Shared by Tammy Proulx on July 21, 2015

We always looked forward to camping, my nephew recently reminded me how much. He said Bob's favorite thing on Fridays wasn't a  cold beer but was leavin for a camping trip. It wouldn't matter if it was pouring down rain when we got there,

I remember several different trips so vividly, but there was one trip where he & his brother, Steve we're meowing like cats until a fellow camper asked them to quit the "cat calling"  We laughed hysterically that night around the campfire. Those were truly great times.

Once we found out that you could hear concerts from the St. Augustine Ampitheater, we started planning our camping trips around some of the shows. We would grab our chairs a drink & kick back along the fenceline. Many romantic times happened then as we would dance like we did when we first started dating. It was a wonderful feeling, one I'll treasure forever!

He loved to just kick back & watch the tree tops blow & the clouds go by. These were truly memorable times. Bob loved the simple things & knowing I can no longer share that breaks my heart all over.

Shared by Leslie Tetrault on January 17, 2015

Bob and i grew up in cumberland RI, less than a mile from each other. The first time i saw bob in school I thought he was so cute. when I was 16 my friend hooked me up on a blind date. when I asked who it was she said Bob Proulx. I told her I had a crush on him for a long time, and was excited for the date. it was great! Bob is such a fun and easy going guy to be around. he made me laugh and we had a great time. We dated after that until he left RI with his parents when I was 17. I was devastated, Bob taught me how to drive a standard. he stood behind me on a hill so i could practice holding the car on a hill, he fixed my cars and was always always sweet to me. he called me weswie :( I remember at least one time going to the drive in in attleboro ma, falling asleep, and getting woken by a flashlight. we stayed out until 2 or 3 most nights drinking beer and having a great time. i will miss him so much, even though I have not seen him since i was 18, now I know I can never see him again. at least before there was a chance


my condolences to all <3

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