Our Uncompromising Mother, Daughter, Sister, Friend and Wife
  • 45 years old
  • Born on October 18, 1968 in Lawrence, Kansas, United States.
  • Passed away on December 3, 2013 in Dallas, Texas, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Sacha Enyeart, 45, born on October 18, 1968 and passed away on December 3, 2013.

Sacha was loved by many for her passionate care of those in need, vigilant motherhood, intensity of spirit, vigor of dialogue, and completeness of friendship.  She is survived by her 4 daughters, Senna, Mila, Lyra, Nola, son Ren, husband David Tomizuka, sisters Megan Malone and Mara Weisenberger, mother Roxanne Malone and father James Enyeart in addition to hundreds of friends and acquiantances whose lives she touched in her unique way.  She lived a full life measured not in years but in the gifts she left behind and the energy expended advocating for what she believed in.  She will be missed on Earth, loved in Heaven, and live on forever in all of our hearts.

A memorial service will be held on January 18th, 2014 at 11am at St. Pius X Catholic Church in Tucson, Arizona.  

Posted by David Tomizuka on 7th December 2018
Sacha -- First of all, that I didn't leave a note on "the day" had to do with travel, so apologies for being tardy. I miss you much -- you have a knack of making your way into funny nooks and crannies of my everyday living. Pictures around the house, memories that crop up, pieces of you in the kids' looks or behaviors. They are all so amazing ... I know you are up there brimming with pride that you set them up for success and those of us still here continue to benefit. Keep up the angel's work you continue to do!
Posted by Jacqueline Porter on 3rd December 2018
Sacha, I think of you so often. What I wouldn’t give for a few hours of fun over lunch! You were a fabulous mother and friend. Lots of love, Jacqueline
Posted by Lisa Maria Schmidt on 18th October 2018
Happy Birthday
Posted by Cindy Thota on 18th October 2018
I bet you would of been a ball of fun on your 50th birthday. Miss you friend
Posted by Marisa Huckin on 18th October 2018
Happy Birthday beautiful Sacha!❤️
Posted by Megan Malone on 30th August 2018
Missing you.
Posted by Rachael Gerbic on 3rd December 2017
Sacha, you are missed my friend. I always looked forward to your beautiful holiday cards each year, with all the adorable little smiling faces on them that looked just like you! Thinking of you, Love, Rachael
Posted by Joan Liautaud on 3rd December 2017
Thinking about you today Sasch. As life goes on, I often wonder how you would feel and think about things. Where you would be. It's messy and interesting here. You would have a lot to say and contribute, as always. I miss you and love you. Joan - girls I lived with your mom all four years in college!
Posted by Lisa Maria Schmidt on 18th October 2017
Happy Birthday Sacha! Your spirit lives on in our hearts! My prayers of serenity & peace to your babies is constant. Lisa Maria Estrella-Schmidt
Posted by Cindy Thota on 18th October 2017
Happy Birthday friend. I really miss your energy.
Posted by Nola Tomizuka on 18th October 2017
Hi mom, Happy birthday! I miss you so, so, so much. Today all of the 5th graders have to take the G.A.T.E. test to get in for middle school gate. Luckily, I don't have to take it because I already qualify for middle school G.A.T.E. Once again, I miss you lot, and have a great birthday. Love, Nola
Posted by Rachael Gerbic on 18th October 2017
Dear Sacha, I love and miss you dear friend. I want you to know that you were appreciated in life, for your unique outlook on things, your cool low voice and laugh, and just for being so authentically YOU! I'm thinking of you today and the beautiful family you created. with love, Rachael Gerbic (for the kids: I was one of Sacha's college roommates in SD)
Posted by Anne Apra on 18th October 2017
Happy Birthday, beautiful Cha-Cha!! I still think of you overtime I see an elephant (-and was one of the last birthday presents I gave you so long ago....) which was actually TODAY! Miss your sweet face & infectious laugh!
Posted by Marisa Huckin on 18th October 2017
Happy Birthday Sacha! I think of you often. At the studio there is an advertisement that features the twins when they were tiny. I know you adored all of those photos. You are missed! Love, Marisa
Posted by Kelli Sullivan Liautaud on 5th August 2017
Hey girl, I've missed you, but you already know that. Help me out and give me some angel love now. I know you'd be proud of me. I love you. I was in Ireland recently. I have something special to give Nola. I love you and wish you were still here.
Posted by Nola Tomizuka on 9th March 2017
Hi mom, I miss you so much. Today was track and field day! I was so excited to do it, but I think I pulled a muscle playing soccer, so i could only do the softball through. Luckily I am an alternative. I'm so glad that I am able to right to you! Love, Nola
Posted by Megan Malone on 3rd December 2016
Love and miss you!!
