Let the memory of Ni Samuel Tamufor be with us forever.

Remember to love and care for your family and friends as our father did.

Be generous, kind hearted and caring to everyone. As a man sows, so shall he reap. The abundance of love being shown to u
  • 60 years old
  • Born on April 10, 1955 in Zang Tabi, Cameroon.
  • Passed away on July 7, 2015 in London, Please Select..., United Kingdom.

This memorial website was created in memory of Ni Samuel Tamufor, aged 60: a loving Husband, Father, Uncle and Friend.

Born on April 10, 1955, and until his untimely death on Tuesday 7th July, 2015. We will remember him for his fun nature and big heart forever.

He leaves behind his beautiful loving wife, Mrs. Elizabeth Tamufor and three children: Angela, Francis and John Tamufor. 


Church plus viewing: 4-6.00pm
Bethnal Green Methodist Church, Approach Road, London, E2 9JP

The church is 15 mins walk from Bethnal Green tube.  When you come out of the barriers, turn right and follow signs for the Children's Museum.  Walk in front of the museum and turn right into Old Ford Road.  Continue walking and then turn left into Approach Road.  Walk until you find the church on your left. 

Wake Keeping 7.30pm-3.00am 
83 Upper Clapton Road, Hackney, London, E5 9BU

Nearest tubes:
Bethnal Green (central line).  From there, take bus 254, 106 and drop at Shell Petrol station. 

Whitechapel station (District line).  From there, take bus 254, 106 and drop at Shell Petrol station. 

Finsbury Park station (Victoria line): take bus 253, 254, 106 and drop at Shell Petrol station.

From Liverpool Street station, take British rail to Clapton station.  Come out of the station, turn right and walk for approx 10 mins to the venue. 

