Let the memory of Robert be with us forever
  • 45 years old
  • Born on October 29, 1926 in Oakland, California, United States.
  • Passed away on August 5, 1972 in Oakland, California, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one Robert Spears from Ripley MS.passed away at the age of 45. born on October 29, 1926 and passed away on August 5, 1972. I will remember you forever  Daddy. I love and miss you so bad.. you will never ever be forgotten i will always love you forever,and ever daddy..

Posted by Dolores Spears on 13th October 2018
Hello, Daddy I really,really love and miss you so bad. I can't get over you being gone away from me way,way to soon. You should still be alive today daddy. You were taken, ripped from my life way,way to young and to early. I need you daddy more than I ever have. Please speak to me through the holy spirit. Oh heavenly Father the most high god of Israel. Please let my dad speak to me in spirit I need to talk to my daddy. I need answers. Oh most high god of the Hebrews of Israel. Heavenly Father I pray that you have mercy,mercy and grace on my daddy. Please let my daddy make it into heven. Please dont send him to hell. Please give him another chance that he didn't have here on earth. I'm asking this of you in the mighty name of your son Yashyah christ our Lord and savor ahmen. I love you Ahyah the most high God of Israel, I love your son Yashyah, and the holy sprint the Rawach she is my comforter. Ahmen. P.S. Dad the day you were born is coming up soon Oct. 29th. It Will be another sad day for me. Having to go another day without you. Love always and forever your daughter Dolores Spears my new Hebrew name I Aleezah Rebekah Spears Yudah
Posted by Dolores Spears on 29th October 2017
Happy birthday daddy. I love and miss you so much I wish you could be here with me so ypu can tell me what I'm supposed to do. In this wicked world Goverment sytem.R.I.P DADDY.
Posted by Dolores Spears on 5th August 2017
I love and miss you sooooooooo bad daddy. I been praying to the Most High God Of ISRAEL. That you make it into heavenI dontv even know if I will make it i will make it into heaven but I sure am trying. So I can be with you again. I really wish you were here with me. I can only hold on to a memory of you as a child. R.I.P. to you daddy! Much love and blessings to you I pray that you are with me in spirit and your spirit never leaves me. please tell me what to do daddy I really need you now more than ever. I love you more than anything. I am so heart broken over your passing I don't even have any pictures of you. If anybody out there knows my father Robert Spears from Albany Mississippi and can find or have any pictures of my daddy or knows someone who knows my family please,please I'm asking you to please help. All the family members I did find up in LA and Kansas city area and the New Albany Mississippi area say or claim they dont have not even one picture of you. I don't believe this somebody has to have pictures of you after the passing of your father Oliver L Spears my grandfather so where or who has these personal items?? If anyone is out there and can help or tell me how I can retrieve pictures of my daddy please come forward. Thank you! I love you daddy. Your oldest daughter Dolores Spears.
Posted by Dolores Spears on 20th February 2017
I really love and miss you dad. My spirit is so very deeply troubled. Because i need onfo about you. pictures of you and your mom and dad. I pray that the most high AHAYAH the God of ISRAEL. sends somebody into my life. that is kin and that has pictures of you all please im calling you AHAYAH the one and only true God of Israel i ask of you to please send someone into my life that can help me with pictures all of you and anything else that is my right to have these things. In the mighty name of Christ YASHAYAH AHMEN.. PS. my spirit will be always be troubled until someone or steps up and stops hiding things from me. I know that someone knows something. and has your belongings. until i come across your belongings that was suppossed to have been passed down to me i will always be troubled about this to the very end..
Posted by Dolores Spears on 18th January 2017
I miss you so bad Daddy..I have tears in my eyes right now. im alwas thinking of you and praying for your soul to make it into heaven. may the most high God of Israel hear my prayers in the mighy name of Yashayah christ Ahmen. Somebody stole the pictures i had of you. I have searched everywhere for those pictures! I pray the most high lets me find them and get them back. they mean soooo much to me. its all i had let of you. I know who stole them. it was susan smith spears!!!... I have no dout in my mind it was her...P.S. And the papers that grandad Oliver Spears sent to my mom. they are missing to. they say they dont have these things but somebody has it.. im sure of it..
