May his smile and kindness remain in our hearts forever
  • 67 years old
  • Born on August 7, 1947 in Brooklyn, New York, United States.
  • Passed away on December 26, 2014 in Covina, California, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of our father, Russ Scott. With friends and family across the United States we hope this will be a place that everyone can gather to share stories, thoughts and pictures for years to come. Our father was a special man on so many levels...his kindness, loyalty and love were beyond compare and we will miss him dearly. We invite you to visit this website as often as desired...for a lifetime. Please share all the laughter and love that you have for him and we will all be blessed.

Posted by George Toscano on 30th December 2018
To Russell's family, Our family has not forgotten Scottie. He is in my daily prayers. I and other's will always carry him in our hearts. His life here with us was a blessing and indeed because of him, our life's were enriched. God is with you, please pray for us that were left behind.
Posted by Alan McNeil on 26th December 2018
Four years ago Russ. Been a good while but in a sense it hasn’t been. Because the special person you were will never be gone, will never be forgotten... will always be in me! You were and likely still are a part of many others as well. You are still here Russ and perhaps some of you is even reflected in our children, grandchildren and friends. You have left your mark for sure my friend, for sure!
Posted by George Toscano on 9th August 2018
Scottie was such a dear friend. He always had a smile and enjoyed life. After all these years, I still say a prayer for him and ask him to pray for us that were left behind. He was there in good and in bad times to support and cheer you on. Scottie, thank you for being my friend.
Posted by Alan McNeil on 26th December 2017
On weekendsl Rusty and I regularly took the bus into Flushing NY to the YMCA. In the”Y” there was a usually-empty room with two pool tables and two pingpong tables. We played pool for hours and hours, hardly ever wanting to leave. And, let me just say, he was really good! But, sorry Russ, I must tell I did win half the time on the ping-pong table. Miss you buddy!
Posted by Dawn Patterson on 8th August 2017
Another year of missing you dad! I know that is a blessing to have had such a wonderful man to call dad and I am truly thankful! I think about you always but yesterday with your birthday falling on a Monday which was always our day to talk was pretty tough. You remain in my thoughts and prayers daily and I know that you are with me always. Love you with all my heart
Posted by Alan McNeil on 7th August 2017
Once, together as kids at Jones Beach, NY; Russ and I came across a large wood pallet and floated on it together. I'll never forget as I fell off, a nail caught my knee. Minor accident which nevertheless left me scarred to this day! A scar I am happy to have and which brings happy memories of Russel (Rusty), his family and our priceless times together!
Posted by George Toscano on 7th August 2017
Scottie, We miss you, but know that you are with God and are happy. Pray for me dear friend, so when it's my time, I will not be afraid. I know that good friends and loved ones will meet again, and we can all once more, laugh together again.
Posted by Dawn Patterson on 8th August 2016
Thinking of you daily dad but it is always especially tough on the special think another birthday has gone by and I couldn't call or be with you is tough. I love and miss you more than ever. You are the best dad, grandpa, friend I could ask for!
Posted by George Toscano on 8th August 2016
Scottie, Hard to believe that it's been close to two years since you left us. As you know, you are in our prayers every night. Not that you need them, for we know you are with our Lord. Just our way of communicating with you. We miss your thoughtfulness and compassionate ways with others. By the way Scottie, "Happy Birthday." George & Diane
Posted by Alan McNeil on 7th August 2016
Hi Russ, Thinking of you brings back such wonderful feelings of you and our times together! And of course some tears from missing you. But I know, and I hope others know, that there is and always will be a spark of you forever. And yours, a very special one for the life you lived. A sweet song for you- I hope it plays for any who wish to listen. It is Carrie Underwood's "Temporary home". Happy Birthday buddy...
Posted by Kim Scott on 19th June 2016
Father's Day. Sunday June 19, 2016 I went to church today but it was hard for me because they were talking about Fathers. I miss you Dad and being able to say Happy Father's Day. It does give me a little comfort though knowing that you are with The Heavenly Father. I love you and I miss you Dad.
Posted by Kim Scott on 28th December 2015
Everything seems like it has been so busy with Christmas and all the holidays but I think about you a lot. It's amazing that it has been a year already. I was trying not to be sad on Dec. 26. I tried to do happy things that day. I went and had a Starbucks in the morning and then went shopping that day so I wouldn't dwell on sad things but I miss you and I love you Dad.
