Richard H. Mattoon
  • 67 years old
  • Date of birth: Sep 20, 1943
  • Place of birth:
    Ashland, Oregon, United States
  • Date of passing: Jan 11, 2011
  • Place of passing:
    Scottsdale, Arizona, United States
Let the memory of Richard be with us forever and his words of profound wisdom: 'The Love you withhold in this Life will be the pain you will carry lifetime after lifetime'

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Richard Harold Mattoon who was born on September 20, 1943 and passed away on January 11, 2011. We will remember him forever.

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by pam chambers on 20th September 2017

"Happy birthday Richard...sure miss you.  What have you been up to these past 6 1/2 years?  Time, space...infinite invisible...I feel your presence...i feel your love, guidance, humor, even though you told me that you didn't feel you had one...that was funny...always my courageous guide...xoxox. Pam"

This tribute was added by Greg Mattoon on 21st September 2016

I didn't remember it was your birthday until I received a reminder.
We think of you daily. This is a crazy world we are living in but so many of the things that we talked about help me to keep it all in the correct perspective.
Thank you for seeing Melissa in her dream and assisting us all in "taking care of things" for her in her life situations.
Love you Bro, Greg"

This tribute was added by Greg Mattoon on 11th January 2016

Hard to believe it's been 5 years. Time just keeps going by. We think of you often and I miss the discussions we used to have. Greg and Diane"

This tribute was added by Greg Mattoon on 11th January 2015

"Rich: Thinking of you today and always.
Melissa shared with us a recent and very real dream she had where you came to see her. She was very touched by what you said.
We miss you but know that you are always with us!!
Love always, Greg and Diane"

This tribute was added by Pete Hansen on 7th October 2014

"He was so right about so much of the goings on in this world.

I saw him in a dream a few years ago, very briefly, neatly dressed in a relaxed standing pose with one leg propped up, elbow resting on it, as memory serves. He had a friendly mustached smile on his youthful face. No words were exchanged.

Also, I had a couple of  casual dream encounters prior to his passing, although I never mentioned them to him.  In one, he was wheeling an old fashioned bicycle along his side and wearing a loose fitting flannel shirt, open in front over his undershirt and jeans, all light brownish autumn colors. Setting his bicycle aside, and with an open smile on his face, he faced me with outstretched arms to invite me to hug him, which I did, despite just a hint homophobia on my part. Silly me.

The date of his passing is more significant than most suppose.  If you reduce the date to 01-11-11, then reverse it, you have JFK's Executive Order #11110, to dissolve the Federal Reserve, the greatest legalized thievery scheme ever devised in human history, I believe he would say.

Blessed be that angel.  He serves us all selflessly even now, I'll bet."

This tribute was added by Greg Mattoon on 20th September 2014

"Hey Rich: Thinking of you today on your Birthday and everyday as always at 11:11 and 1:11. Thanks for your insight and thoughts about this crazy world we live in. It has made it all easier for me to understand, to live with and to predict.  Greg Bro"

This tribute was added by Greg Mattoon on 11th January 2014

"Rich: Thinking of you today as I read about the Pleiadians that we had talked about. Striving to live for today, in the now and discovering who and why I am. It is time for the awakening within all of us. Greg Bro."

This tribute was added by Greg Mattoon on 20th September 2013

"Rich: Thinking of you today as always and knowing that you are with us in our thoughts and hearts.
We love you Bro :)"

This tribute was added by Greg Mattoon on 11th January 2013

"Rich: Today is another reminder of how you have influenced my and so many others lives. I am so happy for the things that you have brought to my attention through our discussions and emails, adding clarity and meaning to so many things that are occurring in my life. I will think of you even more today and feel the special place that you have in my heart and in my life. I Love you Brother"

This tribute was added by koree chambers on 11th January 2013

"Dear uncle Richard,
I see the little signs of you all the time. Today is our day my entrance and your depature. I love and miss you"

This tribute was added by Richard's Family on 20th September 2012

"Richard, I know with all my mind, heart and soul; with the very fiber of my Being you are still with us! Even, though each of us can no longer experience you here in this physical realm, your Eternal Essence goes on, the You that was and still is You.
All my Love and Gratitude!

