Richard L Farris
  • 58 years old
  • Date of birth: May 21, 1956
  • Date of passing: Dec 2, 2014
Let the memory of Richard "Dick" Farris be with us forever

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Richard "Dick" Farris, 58, born on May 21, 1956 and passed away on December 2, 2014. We will remember him forever.

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Leonard Harris on 8th July 2017

"Its been close to three years and im still struggling without you here. Holidays, and my own birthday dont feel the same without you. I miss seeing you every other weekend. And hearing the house phone ring and already knowing who it is. Its hard for me to face the fact that your not here with us anymore. Most nights I just wish it was all a dream and I can wake up and see you the next day. I miss all the good times we had and just wish I can relive them. After 949 days without you I still just wish it wasnt real. Hearing my dad tell us you didnt make it broke me. Im still kind of broken. I need you here. I want my best friend back. But i know you cant come back. All i can do is wish and pray to see you again. Not a single day has gone by that i havent thought of you. I still remember the last time I saw you. Seemed like yesterday. I barley gave you a hug cause I thought you will come back because you normally would. To me it feels like I left on the wrong foot with you. I wish I could go back and show more love from the last time i saw you and said goodbye. I love and miss you so much Grandpa."

This tribute was added by Nelyiah Harris on 23rd November 2016

""Rubber biscuits" <3"

This tribute was added by Nelyiah Harris on 23rd April 2016

"Hey grandpa.....its spring.. I miss you so much! Every weekend I'm so lonely with out you calling us at 7:50 in the morning. I miss talking to you starting with the same question, where's your mom, I would always tell you she was sleeping and we'd talk for hours and every minute you would yawn and then I would always asked when you were coming down for the weekend and miss giving a great big hug when you come and surprise us or when you walk into the door. Or going to the stores and buying snacks at the mini-marts and going to Menards and getting those candies you loved. Missed going on road trips and riding with you over my parents ad singing the song "Dangerous" and dancing and you telling me stories about when you were a kid or how you always went to the places we were going and I remember going to Rapid City with you in your blue car and we stopped at the store and told us not to get anything messy so we don't ruin your white seats..... I miss you soooooooo much!! Love you!!"

This tribute was added by Brenda Lujan on 13th October 2015

"It's been a such a difficult year for everyone since you left. Our son n daughters,   grandkids have gone through such a devastating time all these months. Loss of a loved one is always hard, I worry about all of them so much. We know time slowly heals and they willl learn how to live without you in human presence, you will live within their hearts forever. Things are so different now, send blessings from GOD to us all! It's almost a year! Still so hard to believe... Rest in Paradise"

This tribute was added by Challace Culver on 23rd September 2015

"Hi Dad, It's the first day of fall today. We used to have our long conversations about what this winter would bring.....I think it'll be short this year. Idk why but I do. You would probably say that this one is it....gunna be the worst one we've seen in centuries lol I miss you so much! Not a day goes by that I don't think of you. I hope you're hearing me in my prayers....I love you always Dad!!!"

This tribute was added by cherise farris on 14th July 2015

"Hi Daddy, I don't know what it is about tonight but I'm missing you so so so sooo much. A couple weeks ago me and Mom went to Washington.. It was really nice, but gosh so hard without you there. We went to Tahoma and I remembered every detail you told me about that town. Every place you said you used to go to when you were younger, all your hangout spots. I feel like in a way I got to spend Father's Day with you, we went to the beach after eating at Aunt Mice's and I tried to let a sky lantern go for you, but you saw how that went..lol. Thank you for coming to visit me all throughout our trip. There were times I knew you were there, like in the car listening to that one song.. I could smell your scent so strong and feel the comfort of you wrapping your arms around me. I miss you Dad. Wish you could be here to see how all the kids are doing, they're all getting so big now, Tony definitely passed you up and Tre's well on his way, probably just an inch or 2 shorter than you. All the girls are getting more and more beautiful by the day. I know you have to miss us too Dad, please whenever you get homesick, come visit us, we'll know you're there. I love you so much, please come see me in my Dreams tonight Daddy.
Goodnight, I love you and Miss you. Grrrrr."

This tribute was added by Roxanne Farris on 21st May 2015

"Happy birthday daddy.. I love you.. I miss you everyday!"

This tribute was added by Challace Culver on 22nd April 2015

"141 days since you left us dad......there are no amount of words to describe how much the pain is still unbearable and/or worse. Some days I get this brief moment of....oooh I need to call my Dad, it's snowing, Dad will be calling soon to ask if the weather has hit here (he swears that if Riverton got it, Casper will be getting whatever they got soon).........then it hits me again, I can't!!! I know they say we have to move on, can't hang on to this forever etc... but I can't do that! You are our dad, we don't know life without you! How does one go on with their life without one of the ones that has been there since day one?!?! 37 years with you Dad and these days 141 have been the absolute worst! Our family is different.....we aren't as strong as we thought we were. We need you, Mom is trying her best to keep us all together. That may be the one of the only thing you two agreed on....until next time Dad I love you and missing you even more!!! Love always your first born!!!!"

