posted by Sheila Reuter on July 6, 2017
This is a message from your wife Jeanne,wonderful husband Dick. I carry memories of you everywhere. On this 4th, I was reminiscing about our different adventures with the truck and camper, sometimes with our kids, to Yellowstone, Glacier, Seattle, Arizona/New Mexico/Utah, Colorado for hunting, Oregon. So many times of fun, thank you so much. XOXO
Posted by Sheila Reuter on July 5, 2017
In winters like this last...I wonder how on earth you did it all?! Determination, true grit, perseverance and work ethic beyond measure have left us forever in awe. Saw a buck near the house today...come for a visit, huh? All is well at the homestead. RIP.
Posted by Sheila Reuter on July 5, 2016
Five years, by in a flash, but you still hold such a commanding presence in our lives dad. A good snow year and the deer herds fat, with wildflowers in full bloom to honor your day! Jose stopped by to add his memories of you-peculiar words like "destivation" make us laugh still;a long awaited member of the mountain family you led and forever changed. We'll keep on the tradition. Love, Sheila
Posted by Jeanne Reuter on December 9, 2015
Missing you, my wonderful husband, Dick, my rock. You had a most unique sense of duty and honor, and a kind heart. I'll always love you and cherish memories of our years together.
Posted by Sheila Reuter on July 4, 2015
Thinking of you Dad, on this memorable the rain washes your mountains and leaves bright rainbows of reflection. I visit the water pools we fished, nourished by these rains, and watch the trees grow tall in your absence. Our 4th of July flag flutters in your honor. Thank you for raising us in this beautiful area and country. Miss you, love Sheila
Posted by Sheila Reuter on July 4, 2015
To my handsome, strong, faithful mate with tears and love as I reflect on all the ways you supported me. I learned so much about life in the woods and being self-sufficient. Four years now of such a different way--not without you really because I feel you are here still in spirit.
With love and so many memories, Jeanne
Posted by Jeanne Reuter on December 9, 2014
We're remembering you, Dear Dick, as we honor what would have been your 92nd birthday. So many things remind us of you--the trees and the mountains and the sounds of snow making. We think about little things like having your favorite foods and how beautiful the tile floors are that you carefully built and wishing you were here to help get a fire going in the stove. So much more than that, Honey.
Posted by Carolyn Reuter on July 8, 2014
The earliest melt off I've seen up here in your mountains, Dad...wildflowers are already in full bloom and just after your forever missed day July 4th. Been thinking of you and how many miles you must have covered around these trails and off trails in the many brief, but beautiful, quiet summers of your years. When I hike I feel your presence, just as when I ski in winter. Love you.
Posted by Jeanne Reuter on July 4, 2014
Every day is a "Remember Dick Day." We had 51 years together that made a bond that cannot be forgotten. Thank you Dick for being my rock. I love thinking about all the adventures we had, our amazing children, and the honorable man who shared with me.
Posted by Sheila Reuter on July 4, 2014
4th of July will never be the same...but thinking on our Bill of Rights, the "American Dream", and all we celebrate today, it is fitting that this is your day too, as you stood for all that which our country is founded on and that you fought for as well... How we benefit from your sacrifices, as a country and a family. I will fly a flag in your honor today Dad, as well as our Country.
Posted by Sheila Reuter on December 9, 2013
Come to the woods for here is rest.
There is no repose like that of the green deep woods...
        Sleep in forgetfulness of all ills...

                 JOHN MUIR

Thinking of you on your 91st Dad. A blue bird powder crystals day, how fitting. Every year your wisdom, mentoring and advice continue to guide me and I thank you for that forever Gift. I wish for you a long, restful sleep away from the ills you suffered in this lifetime, now always deep in the woods of the Sierras you embraced... Love, Sheila
Posted by Scott Smith on July 9, 2013
what a wonderful kind gentle giant of a man. A man that always looked you in the eye when speaking to you and always made you feel known. Blessed to have known this Mountain Legend. I remember him often sitting on the deck in the sun reading a book also :) Gone but Never Forgotten!
Posted by Carolyn Reuter on July 8, 2013
Dad, it's been 2 years since we last saw the physical you. Still miss you terribly, but also know that you would not let sorrow get in your way of working diligently, loving family, enjoying the great outdoors...and finding time to sit on the deck in the sun - reflect...or tell a story, or read a book. I love you and miss you, but also treasure what I learned from your ways, wisdom, love.
Posted by Jeanne Reuter on July 5, 2013
Dear Dick, it's so hard getting used to living without you. I am strong when I am on your shoulders. Thinking of you raises me up, but it's not the same. Thank you for working very hard to make sure I'd be taken care of, and for asking each of the kids to look after me. Thanks for so many touching and memorable things. From your loyal and loving wife Jeanne.
Posted by Carolyn Reuter on July 14, 2012
Dear Dad, we've reached the year anniversary of your passing and I still miss you every day. It helps to believe that you are still here somehow in the winds, the sparkling snow, the Eagle flying, the trees towering above and all things of nature. You are a part of the Universe and of the Love!
Posted by Sheila Reuter on July 4, 2012
Dear Dad, I wore your slippers for the past year;but I'll never fill your shoes... Missing you, through all the seasons, and for all reasons. Love and lasting memories, your daughter, Sheila
Posted by Molly Curtiss on July 14, 2011
The incredible family and memories left in his wake will forever be remembered and will continue to effect new generations of Kirkwood families, friends, and true lovers of this mountian.

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