"So this is it...I say goodbye..to this chapter of my ever changing life..."
  • 23 years old
  • Born on May 10, 1990 in Hahn AFB, Germany.
  • Passed away on June 18, 2013 in LaMonte, Missouri, United States.

This memorial website was created in the memory of  Sam Simmons ll, 23, born on May 10, 1990 and passed away on June 18, 2013.
  Sam was such a bright, shining personality. His huge smile was enough to light up a darkened room. Always making everyone laugh with his smart alec comments and great sense of humor, I loved being around him and I know everyone else did as well.

There isn't enough room on this page for me to talk about the love I, as his Mom and everyone else have for him. My heart is broken that such a beautiful life and son, brother, friend and Marine is forever gone.



Posted by Sheldon Pittman on 10th May 2018
Happy birthday Sam not a day goes by that I don't think about you and all that we've done in the past. I miss you buddy my brother my best friend hopefully one day I'll see you again.
Posted by Cindy Engle on 10th May 2017
Happy birthday, Sam. You live in our hearts and in heaven.
Posted by Cindy Engle on 10th May 2016
Your mother and I and many others who knew you are thinking about you today and missing you. Happy birthday, with love.
Posted by Cindy Engle on 10th May 2015
Sam, you are thought about and missed everyday by many people, and you will always be missed. I remember in class when we discussed birthdays, and I got excited because your birthday and my birthday are so close. You didn't get as excited about it as I did, but that's okay. :-) You smiled and nodded as usual. :-)
Posted by Hannah Brown on 10th May 2015
Sammy, Happy 25th Birthday, my precious son. I still see you, I hear you and look out the window every morning to see if your car is out on the driveway. I loves you & miss you more than I could ever express. You're my world. I'm so proud & blessed to always be your mama. I loves you.. ALWAYS.. Mama
Posted by Jeanna Caldwell on 19th June 2014
I vividly remember being warmly greeted by Sam on a cold winter night. He was standing outside of JC Penney, dutifully ringing a bell, wearing his Marine uniform and a contagious smile.
Posted by Rachel Martinez on 19th June 2014
Sammy u were there for me thru everything. When I ment Pena till we ended things you held me up from my downs u were there to help me with my school work when I couldn't get it u took care of my dogs when I was gone moat important u made me grow to b a better . Person I love u more then anything n wish u were still with me and here I wish I could have done something to help u. There is so many things we had planned but I cant wait till I c u again. You were an amazing person friend son n marine. I will never forget u or the crazy adventures we had like when I ran into a pineapple tree n u stopped or tried stopping the bleeding with grass n told me to just drink more so I wouldn't feel it haha love u always
Posted by Cindy Engle on 18th June 2014
I had Sam in Knob Noster High School art class for 4 years. He was smart, respectful, attentive, super talented, fun and loved by all his classmates. We had so much fun working together. It was a great class. I remember many moments of whole class outbreak laughter instigated by Sam. What a smile!
Posted by Sheldon Pittman on 18th June 2014
Stayed the night with you last night and had a nice long chat about some things thats been bothering me since you've been gone. I love you bro you were always the life of the party no matter where you were. So many memories we shared just wish we could've had more. Soar high in the sky like the bald eagle you wanted to be. I I love you Sam and miss you a lot wish you were still here. Love always, your negro amigo
Posted by Darla Vaughan on 13th November 2013
I never got to meey you, but your Mom is a wonderful lady. You are a hero to me for serving our country. You are with our Lord in hid Glorious Kingdom.
Posted by Hannah Brown on 13th November 2013
Loved you then, love you still, always have, always will. I miss you and love you more than I can express. Loves you baby, Mama

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