Let the memory of Roberta (Bobbi) be with us forever
  • 73 years old
  • Born on November 11, 1936 .
  • Passed away on October 23, 2010 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Roberta (Bobbi) Lynsky 73 years old , born on November 11, 1936 and passed away on October 23, 2010. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Sandra Gauthier on October 23, 2019
It’s been nine years since you left. Still in our hearts may you be at peace.
Posted by Sandra Gauthier on October 23, 2018
8 years still hard to believe my you be at peace.
Posted by Marybeth Wood on October 23, 2016
can't believe how difficult it is for me to write to you today,it's been a sad sad day for me.Six long long years really not handling losing the Only person in the world who knew me and that I knew better than I knew myself ! If last year was amazingly good and happy this year has been it's opposite ! I Really Really hate it when your right! January Audrey informed me that she puts all or most of the gifts she gets in her basement and " cycles them out to the Salvation Army or Good will,nice right spend time picking out the right gift and wrapping (which I hate to do) only to have it tossed , well done with that! Christmas Eve my loving sister who chose to mess things up for my wedding told me she didn't want all the gifts I had for her because she only had a bottle and some other silly things for me. O.K I don't give to receive but was a little upset when I saw bag after bag for Audrey and Linda.Speaking of Linda she informed me that I had an incredibly FAT ASS!AND my Godson told me I didn't deserve a hug and kiss for Xmas .All kinds of crap going on with Taylors wedding all the suck ups aka Sandi, Anne Linda AND amazingly but I don't know why but Audrey!!!! I have had a lot health issues i,e stomach they thought I had pancreatic cancerso went through tons of tests still having issues can't figure out what is wrong everything I eat goes through me so I don't go out much on top of the fact that I have low oxygen and am on oxygen at night /when needed and this summer was so humid I went nowhere did nothing ! So got crap about missing taylors shower and Will's mothers 90th bday. Now the straw that broke the camels back because I have oxygen and stomach I sent a regret for the wedding, somehow Taylor messaged me instead of Anne asking for Paul's address I asked if she neede Gary and Dana's she said something about the hall being small and she had to wait for people to decline before she sent them an invite nice huh they where on the "B" list in case she needed extra people to fill seats! They decided they weren't going anyway because of finances, no invite came so we assumed that none the cousins were invited only to see pics posted that showed all of the cousins were there and my sons were exclude ! So everything you ever told me about them was right on the money ! I have pretty much eliminated them all from my life because as you ALWAYS told me "why do you bother with them they are a bunch of jerks !" So you were right all along , so I pretty much have no living siblings in my life so focusing on my children and grandchildren (or trying to at least ) oh and on top of everything we had to put Sugar down so this year was the shoe dropping after I had such an amazing year last year . Oh well everything happens for a reason don't know what they are just yet but God knows so I keep praying ! Well that concludes this portion of the pity party of this tribute ! I miss you so much you certainly would have in your own way given me some comfort . And would have had your say to the parties that be about things! I don't know how much longer I can deal with life without you it's so hard not having you to talk to or tattle to haha ! I love you and miss you more than I can put into words !
