Let the memory of Ruth 'Mickey' be with us forever
  • 94 years old
  • Born on December 12, 1918 .
  • Passed away on August 6, 2013 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Ruth 'Mickey' Zegular 94 years old , born on December 12, 1918 and passed away on August 6, 2013. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Merri Humel on 6th August 2014
It’s been a year since you left us…quietly, softly. I held your hand, squeezing it gently and saying, “I love you” every so often, knowing I wouldn’t get a squeeze back but doing it just the same. I had brought in all your favorite songs, playing and singing them softly all week, missing your singing with me, as we’d done so many times before. When you passed away, I kissed you on the forehead and said, “I love you, Mom” one last time. And so the year began without you…a year of holidays missing you at each one. Hearing you, in my head, saying, “You’re just like your Father” when I took such care decorating for Christmas. Smiling, thinking how you would just put decorations anywhere or throw the tinsel on the tree, always in a hurry, but always decorating fully for each holiday. Some days were harder than others, your birthday… mine… but I got through them… as I will every year that I am here without you…as I get through today… We will miss and love you, Mom… until we meet again… Merri
Posted by Annie Kaiser on 6th August 2014
❤️ I miss you, Grandma Mickey! ❤️
Posted by Dianne Hoeppel on 12th December 2013
Happy Birthday in Heaven my smiling Aunt Mickey. I know you are smiling for God, his angels and all of the others you loved so much. You are missed here on earth but 'til we meet again I send my love.
Posted by Jeremy Salchenberg on 13th October 2013
"Aunt Mickey this tribute to you is from Jeremy my grandson and all my family, Calliope, your niece Joanie who loves you very much, you were one of my favorite aunts, I always loved your sense of humor, you were a very special and loving woman. You will be missed dearly. A little note from Vickie, I love you aunt Mick, and I hope you are up there in heaven, with all the rest of the family.
Posted by Tami Harper on 18th August 2013
Mickey was like a grandma to me. I love and miss her very much.
Posted by Jean Larvia on 17th August 2013
Remembering my dear friend Mickey, all the laughs and good times we shared and your beautiful smile. I am glad to have had you in my life, such a loving, caring, happy person. I have the plaque you gave me on the wall. When I look at it I think of you. "A FRIEND IS A PRESENT YOU GIVE YOURSELF!" May you rest in Gods Hands. Love & Prayers Jean
Posted by Barbara Lepore on 12th August 2013
Aunt Mickey you will always be in my heart. I will always remember the best childhood memories I had going over the Sears Christmas book on Thanksgiving night with you. May you rest in Peace, that is if Pop lets you. I will miss you both dearly. You were the best of aunts.
Posted by Cookie Durant on 11th August 2013
Aunt Mickey will surely be missed; I remember visiting her on 23rd street - she always had ice cream & cookies for my sisters and I- such a sweet and generous kind soul- she would give the shirt off her back to help someone....Rest in Peace XXXOOO
Posted by Annie Kaiser on 9th August 2013
I was very fortunate to be able to spend time with Grandma Mickey in her final days. The family gathered around, played her favorite music, and spent hours telling stories about her life and how wonderful she was. She was as pretty as ever and every once in a while she let us know she acknowledged we were there with her. As my grandpa used to say, “She was a good woman." I love you Grammy!
Posted by Merri Humel on 7th August 2013
We are so thankful that we had a chance to visit with Aunt Mickey a few years ago when we were in Florida. We have beautiful memories of how unchanged she was from the beloved aunt of Bob's childhood. We know that among the people she will reunite with in Heaven, Bob's Mom will be thrilled to see her and to laugh together again about how much fun they had in the good old days!the Millers
Posted by Sharon Weilandt on 7th August 2013
Mickey (Mom) was the best step mom any child would want , She treated me as if I was her own. She brought life back into me .She showed me caring, kindness, thoughtfulness and lots of love. She was my rock and always kept me on the right path in life. Will always miss her.
