Let the memory of unconditional Love be with us forever - Thank You Dick.
  • 85 years old
  • Born on April 15, 1929 in Spokane, Washington, United States.
  • Passed away on August 6, 2014 in Tehachapi, California, United States.

Richard Burdine was a wonderful Husband, Father, Uncle, Grandfather, Cousin, Pastor and Friend.

He will live in our hearts for ever and ever and ever and ever. 

Memorial and Celebration Service
Saturday, September 13th - 1:00 PM
Reception to follow Service - ALL Invited

Lancaster United Methodist Church
918 West Avenue J
 Lancaster  CA

In Lieu of flowers:
"The True Embodiment of Love Fund" to assist Esther with unexpected costs: 
Carter Center - Waging Peace, Fighting Diseases around the World: www.cartercenter.org 




Posted by Rene Haddox on 15th April 2015
Your very first birthday spent up above. A day that I treasure with so much love. Conversations we have as I look to the sky. The beauty above brings a tear to my eye. I remeber how special the stars were to you. And now you're among them your love shining through. Sometimes my heart aches but the memories help To heal the wounds of the emptiness felt. So I try to stay focused on the love that you gave. The lives that you touched and the people you saved. To smile whenever you enter my mind. To laugh and to cry at pictures I find. Thanks for the love that you showed in this world. Happy birthday dear Dad - Love your baby girl
Posted by Kathryn Johnson on 5th January 2015
God Bless all of the Burdine Family. I have read all of the notes and I wish I would have had the opportunity to know Mr. Burdine at an earlier time in his life. It seems that many came to know Christ as well as serve due to his teaching. We have only known him and is family for the last few years and they have all been a blessing. Each week when Mr. Burdine would come to pick up their organic produce at my home, I always worried about him. I would say, "Can I get that for you Sir?" He would let me know in no uncertain terms that he was fine and could take care of it. I would watch on as he would carry the box over to the truck and chat a bit with my husband. Always a man of courage and integrity. God Bless him and all of you too. The Johnson Family
Posted by Jeanette L. Parker on 21st September 2014
this tribute was added by Jeanette L. Parker in September 20 2014 My husband, Rick who beat Dick to heaven in 1999 and I arrived in Portland OR with 4 little girls in 1959. Dick was at our West Portland EUB Church to welcome us and even help us find a home to live in. We Loved the Lord. And Oh how we loved worshiping with Rev. Burdine in his church where he helped us to draw nearer to our precious Lord.
Posted by Jeanette L. Parker on 21st September 2014
I arrived in Portland OR in 1959 with my husband Rick (He has gone to heaven in 1999). We arrived at West Portland Church where Dick was our Pastor. He was there to help us to even find a home to live in. O how we thank the Lord for helping us to have Rev. Burdine there to help us draw nearer to our precious Lord and Savior.
Posted by Scott Niblick on 14th September 2014
A couple of years ago, when I visited L.A. after having been away for many years, I drove to where the Palms Church and the parsonage for the Burdine family used to be. I knew it would be changed, and of course it was, and nothing remained of what I remembered. But I wanted to just once again be on the ground where so many of my childhood memories occurred. That church community, spearheaded by the Burdines, meant so very much to my entire family, and enabled us for the first time in my experience to worship together as a family. I spent countless hours at the Burdine house, with David and Allan being two of my closest friends. Esther was the strong, steady foundation of the household, and Dick was so much more than just "the Pastor"--he was a living embodiment of the message of Love, and was always thinking and working on ways to express to us how we could embrace and convey that message. Spending time in that house was so important to me, and I want to thank the entire Burdine family----right down to Tippy and Ralph----for being so good to me, and giving me so much happiness. I hope that Dick, my Dad, my Mom, my Grandma, and my Grandpa are all united again now. I will miss them all so much every day.
Posted by Nathan Burdine on 12th September 2014
Thank you for everything you have given me. Strength, courage, perserverence, love, light, prayer.....and the list goes on. You were my dad when I didn't have one. You were my mentor when I didn't have one. You are my Grandpa forever and always. I'm blessed to be able to experience life with you. To see you change peoples lives as I would love to follow in your foot steps to change the lives of others. I love you G <3 <3 <3
Posted by Emily Niblick on 11th September 2014