This tribute was added by Greg Mattoon on 20th September 2012

"Hey Rich: Thinking about you today and everyday. When Diane and I are having lunch and we see the clock change to 1:11 we think of you (it's a sign you know) and then you are in our thoughts everyday.
We love you and miss you."

This tribute was added by Richard's Family on 11th January 2012

"I knew how frustrating it was for you, that you understood perfectly well what was wrong in the world and who was responsible and what was needed to fix it. And the fix wasn't happening fast enough. Well, brother I believe beyond any doubt you helped pave the way.  
People are waking Up!               "

This tribute was added by Greg Mattoon on 11th January 2012

"Richard: Thinking about you today and always. I can see your smiling face right now. Love to you always my dear brother.
"Infinite Love Is the Only Truth: Everything Else Is Illusion".  Greg :)"

This tribute was added by Ruth Parker on 11th January 2012

"In loving remembrance of were loved so much by many and you are missed. In Numerology you are a #1, and made your transition on 1-11-11 as well. You are definitely #1 to many people, loved ones and friends.I know you are at peace and happy.

This tribute was added by koree chambers on 11th January 2012

"HI Uncle Richard, Of course youve been on my mind,Remembering you today and always...."

This tribute was added by Richard's Family on 20th September 2011

"Happy Birthday Chur-churd! Love you eternally.
I just posted Darrells' Testament Letter to you for everyone else to read, along with the music now playing in the background. (click the "Stories" tab)"

This tribute was added by Greg Mattoon on 20th September 2011

"Hey Rich: Thinking about you today and everyday.
You are marked on our calendar.
Happy Birthday!!
Our love to you.
Greg and Diane"

This tribute was added by koree chambers on 20th September 2011

"dear Uncle Richard,
our thoughts are with you today as we remember you and send you prayers, Love always Koree and Rick"

This tribute was added by Charles Mattoon on 20th September 2011

"Happy Birthday Rich, strange to say now that you're in another life so to speak! Thank you again for the gift of the amazing dream in which you appeared to me!
I have been thinking of you today while looking at old photos."

This tribute was added by Greg Mattoon on 28th July 2011

"Rich: I miss you and all of your emails that you used to send to me. I thank you for all of the things that you shared and the knowledge and insight that I gained as a result. You are in my daily thoughts, occasional dreams and I know you are with us all. Love is the only truth:)"

This tribute was added by koree chambers on 16th July 2011

"Saw a dream of Richard's today thought I would share and Maybe we could make this happen:
Family reunions.  And I'm sure there are hundreds of companies - just finding the right one."

This tribute was added by koree chambers on 25th March 2011

"Loving you thinking of you and recieving from you....Blessed Uncle Richard"

This tribute was added by Pete Hansen on 1st March 2011

"Richard was my best friend for years before his passing due to our shared interests in various esoterica. I knew him to be of high integrity with a real passion for the truth, and heart to match. That's why I believe he wanted us to know what he knew"

This tribute was added by Bill and Sue Goosic on 6th February 2011

"It was both a pleasure and an honor to know Richard and to have him as a neighbor and friend. We are pleased he could share his last Christmas with us and our family in our home. Our lives are forever touched by his warm smile and his brave spirit. Thank you Richard. We shall miss you and will remember you always. With love and respect, Bill & Sue and family."

This tribute was added by Nita Lyman on 29th January 2011

"I believe I've never seen Richard without a smile. His soul is one that illuminates never ending  brilliance. If ever there was a man to capture the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, not a golden coin would he keep for himself. His journey was this; making this world a better place to be. Seeing babies smile. Hearing their innocent laughter. An intelligent man with a youthful heart."