Posted by Ladimer Humel on 7th August 2013
Grandma was loved by all and she will be missed. I wish I could have seen more of her in her last years. She once made me a sweater that I truly hated for my birthday but I've always cherished the memory. It's the thought and the love which really counts after all.
Posted by John Mehl on 7th August 2013
stored in that wonderful woman's vibrant and always sharp mind........as they are most surely in store for a surprise divine treat!! May this life treasure constantly gleam down upon you all.....remember to wear special UVR sunglasses."...look up but away as you don't want to be blinded by her shimmering rays of sunshine!! Rest In Peace Eternally Aunt Mickey...God Bless Y'all ........:-)
Posted by John Mehl on 7th August 2013
So terribly sorry for the loss of your 'Darling Mother' Sure are going to miss 'The Grand Dame' forever! Although Florida is a far darker place today, majestically Heaven's Gates swung open as sparks and pyrotechnics emanated to hail the arrival of its 'Newest Angel' longtime residents are getting quite excited at thoughts of hearing Mickey's vintage earth stories and clever anecdotes!!!!!
Posted by Dawn Cracolice on 7th August 2013
Aunt Mickey, your beautiful, sweet smile will forever be imprinted on my heart. You've touched so many lives with your kind and joyful spirit. We will all greatly miss you.
Posted by Helen Davidson on 6th August 2013
Mickey sure will be missed by me. I don't know what my life would be like without her and my brother. She could not do enough for me. I owe her everything for making me the person I am. We all have great stories to tell about Mickey. We LOve you I know you have so many people that were waiting for you in heaven.Go in peace.
Posted by Matthew Kaiser on 6th August 2013
Even though we were not related by blood, I considered her my grandmother and an important part of my family. She was a beautiful, kind soul who always gave without question and made this world a better place for being in it. Rest well Grandma, you are loved forever.
Posted by Susan Maglione on 6th August 2013
Mickey was always like a secondmother to me l will miss her so much. She wouldnever let you leave her house without something. She was one of a kind. I will always miss her.
Posted by Kerry Werwage Martell on 6th August 2013
I am so sorry for you loss, I loved seeing pics of your mom on Facebook , she always had a beaming smile.. Your family is in our families thoughts and prayers.
Posted by Lorraine Merritt on 6th August 2013
My childhood was enriched by Mickey, this wonderful woman who was married to my cousin, Joe Maglione. I always looked forward to the visits at home, to the beach outings, to everywhere she would be. There was always a smile on her face as she kissed my cheek. Mickey, save a space for me close to you, okay? I'll be the one waiting on line for that kiss.
Posted by Al Gino on 6th August 2013
I am so sorry for your loss. May Light perpetual shine upon her and I celebrate a life well lived and one surrounded by family and friends who loved her. A great tribute to a wonderful woman. All I know is that there is a bunch of folks from North Bergen waiting to greet her into Heaven!
Posted by Dianne Hoeppel on 6th August 2013
My beautiful, beautiful aunt with the smiling face....how the world will miss your gentleness, your joy for life and your never ceasing ability to take life as it came. You had many heartaches I'm sure, but one would never know it because you wouldn't have wanted to see anyone sad. I will miss knowing you are on this earth and the earth is a little less bright without your shining smile.
Posted by Margie Phillips on 6th August 2013
I've never "not" met anyone before who had such a powerful influence on my life. Mickey, you've been a hero of mine since I met Helen and you will always continue to be one of my few hero's for the many wonderful things you've done for the people I love. You will certainly be missed by many!!
Posted by Merri Humel on 6th August 2013
Mom was the strongest lady I've ever known. She faced hardships with grace and a faith that was amazing. She never had a bad word to say about anyone and gave even when she had little to give. A tough act to follow but someone to strive to become. There's a big hole in our lives now, Mom. Hope you're dancing with Dad today. I love you.

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