Dick came into my life when I was in high school and my Mom had undergone surgery for cancer. In a search for hope amid the bad news my family visited the Palms EUB Church and we met a man who influenced each of our lives. I always said Dick was my "guru" , my spiritual advisor, but in reality he showed me how a true man of God lives his life and leads others. Because of Dick I too eventually entered the ministry, and he was always my ideal in pastoring. I always tried to minister to my parish as Dick had when I (and he) was young. I am so glad I was able share a meal with Dick, Esther and Jeanine not long ago, after so many years. It brought back many memories, of a trip to San Francisco, allowing me to preach one Sunday morning (a sermon I would rather forget!), moving to Brea in order to follow the Burdine family and visiting them in their home, of Dick visiting my family on his Vespa! Oh there are so many memories! Thank you, Dick!
Posted by Joyce Waymeyer on 21st August 2014
Remembering fondly when I was a youth and Dick a pastor at HB, and also how he resided over my parents 50th anniversary in 2001 for Walt and Anne Waymeyer, I have recently joined the Church again in HB, and as I sit in service, my mind can wander back to the 70's and can see him there, me in the youth choir, lol, and those are wonderful memories to treasure. You will always live in my memory.
Posted by Carol O'Connor on 17th August 2014
We were so blessed to have Dick as our Pastor at Lancaster United Methodist Church. We had never before, or since, experienced such a wonderful Pastor. We will always remember his kindness, wonderful smile and passion for sharing his ministry through love. When he gave his sermons you always felt like he was talking directly to your heart and you left each service feeling so positive. He was truly one of a kind and will be missed greatly.
Posted by Dave Day on 13th August 2014
One of the things I will always be grateful to Rev. Burdine is how he had such a strong hand in shaping my not just my religious life, but my childhood as well. And how he continued to get updates on my life and offer his guidance. My strongest memory is the stories. His ability to take a parable from 2,000 years ago and weave it into what was happening in our lives at that moment and be relevant and open my eyes. He's probably already been recruited along with my dad to figure out a way to get us back on track here back home. Thank you for your gentle voice and insightful guidance. Funny, "light a candle" seems so appropriate!
Posted by Tom Hillman on 9th August 2014
The Burdine's have always been a second family to us. Dick was a pivotal part of my call to ministry. He was a role model in how he cared for Esther and each of his children in addition to pastoring his congregation. He knew just what to say when I lost a close friend when I was 17 years old. He really exemplified his love of God in how he lived. The "sermon" preached by Dick was who he was as a person. He will be missed but his legacy lives on...
Posted by Sharon Kindig on 9th August 2014
Stan & I loved Dick's ministry....With Esther by his side ,each Sunday was a joy. That smile of his would warm your heart every time you saw it....A true friend and gift to all of us !!
Posted by Joan S Stewart on 9th August 2014
Many memories from the trip to Jordan, Israel & Egypt which Dick and Esther led in 1986. Learned much from this wonderful man as many years went by. Rest in Peace; well deserved as now you have all the answers!! Lovingly.
Posted by Connie McDougall on 8th August 2014
Rev. Dick Burdine was very special to Steve and I. He encouraged us to attend "Marriage Encounter" as did Sylvia Massey. It was a wonderful experience that we had in 1987 after 3 years of marriage. Now we have been married 30 years and still remember the experience. Both Rev. and Esther hold special memories with us and have never been forgotten after all these years. A wonderful Pastor & friend to our church.....A very special man indeed. We will truly miss you Dick. Connie and Steve McDougall
Posted by Carly Hodge on 8th August 2014
I grew up at Lancaster United Methodist Church and have memories as a child admiring Rev. Burdine and his passion for ministry. He was such a kind and gentle man with a smile that could make anyone feel the love of Christ in the room. Prayers for the Burdine family for peace as they celebrate his life and continue to honor his legacy of love.
Posted by Tim Burdine on 8th August 2014
My Uncle Dick was an inspiration to me as I was growing up. He was one special person. When my dear Dad, Tom, his older brother, passed on a few years ago, my dear Uncle conducted the memorial for his brother. I love him so much for his courage to be able to do that and to have the strength to conduct such a loving tribute! God Bless him. His journey to be with his brother is complete. What a loving and dear man.
