Let the memory of rita and terry be with us forever
  • 70 years old
  • Born on October 8, 1934 .
  • Passed away on January 1, 2005 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, rita and terry mahoney 70 years old , born on October 8, 1934 and passed away on January 1, 2005. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Sheila Boswell on 1st January 2019
R.i.p. Rita.and terry.love always sheila. Reah.❤❤❤
Posted by Denise Mansfield on 1st January 2019
Posted by Denise Mansfield on 8th October 2017
happy birthday my darling mum how i miss u omg my heart ripped apart so wished u was here so true this song u was taken well 2 soon sleep tight my darling love and miss u so much always xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Denise Mansfield on 1st January 2017
my darling mum another year with out u never gets any easier never forget that u left us only spoke 2 u the night before and then came 2 ur house on new years day 2 be meet by my nephew telling me u was gone gone what was he talking about but it was true and then we hadt 2 let ur 90year old mum no because she was coming for dinner and i remember her crying like a lioness had lost her cub that day was and always will be the worst day of my life gone was my darling mum my best friend i love and miss u soooooooooo much sleep tight god bless u always denise xxxxxxxxx
Posted by Denise Mansfield on 8th October 2016
happy birthday my darling mum love and miss u so so bad never forget that day when u left us omg the pain wasnt excepting that whaat a big hole in my heart it left thats never ever going to fix hope ur having a good time up there with dad nan maureen and every 1 god bless u always sleep tight my darling love u forever xxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Danny Taylor on 8th October 2016
Happy Birthday Rita, god bless xxx
Posted by Sarah Stuart on 8th October 2016
Posted by Denise Mansfield on 1st January 2015
ello mum u have been gone from us 10 yrs 2 day and the pain is still the same never forget that day my sunshine my every thing gone u was such a good mum 2 us all always putting us first alawys there for us i was so lucky 2 have u has a mum sleep tight my darling say ello 2 dad nan mureen and evry 1 for me love u untill forever has gone god blessxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Ellie Cohen on 1st January 2015
My darling nan sleep tight these ten years have been so heart breaking im still heart broken cant belive that you have passed away from my life love you for ever and alwayz in my heart until the n its good bye were meet again soon
Posted by Terry Cohen on 9th October 2014
Nan to walk into your room and see you smile, I walked over and hugged you all the time, you always made me smile and always had stories to tell. I loved sitting with you everyday and listen to the memories you had to share You showed us that life cant be all that bad there is always a light at the end of a tunnel, You were so strong, You had faith in us all, You had great sprit even if the day was dull. you weren't just my Nan you were my best friend I know you had to go, now I feel I'm alone but I know you're close. when I feel the warmth at night I know its you giving me a good night kiss, when I feel my chest getting tight I know that's you giving me a big hug, when I feel the wind brush through my hair I know your whispering hello to me .. when I see the sun shine I know you're happy, when I see that bright star I know that's you watching down on us all and smiling now a beautiful angel watching over us all, we pray to you each night. Loosing you Nan broke my heart and every day without a doubt I think of you and shed a little tear, for a Nan I loved so dear.
Posted by Terry Cohen on 9th October 2014
Grandad We know you can no longer stay with us, you fought long and hard to be with us. We know you now watch over and protect us, Although we cannot hear your voice or see your smiling face, We know deep down in our hearts that you have not left us. Instead everyday you surround us with the singing of the birds, the rising of the sun and the falling of night. So many broken hearts are left behind, But in our deepest despair our greatest comfort lies knowing that you are now at peace with the angels and God. So as times passes our tears will dry, our hearts will mend but our love for you will never end.
Posted by Denise Mansfield on 8th October 2014
happy birthday mum love and miss u so much u was such a great mum and also my best friend still cant belive u have gone from our lifes still some times think i ring my mum when i need u so much hope ur happy where u r with dad nan maureen and every 1 else sleep tight my darling love u so much i no we r going 2 see each other 1 day say ello 2 dad and every 1 for me god bless love u untill for ever has gone xxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Lorrayne Hammersley on 8th October 2014
Lots of love on what would have been your birthday today Rita. Forever in our thoughts. Hope we all get to see you again one day. Love Lorrayne, Terry, Adam, Rosie and Tommy ❤️❤️❤️
Posted by Lottie Nutsey on 8th October 2014
happy birthday Rita Godbless you & Terry xxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Charley Mansfield on 15th August 2014
To my nan and grandad who I miss ever day sleep tight my loves luv u always xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Tyne Wort on 15th August 2014
Two lovely people who are missed sooo much. I have lovely memories of being in your house all trying to squeeze in the kitchen and passage where there was so many of us! And Rita I don't think I've actually had a bacon and tomato roll as good as yours! Loool they were the best! Loved having a laugh dressing up in your heels and bags! You use to call me a nutty pisstaker!
Posted by Tyne Wort on 15th August 2014
Hope your in sweet happy peace say hello to my nan and grandad miss and love you all sooooooooooo much xxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Denise Mansfield on 14th August 2014
i lay this flower for u my beautful mum and dad love and miss u both so bad when i ee u picture i think no there gone is it true pain hurst sooooooooo bad sleep tight my darlings love u both soooooooooooooo much always xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Lorrayne Hammersley on 10th August 2014
Sadly missed by all of us. The family is not the same without you both, you were such big people in our lives. Got many fond memories of you two, especially when you was ill Big Tel and you used to get me to trim your hair bless you, I didn't have the heart to tell you I wasn't a hairdresser! One day whilst shaving your hair you asked me to trim your eyebrows, me and Rita were pissing and trying not to let you see us otherwise we would be in big trouble but they were so bushy! Rita said wait til you asked me to do your nose hair! I can still hear Rita laughing in my mind bless her. Rita I'll never forget the time me, you and Denise went to see Danny in my convertible. I had the roof down and you was in the back calling me all the names cos your pride and joy, your lovely red hair, was blowing all over the place! Me and Den were cracking up in the front nice and warm and I had to pull over to put the roof up!! Memories will always be in our hearts and I hope you both are looking down on your lovely family and be so proud of everyone and know that one day we will all meet again!
Posted by Lottie Nutsey on 10th August 2014
Godbless both terry & Rita missed by many loved by all proper old school people sleep well till we all meet again much love to you both xxxxxxx
Posted by Denise Mansfield on 9th August 2014
love and miss u both so bad this pain will never go sleep tight my darlings untill we meet again love u always xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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