Let the memory of RUDY RAMIREZ be with us forever
  • 60 years old
  • Born on November 10, 1951 in LA COUNTY, California, United States.
  • Passed away on August 21, 2012 in RIVERSIDE, California, United States.

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Rudy Ramirez,  born on November 10, 1951 and passed away on August 21, 2012. Rudy will live on threw his five children, Sabrina Ramirez, Alfred Ramirez, Christina( Rivera)Ramirez, Rudy Ramirez jr, Salena Ramirez, And seven grandchildren,Noah Macliz, Kayla Macliz, Andrea Ramirez,Jacob Cosato,Katrina Cosato,Elijah Cosato,Micheal Cosato, Rudy Ramirz will be missed but never forgotten.

Posted by Rita Ballesteros on 22nd August 2018
Hello my beautiful angel, I miss you with all my soul and its been pretty sad with out you here by my side to guide me. I could always count on you for everything, your words of encouragement when I was feeling down, or depressed thinking I wasnt good enough to walk by your side. The love you have given me and the blessings of our 5 smiling faces has allowed me to grow and change my life to want more and to seek Happiness, and watch our children grow into the beautiful loving people they are today. i know your proud of your boys Alfred omg hes such an awesome father, son, and husband. Rudy Sr has two boys now, hes made us proud grandparents. Your girls turned out to be the apple of your eyes, Christina took after you working hard to carve a road for our granchildren. Sabrina oh Rudy shes so devoted to making life better for her children and raising another child her heart as big as the world, shes the big sister to her syblings. Salenas still on her journey and trust shes missing you alot, I wish I could guide her, I can only love her, shes working hard she turned out to be like you also her hearts in the right place and loves her brother brothers and sisters. Your grandchildren are the best all of them. Our caspers doing great and katrina, Kayla are our azteca queens. The boys are amazing, Jacobs having another boy, Elijah is in the 9th grade Noahs a handsome young man now, Micheal is getting big along with Jerry lil Jacob our newest addition our lil king Josiah. Dustins the apple of our eye he looks like his mom. I love and miss you and will carry on the tourch of familia love and our roots to that big oak tree strong and bound to us. Give my Dad n brothers a huge hug I love you all me always and forever.
Posted by Sabrina Ramirez on 21st August 2018
They say each year gets easier dad but for me it's still like yesterday I miss u so much wishing u where here to talk 2 on my rough days I feel so sad without u daddy I know yr in a better place dancing in the heavens with Keith and Bobbi but I truly miss our talks, I miss your laughter, I miss your discipline and who would write discipline while I do miss my daddy's discipline and most of all I miss our activities we used to plan together Halloween ,Thanksgiving , and Christmas all the special holidays it has not been easy throughout the years but yr at peace know and I am happy for tht cause it was sad to lay u to rest I deeply miss u dad always in my heart and thoughts daddy love u sabrina
Posted by Sabrina Ramirez on 13th November 2017
Daddy another year has past and it still seem unreal happy birthday to u how I miss u so much dad. We went to the beach to spend it with u and sang Happy birthday and cried thinking of u and all the good times all yr grandkids where there even the ones u have not meet Kayla and eliagh miss u so much.I know yr in a better place watching over us but it still hurts not having u hear dad. I hope u where celebrating up there with all our loved ones even Manuel's parents. I love u daddy u are always in my heart Happy birthday.
Posted by Rita Ballesteros on 21st August 2017
As I rise to greet the morning star I woke with you in my heart a Lil tug of how much I have been missing you. Mr Rudy Ramirez you have two beautiful grandchildren Dustin and Lil Rudy Jr as I sit and hold this new bundle of joy 1 month and 9 days old I mention you as I talk sing, laugh he smiles with joy. I know you are watching with that I get a Lil comfort but sometimes this hole gets to deep and am drowning so I reach up and grab the memories of your laughter the joy in your beautiful dark eyes when you watch your kids doing silly things, the unconditional love you have given to your family so they wouldn't have to do with out. I will forever be grateful and in love with this great man, my husband, friend, and father for your thoughtfulness unselfishness and scarfices you gave for our us you live in our 5 smiling faces thank you for your love Mr. Turtle I give my baby a standing notation loving you forever LA Baby
Posted by Sabrina Ramirez on 21st August 2016
There is not a day tht goes by that I dont miss u so much daddy it been 4 yrs already and it still hurts so much. I miss our talk's yr laughter yr love.I know yr with god and in a better place watching over us but I just miss my dad. Love u dad always sending u my love huges and kissed all the way to heaven u are truly a great father and friend to many thanks for always having a big heart dad love always yr daughter Sabrina
Posted by Rita Ballesteros on 21st August 2014
Hello my handsome man, As always am doing as you ask me to do am finally living my life, As i carry you in my heart and celerbrate your soul. I shall ever not know Who you are. My soul, my laughter, my smile, and my heart. I love you Mr Rudy Ramirez and am so grateful and blessed you walked into my Life in 1968 i was 13 you were 16 you have been in my life forever And forever you shall remain. In loving memory Forever mine Your one and only Me Rudy/Rita
Posted by Kayla Macliz on 25th February 2014
Grandpa just thinking about you i just really miss wish you with me right now but i know you are in my heart i will always love u always me sending love me the one u love Kayla Macliz <3 <3 <3 <3
Posted by Noah Macliz on 7th October 2013
it's kayla i will always miss my grandpa he will always be watching over us and he will probably saying he wishes to be with us all the time when we are having a great time. we will always remember him in our hearts. NEVER FORGOTTON
Posted by Noah Macliz on 7th October 2013
love you forever your always in my heart, every time i smile i always think of you love is so hard to understand these days , forever missed r.i.p
Posted by Katrina Cosato on 2nd September 2013
i love you always
Posted by Lena Ramirez on 11th February 2013
Every Morning Every Second Im Always Thinking About The Good Times We Had Dad, As Much As It Hurts Cause I Miss It I Have All The Memiors That Keep me Going Dad Lovs U With all My Heart
Posted by Christina Rivera on 14th November 2012
HAPPY BIRTHDAY To a Greet man who is missed dearly, I love you Dad and i miss you so much that it hurts,i send u my hugs my love and kisses to the heavens up above and i can only prey that u receved them,everyday me n the kids chairesh the memories of our time together,and when i feel a ach in my heart father guide me to the place i need to be b my angle in my darkest days,I love you dad
Posted by Rita Ballesteros on 6th September 2012
Ded. Memories of El Monte n Here comes the night! Mountain view park kicking it w Smiley, Danny Loco, Big Hoss, Rick Roman, all havin fun and all the homies, those were the days, rest n peace AKA Turtle Forever Mine oxoxox always loving u me ;0)
Posted by Christina Rivera on 5th September 2012
Rudy was a dedicated family man who loved his children and grandchildren, he was a proud parent who worked hard all his life to make sure his children had a chance is this world,Rudy loved long walks on the beach, he took greet pride in his cooking,he was a silly man that loved to give people a hard time,he loved to joke around,he loved giving advise,but most of all he love to talk, lov u.
Posted by Christina Rivera on 5th September 2012
Rudy wore his heart on his sleeve always helping those in need,always extending a hand when needed his kindness and genrosity were his character.It didnt matter if u were family R friend R someone he just met, u can always count on Rudy Ramirez to have your back. i love u daddy and i will truely be lost without u,and even thow this life took u way befor yr time you will never be forgotten

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