Her Life

Rita Jean Skees was born on July 4, 1934, in Louisville Kentucky.  She went to Nursing school and became  a practicing R.N.  She married Roderick Sebastian on September 17, 1955.  The new couple moved out to Colorado  and settled in Denver. They raised six children, Joni Savoy, Richard Sebastian, Don Sebastian, Karen Gray, Melanie Donahue, Kristi Sebastian. 

Jean, had 10 Grandchildren: (Joni) Neal Raymond, Heidi Merzweiler, Zachary Merzweiler;  (Richard) Nichole, Bobby; (Karen) Haley, Abby;  (Melanie) Christopher, Ryan;  (Kristi) Allisann.

Jean also had 4 Great grandchildren: (Zachary) Kayden, Falyn;  (Nichole) Ivy, Woody.

Rita Jean liked to just go by her middle  name of Jean.  She worked many years as Office Manager with Rod in their company Empire Fire Protection. Jean had many likes and passions, she like art and was very good at painting.  She did oils, watercolors and tole painting. She also loved and was very talented at sewing. She made many wonderful things from clothes for her children and herself to Wedding dresses and curtains.  She loved gardening and had a nice garden in the backyard.  She inspired a great love of Colorado in her children and took them camping often. Around the age of 60 years Jean developed signs of  Alzheimer's disease. She endured that for 24 years. She will be greatly missed by her friends and family.