Posted by Danette La Costa on 3rd December 2016
Sacha, You were one of the most dynamic women I have ever met. Although you have left this earth, you still inspire me on so many levels. Love you and miss you. Danette
Posted by Anne Apra on 3rd December 2016
I can't believe it's already been three years…I miss laughing with you! I love looking at the photos of your beautiful children-I see so much of you in them. You always were an inspiration, and still are to me. I know that you're watching over us all.
Posted by David Tomizuka on 18th October 2016
Happy Birthday Sacha! So that you are aware, the children are going to celebrate with a treat tonight. Something not so healthy, sorry about that -- I won't be with them due to work, but I'll make sure they sing happy birthday in your honor! Love, Dave
Posted by Cindy Thota on 18th October 2016
I miss you. More each day.
Posted by Anne Apra on 18th October 2016
Happy birthday, Cha Cha!!
Posted by Theresa Marquart on 18th October 2016
Happy Birthday! You will be missed at our 30 year high school reunion this weekend. Prayers for your beautiful family.
Posted by Marisa Huckin on 27th August 2016
Sacha, Hunter and I were at the studio today for the Holiday show auditions and it made me think of the fun we had at the Highland Park Village show when Nola, Lyra, and Hunter were little bitty. I found a picture from that day and the girls are so tiny! You are missed my friend! Marisa
Posted by Kirsten Fasching on 17th August 2016
Hi Sacha, I've been at the ranch this week...first time in 31 years...didn't think I'd ever come back. Virtually every memory I have of this place has you in it. My heart hurts. I miss you.
Posted by Megan Malone on 12th December 2015
Sach, I miss you every day. We used to talk several times a week, and I'm still not used to missing those calls. Honestly, they were not always great calls but I would take any one of those calls today, if I had the option. I did not have the courage to write on the 3rd but you and I had a very private conversation on that day. I miss you every day. I want to be there for everyone who misses you too, but there are many!! For 42 years of my 44 you were there in the flesh, just getting used to you being there in another way. Love, love you. I am sure you're so proud of your children, as you always have been. They are remarkable, and you have clearly left your mark. Wish you were here to give me the advice you always would, even when I did not ask for it! You NEVER judged. Ever. Miss you something big. Love, Meg
Posted by Mila Enyeart Tomizuka on 3rd December 2015
Hi Mom, So, 2 years ago today you left. I have a lot to say, so sorry if it's all jumbled. I'll start with small things. Ummm, I really need your help in Algebra 1 right now. You helped me with math a lot, so I'm going to assume you can do systems of equations word problems well. I have an 89 in math, but an A in every other class! I know you'd tell me that it was okay, and if I really wanted that A (even though I didn't need it) then I would have to do all the extra credit and study hard and you would help me do that. I have become really focused on my grades, but not always in a good way. I cry sometimes on tests when I get frustrated, and even sometimes on homework. I wish I didn't care so much, but I do. (Wonder who I got that from) Next thing, umm, science fair. Argh, my project is so bad. It's a social experiment, which isn't real science But I couldn't find an interesting project that I liked, so I had to do this one. Nicole is decomposing plastic! (Nicole, by the way, is one of my best friends at school, but she is better than me at everything except language arts, and there is always a little bit of uncomfortable air between us.) I know if you were here, you would search hard with me to find a good one, but you wouldn't do the project for me because as you've said, parents who do their kids work for them are blocking their kids from learning. But, you would help me if I got frustrated and you would calm me down, as you were always really good at that. Also, a bit about school, I write my name as Mila E. Tomizuka, and almost everytime I do, I think of you and how you told us to always put an E because it's not all about the fathers name and you should honor this side of the family too. Next, I really think you would like my friend Mia. First things first, we have the same exact initials, which is really cool. She is probably my closest friend, and she is the only one of my friends who I can really talk to, and she knows that you're gone. I can just talk to her about you like its no big deal, which is nice because she doesn't treat like I'm fragile. I also think you'd like Dads girlfriend, Adriane, if she wasn't dating him. She doesn't act like she's our mother, but she also cares about us a lot, and Dad is really happy. She also has a daughter named Lucy, who is one of my best friends. I really like Adriane, too. You guys are a lot alike. Guess what? Donald Trumpbis running for president and it's hilarious because he just keeps making a fool of himself. There's also a retired neurosurgeon who says that the Egyptian pyramids were built by Joseph to hold wheat. But, I'm all for Bernie Sanders, and I think you would be too. Also, I have this teacher named Ms. Cannon. She is US History, and Senna had her too. The thing is, Senna hated Ms. Cannon, and from what Senna has told me, Ms. Cannon didn't like her and wasn't a very good teacher. I, on the other hand, really like Ms. Cannon. I think that she is a good teacher and is really cool. See? This is why I wish you hadn't left, because now I have to sprawl out all my thoughts in a huge mess that other people who visit your page may get annoyed at. I don't blame, hate, or resent you at all, I just wish you hadn't left. My life would be a whole lot better, and I just miss you like there is a hole in my heart that can't ever really be filled, but it gets smaller when I talk to you like this. I love you infinity and beyond! Mila PS do you know the show Grey's Anatomy? Well, I'm obsessed now.❤