This tribute was added by Leah Fowler on 28th January 2011

"An extremely dear and very sweet man...poised in his intelligence, ready to share with the world to anyone who would listen..A man way before his time...his ability to explain the unknown and keep you coming back for more is what I will remember most...Now he is completely free and unlimited in his potential..I was happy to have known him...Leah Fowler"

This tribute was added by koree chambers on 28th January 2011

"Uncle Richard:
Seeker of Truth, Generous Heart, Unconditionally Loved

Richard and I crossed between different realms of reality on the same date. I came in on 1-11 and he went back on 1-11-11.

His gifts of sharing ,teaching, and making me think will continue on as he guides from the other side.Love you Uncle"

This tribute was added by Ruth Parker on 27th January 2011

"Death is simply a shedding of the physical body like the butterfly shedding its cocoon. It is a transition to a higher state of consciousness where one continues to perceive, to understand, to laugh, and to be able to grow. -(Elizabeth Kubler-Ross)
I am so grateful I had the opportunity to know Richard in the last few months of his life. He was a joy to talk to and a beautiful soul."

This tribute was added by Charles Mattoon on 27th January 2011

"I feel so blessed to attend the memorial, and see everyone who was part of Richard's life. It seems a parting gift from Richard to have everyone assemble and share, in body or long-distance. I know that gift & giving lives & grows forever, tapping into the rich soil of the great heart & life that sustains us. Thank you Richard for your life, thank you everyone!"

This tribute was added by Richard's Family on 26th January 2011

""Even though I can no longer call you and hear your voice. To go visit you and be enveloped by your loving smile, to look into your eyes and feel your warm embrace. I will experience things feelings again and again, as I give these simple gestures to everyone I love, as you gave them to me, freely and without reservations nor hesitations.
Chur-Churard I Love You 'AFE' your little Brother Calmer.""

This tribute was added by koree chambers on 25th January 2011

"Hello Sweetheart,(Uncle Richard would always say)
How I miss you so.You always made me think, helped me dream of possibilities and gave to me unconditionally of your love and kindness. I know you are guiding the way . When i have any deep thoughts of where you are and what its like ,you will let it be known to me.I have some of your books and am grateful to have what meant so much to you with me."

This tribute was added by Nancy Adams on 25th January 2011

"What a beautiful tribute.  So much love.  My thoughts are with you Pam, Warren, Koree, Todd, Jeffrey."

This tribute was added by Paula Leach on 24th January 2011

"Love to the friends and family of Richard Mattoon."

This tribute was added by Melissa Mattoon on 22nd January 2011

"Richard's passing will touch everyone that knew him differently. He was my uncle. Unfortunately i didn't know him well, but there is an empty place in my heart just the same. He was a good, wise, loving and caring man. My mom and dad got to see richard a short time ago, and it was wonderful to see pictures and hear stories of their visit. He will truely be missed. Such a sad loss for so many."

This tribute was added by Mariah Adams on 21st January 2011

"Somewhere before, I have known you sweet Richard. And somewhere I'll meet you again. Save a place in your heart just for me sweet Richard, though I know this was just not our time.
Our somewhere will come, who knows where or when, and I'll love you sweet Richard again.

You are Mariah's dearest friend."

This tribute was added by Charles Mattoon on 21st January 2011

"He was a good man of intelligence, ethics & kindness, who didn't fear to look deeply into things, and felt for the underdog. I was impressed he'd the courage & conviction to run for office on an alternative ticket. He combined open-mindedness with integrity. I gained much from our discussions of many issues, and I wish I'd known him better, & grown up with him. I hope we hook up in some other life"

This tribute was added by Diane Mattoon on 21st January 2011

"I met you once a long time ago
And since, many years had passed
I visited you just recently
Not knowing it would be the last
We became quick friends
Right from the start
You were very kind with much knowledge to share
And also had a very big heart
You departed on a date
As unique are you are, 1-11-11
Say hello to your dad, give him a hug for me
He's been waiting for you in heaven
Diane Mattoon"

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