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samuel kenneth ronald bitson
  • 22 years old
  • Date of birth: Apr 29, 1991
  • Place of birth:
    kings ynn, norfolk, United Kingdom
  • Date of passing: May 24, 2013
  • Place of passing:
    King's Lynn, Norfolk, United Kingdom
Let the memory of samuel be with us forever a son,brother, bro in law ,uncle,we are so proud of xxx
This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, samuel bitson, 22, born on April 29, 1991 and passed away on May 24, 2013. We will remember him forever. You are,r brightest star r,glitter in the snow ,and in the wind that blows we feel you ,you aree our beautifull angel in the sky and they have one special angel in you love you forever miss you always xxxxxxxx
Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by karen bitson on 6th May 2017

"Hi baby i know its been a while since i wrote on here
But it's so hard to  find the words i want to say to you
I tell you everyday how much i love and miss you and want
You back here where you belong ,
Our hearts are broken and there's nothing i ,we can do to mend it
The only way that would ever happen is if you came walking through our door ,
And then we k own that won't happen baby boyo so our hearts will be whole again when we are with u ,
Time passes so quickly but to us it's today that you gained your beautiful wings years ,years to early ,Xx
Well our beautiful boyo we love you so much your mum, dad for all eternity xxxxx"

This tribute was added by Wendy Flett on 14th October 2016

"I love and have missed you every day,,and I know u show me that you hear our little conversations,, with the white feathers!!! You see me and I see you... forever!! Xx"

This tribute was added by karen bitson on 12th October 2016

"Hi baby the most important boy in our lives our baby boyo , Samuel u r always in my heart in my thoughts and in my every breath love you baby  
Always and forever your mum and dad xxxx"

This tribute was added by karen bitson on 19th September 2016

"Hi baby well its been a little while since I have wrote on here but here I am your mum , well I wanted to tell you how much u are loved and missed by us all , I'm sitting here thinking about u non,stop and grandad   on how the last 3/ half yrs have changed with u moving on followed nan bitty then uncle Mac then grandad life is not the same this house is never going to be the same the feeling that we used to get when we ,I walked in knowing you was in there or knowing u would be home soon for something ,xx nothing is rite anymore I'm not even the same person I was I don't like who I am now baby ,its so hard to try and be normal as you would say everyday its getting worse the feeling inside ,
U and Nabby r our world and it's been torn apart ,
I don't feel like me anymore I have such a low opinion of myself  and  it's hard to explain to ppl and to the family as they are all dealing with there own loss of there cousin,dad,grandad,nan ,mum so here I am pouring my life as it is to u now bless you my beautiful boyo our prince xxx
Your dad is trying to be ok but we all know deep down its a show nabby well you know her she just gets through the days being mad inside but she has to get through each day as normal as she can as she has the 3 boys , then u have the girls auntie ann going through so much to and nan auntie diana x Michael he is angry alot to as he misses you so much to you are a great friend but also he thinks of you as a brother to x
Well my angel think I have bord you enough , sorry for all the moaning , you go enjoy your day and give all of the family a kiss from.us all tell them we love them and miss them.and that I know we will be together again it just seems like along long time away , especially from you as you have all your life ahead of you your life had only just started well baby I love you so very much your mum and dad and your sis and bro ,nephews xxxxxxx"

This tribute was added by karen bitson on 3rd May 2016

"Hi baby well you are 25 can't believe you are growing up so quick into a beautiful, loving young man we love you so much not a second of everyday are u not on my mind and in my heart ,
Now you have your uncle Mac and your grandad Ron with you can't believe we have lost 3 of our beautiful men and nan bitty with in 2 and a few months  it's so unfair y you all had to leave this home to go to another home ,
Well I know that you are here at home with your family , well that's how I cope with each day in my heart that you are here and grandad is at home with nan and uncle Mac is with auntie ann all happy ,xx well I will let you enjoy your day and always remember that your bed is ready for you I love you you boyo so much and grandad and all the family and of course all our dogs as I know they will all be with you so till later my beautiful angels xxxxxxxx"

This tribute was added by karen bitson on 8th January 2016

"hi baby well what can i say , you have your grandad joining you hope he likes his new angel wings cant believe im writing this first you then nan bitty ,now uncle mac and to top it grandad hope you have seen him and that he is ok, nanny is heart broken as you know and i just cant take it in that this is happening again to us , today i had to ask if i had been to your garden this week as i have lost my days with the week we have had but i have been down angel cuz i took pictures think i have totally lost it know ,all the girls and nabby, was there yesterday and dad ,uncle sean ,adam, shaun came to c grandad but i think you already know that as im hoping you was there for grandad as he loves you so much , well monday is uncle macs day , and i know you will be there with him give grandad a kiss from us and nan and auntie diana,auntie ann and all his grandchildren we love and miss you so much samuel this is s unfair what we are going through y is all our loved ones being taken i surpose we will not know until we are there with you ,, well my beautifl boyo you have a wonderful time tonight and remember just how much you are loved and missed your mum,dad for eternity xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

