A New Year. 2019. all about faith.
faith that god created the heaven and the earth; that jesus is the son of god, god in the flesh; that jesus died for me on that cross and rose from the dead. always remembered, always loved..faith!
  • 25 years old
  • Born on May 23, 1978 in Mountain View, California, United States.
  • Passed away on June 5, 2003 in Rochester, New York, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Ronnie Alick Brion, the son of Chesley Brion and Carol Lee Noyes. Ronnie was born on May 23, 1978 at 2:29 pm in El Camino Hospital.  Ronnie passed away on June 5, 2003 at 6:40 pm in Strong Hospital.  We will love and remember Ronnie always. 

Posted by PATTY HILL on 30th December 2018
Ronnie, another Holiday Season has come and gone. Holidays are joyous but also sad. We smile for the wonderful memories- yet cry for we miss our Heavenly family so much. Ronnie, enjoy that Heavenly family as we smile thinking of you all ! We love you all! Aunt Patty
Posted by Jaiden Brion on 7th November 2018
i never got to know him as my uncle
Posted by Seanna Brown on 6th June 2018
40 seems not possible. Thinking of you always, wishing we were together for your birthday. Seanna xoxo
Posted by Chesley Brion on 28th May 2018
Memorial Day 2018.. Eternal Thanks and Gratitude to All Our Veterans and Those that Served; to Those That Gave Their Lives So We Could Live Our Lives As "One Nation, Under GOD, with Liberty and Justice For All". Always Remembered, Always Loved. Dad, Many Uncles, Lee, Greeno, T, Ernie, Bob, Jim B....think of you all often. I know that Ronnie always felt "Patriotism" as a gift from God. Our entire family felt that way and most of the family still holds that feeling dear. MY family, Mom, Dad, brothers and sisters, Michelle, Justin and Ronnie..we all felt a closeness, admiration for those that would give it their all for others. That is what it is all about. To the folks that sacrifice everything....there is no greater act.."of giving your life for another". WE are so fortunate..from where we came from and where we are going! All My Love..Chet/Pops
Posted by PATTY HILL on 23rd May 2018
Happy Birthday Ronnie- we miss you- but Ronnie I can only imagine the Celebrtion of your 40th and those attending that party today- you enjoy- you are in Great Company- so much love Celebrating you- our Heavenly Family is what can I say-"Heavenly"! We love you Honey. Aunt Pat
Posted by Brett Duthie on 23rd May 2018
Happy 40th Ronnie.
Posted by Chesley Brion on 22nd May 2018
Always remembered. Always Loved. Happy Birthday Ronnie. Your 40th. I can only imagine what a birthday moment you will share on your day. Love you. Pops
Posted by Steve Hill on 25th December 2017
Good memories, just not enough. Sad for us, but happy for Ronnie. May we all meet again. Hopefully we’ll all have new jokes to tell. Merry Christmas.
Posted by Seanna Brown on 25th December 2017
Merry Christmas Ronnie! We miss you today and every day. Lots of Love Seanna & Edie
Posted by PATTY HILL on 24th December 2017
Here we are Ronnie, ready to Celebrate another Christmas tomorrow.We are so blessed with this beautiful Family, and all the others who are a part of our lives here. I must say though that I so miss my heavenly family. I'll hear a song or remember the fun times, it still brings tears. We miss you Ronnie- but I know you are in good company - take care of my sister- and Merry Christmas.We love you Ronnie. Aunt Pat
Posted by Teresa Soukup on 5th July 2017
Hi Ronnie. Another Holiday without you. I missed you. We had a terrible day. Heaven gained 3 new Angels yesterday. The firrst was a girl named Karrie Bender. She was 25 and a friend of Jps crew in High School.Next were two of Jens friends. Their names are Nathan Zeller and David Mcgraw. Could you please watch over them and show them around up there Tell them they were loved and will be missed down here. It was unexpected and their probably scared. Thank You Ronnie. I Love You. I hope you and Aunt Barb, Uncle Lee, and Grammy and Grampy Brion had a Fantasti 4th in Heaven.