Posted by June Thomas on 8th July 2016
On behalf of friends and colleagues at The Botswana High Commission and Botswana Investment & Trade Centre (BITC), we salute you Sam as we remember your laughter and presence at the office. Your are missed and we wanted to remember you this the anniversary one year later.
Posted by Francis Tamufor on 31st July 2015
To all family and friends please if you have any photos of my father could you forward them to Francis his 1st son at franktama.ftr@gmail.com asap would be appreciated. Thank you May God keep you well
Posted by Paul Membwange Esengwa on 30th July 2015
U, U,U, that's how we called ourselves. You were a friend, a brother and a father to my family. We met far back in Britain in the 80s and even after I left Britain with my wife, distance never separated us as we were still best of friends. Remember after the birth of our first child Paul, you and your wife Eli visited us in Cameroon-Limbe and we went to Bonjongo my village and to your village Zang Tabi and ever since then we became a family. When ever you visited Cameroon, you first visit us before going to your home town Bamenda and that made us even stronger. For the past five years, you have visited Cameroon yearly and 1st of May became our day of reunion as you will gather my entire family and part of yours and would settle down always in Limbe feasting and while drinking and eating we will recount our days in London, it was much fun. uncle Sam, my children will echo your name time and again especially when it's April knowing that you will soon be around for the feasting to begin on May 1st. May 1st 2015 was very special as you came along with your wife, Eli, and John your son this added more color to the usual. Little did we know that this was the last time we will ever sit and feast with you. When your wife Eli called us on July 07th 2015 to announce your death, we immediately grab the pictures we took on May 01st 2015 to say it's a lie, this can't be true. Rest in peace. Sam, Uncle Sam, U,U,U, you will forever be remembered by me and my entire family. May 1st will forever be our day of reunion even after you have long gone, we shall name it Sam's Day. Sam, it is even still difficult to say Goodbye because you were never gone. May your soul be comforted as you rest in God's bosom. Keka George Esengwa for the family.
Posted by Humphrey Abeh on 26th July 2015
Brother Sam, your life was suppose to be like candle that burns and shines, even in the wind, for a century, yet, God’s wind blew it out very prematurely, I might say. Your short life of only 60 years touched many lives, many more than you could have imagined or enumerated. You have indeed left a gaping hole in the hearts of those who knew you, and more so in the hearts of those of us, your family members. I will forever be grateful for the assistance you offered me when I arrived London for Studies in the early 80s. Your generosity was from childhood. I still to this day after some 56 years remember when you came to the village for Christmas and gave me your View Master (Fine Country) at or around age 4 years. I was 6 years old then and your kindness was permanently engraved in my memory. Whatever thanks I offered you were not enough for your generosity. We will forever ask the nagging question as to why you had to go at this time, yet our Christian minds should serve and remind us that you did not forsake us, rather that you heard and answered the call of The Almighty God. We also forget that you were not control of your departure time, rather again, God had chosen this day since the moment you were born. We know you had the difficult decision between remaining with us and answering the call of The Almighty Lord. The one you chose is obvious, hence the deep sorrow in our hearts. Perhaps the best thing that my brother Sam has left behind for us to cherish is his life and his legacy. He faced the world with unparalleled hope and optimism. He always found happiness in helping and taking care of those around him. To quote Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., “An individual has not started living until he/she can rise above the narrow confines of his/her individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity.” I am not sure Ni Samuel Tamufor ever came across this quote but he lived it and he lived it well My brother “You, You, You” (as it was the way we called ourselves0 go in peace and with a smile and let the angels carry you onto The Lord. We will forever miss you. Farewell until we meet again, MAY YOUR SOUL REST IN EVERLASTING PERFECT PEACE. Your loving brother Humphrey Abeh, USA For the Abeh FAMILY
Posted by Fernanda Galvao on 24th July 2015
Hard To believe you are not here with us anymore! R.I.P Sam my thoughts are with your family! Good bless you and give strength to your family to cope without having you around x
Posted by Sherin Mashud on 22nd July 2015
My dear friend Sam, I've returned back to work from annual leave today, it feels like the sparkly in the office is missing. I never got the chance to say thank you for being an amazing friend and a colleague. I will miss your jokes and your big smile so much, words cannot describe it. Miss you forever my friend Sam. X
Posted by Melvis Mbanwi on 21st July 2015
MAY YOUR SOUL REST IN PERFECT PEACE NI SAM.you were a very kind man.God alone knows why things happen the way they do. peace.xoxo
Posted by Bah Tanwi on 18th July 2015
It is quite likely we may or may not have heard of each other. Your transition has however drawn my curiosity to your middle name (Tanwi) for personal reasons. That is the unique surname of a very large extended family with ancestral roots in a hamlet of the Metta village called Guneku. While you are currently at peace, I am not at all at peace till I find out more about the origins of your middle name - Tanwi. Peace. T. Bah Tanwi, IV, MD
Posted by Bubien Ndamukong on 18th July 2015
Ni Sam it came like a shock and till now I'm confused and still in disbelieve . God know why big bra. Courage to your family and friends who will dearly miss you and may your soul rest in peace .
Posted by Daniel Anjeh on 17th July 2015
Ni Sam, if say my heart aches, that is but an understatement!!!! It is totally heartbroken!!! Can not believe that you will go without saying good bye! Hein Bro? As it is said, the good Lord loved you more, and took you home for eternal rest. Go steadily Papa. Will forever treasure the good memories we shared together, but you will be forever missed!
Posted by Victor Forba/Anye on 17th July 2015
Ni Sam, I can not believe that you are gone for real. It is only God who knows why so soon.May your soul rest in perfect peace and may God open his kingdom of Angels for you.
Posted by Andrew Mbanwi on 17th July 2015
Ni, News about your passing away was more than an electric shock! I remember the fantastic reception you and family gave me when I came visiting in London. Who will show me round, take me to the 8th World Wonder and other touristic sites when next I come, smiling, making fun and cracking jokes all the time? Your passing away is a great loss to ZATACUDA and to the Tabi Royal Family. May your good works follow you to eternity and may the Amighty Lord accept and give you eternal peace in his bosom, Farewell Ni Sam.
Posted by Comfort Berkeley on 17th July 2015
I was very shocked to read the email that you were gone. I thought about you two weeks ago and thought I could have invited you to our Mecuda_usa convention but it was too late. A week after l read that you were gone. I had never had the time to thank you for all that you did for me and my friend Pauline in London while we were students. Student life in London in the 80s was not fun when you have no car and POOR. None of us had a car, you made yourself to be our driver and drove us to all parties and when there was no party you took us to the movies. The last movie we watched was "For Your Eyes Only". We respected you very much for your calmness, very caring and honesty. You best record at the parties was "Easy Dancing" every time I hear it I always remember you. You carried yourself very well as a gentleman and treated us like your sisters. You will really be missed by everyone who came across you for you treated everyone the same. My prayers goes to your lovely wife and children. Ni Sam, I know you are with the Lord and we shall meet again.
Posted by Felicitas Tele on 17th July 2015
OOOOOOOH NOOOO Ni Sam!!! This is too soon!!! Who are we to question God's decision? May your gentle soul rest in peace till we meet again to part no more in the heavenly realm. You shall forever remain in our hearts. Adieu Ni Sam. Auntie Tele Felicitas and family
Posted by Gideon Ticha on 17th July 2015
My family, our community and I are deeply saddened by the news of Ni Sam passing. This is not only a Big loss for Zang-Tabi but the entire Meta Tribe. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family especially at this time.. RIP ONLY GOD KNOWS WHY. Giddy Ticha and Family
Posted by Carine Verkijika on 17th July 2015
Ni you surprised the nation, you left me behind! The whole morning we were together you didn't complain of any pains so we went out for lunch in the afternoon, we took pictures at Oxford Street and you told me where to stand - I stood in the middle as you said - and that was our last pictures before your departure. You never sent a message from me to tell your family so you decided to go quietly. All your plans you were telling me you were going to do this year were finally completed by your disappearing. That was the way you meant to finish it. That was a shock and I cant believe it that this has happened. So the gap you left behind will be closed. So rest in peace my brother till we meet again. Goodbye. You will always be remembered by your smiles,
Posted by Tamon Forbang on 16th July 2015
You had a gentle and joyful spirit Uncle. May God bless you and keep you.
Posted by Aicha Adamou on 15th July 2015
Posted by Aicha Adamou on 15th July 2015
Ladidi . Ni Sam may God bless you And keep you his care.I remeber all the good things u have be doing may god bless u once more R I P.
Posted by Gase Gaokgorwe on 15th July 2015
You will forever be missed Sam. I am still in shock and I believe it will take sometime for me to come to terms with your passing away. You had a big heart, you smiled with everyone and you made life easy for a lot people. As it is normal, I had hoped that one day I will visit London and see you again, see that smile again but I believe it is only God who knows why this time it has to be you Sam. But no matter what you will remain in our thoughts and we trust you will continue to watch upon us like you have always done as a father, big brother and friend. May God give the family strength and consolation during this trying period. MAY YOUR SOUL REST IN ETERNAL PEACE SAM. Psalm 23
Posted by Mariam Mkangara on 15th July 2015
"I am lost of words, you always had smile on your face, had time to stop and chat. You made the whole world light up with your laugh and jokes. I still remember when I last saw you on Monday 6.7.15 one day before you passed away. The grapes are still sweet. God bless you and keep you in His care,xxx
Posted by Vera Pope on 15th July 2015
You had a big heart and smile and will forever be missed by many people. Sorry we couldn't help you in your last moments x

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