Posted by David Tomizuka on 3rd December 2015
Good morning, Sacha! I miss you very much, and as you always saw the world in ways different than the rest of us conventional folk, you'd appreciate that this morning by gosh I was awoken from a dream in which you called me on the phone. The world does work in mysterious ways. I don't remember what you called about, but I remember vividly that you were as clear and calm as ever. I said back to you, "It is REALLY nice to hear your voice." In my dream it was such a pure feeling, one of missing, longing and love. The night I learned of your passing is still the most awful experience I've ever had, followed only with having the responsibility to tell our amazing children that you had left the earth. But, as you can tell from Mila's note below we are in recovery and doing well considering it all. And, you are forever in our hearts, no matter what. I love you! Dave
Posted by Anne Apra on 3rd December 2015
Hi, Cha Cha! I love watching the streaming photo album of you, your beautiful family, and a full life... Makes me want to dig thru my photo albums to find some of our wonderful times together to share. (Back in the day before our phones became our albums). Remember when you got "the Rachel" haircut? You were gorgeous! I will find that photo somewhere and post it. I remember our times visiting Aunt Betty--what a sweet and gentle soul. I hope you are with her watching over your family together... We miss you and your beaming smile!
Posted by Kelli Sullivan Liautaud on 24th October 2015
I miss you, lovey. I've gone and fallen in love with a great man. I wish you could meet him. xoxo
Posted by David Tomizuka on 19th October 2015
My dear Sacha, we all sang Happy Birthday to you tonight and warm feelings coursed through us as we did. We miss so much in both expected and unexpected ways.... My personal favorite unexpected memory of today was what you used to call a banana.... So hilarious and just a tad off color I can't mention it here. Anyway, all is well with your family, so much love to go around with these five utterly amazingly children of ours. They are your most amazing gift!
Posted by Stacy Clark on 18th October 2015
Happy Birthday, Sacha! You meant so much to me as a parent in my class! You always "got" the important stuff and let go of the superfluous...your forward-leaning, progressive views on the world recharged this Brooklyn-born New Yorker and your vision inspired your girls to be the amazing young women they are...how much you have to be proud of! I wish you were here to toast your very special day. Lots of love to you and your wonderful family. Stacy
Posted by Rachael Gerbic on 18th October 2015
Happy Birthday dear Sacha, I'm so happy and honored to have crossed paths with you in this life. Much love to your beautiful family-Rachael
Posted by Anne Apra on 18th October 2015
Happy birthday, Cha-Cha! Thinking of you today, dear friend… I remember how much you loved elephants, and so any gift I would give you had to reflect them. We miss you!
Posted by Anne Manka on 18th October 2015
Not a day goes by that I don't think of you. I love you and miss you my friend. Happy Birthday!!
Posted by Jill Pruet on 18th October 2015
Sacha, You were on my heart today more than ever. Not a day goes by that I do not think of you! Sunflowers hold a special meaning in my heart after meeting you! Tonight I walked through a field of sunflowers and was reminded of their beauty and the beauty you shed on this world. Everyday I pray for your sweet kiddos and for peace in their life! I know you are looking down on them! In the short time I knew you, you taught me more about unconditional love and motherhood than you will ever know! To this day I still use lanoline on my dry cracked fingers in the winter! I miss you dearly! -Jill
Posted by Kim Riordan on 18th April 2015
Sascha, You were on my mind today, so I looked you up on Facebook and learned the incredibly sad news. You were (and still are) such a beautiful, brilliant, loving spirit in this world, and such a force of nature! I will miss you very much. You touched so many lives, and are dearly missed. We had many great adventures as next door neighbors in Atwater Village. Being so big hearted and welcoming, you invited me to a home cooked dinner, my very first night in "the hood." That sealed our friendship. A few months later you began your courtship with David. We shared lots of girl talk about the developments. Later I attended your amazing wedding in Tucson (and had fun collaborating with you on your wedding invite). Next came the birth of Senna and so many more exciting changes, which led to your move back to Tucson, and then on to Texas. Time passed. We exchanged Christmas cards, and spoke less frequently as our lives became more hectic. Even though we weren't in touch much in recent years, you have remained one of my treasured friends. Sending much love to you and to your family. Being such an evolved soul, I'm sure you are in a wonderful place. Wishing you much happiness and serenity. Love, Kim
Posted by Jacqueline Porter on 5th December 2014