Posted by Teresa Soukup on 5th June 2017
Hello Cuz. I really miss you. Thinking of you today. You left us way to young. I know your watching over us with everyone. We Love You and miss you terribly. I so wish you were still here. I wish i could jave known you better. Until I see you again I Love You Teresa
Posted by PATTY HILL on 5th June 2017
My most cherished memories of you Ronnie are how you could always make us smile and just have fun no matter where we were, at the Beach in Florida, Barb and Dans, California, just anywhere. We are so very lucky to have these, because no matter how crazy times get, how hard, how sad, there you are and here come the smiles. Thanks for the smiles honey, thanks for such happy memories . Love you Ronnie.
Posted by Teresa Soukup on 24th May 2017
Happy Late Birthday Ronnie. Sorry I missed it. Yesterday was scary. Cyara is having heart complications and she had an incident yesterday. She is really scared and so confused. I am to. Could you please watch over her and give her a sence of peace. We miss you. I know your with Grammy and Grampy Brion and Aunt Barbara now. All of you are so missed. Enjoy your Birthday in Heaven with a huge party and say Hi to everyone. I Love you Ronnie.
Posted by PATTY HILL on 23rd May 2017
Ronnie, you left your footprints upon many people's hearts, and we are so blessed for that! You are forever loved, and forever missed. Happy Birthday honey. Take care of our Heavenly Family. Take care of B. Aunt Patty
Posted by Cori Wright on 23rd May 2017
Happy birthday kiddo!!! Missing you a little more today!!! You continue to be an inspiration to so many!! We love you bunches!!!
Posted by Eric Dixon on 23rd May 2017
Big Ron!! Happy Birthday Brother! Love you and Miss you.
Posted by Sharan Chambliss on 23rd May 2017
Happy Birthday Ronzo, Well it has been 14 years and it still seems like yesterday, always loved, always missed, never forgotten. I would love to know what you think about all that has gone on the past years, I am sure there would be surprises. We always love you.
Posted by Chloe Wright on 23rd May 2017
There's not a day that goes by where I don't see something hear something or talk about something that reminds me of you! I hope your having a very awesome and loving birthday up there in heaven take care of Aunt B and don't forget how much we all love you down here ❤️
Posted by Mark Slater on 22nd May 2017
Miss you Ronnie. Wish u were here to meet my kids and be the favorite uncle I know you would be. I think about you everyday. You were always there for me and I will always be there for you. Love you bro
Posted by Chesley Brion on 22nd May 2017
May 23, 2017: Happy 39th Birthday Ronnie. Life passes faster every day. The events of this life continue to surprise me. I take so much for granted that I forget the true gifts, the rewards of this "physical" stage of my life. I find myself re-living moments. Laughing out loud with happiness. That "silent" time for tears of disbelief. What an experience. Like to change things if I could? Yes, for sure. But, then I realize, the "plan" would be broken. Faith in the perfection of all that exists. Stronger than ever. All my love Ronnie...Pops
Posted by Kerri Mead on 22nd May 2017
Happy Birthday Ronnie, may you continue to rest in peace!
Posted by Seanna Brown on 22nd May 2017
Happy Birthday Ronzo. Miss you always. Seanna & Edie
Posted by Brett Duthie on 22nd May 2017
Happy birthday Roast, we're thinking about you.
Posted by Eric Dixon on 6th March 2017
Miss you Bro!!
Posted by Cori Wright on 5th June 2016
Thinking of you today...hard to believe so much time has passed. Maybe because we think of you every day and feel you with us. Love you bunches!!!
Posted by Chesley Brion on 5th June 2016
June 5: the day of Ronnie's spiritual birth. Someday..we will be one again...Love you always..Pops
Posted by Brett Duthie on 24th May 2016
Happy Birthday Roast
Posted by Barbara Rogers on 23rd May 2016
We miss you so much.......Aunt B
Posted by Kerri Mead on 23rd May 2016
Happy Birthday Ronnie! Your drawing "It's worth every breath" would make you rich... I can't tell you how many copies of this I've see over the years, I mean, shirts, mouse pads, poster, cards you name,.. you are really famous, We LOVE IT... THANK YOU for reminding us that life is worth EVERY breath!!! LOVE YOU!!!