Posted by Susanne Young on 8th August 2014
Thank you Dick for treating me like your 7th child - since I was at your house 5-7 days a week! always excepting me as I was - taking me with you every summer to Dinky Creek - telling Deanne and me to knock off the laughing at 2am because you had to get up early to preach-introducing me to avocados- listening to For What it's Worth together in the car when you carpooled Deanne and me somewhere-good times! Dirk and I were so happy when you would stop and see us in Portland-sometimes coming into the GT where I worked (because that's where the cops ate!)another time spending the night at our house- FINALLY- after all the nights I spent at yours! I will never forget Dick- or any of the rest of you Burdines-you are all in my heart forever! RIP Dick and big hugs to the rest of you! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox
Posted by Doriene Marshall on 8th August 2014
Richard Burdine's life was a gift. He was a gentle, genuinely loving person who treated all of us with dignity and grace, even in our crazy teen years. As St. Francis said, "Remember when you leave this earth, you can take nothing with you that you have received, only what you have given: a heart enriched by honest service, Love, sacrifice, and courage.
Posted by Esther Burdine on 7th August 2014
Thank You Dick. What a "journey" these 65 years! And the journey continues....
Posted by Rene Haddox on 7th August 2014
A few years back my dad said he still remembers me sitting on his Knee as a small child asking why are there stars in the sky like it was yesterday. The funny thing is I don't remember him telling me how he answered when I asked. The stars and the moon were very important to dad and he would point out different constellations in the sky. At the time it was pretty cool... But as an adult I have caught myself every night looking up and checking out the moon or the stars. If it was cloudy or clear. I've done this as long as I can remember as an adult and every time I look up I think of dad:) Now I have the answer.... The stars are in the sky to stop me every night, look up and see how beautiful the heavens are.... But most importantly to think about a beautiful man that touched so many lives and loved us dearly here on earth, now sits among the beautiful stars to watch over us every night. I will honor my father by trying to be a little kinder, a little more compassionate and love with all my heart xoxox
Posted by Gayle Fogler on 7th August 2014
I met the Burdines when I was about 7 or 8 when they moved down the street from me in Brea. I am so grateful becuz it was the beginning of a lifelong friendship with Rene! I'll never forget attending United Methodist Church where Dick was the minister. He was the one who baptized me and my brother. I was blessed to have met a beautiful and unique family...I mean afterall, I didn't know any family who had 6 children and everyone was into their own "thing" and how they made that 4 bedroom house work! I was fortunate to share a Dinky Creek family vacation with just Rene and her parents when we were about 11. I remember our drive up there with the dog, Ralph, and stopping at the park to eat lunch! I also remember sleeping under the stars. I think we drove in a huge pewter Cadillac. Such a fun and memorable time that I'll always cherish. Remembering the kind father he was to Rene when we missed our bus pick up at church for church camp and Dick driving us on the freeway to have the bus pull over and him not making Rene board the bus or even go to camp when she began to cry cuz she didn't want to go. I was surprised he didn't make her get out of the car, a little upset and uncomfortable I was...I went on my own, petrified. Having that wisdom and faith, I'm sure Pastor Dick knew everything would work out for each of us and it did. Although I'll never forgive Rene!! Hehe. Although I wasn't happy when they moved to Huntington Beach..Rene and I always found a way to stay in touch and remain great friends. I'm forever grateful my husband, daughter and I were able to make it to Dick & Esther's 60th, although late for sports reasons, in Tehachapi back in 2009, we made it. It's a time and visit I'll treasure forever. It may have been a drive, but always remember the road to a friends is never long and it's always worth the time for you never know when you'll have that chance to see them again as this reminds me it was my last time and thankful for Hallmark memories captured that afternoon after most of the dust settled with the BIG 60th! Thank you Burdines as I'm grateful to have been a part of your life and you mine! Thanks for the memories and a very dear and cherished friend you gave me! Rest in Peace Dick as I know you are :)

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