This tribute was added by karen bitson on 17th December 2015

"Hi baby well its been a while since i wrote on here but i do write every day on your facebook page xx,
Well christmas eve is just a week away and i still cant get into it the tree has gone from the living room to the hall ppl think that it should be a time for good cheer yes it should be,but that has gone and no matter how hard we try it will never come bk cuz it will never be the same agian ,, we know how much you love christmas always aloud to open a prezzie on xmas eve and a gift in the tree for xmas dinner just from your dad he was always so excitied for you to have your special prezzi from him, and you and nabbt sitting on the top of the stairs waiting for us to say that santa had been , now all we get to do for you ange is decorate your garden and bring flowers ,xx, this is so not how your life is ment to be, you had and i know you have the whole world at your feet,  if only things could go bk 4 yrs and you were the happy boy we knew , we would be here getting excited for you to have your gifts and crazin us for you to have them early , and yes i used to give in some times as you got older ,xxxxx, not like when you were small and u,nabby would find them and have a little peek at some of themxxxx
well my beautiful boyo we will be here waiting for you xmas day with your drink and your xmas prawn cocktail as you and michael always looked forward to that first and the red,white wine on the table with all the trimmings then you would get your decks out or u was in charge of the music ,, well  you are my one and only main man and we will love you for eternity  your mum,dad for ever xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

This tribute was added by karen bitson on 25th May 2015

"hi baby well your 2yr anniversary has been and gone,yet to us its still like today everyone joined together again for your day , we love and miss u so much dad,me came to your garden yesterday and nabby,me today nabby was looking at the video of your balloons going up and there as plain as ever was you laughing looking down on us i think you must know and feel that there is for you time is a healer they say maybe time will heal something but how can you heal and mend a broken heart a family torn apart a father,sister,mum yerning and pineing for there son ,brother who left this plane along long time to soon , well my beautiful boyo i will let you go and do your own thing but always remember how special you r and always have been so till later angel hve a great night and sweet dreams xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

This tribute was added by karen bitson on 8th May 2015

"hi baby boyo well everyday is still the same as the first ,, we miss you so much ,, we will always be asking y did you feel the need to leave us in the world you are such a beautiful,lovin,fun,young man with your whole life ahead of you ,, you are ,are special boy we waited so long for a prince in the family and we were blessed with one that beautiful boy is you ,, not only ours but the 1st grandson,great grandson but born on your great grandads birthday how special is that ,, but we were only ment to have you for the 22yrs they say cus god only takes the best ,, but he could of give u to us for many yrs until me,dad were gone and you were old and it was your proper time ,, i ask u baby even thou i know i dont have to but watch over your sister and michael,boys and anymore niece,nephews that come along ,, well my beautiful boyo i will let you go and i will c u when you are up xxxxx love you 4 all eternity your mum xxxxxxx"

This tribute was added by shannon collins on 29th April 2015

"hey samuel hope your enjoying yourself up there :) and having the best birthday ever :D still actualty getting over you been gone even tho ino your happy (you will always ways be so missed) and never for gotton  love shannon xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

This tribute was added by karen bitson on 6th March 2015

"hi baby just wanted to say how much we all love and miss u, the time is passing but the pain is endless,we r still asking the same questions every minute of every day and will do for ever until the time comes that we are united as 1 ,,the pain in my heart is unexplainable ppl ask me how we feel and all we say is we cant tell u cuz we are so numb that we cant explain it , your sister is so lost but being so brave for the boys michael is being so gd with her and the boys to i know u watch from your new hum just wish it was with us like b 4 i would do anything to have u here angel ,, well my beautiful baby we love you 4 al eternity your mum,dad,sister,bro,nephews xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