Posted by Marybeth Wood on November 11, 2015
Happy Birthday Bobbi ! Wow 79, you should be here so I can tease about the big 8-0 approaching next year . Instead here I am again writing on a memorial page, so wrong . You were too young to go the way you did ! Ok time for news as if you don't already know, Dana is getting married on Friday so exited and happy for him and Michael! Taylor is getting married in September,starting to feel soooo old both of my sons will be married ,when did they grow up on me!Gary is living in his own house for the last couple of months,and Dana will be closing on his house sometime towards the end of the month! Happy news for a change hope it continues! Believe it or not I am in school! Amazing the things that have happened in just one whirlwind of a year and all awesome and good . Still trying to cope without you. Feel so lost and even though the boys and billy and I are having a great year I sometimes feel hollow inside sometimes I just want to (sounds juvenile) I just want run away but don't know where to go because there is no one waiting for me when I get there! I can smell your Windsong perfume sometimes I know you are around and silly as it sounds I start looking for you ! I love you and miss you so much. Happy Birthday I love you , MaryBeth
Posted by Marybeth Wood on October 24, 2015
Five years since I saw you last. Lots of things have gone on this year.Bill and I got married missed you and mama and daddy and of course Eddie. Was a bitter sweet day happy one minute on the verge of tears the next.Four of the most Important people in my life were not there,you were in all in my thoughts and heart. Can't believe five years have flown by seems like an eternity . Still want to call you and mama to tell you everything good,bad, silly, or just to hears your voices. Been dreaming of you all I hope you don't need prayers although I pray for you all everyday . Miss you so much it doesn't seem to get any easier, although I can hear you and mama saying "stop your crying now"! Sorry can't do it there is always something or someone to make me think of you and the water works start. I love you and miss you terribly still , I know you know this but I need to say it ! I LOVE YOU MaryBeth
Posted by Marybeth Wood on November 11, 2014
happy birthday dear sister, I went today to visit you and to check to see if Debbi did what she said she was going to do and put a headstone on your grave. Well surprise! surprise! there was nothing but I will call tomorrow and every week until it's done! So disrespectful and Wrong!!! So I sat where I hoped you were resting beneath me and sobbed , there are no flowers on Eleanor's grave either,so they don't care about anything or anyone but themselves and money !! You would be seventy eight today! Wow can't tease you about it tho, can't talk to you and tell about my wedding plans, Can't make you go shopping for a dress and fight over you going or not. I know in my heart you would go, know in heart that you and mama and daddy , skippy and Eddie will be there beside me as I say my vows,and at the wedding . Dear Lord I can't move on can't stop crying , don't know if I ever will . I miss you so so so badly and love you with all my heart. I hope you are at peace and hear me talking to you all the time. I love you Bobbi happy birthday  MaryBeth
Posted by Marybeth Wood on October 23, 2014
Well here we are four years ! Can't believe it's been so long and I still cry!! I'm getting married on Dec 27, wish so so much that you would be there ! I hope that your headstone is finally in place so hard to visit you when I can't tell where you are! Planning to visit soon just afraid they lied to me about taking care of it,as I can't do it for you feel like I failed you . Lilly's over two now she's so cute and smart ! She calls me chicken. She's my little Lilly Pie ! you would love her so much !love you and miss you with all my heart and sole! love you MaryBeth
Posted by Marybeth Wood on November 11, 2012
Happy Birthday Bobbi!!! I know I go on and on about how much I miss you. Well guess what here I go again with tears in my eyes and a hole in my heart and life and a pain that is a constant reminder of the bond and love we shared that will never ever be broken! or replaced, I talk to you all the time and ask questions that go unanswered, do you hear me? Can you see me?So hard at times miss
Posted by Sandra Gauthier on October 24, 2012
2 years have passed it's hard to believe you are no longer with us. are heart still ache because you went to soon you will always been in our hearts always on our minds and forever in our thoughts wish you could hear us and see us. as well as we wish we could see you and hear you. we always love you Bobby today and always.
Posted by Marybeth Wood on October 23, 2012
here I am exactly two years after you were called home by the father. Still crying when something reminds me of you, depression has a serious grip on me can't seem to shake it I miss you so so much. I have a granddaughter Lilly when I see her is probably the only time the sun shines for me!now Suzanne says she's not going to let me see her because of sugar, If that happens i might see y
Posted by Marybeth Wood on February 1, 2012
Well here I am again with tears in my eyes and sadness in my heart that weighs me down to a place that has become all too familiar and constant. Everything I do has me thinking of what you would say about my decisions and actions. Everyone tells me I need to make peace and let you go so you can be at peace , Well I can't it's coming up to two years and it just gets harder and harder!love
Posted by Marybeth Wood on November 11, 2011
Happy Birthday Bobbi ! Spent one the longest days because had to work. Guess what today is 11/11/11 I know you would have had such a great time with the knowledge that your birthday fell on the only day that will ever be consecutive 1's I know you would have called me at 11:11 to tell me this and that it was because you are number 1! Well you certainly were and always will be .Love MB
Posted by Marybeth Wood on November 11, 2011
to continue mythought train from previous message, I miss you still so very much keep running to the phone to hear you voice on my service,to tell me you haven't heard from me and whats going on!Still cry most days I can hear you saying " stop crying MaryBeth" like you did on one of my final visits with you I love you and miss you MaryBeth
Posted by Sandra Gauthier on December 4, 2010
hard to believe our sister is gone,so very very sad.my heart is full of sorrow and sadness,can't move on from this,to hard be at peace my sister be with mom,dad,skippy,you will always be in our hearts and mind.love sandi

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