This tribute was added by cherise farris on 14th March 2015

"Hi Daddy, I tried to go see you today, but the roads were too muddy and we almost got stuck..I'll be back soon when it warms up and there's no more snow. It's so hard to be in Riverton without you, the first thing I wanted to do when I left and got here was call you so we could go meet at the casino and I'd give you some good luck. Right as we pulled into town Eminem came on the stereo, I know that was you lol, lil sneaky. I'm sitting outside the casino right now tryna muster up enough strength to go inside. I can just see you sitting in that first isle of machines on DaVinci Diamonds with one leg on the rail, your hand on your knee and arm on the empty chair next to you. What a sight to see and I'd give anything to see that if I decide to go in. I'll be back soon Daddy..I love you with all my heart, and all that you took of me."

This tribute was added by Patsy Lawson on 24th February 2015

"Hi every1!  Idk if this appropriate for this page.  Buh I just wanna share this memory of Unc.  Just after I turned 21, I was bar hopping one night n I ran into Unc at Time Out.  Lol!  He had just bought me a beer n I asked him.  Hey Unc!  Ho fast can you drink a beer?  Haha!  He looks at his beer n says well, idk.  Then I tapped the tops of his 2 beer bottle n said well were gon find out tonight.  Lmao!  The look on his face was priceless.  And well you know being his favorite, he just had to laugh along wit me.  Haha!  Well I just had to share that.  I miss him."

This tribute was added by cherise farris on 17th February 2015

"Geeze, it's been really difficult lately... Our daughters n son...family is becoming so divided. I've seen this happen to soooooo many families. I pray n pray n pray, they will look to each other for comfort. Show each other love...  GOD answers prayers, I know he does... guess it will happen when it's supposed to!  I remember, even tho we didn't always see eye to eye, when this type of stuff went on, I would call n say Talk to the kids! I'm praying they will open their eyes n see, if God allows you to place a message in their hearts... please do"

This tribute was added by cherise farris on 20th January 2015

"I miss you so much Daddy. I was just thinking about the last time we saw each other. You told me you'd be back in a couple of days but somehow, idk what it was or what but you looked at me like you knew. How I wish I could've went with you. I'm so so so sorry I couldn't Dad. The one time I couldn't.. The pain of missing you never goes away, it just comes in like waves, sometimes all crashing down at once like a storm. Other times it's the little things I see or hear that remind of you so much, every day, all day, during those times I smile but I still ache for you. No matter how much I miss you just know I'll be okay, because you taught me how to be strong. I just wish I could hug you and tell you face to face how much I love you. Please come see me soon Dad. I love you, forever."

This tribute was added by Challace Culver on 7th January 2015

"Dad.....I don't know what to say! I'm missing you so much. There are no amount of words to describe the way that I am feeling. There is so much hurt and pain. I know that you are at rest and there is no more pain for you but I soooo wish you were here! I listen to your favorite songs, go through our pictures of you just to feel some what close to you.....It helps a bit. Can you imagine me....listening to country haha but you were a country man, you loved your music. I love you so much and never quit thinking about you. You are alive in our memories! You will never be forgotten Dad! XOXOXO"

This tribute was added by Roxanne Farris on 3rd January 2015

"Hey Daddy.. I love you. I'm sorry... My heart aches for you every day!!"

This tribute was added by cherise farris on 1st January 2015

"Happy New Year Daddy! I miss you so so much. Feels weird starting the beginning of a year without you here. Knowing that you didn't make it to 2015 hurts my heart so much. I went out last night and tried to have fun, thinking I was ready but I just couldn't. We're all lost without you. This is the beginning of an eternity in heaven for you. I love you with every piece of me. Happy New Year Dad."

This tribute was added by Challace Culver on 29th December 2014

"I'm missing you Dad! XOXOXO Love you always!"

This tribute was added by cherise farris on 25th December 2014

Merry Christmas Daddy, I love you more than I can express and more than I've ever told you, and miss you more than I could have ever imagined. Our hearts are broken but a part of me is okay knowing you're okay.
Merry Christmas again Dad, I love you. "Grrrrr"
-Forever your little girl,
Love Reese"