This tribute was added by karen bitson on 22nd November 2014

"hello my beautiful boyo , well its getting that time of yr when we would be thinking about putting the xmas decs up and wrapping the presents, you getting excited cuz you wanted your gifts now and not wait for xmas you always loved this time of yr the house full of lights for you and your sister looking like santas grotto ,, loads of prezzies under the tree just waiting for 2 beautiful children to open full of joy and so happy nan,grandad cumin to watch you open them and dad havint the turkey on all nite so all that had to be done was the veg and set the table bless him , while you and nabby played with your prezzis then your dad would have a surprise in the tree for you both alway some jewllery you always loved it then we would have nan,grandad round for dinner ,t then we would watch the xmas movies together,,, well my angel they are some of the times we will never forget eva they are in our hearts for all eternity just like our love for you is there to well my angel i will let you enjoy your day so till later our beautiful boyo love you for all eternity your mum,dad,nabby,michael,boys xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

This tribute was added by karen bitson on 9th November 2014

"hi baby well i know i havnt been on here for a while ,its just that i write to you on your fbk page and then lissy sed about this page and i thought omg i better go on there , my head is all messed up baby and it went out of my head and then i had forgotten the password so had to change it, anyway kip messaged me this morning saying how much he loved and missed you and that he cant accept whats happened its like all of us angel it will never be accepted i know u always say you are happy and with my heart i hope u r but i find it hard to know that you are happy when you are not with us physically , u r with us every minute of every day and that will b  4 eva more until we r all as one well baby i will let you sleep as u were out partying but i will be bk later on your fbk page i love you baby 4 all eternity your lovin mum always xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

This tribute was added by karen bitson on 26th June 2014

"Hi baby well i know its been a while since i wrote on here but i write everyday on your rip page god i love and miss you so much its so unberable the heartache your dad,nabby,micky,me are going through our lives have been wripped apart never to be put bk together again i know that you are so happy and are not hurting no more but we will be living with the hurt of you not being here for us to hold and for us to c them beautiful big brown eyes when you laugh and taken the micky out of me and your sister bless ya well i will let you go but i will be bk on your other page later love you baby for all eternity xxxxxxxx my beautiful angel xxxxxxx"

This tribute was added by Melissa Parker on 25th May 2014

"Hi Samuel so yesterday was a year since you moved to your divine home.. I miss you more and more each day and love you so so much.. All the memories i have of us im gunna treasure forever.. U mean everything to me and ill see you again soon but until then keep shining angel love your cousin Melissa xxxxxxx u will always be in my heart always xxxxx"

This tribute was added by karen bitson on 18th April 2014

"hi baby well its comming up to your bday cant believe you are going to be 23 but u are still my baby boyo always will be we will all be down your beautiful garden on that day its so hard trying to cope each day with you in your new hum  when you should be here in this home i know you are in spirit angel but i would give anything to hold you ,and give you a big kiss but i can only do that to a picture and iv got u in my heart  always and forever cuz for each day that passes is a day closer to you baby boyo i will go as i think you are probley getting ear ache but always remember that we all love you so very much always and foreva  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

This tribute was added by katrina byrne on 16th April 2014

"hi hun.cant believe its comin up a year since you left us.we think about you ever day.you were and you are a special boy.we hope you are havin fun with nanny bitty/grandad bitty/and jonathan.give everyone a big kiss from us.and a special big kiss for u baby.love you and miss u god bless hun.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

This tribute was added by Melissa Parker on 30th March 2014

"Hi Samuel it's your cousin Melissa.. Time seems to be getting harder and I'm missing you more and more each day.. U mean the world to me and you always will.. It's your birthday 29th April so ull soon be turning 23 but like u use to say to me that your like wine you get better with age  lol.. Keep shining Angel and never forget we love you and miss you so much.. Give everyone a kiss from me that's with you.. Sleep tight Xxxxxxxx"

This tribute was added by jayne jarvis on 30th March 2014

"hi sweetheart,hope your doing well . we have a lot of lovely memories of you growing up from a lovely boy into a hansome young man.you were a good friend to matt,kipp n myles , and toris first lil boyfriend.i can picture you chasing sparly down the road lol.you must be so proud of your family,as they have certainly given you a lovely place huni.we often talk about you. and the boys always say they wish they had been able to have a smoke with you.you enjoy your new home and do all the things that you deserve to do , sweetdreams . jayne,matt.kipp.tori n myles xxxx"

This tribute was added by karen bitson on 30th March 2014

"hi baby its mum here well its mothers day and its my first one with u in your new hum love you angel and miss you so much its crazy how our lives have changed i always think if i ever done something so bad to have you taken from me one of my most beauitful ,loving,careing children its so wrong why couldnt they have taken me first you have all your life ahead of you no that was taken from you baby boyo if only you had told us what was going on we all would have sorted it out for you if you felt wrong for doing anything well my beautiful boy i will let you have your day and i know you will get your own bk in one way or another ,just never forget how much we love you and miss you always for all eternity xxxxxxx mum,dad,nabby,mickey,harley,henley and bump xxxxxxx"