Posted by PATTY HILL on 23rd May 2016
Today we celebrate your life Ronnie. One day doesn't seem long enough. What you gave all that knew you is endless. So thank you dear for the love of family, the abundance of faith, and especially your angels. They are everywhere, on our walls, in our photo albums, on our shelves, but mostly in our hearts. They comfort us. We love you honey, and will forever miss you. Happy Birthday! Aunt Patty
Posted by Cori Wright on 23rd May 2016
Happy Birthday kiddo!!!! Thank You for being my constant reminder to love life!! More true words have never been said as yours...'It's worth every breath!!!' We do not only celebrate you today, but everyday!! So we say Happy Birthday as this is your special day...but celebrate you all year long! Love and miss you bunches!!
Posted by Chesley Brion on 22nd May 2016
As our lives continue to move through life changes, the memories of loved ones that have departed "sadden me and comfort" me. I find myself moving through those "sad family times" when a grandparent, an uncle, an aunt, a cousin, a parent, a sibling, a child or a friend dies. My heart aches and emotions last for a time. Then I am revived. The memories of "family ties and family strength" take over. I realize that we will all be together one day, as a Family. The unselfish love we have all been offered..can not be dismissed so easily. HIS love is ever-present. HIS love and HIS presence is inside all of us. Yet, at times we ignore this gift and confuse it with our day-to-day personal needs and comforts we have come to enjoy. Ronnie celebrates his 38th birthday. My heart aches and my heart celebrates his life. Happy Birthday Ronnie. As you told me, "Pops, it will all be ok." In the end, I know in my heart that Our Family will be one again. FAITH! All My Love..Pops.
Posted by Chesley Brion on 2nd December 2015
Christmas 2015. A time when memories of Christmas past are so many and wonderful. Some memories are sad and difficult to dismiss. Most memories are happy, a joy to talk about and share. My special "happy" memories are all about family. I am blessed with a wonderful family. I thank my Lord for everything, especially the treasure of family and the love we share. Merry Christmas Everyone. Chet/Dad/Pops
Posted by Chesley Brion on 13th October 2015
October 10, 2015. Too frequently, we are reminded just how tender and precious life can be. We endure the passing of yet another family member and close friend, Patti Deeb. Yes, the same saddness and sense of loss as before. That sudden moment when you realize that Patti has moved on in her spiritual life, to that place, that PROMISE guaranteed by her faith. Our faith not only comforts us but assures us that one day will come, when we will all share in THE PROMISE with Patti, Ronnie and so many others. Patti, we will miss you. All my love always..Chet/Pops
Posted by Sam Brion on 6th June 2015
Every 88 minutes we can look up to see the space station go over. I feel that we can do better.Every minute, every day, every hour we can look up and think of you and see you. I have even had communication with you... Love ya and think of you often.Please say hi to all that are there with you..Please tell them we miss them all too...Uncle Sam
Posted by Cori Wright on 5th June 2015
Thinking of you today, as I do everyday...Thank you for continuing to help me see beauty in everyday!!! Love & miss you! :)
Posted by Chesley Brion on 5th June 2015
A day of remembrance as Justin reminds us. What better way to remember Ronniie than to remember the good times we all have had together. Jan reminds me of the funny story behind the "It's Worth Every Breth" artwork that Ronnie created. Ronnie did this drawing in May, 2003. Ronnie wanted to give the original to his Aunt Barb. They were conversing regularly. Carol had noted that Ronnie had misspelled the word "Breath" as "Breth". Carol laughed so hard, as we all did. Carol wanted it to be perfect for Barb. I do not think Ronnie really cared..he just wanted to be sure Barb received it. Dustin Brown recently asked for a clear copy of Ronnie's drawing. Dustin commissioned to have it reproduced in legos! Today, Dustin announced that the "lego" picture of Ronnie's drawing (4 feet x 6 feet)) was finished and he has it hanging in his office in his new house. .Quite an honor, especially today. My thanks to Dustin for this honor. I am sure Ronnie is loving it!! The picture of the day on this site is a picture of the drawing in Dustin's office.
