his Life

Robbie always loved hunting and fishing, but he liked fishing more. He was always drawing pictures of tractor trailers, Robbie would tell me he was going to be a truck driver when he grows up. He never got to do that.

One time, when we were in Florida visiting his grandma Fechtler, we went to the beach, and Robbie and Richard were feeding the seagulls. Well, when it come time to eat our lunch, the seagulls was trying to get Robbie's sandwich. It was so funny, Robbie was trying to protect his sandwich from the seagulls getting it. Robbie was always having problems with birds. Another time, when he was older, Robbie and Richard was outside playing, and I happened to look out the kitchen window and here come Robbie running to get in the house and a blue jay was flying and dive bombing his head.

When Robbie was 17, he and Cynthia told me she was pregnant. I told them that they were too young to have a child and they would have a difficult time. I explained to them later that I would help them as much as I could. Audrey was born on Feb. 1,1998. Robbie, Cynthia and Audrey lived with me for a couple of years. Then they broke up. I took care of Audrey for about 10 years. Audrey went to live with her Nanny and Byron in Sylvester Georgia because I was going to move to Orlando and Audrey didn't want to move there. After Robbie died, I decided to stay in Georgia.

Robbie got involved with Candace, he met at Bi-Lo. They had a daughter, Danielle, born March 19, 2003. They were together on and off for several years. 

Robbie loved both of his daughters very much. It bothered him that he was having a difficult time paying child support. He wanted more than anything to support his girls.

In 2008, Robbie had gone to church with grandma Gasaway and Aunt Joann. He told Joann he wanted to be saved. Joann ministered to him and helped him give his heart to God. In Sept. Robbie told me he heard that Milton Martin, Jr was going to be at this certain church and he wanted to go. So, Robbie and I went to hear Rev. Martin. Rev. Martin has the gift of prophecy and the word of knowledge. I prayed that God would give Robbie a word through Rev. Martin, and the Rev came to us and shook my hand, we held hands in front of Robbie and the Rev told Robbie,"He was involved in something he had no control over, but God did." Robbie started crying.

Robbie died January 15, 2009 from accidental overdose of methadone and xanax. The day I found out, I woke up that afternoon about 3:30. I heard the Lord tell me before I got out of bed, that I was going to receive a message, not to look to the left or to the right but keep my eyes on the Lord. I called to talk to Robbie, grandma Gasaway answered the phone and tried to get Robbie up, but she couldn't. I told her to tell him that I called. A few minutes later, Danny called me and told me that Robbie wasn't breathing, the ambulance was on its way, to hurry and get over here. The Lord gave me the strength I needed to bare that day and the days since. 

I saw Robbie in a dream before the funeral. He was wearing what I picked out for him to wear. Robbie said to me,"Hi mom, I'm fine and I understand a lot of things I didn't before." I know Robbie is in a much better place, he is with the Lord and I will see Robbie again and I believe it will be soon.


Robbie's birth and childhood

Robbie was born in Orlando, Florida on August 26, 1980. The doctor had to perform an emergency c-section because his head was not passing through the birth canal and his heart rate had dropped. When Robbie was delivered, they had to call in a respiratory team because Robbie was not breathing and was blue. When I saw Robbie for the first time, it was through the nursery window. The nurse held him up and Robbie looked right at me and smiled! I remember thinking he looked big, he was 8lbs 13oz.

When Robbie was 9 months old he had to have surgery. He had bilateral hiatal hernias to repair. I got to take him home the same day of the surgery. I thought for sure the next day he would be hurting and crying, but he acted like he never had surgery at all.

We moved to Texas where my dad lived in May of 1981, but we didn't like it there. It had too many critters for my taste. Scorpians, tarantulas and poisoinous snakes. So, we moved to Pendergrass Georgia, Jackson County, where we stayed.

Robbie loved his blanket, he would drag that blanket around everywhere he went. Robbie would cry for his blanket when I had to wash it. The first day of kindergarten I told Robbie that boys that are big enough to go to school do not take their blanket to school. Surprisingly he left the blanket home, and I hid it. He never asked for it again.

One day, Robbie told me when he gets bigger he wanted to marry me. I laughed and told him he couldn't because I was already married to his daddy.