Posted by Michele muroshimmons on May 23, 2021
Dad you were my Rock my everything. Thank you for loving me. I'm so blessed to have been able to have the time with you to have developed a very strong bond with you when Mom passed away in 2011. You made me feel so loved when you came to me and asked me and Curley to move in with you when mom passed on I jumped at the chance to be able to come and live with you and take care of you I love you so Dad I miss you so much life just isn't the same with out you in it. I am so thankful for the time we got to spend together to let our relationship grow to be such a wonderful father daughter Relationship. We had so much time together but it seems never to be enough time when you love some one. Dad you were so funny at times remember all the fun times we had we would laugh so much we went to rodeo's we spent a lot time in the barn with the horses cleaning the horses cleaning the barn daddy I new how much you loved your horses. And I enjoyed seeing how much joy and happiness the horses brought you. The horses became your life when mom passed.I I loved to be able to help you dad and spend hours with you watching all those Westerns on TV and when we went to the casino together and you took me to that comedian
showl to see Ron White I when I got stood up by my date remember it was so sweet of you to take me.
Dad you lived dangerously 
You was a real dare devil the real McCoy of a cowboy that's for sure.I enjoyed cooking for you dad and serving you just like mom taught us girls . I love helping you and mom and I enjoyed your company you both were my best friends I hope that I didn't over do my visits everyday and my 10 phone calls a day to you guys . that's why I wanted to live close to you guys. But I feel like you liked the idea of me living so close because as I remember you chose the house that I bought. ha ha !! When my brother and sister moved so far because of there jobs. I just had my own business so I could live near you and mom.That's the reason I moved to Alabama anyway so we could be alll together. we made so many beautiful lasting memories that I will treasure for ever.  nobody could ever take that away . I just want to thank you for everything you've done for me and mostly for your love your kindness and generosity you are the best father and the best friend child can have done I just can't thank you enough you spoiled me now that you're gone I had to learn that a little over again because you spoiled me and I had to learn to live without you and Mommy and I don't know how to you never taught me how to live without his it is hard hard I love you so much I miss you like crazy I miss you every minute of everyday I see your smile I hear your voice it's been so hard for me. My heart is broken it's so hard to face every day knowing your gone and I won't hear you say good morning smiley or what's for dinner or I love you. Or be able to get a big hug from you. But because of how you raised me I know you would want me to be strong and to go on with my life you wouldn't want me to be sad all the time I'm sorry dad I can't help it I'm trying my best to live up to your expectations but it's so hard . I Miss you so much that it hurts so bad. You are the best father and my best friend that a girl could ever dream of calling her father and bestie .You are my hero my rock of Gibraltar one of a kind you used to say that when they made you they broke the mold and you were so right. You will live forever in my heart and I will cherish the memories locked in my heart and mind forever I'll never forget you ever I wasn't prepared for everything that had happened concluding to your death I'm so sorry I tried to get guardianship of you dad and to be able to take care of you myself in Alabama in your own home like you wished and you wanted but fighting Michael was horrible now I know what kind of brother he was and son and I know he never loved any of us greed took him over money is the root to all evil. and I feel sorry for his children God forgive him dad forgive him he doesn't know but when he gets to the pearly Gates he has to answer to God for his actions and what he did to you and me land my sister and our children it was so unfair so unnecessary to hurt us the way he had done and I believe in God and he will take care of it until until I come to live with you in heaven daddy I love you so much.know that your missed dearly. You taught me so much and gave me so much Thank you for being my father missing you always daughter Michelexxxxxxxxoooooi

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