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Shared by Debra Smith on June 25, 2010

Apart from the many many family holidays, adventures & fun times we shared while I was growing up, my Dad was generally a Great Human Being. He was always there for me & for any one that needed him.  Dad drove a 1966 White Ford Falcon, it was his cherished possession because it had belonged to his dear Father. That Ford drove all over Australia, it took our family on many holidays & in later years took Dad & his other prized possession's- His 2 Granddaughters; on many camping trips up the Mighty River Murray! Dad always had time for kids, he would have all the neighbor's kids knocking on our door asking if he could fix their bikes. He never said no & always made the time for them.  If any of the kids didn't have a bike, Dad would make one up from second hand parts just so they could have a bike to call their own. Dad loved playing eight ball & regularly played in the Hotels Association Competitions. Dad was a good player & one heaps of trophy's & competitions.

My Dad was my confidant & my best friend. We got up to some antics over the years. I always remember his cheeky smile & wink he would give me on the sly, when we shared some joke or prank. In my teenage years I got mixed up with drugs & put my Dad through hell, but he never turned his back on me. He got me out of so many situations, both physically & financially. He stuck by me, encouraging me to find my way & with his determination & strength, I finally made it. In the last few years before Dad died, I spoke to him about my days on the drugs and cried with shame & guilt for all that I had put him through. The thousands of dollars that I owed him, I worried I'd never repay. Dads reply to me was - "You have re payed me by getting your life together & staying away from drugs. That is all I ever cared about, money is nothing compared to my child's life"

My Dads love for me was something that words cannot really express but his actions, his words, his hugs, his smile & devotion said it all. I can never tell him now, how special he was to me or how much he meant to me. I only hope that his belief that there is a heaven is correct. Because if there is a heaven, My Dad will be there. Dad was right about most things in my life, so I kinda have a hunch, he's there, just patiently waiting for me!. His unselfish nature & big heart made him the special man that he was. Dad was loved not only by me but by so many people. I know my dear Mum & sister miss him terribly. He is thought of & missed with every single day that passes.

So if you have a special person in your life, Tell them how much they mean to you. Tell them how much you love them. Spend time with them because you never know tomorrow might just snatch them away from you..... Take the time to smell the roses & hug that special someone!

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