Posted by Barbara Rogers on 5th June 2015
It is indeed a day of remembrance...your spirit being set free. I still feel The Holy Spirit's presence.....the stillness and peace...and my spirit rejoicing as you were received in Heaven (home). Your picture of 'It's Worth Every Breath' hangs on the wall above my computer but wow how this message has grown and been manifested with Dustin's Lego's. Well done Dustin. You are so missed sweetie. We will see you again but feel your presence everyday. Aunt Barb
Posted by Corky Holden on 5th June 2015
Ronnie - you have been such an inspiration to us all. I think of you all the time and we all miss you. So many wonderful memories of when you were a kid, Lake Tulloch jet sking, camping in the cove, collecting cans, bottles and rocks. You are one of my guardian angels in heaven. Your angel picture hangs on my wall and I see you daily. Say hi to Bill for me - love and miss you both.
Posted by Eric Dixon on 1st June 2015
Happy Birthday Ronnie! I miss you, Love Your Brother Eric
Posted by Teresa Soukup on 25th May 2015
Sorry I missed your Birthday Ronnie. Things have kinda been a mess down here but I know God has a plan for me. I love you and miss you everyday. Happy Late Birthday Cuz. Please continue to watch over all of us.
Posted by Seanna Brown on 23rd May 2015
Happy Birthday, Ronnie! Miss you. I have some photos of us on my fridge so I get to see your lovely face every day. Spring is in the air and I wish we were making summer plans together. Love you! Thinking of you always.
Posted by Barbara Rogers on 23rd May 2015
"I am but a breath away from where you are"......or you could say "You are but a breath away from where those who love and miss you are". I believe that....and I also believe with all my heart and soul that we will all be together again. Praise our most merciful God. Love you Ronnie...Happy Birthday. Aunt Barb
Posted by Hap Bradley on 23rd May 2015
Happy birthday, Ronzo! Fitting that there's not a cloud in the sky today, just the sun.
Posted by Irene McEldowney on 23rd May 2015
Ronnie, Happy Birthday. miss you, it was always a pleasure to have known you..........Love, Aunt Irene
Posted by Chesley Brion on 23rd May 2015
Happy Birthday Ronnie. 2015. 37 years old. Who would ever have believed it? You completed my life. The ups and downs that a person brings upon himself. The UPS that other people bring upon you. You brought me so many ups Ronnie. I miss you lots..goes without saying. I wonder all the time about you, us, the future. I look back in wonder. Sometimes, I catch myself thinking, "did it all really happen". Listening to Yanni on the way to Rochester. We loved that drummer! Seems like a few minutes ago. I BELIEVE! That's for sure. I will treasure every memory of you, of family. All My Love Always. Pop
Posted by Brett Duthie on 23rd May 2015
Happy Birthday Roast -
Posted by Cori Wright on 23rd May 2015
As I opened my eyes on this beautiful morning my first thoughts were of you. Happy, happy birthday!!! We miss you! But I feel you with me everyday...so many reminders...from your angels that bring a smile to everyone that sees them, to a song on the radio or even glancing at my beautiful daughter with her happy, smiley personality...reminds me of your happy, smiley personality!!! Thank you for all you continue to bring to my life!! We love you so much! We celebrate you today Ronnie!!
Posted by PATTY HILL on 23rd May 2015
Ronnie Alick Brion, 1978-2003. They say the dash between the dates is most important for it represents the life of that person. Also a dash filled with love and people to reciprocate that love is the happiest dash of all. Ronnie, your dash was all about love, and we are so blessed to be a part of your dash. We love you honey. Happy Birthday to you!! Aunt Patty

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