Sacha, You incredible woman and spirit, I miss you - but I feel you! I think of you daily as I go through life. I cannot walk into my office that you helped organize without thinking of you (love the receipt envelope tacked to the cork board - will never ever remove it though will I use it? I promise I will in 2015) ... nor eat quinoa (which is often thanks to you and I cannot believe I lived without it), nor pass the Cosmic Cafe where we ate two nights before you left this earth and you looked so incredibly healthy and beautiful and young in that amazing outfit ... nor see a great pair of jeans and boots or funky top ... or a great pair of in-shape toned arms on a 40+ woman ... nor have my daily probiotics (prescribed by you of course and I admit to often forgetting!) without thinking of you. And your way with a brush, hairspray and two heads of hair was unmatchable while bouncing a baby boy and conversing with four girls at once while doing twin ballet buns. But, you are so strong and expressive that I feel you Sacha, and I know your family does too. I hope you are happy and I am so looking forward to seeing your family again one day soon! Your legacy will live on for generations of strong, artistic individuals beginning with the 5 you created personally and their children and theirs! Just one request: please beam me some inspiration regarding your apple-walnut-tuna-red grapes-celery and very light mayo salad ... what am I missing? Quinoa??? Love you forever!!! Jacqueline
Posted by Theresa Marquart on 4th December 2014
Dear Dave and family, You all continue to be in my prayers. I can only imagine how much you miss Sacha, but her spirit and memory live on in each of you. She now watches you from above. Continue to love each other and keep her memory alive. God bless. Theresa (Mansour) Marquart
Posted by Senna Tomizuka on 3rd December 2014
Mom: I can't believe it's already been a year since you left, because every time I see a picture of you or think about you, it feels like I'm in the car with Dad as he's telling me you've left all over again. Missing you is so hard, but at least I get to remember you for all that you gave me. I love you Mom!!!! Senna
Posted by Senna Tomizuka on 3rd December 2014
mom i miss you so much and i love you. love lyra
Posted by Stacy Clark on 3rd December 2014
Hi Lyra, Nola & David, I love coming here to see you and read about what you and your friends are feeling and sharing. You know how much I love Sacha and how close we were when you were at Westminster. You and she were bright lights in our school and in our lives. Sacha is simply an unforgettable friend because every time we were together, she made me laugh and smile. She always shared the most precious stories about you and loved you beyond bounds. Sacha is in my heart always and I treasure her friendship, humor, and candor. I love you and am thinking of you today as I so often do. XOXOXOX
Posted by Paul Winters on 3rd December 2014
Dear Dave and Family, We have thought of you and Sacha often this past year. We can only imagine how much you miss Sacha, but we continue to believe that she watches over you and loves you every moment of the day. You all remain in our prayers and we wish you the peace and love of the holiday season. Paul, Kathy, and Family
Posted by Heather Rechtermann on 3rd December 2014
In the past year I thought of Sasha and her beautiful family so often and know they must miss her so deeply. I like to remember Sasha in her high school days so strong, confident and beautiful! I hope that her children have found comfort in finding these traits within themselves and continue to hold onto the good memories. Sasha was special then and now. God bless to you all!
Posted by Angelo Barco on 3rd December 2014
In the day of your anniversary ,i remember you with love and prayer. Rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Michelle Law on 3rd December 2014
Sacha, I have been thinking so much about you and your family in the days leading up to this... I wish I could have done more to help. I wish there was a way I could have rescued you. I miss your strong spirit which I know is still present in your five beautiful children. Sending lots of love and prayers their way today and always. May you rest in eternal peace and love. Shelli
Posted by Anne Apra on 3rd December 2014
ChaCha! I loved whenever we called each other, the other would answer "I was just thinking about you!" You were a very special, deeply compassionate friend who was fiercely loyal and supportive. I wish we spent more time together... I will be thinking of you today, my generous friend!
Posted by Cindy Roll on 3rd December 2014
David, On this day and in the days to come, may you and your family continue to find peace in all of her wonderful memories. Her beautiful spirit will continue to live on and shine within those that she loved the most. Prayers to you all- Cindy
Posted by David Tomizuka on 2nd December 2014
Sacha: I miss you so dearly. As the 1st anniversary of your passing is upon us tomorrow, I just couldn't wait to let you know how much my love continues to grow for you as the time has passed, and how deeply my failures as your life partner have come into focus and how much I wished I could have done something, anything, to save you. I wish I could hold you and kiss you and make all things better for you. I long for you to have one last chance to hug and kiss your five amazing children. I know you miss us all and that your spirit permeates everything we do. You are in our daily lives and we refer to your beliefs and teachings frequently. It's just calming to do so. We love you. We won't forget you. You are still with us and you always will be. Continue to rest in peace, my ChaCha. Love, Dave
Posted by Joan Liautaud on 19th October 2014
Happy birthday, Sascha.

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