Posted by Dawn Patterson on 27th December 2015 you and miss you! It's so hard to believe an entire year has gone by.... Marking the end of the "firsts"... First birthday without you, first Christmas without you.... Had a nice Christmas but by evening was very sad thinking of you but my solace will always be that you are truly in a better place and very peaceful. You will remain in my heart forever...
Posted by George Toscano on 26th December 2015
It’s hard to believe that other year has pass without Scottie. He was such a dear friend. I was one of his co-worker’s at the plant and we all miss him. I like the family to know, he has Not been forgotten. George
Posted by Kim Scott on 20th November 2015
Today is November 20th and next week is Thanksgiving already. I miss you Dad but I am thankful for all the good times we had together. I love you.
Posted by Alan McNeil on 7th August 2015
Happy Birthday Russ! Carol & I go out once or twice a week and (as you know) are unlikely to have ever missed having a toast to "The nutty Irishman". I appreciate this memorial notification and will write something here acknowledging your wonderful life- every year until such time as I join you.
Posted by Janet Rizzo on 7th August 2015
I remember Rusty very well. He was my brother Alan McNeil's best friend and always will be. He was very much a part of my life as I remember him at our house many times. Always treated me like a little sister. He and my brother go way back. The stories and fun times they shared will be a part of my brother forever. He still talks about " rusty" all the time! I only wish he could still be here today. And from what I have heard from my brother,Al..... he has a pretty wonderful family here to honor him! May you all find nothing but peace and happiness in all your wonderful memories of such a beautiful person as he was! Happy Birthday Rusty.....
Posted by George Toscano on 7th August 2015
Russell is a man you don’t forget. “Scottie” is the name that I, and many of his co-workers called him. Diane, my wife and I talk about Scottie from time to time. He was such a dear friend. We miss his smiles and laughter. We know that he is with God and still looking after us all. When my time comes, I look forward again to having the many conversations we enjoyed together
Posted by Dawn Patterson on 7th August 2015
Happy birthday Dad! Wow what a day! Have had such great thoughts of you today... Trying not to be to sad but missing you beyond belief! I am celebrating your day today in Wisconsin .. jerry and I are visiting Trey and Kelly? Bought chocolate ice cream to make YOUR sundae ... With the chocolate syrup, whipped cream and marishino cherries! So good ..just wish you were here to share it! As you would say ... Your tongue would slap you silly it was so good! Love you daddy ... Hugs to heaven
Posted by Kim Scott on 5th August 2015
I love you and I miss you Dad !
Posted by Kim Scott on 21st June 2015
I would like to leave a tribute for my dad. Today is Father's Day and for a memorial today I went to the Fish Company Restaurant for lunch. I tried not to be sad but it was very hard. I was remembering when I went there with my dad. I love you and I miss you dad. I know you are in a better place and are happy and rejoicing with the Lord. I love you.
Posted by Dawn Patterson on 20th June 2015
I think of you everyday and miss you tremendously! Its been such a tough week knowing that I can't call and wish you a happy Fathers Day…I have nowhere to send a card or a gift. I have been trying to hold it together to have a great weekend with Jerry and help him feel special as a father but my thoughts keep drifting back to you. I love you dad …I know you know that but I still wish you were here so I could tell you in person. There is an emptiness without you. I know in my heart that you are in a much better place and I am thankful for that but as selfish as it may be…I want you here with me! Have a wonderful Fathers Day… I will be looking to the heavens tomorrow and sending you my love. Give Brownie a hug ( and a treat!) …missing him too!
Posted by Dawn Patterson on 27th April 2015
Dad…Brownie got his angel wings today…I am once again so sad to say another goodbye but I know he will be looking for you and enjoying your "Scooby Dooby Doo" treats! Even typing it makes me smile because he would come running to you every time he heard you chuckle and say it with a smile…I can picture you now. I know you loved him dearly just as if he was your own and I am reminded of the difficulty you had saying goodbye to him on your last visit. You knew he would not be with us much longer. Enjoy him in heaven as you always did here on earth. I know he is in great hands. I love you
Posted by Kim Scott on 17th March 2015
I would like to make a tribute for my dad. "The Happy Irish Man" I want to write what my dad told me one time. His grandmother ( my great-grandmother ) came straight from Ireland. She almost came on the Titanic but decided not to. The Lord protected her from that and extended her life. So my dad was definitely Irish. Today is St. Patrick's Day, March 17, 2015. Happy St. Patrick's Day. I love you DAD!