This tribute was added by michael elmer on 29th March 2014

"Hey sam miss you like mad mate but I know you come to me loads I know from the signs, we all know you are happy! But it doesn't make it easier for your loved ones on the earth plain. Hope jonathan,grandad bitty and nanny bitty are ok give kisses to everyone for me and till we meet again samuel forever in my heart and never forgotten xxxx"

This tribute was added by katrina byrne on 1st October 2013

"hi our honey..we love and miss you we always sit and talk about all the good friday nights we all shared.love you always and forever.auntie trina and uncle will.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

This tribute was added by karen bitson on 25th August 2013

"Hi my beautifull son ,hope you are havin the time of your life do all the things you ever wanted to do as i know there is know limits to what you can do now u do it all and more cuz in time you will have to show us all the ropes as you will be a pro cuz you seem to be doing so very well now its lovely to hear from you and that you are doing so well and are happy i luv you boyo xxxxxxxxxxxx"

This tribute was added by karen bitson on 19th August 2013

"Ijust wanted to tell u that i had the picachu put on me today just for you it did hurt a bit but i made myself stronge to have it ,im also having another one done soon i know that will hurt cuz its going in the middle of my bk so i know that you will be laughting at me when im havin it done i can just hear your laugh as im in pain just like with the butterfly lol . till tomorrow my son xxx"

This tribute was added by karen bitson on 19th August 2013

"Hi my beautifull angel thanku so much for answering a couple of things that have been worrying us ,i cant believe how stronge and how so clear u have came through we know u r a fast worker and im happy that you r happy dosnt stop the pain we feel but at least we know that u are doing so well as you know its dads birthday tomorrow and we will be down your beautifull garden luv u baby xxxxxx"

This tribute was added by karen bitson on 17th August 2013

"i light this candle for the angel in the beautifull sky as you are our night,morning loving you is the easiest thing in the whole world cuz you are my world you and our nabby ,my best achivments in life,r you 2 i love you my angel for eva  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

This tribute was added by karen bitson on 15th August 2013

"Hi my angel cant believe tomorrow will be 3 months since you moved on to the beautifull place i know that you are getting it ready for when i get there ,so that we will be togther again thats if you havnt decided to move on b4 then. You do what you want to do as you have no end of stuff you can do and all the world to c , bet u have already been traveling to all the places i luv u boyo xxx"

This tribute was added by karen bitson on 14th August 2013

"Hi my beautifull boy we are sitting here with u in our hearts amd minds your prescence is felt everywhere we go and it is so wonderfull when we have that we know that you are with us always well most of the time cuz we know u have other things that you do and other people to c but as long as you know that we love u so much xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

This tribute was added by Melissa Parker on 14th August 2013

"hi samuel miss and love you so much.. im so sorry I havent been down to your garden ltly but I promise ill be down next weekend with some flowers and candle.. its so hard to fink u aint here anymre in person but u will always be with me in my heart cuz.. love you forever and always xxxxxxxxx"

This tribute was added by karen bitson on 12th August 2013

"hi my beautiful boyo we love you so very much ,we will be with you tomorrow as you have a very important part tomorrow my angel as you have in our lives that is never going to change not ever,grandad should be cumin out of hospital today cuz hes alot better and we thank u for that as we are sure it was you who done this for us ,keep popping in like you have been doing and talking 2 us ILUX"

This tribute was added by Tasha Jenner-Akehurst on 10th August 2013

"We miss you so much angel, we love you to the moon and back always and Forever xxxxxxxxx"

This tribute was added by karen bitson on 10th August 2013

"Hello my.beaitifull baby i havnt got a lot fo what to say sll really is that we love you xxxxxxxxuntill tomorrow i love u baby soso much xxxxcyour mum xxxxxxx"

This tribute was added by Tommy Cunningham on 9th August 2013

"I will remember you always mate, you will be sadly missed. You were a good fishing buddy"

This tribute was added by karen bitson on 9th August 2013

"hi baby im bk i know what your thinking not again mum but i have to talk to you samuel iv cleaned your room today and im now washing your nets so if you want to cum and sleep here tonight its all ready for you but i bet you have plans for tonight  like being the best hardcore dj in the beautifull sky if we have thunder tonight i know that you are doing your stuff untill later baby luv u xx"

This tribute was added by karen bitson on 9th August 2013

"hi my beautifull boy i know i say it everyday but I LOVE YOU SO SO SO MUCH i think you must be getting fedup with me keep saying it but i used to tell you everyday anyway so im not going to stop now or ever , grandad  is looking alot better know so hopefully he will be out monday he talks to you all the time but only at night i hope you can hear him baby  got to start new message xxxxxx"