Posted by Dolores Spears on 29th October 2016
Happy born 90th day daddy!! I love you soooooo much and I miss you soooo much..R I P.daddy you will never ever be forgotten by me I wish the most God! Would bring you back to me.. and you have 4 grandchildren I named 2 of them after you I wish you could have been here to meet them all. I pray that the most high will let your soul into heaven so i can be with you again for all eternity..Love always your daughter Dolores Spears
Posted by Dolores Spears on 10th August 2016
R.I.P. Dad i really,really miss you daddy!!!... i wish that the Most high would give me a chance to talk to you!!!.. I need information on you and or someone who does have info on you and pictures My spirit is deeply disturbed by this not having any pictures or knowing any of your family members who do someone has to have some pictures of you somewhere.... I pray to the Most High that he will send somebody my way who has pictures of you and that knew because all of the family that i have met on your side that knew you are passed away as well. the rest of them they that i do know they say that they didnt know you! and or they are not trying to help me or led me to the right family members! who did know you! this is so sad! but what can i do but wait! I love you daddy always and forever never forgotten.. you Daughter Dolores Spears...
Posted by Dolores Spears on 9th August 2016
This is to all the viewers! My father Robert Spears was born to Oliver L Spears and Maria Spears. in his death certificate it says he was born in Illinois his father and mother Oliver L Spears and Maria Spears. far as i know lived in ripley mississippi but on the letter i got from my step grandmother before my grandfather passed away i got a letter from my grandfather but his wife is the one who sent me the letter! which was my step grandmother i didnt know my step grandmothers name.but the address where the letter came from was at 535 New Albany miss. but i recently sent a letter to that address Just to see if anyone knew or still lives there by the last name Spears or that knew them but it came back to me saying that there is no such address! i dont know how that can be when i looked it up on google and that address showed up!!.. if anyone out there is kin on the Spears side of this family and knew my grandfather and grandmother Please,Please contact me ASAP!!!.. I have been trying to find someone who has pictures or knows a family member that does I have no pictures of my dad the ones that i did have that my mother gave me someone stole them.. i only had 3 pictures of my dad and none of my grandfather or grandmother this saddens me very,very deeply is there anyone,anyone out there who knows?. Thank you!
Posted by Dolores Spears on 27th October 2015
Hi dad its me your daughter Dolores Maria spears its another sad month,day, and year without you here with me!!! You not here with me father but I prayed that God took you to heaven so I can see my daddy again... I love you dad more than you could ever know i love you dad I love you dad, I love you so much dad... Its so lonely and sad everyday of this month of October 2015 but your birthday is on October 29 2015 I prayed to the most high God to please have you in heaven so when I come home I will see you again I love you so very,very much daddy i love you forever,and ever I will never forger you dad....love you daughter Dolores Spears...I miss you so bad dad....love Dolores spears you daughter...
Posted by Dolores Spears on 29th October 2014
Happy birthday dad R.I.P. I miss you and love so much.... I wish you could talk to me and tell me what to do about my situation!!! I need you daddy love always your daugher Dolores Spears....
Posted by Dolores Spears on 23rd August 2014
I love and miss you dad very much R.I.P wish you were here with me!! You were taken away from me way,way to soon i was only 12 years old and i dont even know my family on you side i met them in 2012 at the reuion but they dont keep in touch with me i would love to know them but they want nothing to do with me...
Posted by Dolores Spears on 23rd August 2014
Robert Spears R.I.P dad! love you.....
Posted by Dolores Spears on 30th November 2013
I realy miss my dad!!!.. There is this big emty hole in my heart that no one can ever fill. R.I.P dad!!!.. I love you so much....

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