Let the memory of rosie be with us forever
  • 67 years old
  • Born on July 4, 1947 .
  • Passed away on May 29, 2015 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, rosie evans (cole) 67 years old , born on July 4, 1947 and passed away on May 29, 2015. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Nadine Cole Jenkins on July 6, 2017
Hello mum hope all is well did you have a good party sorry we could not be there but god said his house was full of thomes coles and Evans so ya we got band from heaven lol nothing new there im sure you are saying.Anyway do you like Natalie hair she has had it dyed in your favourite colour she was there at 10.30 and 3pm she was all done ahhhhhhhh. Whiskey b is doing just fine he needs to lose weight though hes a little fatty but still crazy he still has len the lion hes so funny when he has that and wants to play. Nathan Aaron Aidan and nia are all ok Nathan is doing fantastic and so is Nia she has changed and im sure you will be very proud of her she has come a long way took the hard way but we getting there.Well going now just wanted to say hello missing you loades forever yours love me xxxxxxxx
Posted by Irene Hughes on July 4, 2017
Another year older and never forgotten. Love and miss you always xxxx
Posted by Nadine Cole Jenkins on July 4, 2017
Happy birthday to you mm hope you having an amazing day wish we could of had the opportunity to have your party.Have a reward but not to many thanks for the visit love them happy 70 mum xxxxx
Posted by Irene Hughes on May 29, 2017
My Dear friend, I still miss you as much. Remembered always and forever in my heart xxxx
Posted by Nadine Cole Jenkins on May 29, 2017
Hi mum ant believe it's now 2years to date you had to go . The days are going to fast the kids are growing up I know you will be o proud of them all they are doing just fine whiskey b is still a pain but he's our pain .Hope you like the new rose's Nathan got for you today there amazing. Well um it's time to say catch you later love and miss you always give our love to everyone xxxx
Posted by Natalie Cole-Jenkins on May 29, 2017
I miss you so much nanna. I just want to pick up the phone and talk to you.
Posted by Nadine Cole Jenkins on July 4, 2016
Wishing you mum a very happy birthday for today.Im sorry we cant be together for our get togethers. i hope you are ok and looking after your self we al miss you so much whiskey b and susie are fine keep watching over me love always mum xxxx
Posted by Nadine Cole Jenkins on May 29, 2016
well hello mum i so hope you are ok and everyone with you is ok to. I cant belive its been a year all ready i dont know where the time has gone its been a long old lonley road yes i have hubby and kids but i miss you imiss out phone calls every day 3 times even a day i miss not hearing your voice and seeing you always its really hard some times but im trying my best to be all that you would want me to be and how to deal with you gone. I wish you had a phone so i could call and just here your voice even for a few seconds that would be amazing. I love and miss you each and every day and i always will i know we will be together one day not to soon as hubby and the kids me whiskey b is doing just fine he gives a courage and strength when we are all down we all miss you and love you very much. love always mum love us all xxx
Posted by Nadine Cole Jenkins on July 28, 2015
Hello mum hope all is well hope you are ok I'm missing you so much it hearts so much in in much-needed of a word or 2 with you. It's kinda x azy my phone don't ring no more as much as it used to we all want that call (hello it's only me pick up quick ) the boys laugh all the time I hope you are still proud of Me I will never forget the day you told me it still makes me smile le bu now with tears my Hart is broken without you we had our special bond and special ways of just knowing I love you mum I will pop by soon ok love's you always
Posted by Nadine Cole Jenkins on July 4, 2015
Happy birthday mum hope you had a fab day hope you are keeping everyone awake with your snoring Heee wish you where here for our dinner missing you so much love's you lots happy birthday from us all
Posted by Irene Hughes on July 4, 2015
My dear friend Rosie, Your Birthday has not been forgotten, I just wish you were here to celebrate it. Always in my thoughts, Miss you so much.xxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Nia Jenkins on June 22, 2015
Hi nanna missing you so much shhh don't tell mammy but whiskey B is in bed cuddle up to me he doing good missing you loads nanna you are the best nanna in the world u I remember the phone call be for I used to go to school and u telling to to behave my self in school. Miss the good time we had together nanna I remember the time u made a tuna sandwich for Grampy and he ask me if I wanted some and I said no thanks Grampy I don't like tuna sandwich and he put the tuna sandwich in my face and he ask me do u like them now I said no Grampy and he clean it off my face and me you and Grampy cuddle up on sofa and watch TV for ages miss them days nanna well I best get some sleep now at it 3:30 in the morning I love you and Grampy lots miss you both so much.GRAMPY never forget them crazy day with my hehehe love you both sleep tight see you both soon
Posted by Nadine Cole Jenkins on June 20, 2015
Hi mum missing u so much I'm broken without you I love u so much thanks for being my mummy rose helping us with everything your my best friend to love you millions arwel missing you to whiskey b is missing you to but he's ok keep by my side I know that you are here love you
Posted by Natalie Cole-Jenkins on June 19, 2015
Happy anniversary to you both xxxxxxx
Posted by Natalie Cole-Jenkins on June 16, 2015
Grampy's birthday tomorrow Nanna , I know that you remember but it's the 1st birthday we have with out him and now with out you . Hope you spoil him tomorrow now. I love you lots xxxxx
Posted by Irene Hughes on June 7, 2015
My Dear Friend Rose, I will miss the hugs, kind words and your lovely smile. You were my friend for such a long time and will never be forgotten. You are in my heart forever.xxxx
Posted by Natalie Cole-Jenkins on June 6, 2015
A rose for a special nanna-Rose xxxx
Posted by Nadine Cole Jenkins on June 6, 2015
Mum you left us way to soon you are our rock and we love and miss you so much.Thank you bringing me in to the word I'm so blessed to of had a mum like you.All the help and support we had from you was amazing we will never forget you . I'm so proud of all you have done we miss you so so much xxxxxx
Posted by Nadine Cole Jenkins on June 6, 2015
To mummy rose thank you for looking after me and taking me in holding me in your arms we had such love for each other I miss you so much and love you millions I miss you I can't belive you've gone but you with the angels now don't worry about me I'm ok I send kisses each and every night for you love you always. Your Whiskey B
Posted by Natalie Cole-Jenkins on June 6, 2015
Always you will be part of me And I will forever feel your strength When I need it most You're gone now, gone but not forgotten I can't say this to your face But I know you hear I'll see you again You never really left I feel you walk beside me I know I'll see you again When I'm lost, I'm missing you like crazy And I tell myself I'm so blessed To have had you in my life, my life When I had the time to tell you I never thought I'd live to see the day When the words I should have said Would come to haunt me In my darkest hour I tell myself I'll see you again I will see you again I'll see you again I miss you like crazy You're gone but not forgotten I'll never forget you Someday I'll see you again I feel you walk beside me Never leave you, yeah Gone but not forgotten I feel you by my side

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