This tribute was added by lisa dye on 8th August 2013

"Hello my little angel thinking of you always love you cuz and il never forget you because you are so precious love you Samuel xxxxxxxxxxxx"

This tribute was added by karen bitson on 8th August 2013

"hi my beautifull baby im sitting here writing to you im in a bit of shock cuz for days iv been trying to play this song while im writing to you but it didnt work but today iv just cum on to write to you and there it is the song i know its you my angel as i have felt you around me today ,its such a beautifull feeling havin u with me samuel plz dont leave me i love and miss you so much xmumx"

This tribute was added by jade dye on 7th August 2013

"To my darling cousin samuel I love and miss u there is not a day when I don't think of u or talk about u always in my heart love u forever my little angel xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Love you to the moon and back xxxxxxxxxxxxx"

This tribute was added by karen bitson on 7th August 2013

"Hello my beautifull boy i hear you have been doing your rounds again ,you are making so many people happy with them seeing u , you to me are my all and i know you know that i cant thanku enough for cumin to your sister and me we always knew you were are stronge boyo ,and i know that u are happy and at peace but i dosnt stop the pain that we all feel but we all love you my angel xxxxxxxmumx"

This tribute was added by Naomi Jenkins on 4th August 2013

"Hello beautiful boy it's true that he only takes the best coz u my darling are 1 of the best that there is always remember we love you 4ever more an that will never change ur are 3rd wheel always love u hunni xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

This tribute was added by karen bitson on 4th August 2013

"Hi angel just a mess to say we all love you so much , nanny,grandad and auntie didu and uncle shaun all the family love you so very much , as you know harley can say your name so clearly he looks at your pictures all the time and kisses them and he has alot of your ways in him so its lovely to see he keeps calling your dad shaun which is so funny ,he looks alot like u 2 love u 4 eva xxxmum"

This tribute was added by Shauna Truman on 3rd August 2013

"Love you always and forever angel xxxx Our beautiful Samuel <3 Forever young xxxxx"

This tribute was added by karen bitson on 3rd August 2013

"Gd morning my angel hope you had a gd night,bet you were djin sumwhere cuz they have one of the best up in the beautifull world you are living in now ,clio is fine. She goes in your room when i do she was eating out the same bowl as sparky the other day which was a surprize as you know what they are normally like well i better let you havr more sleep i love u baby 4eva. Mum xxxxxxxxxx"

This tribute was added by karen bitson on 2nd August 2013

"Hi my baby boy came with your cousin jodie tonight had a gd talk and your dad and me got a beautifull prezzi each love them so sumething its hatd to nr ok x"

This tribute was added by jayne jarvis on 2nd August 2013

"hi sweetheart,have lots of lovely and funny memories,of you. you chasing sparky up the road,you,myles,tori,naomi,n mellisa,all playing in the street.a gawjus pageboy for me.be happy in your new place hun,sweetdreams xxx"

This tribute was added by lisa dye on 2nd August 2013

"My beautiful little cousin miss you so much love you forever my little angel xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

This tribute was added by karen bitson on 2nd August 2013

"tgfghIkllk,ytrdewswrth y kkll//kjgdsrthkl//ljhgfdrfjhl,/..mjnhblknbxfthgytghgtfft  
     love you uncle samuel lots of love ,kisses,hugs harley,henley xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

This tribute was added by Nikki Goodwin on 2nd August 2013

"Hi Sam I will always have the memories of the holidays and parties we all had. There were quite a few. You are forever in our hearts my angel. Meet you up there Sam love you loads xxxx"

This tribute was added by Tasha Jenner-Akehurst on 2nd August 2013

"Hi Samuel, we miss you so much. You will never be forgotten. Words cant describe how we all feel without you here with us all. But you will live forever in our hearts.  I hope you have found peace and is now happy. I love you sambo. Until we meet again angel xxxxxxx"

This tribute was added by Megan Hutches on 2nd August 2013

"R.i.p sweet angle we love and miss you always and
Foreva  <3 meg, chris and lil charlie brown x !! X"

This tribute was added by Melissa Parker on 2nd August 2013

"hi sambo its your cousin melissa I love and miss you so much samuel you are forever in my heart.. auntie trin and uncle will and emily love you so much <3 xxxx xxxxx xxxxx"

This tribute was added by karen bitson on 2nd August 2013

"hi my beautifull boy its your mum i love you and miss you so much , u will always be with me forver untill we meet up again love you samuel my baby boy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

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