This tribute was added by cherise farris on 25th December 2014

"This whole time when I'd get asked what I want for Christmas..I never answered. Cause my Christmas wish can't be granted..and maybe I'm selfish for saying this. But you're my Christmas wish Dad. I want you back, here, with us, to celebrate how we always do. You coming over tonight and here before everyone else in the morning. More than anything I wish you would just walk through the door tomorrow morning, I wish I could catch you eating Santa's cookies like I used to the night before. I wish I could've wrapped presents for you, and went shopping last minute like we always do. I wish we could see you passing out presents to the kids in the morning and watching them open them with so much joy in your eyes. I wish I could see you open your gifts we got you and catch you on all day long, on camera, in the moment, those off guard pictures that you were always so good at being in. I wish I could see you standing in the kitchen before Christmas breakfast and dinner waiting impatiently for the food to be ready, trying to steal some "rubber biscuiiiiiits" and rolls. I wish I could see you getting our prime rib perfect, carving it and ready to serve, how you were always so particular. To sit next to you at the dinner table..... And save you the fatty parts gristle of my prime rib, but to you it was the best. If I could just sit with you on the couch after dinner, both of us stuffed to the max, ready to pass out. Talking and watching everybody, joking, laughing, seeing your smile and your beautiful green eyes light up....I'd give anything. I wish I could give you a kiss and say I love you, good morning, good night, how was your day, how are you feeling, are you coming down this weekend, talk about serious things, politics (mostly Obama), talk about crazy things, bs, do our traditional bear hug growl at the end of a phone conversation, there's a never ending list of things I wish I could tell you, and things I haven't told you like I wished I did. I wish I could hug you, hold you and never let you go, I'd never let you go Daddy. Maybe I'm selfish for wishing all these things, because honestly you're the lucky one.... You get to spend Christmas in Heaven, you get to spend Jesus' birthday with him. And there's no more glorious gift than that, as much as my/our heart hurts that you can't be here to spend the holiday with us, I'm glad and sooo happy for you that you get to be up there with our Lord on the most important day known to man. I just wish I could steal you for a day.."

This tribute was added by Challace Culver on 24th December 2014

"Merry Christmas Eve Dad! It's just so awkward that you are not here yet! This is definitely something that I/we never wanted to experience. It's already not right that you're not here yet. Not having talked to you in the last 24 days is awful! I miss our deep conversations, me calling you in a panic and you just letting me vent and get me back under control and you really didn't say much.....I just I'm just saying I miss you again, I'll never get used to you not being here! We will keep our memories close to our heart and never let them go! I Love you sooooo much!!!"

This tribute was added by Debbie Delorme on 24th December 2014

"so many wonderful memories Dick of us growing up and playing outside our Grandma's house...I will always miss you little brother. You have always been a part of my life....I will see you and all our loved ones again. Until then tell them I love and miss them too...."

This tribute was added by Roxanne Farris on 24th December 2014

"Merry Christmas Daddy.. I wish I could say these words to you and kiss you on the cheek.. instead, here we are. I can't believe you are really gone. I keep waiting for you to call or to come over. I miss you sooooo much. My heart aches for you every minute and hour of every day. I just want to be next to you, sitting on the couch holding your hand and watching a movie or TV or laughing at the kids. I would take anything right now just for another moment. Christmas will never be the same for me or us. Please give me your strength Padre, I need it now more that ever. I love you sooooo very much Daddy!!! xoxoxoxo... You will forever be in my heart!!!"

This tribute was added by cherise farris on 24th December 2014

"Merry Christmas eve in heaven, you now have the most glorious gift, everlasting life. Watch over our daughters n son, grandkids, send them a warm touch, fresh breeze of your spirit.I know God will give them strength, but pay them a visit.Rest in Paradise (Bren)"

This tribute was added by Alejandra Arriaga on 23rd December 2014

"Being a part of one of the best families I've come to know is absolutely amazing. Being friends with T'Lia and Cherise really brought me closer to the family and I think my most memorable moment with him was when he took us to Perkins and was singing Blurred Lines with T't. I laughed so hard, he always knew how to brighten up the mood. I love all you guys so much and I'm so blessed to have got to know a man like Richard "Grandpuff". Xoxo"

This tribute was added by Challace Culver on 23rd December 2014

"21 days Dad and this still seems so unreal! I know they say you're in a better place. I believe that but I am also being selfish......we miss you so much! We have always been that BIG family that has to go everywhere together, and now it just doesn't seem right! We're going to try and get through the holidays and this will be the toughest thing any of us have had to do but we will because that's what you'd have wanted us to do. For your dang grandkids......There's not a day, hour or minute that goes by that I don't think of you! I love you always Dad!!!!!"

This tribute was added by cherise farris on 18th December 2014

"Still can't believe this has happened, I prayed soooo hard for you to be here through the holidays and  longer, but GOD saw different. He didn't want you to suffer any longer. My heart breaks for our son n daughters, grandkids. They miss you soooo, I will miss you too. We were blessed with beautiful children who are now loving, wonderful adults. We did something right. I know God allows his, that are in heaven, visit once in awhile. It is said those that bear their cross here on earth go straight to heaven. You carried yours, you are at peace now."

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