Posted by Michael Goldberg on 28th January 2015
My husband Mike and I are truly saddened to have learned about the passing of Russ. Russ was truly a wonderful, caring person. When my husband was hospitalized Russ always showed up to visit him in the hospital. When Mike did not show up to play pool Russ always called to make sure Mike was o.k. When I ran into Russ with one of my grandchildren Russ had to take out of his bag a pretzel bagel he had just bought in the German Bakery. Russ was always so kind and good natured. He certainly will be missed by many. Rest in Peace!
Posted by Dawn Patterson on 26th January 2015
Missing you dad… today marks the first month without you! I know you are here with me in spirit but it is so hard not to be able to talk to you. I love you
Posted by Jessica Hellsten on 23rd January 2015
I met Russ in 2009. He welcomed me into his home on my visits to Las Vegas while visiting the Catarinicchia's. Lori Catarinicchia is a life long friend of mine from NY. Russ treated us as family. Such a warm and loving man. He was so good to my daughters and I. Not a holiday or Birthday went by without receiving a card in the mail from him and Lori. He will never be forgotten. God Bless You Russ.
Posted by Dee Conde on 23rd January 2015
I am profoundly saddened by Russ' early departure from us all. He was full of life and love for each and everyone he knew. He deeply loved his daughters,Dawn and Kim, his grandson Josh and my mother Lore. I am eternally grateful that they met and loved each other with such devotion. Over the years I was privileged to have been given the opportunity to know and love Russ. He was the kindest, most thoughtful person I have ever known. I mourn him not being in the world with us all. He loved life. He loved us. I am hopeful that his intrinsic kindness will serve as my role model in how to treat others. I will ask, "What would Russ do?" There is only one Russ. I am fortunate to have had him in my mothers and my life. I will miss him and think of him fondly for many years to come. I picture him frolicing with the angels now...He was a good, good man.
Posted by Ken Moser on 22nd January 2015
To all Russ will be missed bye so many up here at the Clubhouse. He was the Best Friend for many up here . He was always three anytime you needed him . Miss you so much every time I walk into the clubhouse wish u were here . Rest In Peace our Friend Frank and Ken Moser
Posted by Barbara Pierce on 22nd January 2015
I had the honor to know Russ from being in the Aqua Club. Russ was a very nice man , and you could always expect a big smile from him. Rest in Peace Russ, you will be missed.
Posted by Diane Fim on 21st January 2015
I can speak for our entire Solera swim club when I say that we really miss Russ. Events at the Center will just not be the same without his smile. Russ was a true gentleman!
Posted by Debbie Garrison on 20th January 2015
I was so sad when I heard about Russ. He was a kind loving soul. Him and Lore were so kind and loving to my husband and I and our grandson mason. My husband Wayne played pool with him every Tuesday. God speed Russ you are so missed. You are now one of Gods angels in heaven as you were here on earth. God bless you
Posted by Wayne Garrison on 20th January 2015
Russ my buddy I really miss you. Tuesday nights at pool is not the same. I am going to miss our coffee games. You were a real friend, thank you for allowing in your life. God Bless you brother, rest in peace.
Posted by Denise Roach on 19th January 2015
I'm so sorry to hear about Russ. I couldn't have picked a nicer neighbor. We both kept an eye out for each other's place and I always felt safe knowing he was there. I will miss "chatting" with him in the backyard. I would see him at the rec. club either playing pool or joining the swimming class and he always had a wave and a Hi for everyone. He will be missed by all of the residents in our community who knew him.
Posted by George Toscano on 18th January 2015
We just learned of Russell passing away this December. My wife Diane, and I George Toscano worked with Scottie at the plant “Reynolds Metals, Torrance, CA. for so many years. I personally worked with him for about 26 or 27 years and we kept in touch long after he retired. We are passing on the information to the other retiree’s and the reaction has been of sadden shock that he is no longer with us. He was a wonderful man and a good and dear friend. I will miss his laughter and his smiles. I will miss the talks that two men have with each other, that respect each other. He was always there for us in good times and bad times as well. We would like the family to know that he was loved, respected and held in high esteem by so many. George & Diane Toscano
Posted by Brandon Schlarmann on 16th January 2015
We at Big Bear Manor Spa Cabins in Big Bear Lake will truly miss Russ and his visits to our place. He and Lore have become almost like family (only we wished they would stay longer). You should be proud that your father, brother, grandpa, or whatever he was to you, was one of the nicest and most cheerful guys around. We always looked forward to visits from Russ and Lore. Rest in peace, Russ.

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